Linux Mint 5 Elyssa Fluxbox Community Edition RC1

Linux Mint 5 Fluxbox Community Edition RC1 is out and available for download. I hope there’ll be numerous testers and that we’ll receive plenty of feedback.

Please find all relevant information about this release at this address:

I’d also like to thank and congratulate Shane Joe Lazar for maintaining this edition and for the quality of this release.

Have fun with it and don’t forget to give us feedback.

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  1. “I hope you’ll be numerous to test it and we’ll receive plenty of feedback.”

    o.O Wow, that is a Chinglish sentence if ever I’ve read one!

  2. Basically, what the previous poster is saying is that for the English site, you should have an English proof reader. I have noticed that exact sentence in other feeds.

    The rest of the sentence seem to have proper enough grammar, however the first sentence should read:

    Linux Mint 5 Fluxbox Community Edition RC1 is out and available for download. I hope there’ll be numerous testers and that we’ll receive plenty of feedback.

  3. Keep up the good work …

    I have been familiar with Linux since SuSE 8.2 but only tampered with it here and there but was always a Windows user. I played with Fedora, Linspire and Xandros but never found a distribution to call home.

    When I installed LinuxMint 3.2 Celena on my Dell Inspiron 6400 laptop and found that just about EVERYTHING worked out-of-the-box (even my wireless) I found a new home.

    I had Celena installed as a dual-boot with my XPPro, then when Daryna came out, I replaced the Celena and have not booted into XP since.

    When Elyssa came out, I wiped my drive to dump XP and now ONLY have Elyssa.

    Nice job. Since you have convinced me to go full LinuxMint, be looking for a financial contribution from me.

  4. Wow the most important things of all are

    These 3 reasons are the ONLY reasons anyone EVER used fluxbox on

    We used Damn small linux for years because nothing else would run on
    a pentium classic with 32meg of ram with a 4gig hard disk

    Are we supposed to be excited about using fluxbox and this if
    it takes huge huge huge massive new hardware and massive

    Give us some good news here
    about how little tiny tiny tiny resources are needed to run this
    new release….tnx

  5. Clem,
    I appreciate all the hard work you and your crew does. I don’t know much about Linux yet, but I am learning. I can’t afford cutting-edge hardware and your stuff runs good and smooth on my somewhat antiquated rig.It seems that everybody is super-critical nowadays. I know by the results that you have a good stable OS going. Beats Windows right out of the box. So, thanks for all the number crunching and the good tutorials so we can learn to say “bye-bye” to the OTHER os for good.


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  7. Hi Clem,

    It’s amazing to see the Mint team and community getting very productive lately (not that they never were). I reckon I just downloaded Mint 5 Main R1 not very long ago before I had an encounter with the XFCE CE and now Fluxbox CE. Just wow! Anyway, there’s one thing that seems to be always missing from your announcements and release notes: A section regarding system requirements. Everytime I point someone (anyone at all) to Mint’s download page, he/she would always come back to me to ask just about that, “What are the minimum requirements?”. So please, Clem, don’t confuse the potential users… Other than that, great job! Thank you very much for the best iteration of Linux ever.

  8. By the way: I’m thrilled that Mint is doing a Fluxbox edition. Contrary to what another poster said, there are reasons for running Fluxbox besides wanting to see how old a processor or how little memory it might use.

    For one thing, people can be curious how another window manager works. For another, Fluxbox has some nice features. I personally find its menu system at least as straightforward as KDE’s. It’s all there in a directory and is easy to understand. I like the slit and I like the way you can join windows from different programs together — I don’t think KDE even has that feature.

    Also, Fluxbox is pretty fast.

  9. Maybe I will install this as an new operating system on my Asus Eee 900? Has anyone tested this combination with this Fluxbox edition? I would love to get comments on that…. 🙂

  10. That’s good news for us in India. With lots of old PCs around and Minty Fluxbox …. Things can continue in the same state as before(used Newton’s 1st law here.) Hope you all love my Indish 🙂

  11. Hello, I have write same post on forum, but I thing it could be poet here too.
    Sory for my English, I’m studying it now.
    My “test” of this os is done.

    I have installed this OS on Actina Neo laptop.
    Duron 1 GHZ
    384 Ram
    S3 Twister (graphics)
    CD rom – Teac DV-28E-B Max speed 28x.

    Installation time (after configuring) – 28 min.
    System start time (from GRUB, to GDM) – 1.20 min.
    System start (from GDM, to system) – 20 sec.
    Shutdown time – 20 sec.
    Disk usage – 1.8 Gb
    Memory usage – 110 – 120 Mb.

