LMDE Update Pack 7


Update Pack 7 was released as the “latest” update pack today.  If you’re not using Linux Mint Debian, please ignore this post.

If you experience issues or if you’re going through the update at the moment, don’t hesitate to connect to the IRC chatroom (irc.spotchat.org, #linuxmint-debian)

How to upgrade

1. Make sure your mirror is up-to-date

It is not safe to upgrade any package unless your mirror points to UP7

Here is the current status of the LMDE mirrors:

  • UP7:
    • http://debian.linuxmint.com/
    • http://debian.lth.se/lmde/
    • http://mirror.internode.on.net/pub/linuxmint-debian/
    • http://mirror.rts-informatique.fr/linuxmint/debian/
    • http://mirror.komsys.org/pub/linuxmint/debian/
    • http://www.mirrorservice.org/sites/debian.linuxmint.com/debian/
    • http://mirror.metrocast.net/linuxmint-debian/
    • http://ucmirror.canterbury.ac.nz/linux/mint/debian/
    • http://lmde-mirror.gwendallebihan.net/
    • http://mirrors.ircam.fr/pub/linuxmint-debian/
    • http://mintlinux.mirror.triple-it.nl/debian/
    • http://ftp.jaist.ac.jp/pub/Linux/linuxmint/debian/
    • http://tux.rainside.sk/mint/debian/
    • http://linuxmint-apt.killerhorse.eu/debian/
  • UP6:
    • http://mirrors.fe.up.pt/linuxmint-debian/

To select another mirror:

  • Make sure “mint-debian-mirrors” is installed
  • Open a terminal and run the following command: mint-choose-debian-mirror

2. Check your APT sources

  1. In the Update Manager, click on the “Update Pack Info” button
  2. Make sure “Your system configuration” shows up as green and doesn’t show any warnings or errors.
  3. If you see a warning or an error, follow the instructions given and repeat the process until they’re gone.

3. Read about the Update Pack

In the “Update Pack Info” window of the Update Manager, make sure to read all the information related to Update Pack 7. Some of it might be irrelevant to you, but it will only take you a minute and it might save you hours.

4. Upgrade the packages

When you’re ready and you know all that there is to know, press the “Install Updates” button.

During the update you’ll be asked a few things. One is quite important.. the new kernel will ask you where to install Grub. Answer with the location of your current Grub menu (which on most systems is “/dev/sda“).


Will LMDE get new ISO images with Update Pack 7?

LMDE ISOs will be updated with Update Pack 8 after the Mint 16 release to feature MATE 1.8, Cinnamon 2.0 and all the improvements planned for the upcoming version of Linux Mint.


  1. Finally! 🙂 I’ve checked for updates with Update Manager and see that UP7 is released before this topic was created. 😀

  2. Just did the update, after a restart i get the usual desktop but with no bottom menu. When i select a shortcut on the desktop, screen goes black.
    Any suggestions?

  3. Skype’s audio is broken after the upgrade. ldd does not show any missing dependency, and the i386 packages that used to make it work with UP6 don’t help any more with UP7. I’ve also tried to upgrade skype from 4.1 to 4.2, but to no avail.

    Is there any change upstream I should be aware of to make it work? Any specific information I can provide to help you help me? 🙂


  4. Desktop goes black after update and restart (no icons ets, only black screen with bottom menu). Nautilus (somehow after update nemo become nautilus) and terminal do not work. I have a lot of important info on desktop and in home folder. Please help.

  5. BTW, if you open the UP info in mintupdate-debian and click on the link to the upstream bug (yeah, that one with the authentication warning), it will open in the UP info window with no means to get back. I mean, no right click, no backspace to get back, nothing. 🙂 You can only close the window.

    Should the links be opened in a new browser window?

    This probably affects the main edition’s mintupdate too.

  6. Hi, opening the software manager, the system almost freezes; is it updating the software (internal DB)? The harddisk light remains on like the system is buisy to write data. Hint? I’m waiting more than 5 mins now.

