Linux Mint 5 Elyssa XFCE Community Edition

We are proud to announce the release of Linux Mint 5 XFCE Community Edition.

For a list of improvements, new features, known issues and download mirrors please read the release notes:

I would like to thank and to congratulate Merlwiz79 for maintaining this wonderful edition. I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as we had fun releasing it. Have fun and don’t hesitate to give us some feedback.

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  3. If I only had a 64-bit version, I’d install this for real.
    I need 64-bit for C development (and 64-bit SAS servers).

    I currently run Mint in a vm, but I could easily switch to it.
    Great job

  4. Installed on my four year old laptop and am already noticing the performance differences! Great job, guys!

    One question, what does the O at the top left of every window do?

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  6. Congrats merlwiz!

    Downloaded it and at this moment i write these lines running
    XFCE CE as a live CD. My younger brother Rodolfo is gonna be
    very happy. He was expecting for the Linux Mint XFCE CE 5 final
    version .Down via torrent (KDE – Ktorrent) and seeding the iso.
    (other computer) – I have noticed there are only a fews seeders.
    Perhaps due to my time in Brazil.

    Well, when XFCE CE was installed i will supply more feedback.

    Give XFCE CE 5 Elyssa a good look and it seems to be another Mint`s Great Job.


  7. Now you since you have released two Desktop Environments, i.e Gnome and Xfce, I would like to know which would be preferred for ease of use and which would be preferred for speed.

  8. I like it! , My first try at Linux so I am trying to find my way around right now, very easy. However, I need to adjust the display resolution because when Gimp, or Firefox, or anything actually is maximized, it is way to large to view the the window displayed. Help!

    I can’t find this in Control settings.

  9. i do not use this version because i like Gnome, but has anyone of you see the win on DitroWatch? Since the XFCE Version is out, Mint is now on Place 3 in t he 7Days Refresh!!! That is great, a big win for Mint 🙂 Granulations!!!!!!!!!!

  10. @ Ulise’s question:
    just a help in hand

    Cuales son los rquerimientos mininos para instalarlo y usarlo, no lo dice, por favor ponganlo

    Which are the specifications of hardware to install and run Mint XFCE CE 5 Elyssa?. It was not specified. Please, provide information about.

  11. To install 192 MB RAM Should be enough, if not make a swap partition and then run the Live CD.
    If you have 128 MB RAM making a swap partition 1st you may get it to install.
    This will take a long time to install but might work.
    The install, I believe, takes close to 2.4GB of hard drive space.

  12. Just found out how to enable 32-bit linux to address and use all of your RAM:

    sudo apt-get install linux-restricted-modules-server
    sudo apt-get install linux-headers-server
    sudo apt-get install linux-image-server

    This installs the 32-bit linux server kernel, and it certainly works using Mint (XFCE and otherwise); I’ve now got all 8 GB of my RAM usable by my favorite 32-bit OS & Linux Distro — Mint XFCE (of course, I am only using 10% of that with all kinds of windows open on all four desktops — cube ftw!)

  13. I ve been using Mint XFCE 3.0 since its beginning.

    I ve just installed 5.0 on may PIII with 192MB ram… YES!
    it is very fast & very smooth.

    Just added SuperTux & wormux.

    Great work !

    for Merliz79 & all contributors, TQVM and May God Bless all of you.


  14. Congrats for the release,
    I’m under XPPRO safe mode since one month
    I am not sute wich release shall I go for

    GNOME, KDE, XFCE or Fluxbox

    Which one is more stable and would give a smooth transition from WIN to Linux,and best results with WINE ?

  15. ^@Tunisiano — I imagine it’s a matter of taste. I absolutely love the Linux Mint 5 XFCE Community Edition (did I forget to mention that in my last post?), and find it’s the perfect balance of power and usability with the a light footprint on system resources. Fluxbox has an even lighter footprint, but, iirc, is not as mature or familiarly-Microsoftish as XFCE. KDE and Gnome are both accused of being resource hogs by the light desktop environment crowd, and they certainly are a bit more bloated than XFCE. From my experiences, I would say KDE more closely matches your traditional Windows XP experience than Gnome, although both provide powerful tools (Konquerer for KDE in particular is what Windows/Internet-Explorer wishes it could be). For you, my friend, I would suggest the XFCE edition; it is smooth, stable, familiar to those coming from a Windows environment, and it won’t hog the resources needed by WINE (or a virtual-machine-hosted-OS — just use VMWare).

    [To the general public:]
    Yeah, I kinda got a little off-topic with my last post because I was so stoked to be using 8 GB of RAM in a 32-bit OS thanks to using the server kernel. Also, I may have been enjoying a little too much, er, “mint,” if you know what I mean. So, without further ado, here are my two cents on the awesomeness of Linux Mint 5 XFCE Community Edition:

    This is a great, strong, stable, full-featured distro that I can’t stop praising! What’s so great about it? Everything works PERFECTLY out of the box! Codecs, flash player, java, et cetera — I can spin up a live CD and watch YouTube videos right away! Although “minimalists” may turn up their noses at two of my favorite applications, I am pleased at their inclusion: OpenOffice and Firefox 3.0.1 (patching security vulnerabilities discovered in FF 3.0), giving Mint the most full-featured set of document and web suites available (for free). I’m really growing to like Thunar, XFCE’s new default file manager, although the lack of SSH support forces me to include these features in a separate module (also need some way to mount unmounted drives); Thunar’s shear speed and open-ended adaptability make up for this. I am also enjoying the Deluge bittorrent client included in Mint XFCE, as well as Exaile and the Gimp. And it has Synaptic Package Manager! Woot! Also, even with Compiz Fusion enabled at startup, it boots in seconds on my machine.

    Congratulations Linux Mint Core Team & Community! You’ve really nailed the bull’s eye with this one!

    If you like Ubuntu, you’ll love Linux Mint;
    If you love Linux Mint, you’ll adore Linux Mint XFCE CE.

  16. I installed Linux Mint XFCE CE at the day of the release. I was using Kubuntu for some years, but I think I will now stick with Mint, because KDE becomes to slow for my machine.

    Overall, the user experience for Elyssa-XCFE is splendid. However there are some issues, which should be addressed in the future:

    * For some strange reason, there was no PDF-viewer configured for PDFs in Firefox, although evince is installed.

    * There is no photo-viewer installed by default. GPicView is too lightweight. So I installed gthumb, but upon installation this did not enter it’s import-feature to Mints handling of removable media.

    * In Gthumb, the “Set desktop image”-feature does not work.

    * I cannot find the damn pager to switch desktops. I know there is one

    * The wine package installs itself into two different locations in the Menu.

    * The orage calendar is not fitting into the taskbar and its borders are cropped.

    * Why can’t the clock show the date?

    * The Settings menu is too crowded.

    * Why is it possible to “Delete” files in Thunar, although the files are write-protected (with lock picture)?

    * Translations (for German) are only partial. Where can I contribute? Debian, Ubuntu, Xubuntu or Mint?

    Keep it up,

  17. Hey, one simple and quick to answer question…
    Is this Mint 5 XFCE version also an LTS version like the regular Mint 5?

    Thanks in advance

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