    Funniest thing is, that memory usage is same as in XFCE edition. System, in my opinion, runs with the same speed like Xfce.


    1. When I start installing system without configuring Wi-fi card, installation stop in “getting time zone from server” moment. I was wait 15 min, and nothing.
    2. When I try configure Wi-fi, in Wicd program (on live CD, before installation), i was experience program crush. First – program window was displayed, but it was blank. When I reboot system, and enter advanced settings to Wi-fi connection, program again stopped. Clicking on OK button gives nothing. In third try (after reboot) everything was ok.
    3. After installation and using system about two minutes, my mouse gone crazy. Self booting apps, desktop switching – I could only press power button. I have no problems after installing XFCE version. After reboot system is working good, till now.
    4 When I run LiveCD startup sound wan not played smoothly. (In my opinion it is useless option in LiveCD)
    In my opinion.
    1. Sound control icon in tray is missing, it is very useful thing.
    2 After installation network configuration was not copied from liveCD. I had to configure it one more time.
    3 Reboot button – when I press it I must enter my password. (I know that I could change it, but it should be changed by default)
    Thats all for now. If I found anything else I’ll write about it.
    Best regards.

  12. Hi Clem and gang:

    Long time linux user. I’ve been running the newest Elyssa XFCE. I am impressed. It reminds me of the way Gnome used to work before it got kinda bloated. I’m running on an Athlon 2100, and for the first time, I can run Compiz without any noticeable slowdown. Question – how can I install Fluxnbox on this system configured as it is on the new Mint version. Some disrto will install pre configured, some won’t.

    PS. A light weight desktop is preferred if you’re running labor intensive programs like Cinelerra or Rosegarden.

  13. @metamorphousthe: Where do we who speak English as the second or third language would find proofreaders to proofread pages we write as our hobby?

  14. Holy mackerel! Have you been to lately? In the seven-day rankings, Mint is NUMBER ONE! Our favorite Linux distro has beaten its ancestor Ubuntu by 93 hits per day!


  15. Linux Mint (XFCE) is fantastic! I especially loved the numerous themes available. I installed it after Windows Vista Basic. Unfortunately, it failed to add Vista partitions as part of its drives. Is there a way I can include my Vista partitions as drives in Mint?

    AMD Turion 64×2 Mobile
    ATI Radeon video card (works perfectly)
    Realtek LAN (works well, too)
    Sound card (work well also, but I don’t know the exact hardware name of up to now (Windows doesn’t tell me either.). I’m a newbie.


  16. I was just reminded of how wonderful Linux Mint is last night when my father was reinstalling Windows XP on his laptop (I think some malware was bothering him, and Mozilla was acting up for some reason). He was having trouble connecting to the Internet, and it was because Dell didn’t include the drivers for the assorted hardware on the install disc! I had to download them from the Dell website for him onto a flash drive and then load them on his machine. He still needs to reinstall all of his apps. I think it takes me a little less than 20 minutes to get a Mint machine partitioned and running properly. It’s hard to calculate the install time for XP, at least for me, because I usually take a break after the drivers are installed.

    Basically, this is a long-winded thank you to Open Source developers, Linux, and specifically Linux Mint for making a distro that simply works. Viva la Mint!

  17. I have to download this new version of LinuxMint & test it out. I think I’m going to test it on a compaq Evo n600c with 512MB of ram, 80GB H.D., BELKIN WIFI N+(MINO), 1.5Ghz CPU. The following resolution 1024 x 768 @ 60 . I hope it all works-out.

  18. Mint Fluxbox – Congratulations on a lovely piece of work ! The only problem I have had has been a couple of apps not showing in the menu after installation. However, it was very simple to open the menu file and write them in. Otherwise, it works wonderfully well.
    Incidentally, I read some other posts about “why fluxbox?” Well,I’m running Fluxbox on Dell 6400 Inspiron laptop, by choice, because it’s clean, calm, and simple. After gadding about with some of the gaudier alternatives, Fluxbox is like coming to ones senses.
    Hearty thanks to all concerned.

  19. I have a distro we designed at are business which is a heavy duty model based on Ubuntu. However, for just everyday or pretty experienced users you’ve got some excellent distros. We have recommended Linux Mint
    Gnome to many whom need it working right out of the Box with little
    linux knowledge. That works fine, and now I’m excited about your Fluxbox version because we’ve been tinkering with it all day and its seems just as easy and faster for the consumer.

    Good work guys.

    Patrick, Nebraska

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