  7. Did another restart and i get a warning that cinnamon is in fallback mode. A restart does not work.
    Entering cinnamon –replace gives a warning about libgl.so.1 not being available.

  8. Hi everyone,

    Please don’t hesitate to connect to the chatroom if you have questions or problems. It’s much easier to troubleshoot there and to help you with the update.

    Good luck everyone.

  9. I guess we need not only the usual feedback threads on the forum, but also some kind of formal testing for UPs, like it’s always done for ISOs.
    Of course all the software can’t be covered by a checklist of, say, 100 items, but at least the most used apps can be.

    Since some bugs may still slip in, it would be good to have the out-of-band updates to the frozen UP base, like it’s described in http://forums.linuxmint.com/viewtopic.php?f=198&t=114073

    I know, that’s an old idea, but I think it’s still relevant.

  10. libc 2.13 to 2.17.. Finally!

    Now we can use the new versions of:
    Intel graphics drivers, google music manager, etc..YEAH!

  11. I found 3 bugs:
    1. Caja always use 30 to 40% of CPU, if i start caja 2 times it uses 88% CPU
    2. Preview of pictures and other documents broken
    3. Problem with skype sound

  12. You need to disable all thumbnails in Caja preferences (“Preview” tab) in order to solve the 40% CPU problem – I had the same issue with LMDE MATE 64bits.

    (It is listed as a Caja bug but doesn’t apply to everybody apparently ?)

  13. all went well until towards the end. it keeps running ..

    creating /etc/mail/database…
    validating configuration

    waited 10 minutes but screen keeps flashing with the message. killed it and restart. run sudo dkpg –configure -a. same message. any help will be highly appreciated.

    Edit by Clem: Somebody on the chat mentioned this. It’s a bug upstream in Debian. Remove sendmail and restart the upgrade.

  14. Can’t run some GTK apps, e.g. audacious or synaptic.
    Example of running audacious from CLI: http://pastebin.com/UTeEhqnS

    Also generated kernel 3.10.2 misses some features. For example I can’t find i2c-devices to control my LCD brightness. Running old 3.2.0 kernel I get those devices working well. Why did you do such differences configuring new kernel?

    Edit by Clem: Some GTK 3.x themes segfault with GTK 3.y, the GNOME guys are still working on its themeing engine and so artists are expected to update their themes. Mint-X was updated in LMDE to work with GTK 3.8. If your theme isn’t up to date yet it can make any GTK 3 application segfault.

  15. don’t do upgrade to update pack 7 if you using xfce desktop!

    big problem with xfce desktop. it’s stuck by gconf and nothing after that you can do.
    i’m going to do new install, fresh system without update pack 7.

    if you are on xfce update pack 7 will destroy you existing system and probably must be mate or cinnamon to work with update pack 7.

    clem, what’s goin’ on with xfce? please, i need a answer

    Edit by Clem: Hi Pejton, I need more info to understand what the problem is and what is causing it. What do you mean by “it’s stuck by gconf”?

  16. I’m having the same problem with Caja as reported, 8% CPU when thumbnails are enabled, (no thumbnails show either)

    Edit by Clem: I’m surprised.. Caja and MATE were updated to 1.6 before UP7. Was this also happening before you upgraded to UP7?

  17. @14: No, it is still mate 1.6 in UP7. But before with UP6 no problem with high cpu load and caja! And yes, if you diasble preview, the CPU goes down to 0%! 🙂 Mate 64Bit.

  18. Can confirm problems:
    1. Skype sound not working. As per ‘Bronto’ @ 5, I also tried upgrading to 4.1 & 4.2 but no good.
    2. File preview icons not visible for documents & music file types as per ‘Raven’ @ 18 & 25
    3 Not experienced the high CPU load either before or after UP7

    The icon preview disappearing problem occurred after minor update that came out some weeks prior to UP7 i.e. when Caja and MATE were updated.

