Weekly Newsletter – Issue 61

* News about Mint

Linux Mint 5 Elyssa KDE Community Edition is released

If you have RC1 (aka beta045) you don’t need to do anything. The difference between the two is that a bug that duplicated some folders in home is fixed

Linux Mint 5 Elyssa Fluxbox Community Edition RC1 is released

Keep your eyes open – more news soon.

* News about Linux

The next Ubuntu is to be called Jaunty Jackalope (let’s hope it becomes more than a myth…)

The talks at Ubuntu Developer Week are found here

Ubuntu puts all man pages on the internet

Mark Shuttleworth on design, user experience and development

Lenovo denies ditching Linux

The spread of the Linux virus Linux/Rst-B according to Sophos (quite a few root infected boxes out there)

The latest news about the kernel is always found here

* News about IT

The invaluable NoScript for Firefox plug-in just got a tad better.

A new version of VLC

ZoooS takes OpenOffice to web

Google to have data center at sea?

HP is trying to make Windows better

The Association of National Advertisers (US) wants the pact between Google and Yahoo stopped

Google-backed satellite project aims to give 3 billion more people Net access

Google closes hole in Single Sign-On service

Language of text messages can give you away

French oppose sinister government database

The major Internet outages so far in 2008

Phishing Cyber Gang Upgrades to Fast-Flux Botnet

Study: Weak Passwords Still Main Security Defense

San Francisco hunts for mystery device on city network

Threat From DNS Bug Isn’t Over, Experts Say

* Hardware news

Cisco pushes ‘network memory‘ to alleviate high-speed bottlenecks

Intel vPro and the future of tech support

Ultrasound to give feel to games

Startup introduces ‘unclonable’ chip technology

USB-stick with hardware AES-encryption has been cracked
* Trivia and other links

Scientists get death threats over Large Hadron Collider (because of the risk of creating black holes) and it has already been hacked.

VMware Fusion Helps CERN Physicists Analyze Data From Coolest Place on Earth


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  1. I’ve updated my repos (multiverse) and cannot find the newest version of vlc (0.9.2). The repos only list 0.8.6e. How long until this is updated, because that is the only way I can download the new version according to the vlc site. 🙁

    Another great newsletter, btw. Thanks, Husse.

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  3. I have Xubuntu Intrepid installed and vlc 0.9.2 isn’t in the repo.
    I did find a test release for Intrepid on launchpad.
    It now requires QT4 and takes 74.9MB to install. 🙁
    I am definitely not putting VLC in Linux Mint 6 Felicia XFCE CE.

    Using VLC 0.9.2 in Windows keeps using up my RAM and I have 1Gig of RAM.
    I had only Firefox and VLC running and it would pop-up telling me to close VLC.(not enough memory)
    Now what am I suppose to use. 🙁

  4. Thanks, merlwiz79. Unfortunately, I got a few errors from the terminal about dpkg with an error code (1) and now vlc won’t open. I guess that source you posted doesn’t work. Idk. I’m not proficient enough yet to understand what I need to do next.

    Thanks for the attempt.

  5. @mmzeller
    apt remove vlc vlc-nox
    apt autoremove
    apt install vlc-nox vlc
    This should give you 0.9.3
    Haven’t tested it yet but the last one was slow for me.
    The videos was skipping frames like crazy just to keep in sync with the audio. 🙁
    I guess I’ll just stay with mplayer in Linux and Window Media player in Windows.

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