  19. Update works well for me on a HP8770w. The only niggle is that when I boot, text messages don’t render properly on the plymouth splash screen. Instead of a letter, you just see a black rectangle with a border in the font color. Text does show when I shutdown. I’m guessing that there’s some font missing from the boot image, but not really sure how to fix it. As I run LMDE on an encrypted LVM disk, you need to know the boot sequence in order to understand what messages are being shown.

  20. Updated to 7 on 2 machines and everything seems going well. Thanks.
    Only a little issue: in software manager if I want edit the software sources it doesn’t work. It works from the synaptic.

  21. @clem

    i don’t know where is exactly problem. upgrading it was fine till gconf. on this moment system try to start synaptic i think. someone else got same problem. i was on #linuxmint-debian irc and try to find out what is going on.
    some outputs from chanel:

    3130 E: gconf2: subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 127
    2121 that is where I started the new installation, pejton
    3130 chattr, here stay in informations: Ready to launch synaptic
    3130 /usr/sbin/synaptic: error while loading shared libraries: libffi.so.6: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
    3130 ++ Return code:127
    chattr>21 pejton: package libffi6 supplies /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/libffi.so.6 is that package installed?
    3130 i don’t know
    2121 pejton: does ‘ apt-cache policy libffi6 ‘ in terminal tell you?
    3130 i can’t up terminal
    3130 or synaptic

    clem, thank you for all what you doing, linux mint is great os. i think this isn’t my mistake or big problem.
    i hope you can resolve what going on in xfce during update pack 7.
    clem, thank’s a lot again i’m linux mint fan and user few years. you doing great job. keep goin!

  22. oh yes, one more thing clem.

    before is upgrade gone mad 🙂 it was a warning about xscreensaver. i kill xscreensaver, i know this is normal.
    after that in short come asking dialog to confirm restarting libraries or something like that, i can’t remember, lib686 or something like that…
    maybe is nothing, maybe can help you.

    Edit by Clem: I’ll try to catch you on the IRC and hopefully we can troubleshoot this together.

  23. Clem,
    Many thanks to you and your team!
    Updating such a big project as LMDE always triggers some issues because of nature of any linux system. Happily, due to lot of forum threads on web, all the issues can be quickly (less or more) solved.
    LMDE system updated to UP7 seems to be more responsive and less buggy 🙂
    Thank you all one more time for your hard work! Good luck and best wishes!

  24. I’m having the same problem with Caja as reported, 8% CPU when thumbnails are enabled, (no thumbnails show either)

    Edit by Clem: I’m surprised.. Caja and MATE were updated to 1.6 before UP7. Was this also happening before you upgraded to UP7?

    Nope, only happened after the upgrade, I’ve got more time today to look into it, I’ll pop into IRC if I can find a fix or narrow down the reason.

  25. One issue during boot: got the following warning:
    platform microcode: firmware: agent aborted loading intel-ucode/06-25-05 (not found?)
    Fix is to install the intel-microcode package

  26. Well, at least it fixes the things that UP6 broke like support for my printer and video card. BTW, is there supposed to be some application in Mate for adding, configuring and deleting printers? I installed hplip-gui for my HP printer, but what about other brands of printers.

    And, it would be really sweet if LMDE had a Net Install CD like Debian so you wouldn’t have to run all the updates on a new install.

  27. So I installed the update for LMDE and now during boot it stays black.
    when i go into recovery mode it says that there is the grphic driver missing or something. maybe it has something to with that i installed the ati linux driver from the ati.com page … 🙁

  28. Mostly smooth upgrade on my AMD X2 machine (although had to uninstall Virtualbox to fix a complete system crash), but it’s completely buggered my Intel Core2Duo laptop – install hung early on so never completed, system no longer boots.

    Install with EXTREME caution (in other words, take a full system image – like with Clonezilla – first).

  29. Skype-Problem seems fixed with the “work a round” from post 27!
    Edit file “/etc/pulse/default.pa” and put “tsched=0” behind the line with “load-module module-udev-detect”. Should look like this: “load-module module-udev-detect tsched=0”
    After reboot it works.
    Bug with icon-preview and high CPU-Load is the same. Hope someone find a fix for this.
    And i see a strange message in terminal when i start “pluma”:
    Fontconfig warning: “/etc/fonts/conf.d/53-monospace-lcd-filter.conf”, line 10: Having multiple values in isn’t supported and may not work as expected

  30. I updated to Pack 7 from Pack 6.
    Now I cannot see the icons of pictures or videos.
    I cannot use my printer HP connected via usb.
    On the positive side skype’s audio works well and now problem between caja and high usage of cpu.

  31. Hello!
    I was running the “big update” on my machine.
    After downloading over 700mb, the installation process started but failed for some reasons after a few minutes.

    I rebooted the system but… I can use LMDE anymore!
    I can just access the prompt mode and check the X error: it seems that there are conflicts between different versions of nvidia drivers/libraries.

    What can I do now? :\



  32. Upgraded my acer laptop 64 all fine but the thumbnails preview in caja.
    Searching on the web it seems an issue with glib.

  33. I updated my 64bit to UP7….after reboot, had pop up saying I was in software rendering mode…I re-installed my nvidia driver via smxi and and all is well….thxs

  34. My LMDE updated 1321 packages last night, which I think is much. Maybe you should release a version 201309.
    However, the operation in the first place was good, although a bit late to start loading the new kernel.

    Greetings from Cali – Colombia.

  35. Update smooth and easy. Thanks mint team!

    The only problem I had: After the update, the display was slightly fuzzy, hard on the eyes.

    Messed around with drivers, hosed my xorg.conf, couldn’t start X, ha ha! Turns out it something minor.

    Fixed by changing the monitor refresh rate from 60hz to 75hz in the monitor preferences dialog.

  36. Ran into a strange bluetooth behavior when updating my EeePC 1000HA netbook. After the update pack 7 installation the Update Manager quit but there was constant disk activity for a couple of hours. The system had run low on root disk space during the update and I had set Synaptic previously to delete package files after installation so I thought that was working itself out. However, I noticed the root filesystem had stopped shrinking and /home was constantly going up and down by a very small amount. Finally I installed iotop to find out what was hammering the disk, and it indicated bluetoothd. However, nothing was connected via BT and BT was greyed out in the toolbar. When I selected the “Bluetooth – Configure Bluetooth Settings” menu entry, it showed the “Make This Computer Visible” checkbox toggling constantly. I did a sudo pkill bluetoothd and the disk thrashing stopped immediately. Bluetooth was fine before the UP7 install. I’m off to reboot and see what happens. My desktop machine was updated earlier today with no similar issue.

  37. After reboot the system comes up with working bluetooth and no disk thrashing but within a MATE session which looks and acts different from how it was set up before the update. Instead of my single bottom auto-hide panel there’s now a top and bottom panel; the theme is very different (looks very old school basic gnome with a Debian swirl background image), touchpad options not set, etc. However, the right programs are there and the wireless works, etc. Argh! Any ideas how to get back to how things were set up before, short of redoing it all?

  38. I’ve upgraded to UP7. Now:

    – Caja doesn’t show thumbnails for .pdf, photos, video files;
    – Caja crashes immediately when mouse over mp3 file;
    – Caja utilizes my CPU to 100%

    Does anyone know how to fix this shit? Otherwise, I am going to backup, reinstall and apply all my specific settings set over the years. I already feel the pain in the ass.

  39. My broadcom wifi didnt make it trough the dkms thing.
    And my touchpad didnt transform to normal as i hoped (still cant select text with it). Its a Dell mini 10v.

  40. Hi,
    got a little trouble with the broadcom-wl (sta) wlan driver (as predicted during the installation).
    After restart and login i got a black screen and the login process stops. Login on terminal also failed.
    If you have the same troubles with the installed driver (in my case for the BCM43225 wlan module) =>
    * start the OS from the kernel before upgrade
    * install the brcm80211 driver instead
    This fixed my problem.
    Everything else worked perfekt, good job guys.

  41. guess from google says it was a buggy debian package for wifi.
    Installed broadcom-sta version 6 from unstable, now it works.

  42. Bluetooth is not working for me after update.
    Although update manager says my system is up to date,
    apt-get reports:

    The following packages have been kept back:
    gir1.2-gnomebluetooth-1.0 gir1.2-peas-1.0 gjs gnome-bluetooth gnome-shell
    gnome-shell-common libpeas-1.0-0

    This is due to a problem discussed in the UPDATE PACK 7 FEEDBACK thread. These packages depend on libgjs0c, but libgjs0b is required for cinnamon and the two libgjs packages conflict. See:

    Does anyone else have bluetooth working?
    In my case…

    Bluetooth Devices connect for about 7 seconds, then disconnect.
    For a headset, last messages from hcidump are:

    > ACL data: handle 38 flags 0x02 dlen 41
    L2CAP(d): cid 0x0040 len 37 [psm 1]
    SDP SSA Rsp: tid 0xc len 0x20
    count 29
    record #0
    aid 0x0000 (SrvRecHndl)
    uint 0x10000
    aid 0x0001 (SrvClassIDList)

    aid 0x0005 (BrwGrpList)

    aid 0x0200 (VersionNumList)
    uint 0x103
    aid 0x0201 (SrvDBState)
    uint 0x55
    aid 0x0202 (unknown)
    uint 0x22
    aid 0x0203 (unknown)
    uint 0x26
    aid 0x0204 (unknown)
    bool 0x1
    aid 0x0205 (unknown)
    uint 0x1
    aid 0x000a (DocURL)
    url “http://www.plantronics.com/support/”
    cont 00
    > HCI Event: Number of Completed Packets (0x13) plen 5
    handle 38 packets 1
    HCI Event: Command Complete (0x0e) plen 7
    Read RSSI (0x05|0x0005) ncmd 1
    status 0x00 handle 38 rssi 0
    HCI Event: Command Complete (0x0e) plen 7
    Read Link Quality (0x05|0x0003) ncmd 1
    status 0x00 handle 38 lq 242
    HCI Event: Command Complete (0x0e) plen 7
    Read Transmit Power Level (0x03|0x002d) ncmd 1
    status 0x00 handle 38 level 0
    HCI Event: Command Complete (0x0e) plen 7
    Read RSSI (0x05|0x0005) ncmd 1
    status 0x00 handle 38 rssi 0
    HCI Event: Command Complete (0x0e) plen 7
    Read Link Quality (0x05|0x0003) ncmd 1
    status 0x00 handle 38 lq 236
    HCI Event: Command Complete (0x0e) plen 7
    Read Transmit Power Level (0x03|0x002d) ncmd 1
    status 0x00 handle 38 level -4
    ACL data: handle 38 flags 0x02 dlen 12
    L2CAP(s): Disconn rsp: dcid 0x04c1 scid 0x0040
    > HCI Event: Number of Completed Packets (0x13) plen 5
    handle 38 packets 1
    HCI Event: Command Complete (0x0e) plen 7
    Read RSSI (0x05|0x0005) ncmd 1
    status 0x00 handle 38 rssi 0
    HCI Event: Command Complete (0x0e) plen 7
    Read Link Quality (0x05|0x0003) ncmd 1
    status 0x00 handle 38 lq 228
    HCI Event: Command Complete (0x0e) plen 7
    Read Transmit Power Level (0x03|0x002d) ncmd 1
    status 0x00 handle 38 level -8
    HCI Event: Command Complete (0x0e) plen 7
    Read RSSI (0x05|0x0005) ncmd 1
    status 0x00 handle 38 rssi 0
    HCI Event: Command Complete (0x0e) plen 7
    Read Link Quality (0x05|0x0003) ncmd 1
    status 0x00 handle 38 lq 224
    HCI Event: Command Complete (0x0e) plen 7
    Read Transmit Power Level (0x03|0x002d) ncmd 1
    status 0x00 handle 38 level -12
    HCI Event: Command Status (0x0f) plen 4
    Disconnect (0x01|0x0006) status 0x00 ncmd 1
    > HCI Event: Disconn Complete (0x05) plen 4
    status 0x00 handle 38 reason 0x16
    Reason: Connection Terminated by Local Host

  43. So, I tried to use update manager to update new UP, haven’t seen anything about new update patch. I changed mirror already.

    But there’s one problem:
    – My disk is full, after downloading all upgrade-able packages. However, update manager still keep installing stuff and even the package install result is out of space, it still continue …

    I think this application should top upgrading as soon as disk is full.

    Btw, my update manager is mintUpdate.py, and I could not find “Update package info” button like before. Is there anything wrong with it?

  44. I encountered the same issue that “palimmo” met with. I was really worried, but… I also just could survive with a “sudo apt-get -f install”


  45. i upgraded to update pack 7 on lmde mate 64bit..
    the process is stuck on the grub page – i chose to install grub to the /boot partition i was already using for lmde and i see:
    “writing GRUB to boot device failed – continue?”
    when i press ‘help’ i see:

    “GRUB failed to install to the following devices:
    do you want to continue anyway? if you do your computer may not start up properly.”

    dev/sdc5 is the correct boot partition on this pc.

    anyone got any advice here?
    presently i can choose to tick the box for “writing GRUB to boot device failed – continue?” and then also either click ‘forward’ or ‘cancel’..
    the logic here is not clear.

  46. And I’m experiencing the caja thumbnails issue too, CPU utilization of ~40% and frequent disk writes until I shut off thumbnails.

  47. GLX is not using direct rendering in INTEL (& possibly others)

    glxgears is very slow and jerky before I added this symlink:

    # cd /usr/lib
    # ln -s i386-linux-gnu/dri dri

  48. In reply to post 46:

    gedit works fine for me although I see the libgjs0b/libgjs0c problem here.

    In reply to post 47:
    Yes, I saw the Fontconfig warning: “/etc/fonts/conf.d/53-monospace-lcd-filter.conf before following the instructions in the post to fix it.

  49. Smooth update on my “Samsung NC10 Plus” . Excellent work! Congratulations.
    There are some minor problems with some Mate-menus, due to the small 10″-screen. I do not see the “OK” buttons sometimes.

  50. After this massive update it killed a good running system, thanks, what can you do, it could not load the NVIDA drivers, so goodbye system ,
    beeping you know what , not happy, who came out with this update , needs to rethink what they are doing if you ask me

  51. @palimmo
    No cannot even do that, I am tried to go into recovery, place the root password, I then get at the prompt with computer name, then I place the commands you have mention, and it stated not found, I believe this update has completely and utterly beeped up the system
    So for example my system name is Karma that is on the screen I am in root mode, then I place those commands, nothing , not found etc etc
    so now I will have to redo this system which I cannot be bloody arsed to be honest,

  52. Thanks for the update: Mate seems to have survived but apache 2.4 has resulted in my WSGI virtual hosts just returning 404s 🙁 gutted as I do all my wsgi development on LMDE

    Anyone had this issue?

  53. I updated my 64bit to UP7….after reboot, had pop up saying I was in software rendering mode…I re-installed my nvidia driver via smxi and and all is well….thxs

  54. Thank you guys for the UP7 update. Just want to share my experience with the caja’s thumnailer problem when it uses considerable cpu time and doesn’t shoe thumbnails. I was able to solve by following one of advises from the mate forums. Here is the workaround. Create a symlink in the ~/.cache dir called thumbnails pointing at ~/.thumbnails so that
    lrwxrwxrwx 1 gene gene 15 Sep 25 21:55 .cache/thumbnails -> ../.thumbnails/
    E.g., you can do it like this:
    cd ~/.cache; ln -s ../.thumbnails thumbnails

    Then caja process should will get back to normal and thumbnails will be seen again. Hope it will help others as well

  55. @Brian
    Can you boot into your last stable kernel? Can you see the list of kernels and choose between them in the grub menu? Did you use the proprietary nVidia driver before the update? This update must have switched you to nouveau, I guess.

  56. So there is Mint-Z GTK and GNOME Shell themes? I’ll miss them…

    It’s good practice to get rid of fglrx before upgrading! Then I select fglrx packages to upgrade, first upgrade attempt are only partially successful (maybe it just need linux-headers for 3.10.2 kernel to make dkms modules right). The gdm3 (?) went mad and restaring all the time, crying about some videocard IRQ problems and denying me to login in console (cause it switch to it’s own tty just after each restart). I’ve rebooted in restore mode and execute: mv -f /usr/sbin/gdm3 /usr/sbin/gdm3.off The graphics login was hang, but at least I was able to login in console mode with my networks connected. Then I replaced gdm3 with mdm, and go further.

    And with some other minor magic, I’m happy LMDE user again 🙂

  57. I tried the upgrade on several different machines and on none of them the upgrade went without problems.

    When initram-fs complained about a missing file (something with “/pango/”) i needed to uninstall plymouth*

    A machine with an ATI XPress 200M only shows a blank screen on boot and even the TTY are not accessible. With the old kernel (3.2) the TTYs are available but tons of graphic card related error messages flood the screen.

    And several problems with dpkg not being able to successfully configure packages, which I needed to resolve with “apt-get -f install” and restart the mintupdate procedure.

    For technically inexperienced users I would not recommend this upgrade.

  58. i had some issues, i solved it, thanks god. i’m not satisfied with upgrading pack 7 problems but is worth.
    finally it’s over. i have fast lmde, work fine for now.

    clem, thank you very much for your time & support over #linuxmint-debian irc, much appreciated your advices.
    keep going, i wish all best in future work.

  59. LMDE update pack 7. Problems I have noticed:
    1.Rhythmbox and Banshee freeze up or crash- cause:playlist cause problems. Remove the Banshee cache at .cache solves this problem. To be fully sure backup the banshee1 file in .config, then delete. Afterwards you can use your backup to use the old playlists again.
    2.No thumbnails (graphical preview) anymore when opening a photo map.
    Computer keep loading.
    3. Banshee and Rhythmbox see a normal USB drive as a mediaplayer, so a popup appears.
    All tested on 3 different types of computer, i3, Coredual 2 and AMD.

  60. I use LMDE with LXDE;
    (almost) everything was fine but after installing UP7 I experience some issues, in particular I can’t run some GTK apps due to GTK warnings.
    I lost the possibility to run Gnote (which is meant to be a Mono-free Tomboy alternative) and quite frankly I think this is not acceptable.
    However logging in a Cinnamnon session Gnote is working…so what?

  61. The updated kernel 3.10-2-amd64 seems to be buggy for the i915 card. It froze and stack-dumped on one of my machines already. It’s pretty old, dating back to Aug. 8. I’d recommend going with a more recent 3.10.12 version or any other stable one (using 3.11.1-custom+ #2 SMP Sun Sep 15 at the moment)

  62. After this update the automatic mount of memory cards stopped working and I can not seem to get it to work.
    Other than that…. Smooth as silk

  63. Sorted: only two issues after upgrade apache2.4 and cinnamon not working. For anyone out there: apache2.4 you need to change your virtual host files form [name] to [name].conf and they work again

    as regards cinny not working: some other time: I moved to Mate 🙂

    Thanks Clem and co for LMDE, btw 🙂

  64. i’ve got mate. i also ran sudo apt-get -f install and upgraded again, but using the terminal. Now almost everything’s fine,


    – after upgrade compiz doesn’t work anymore, but it’s installed, neither works compiz fusion icon.

    – mintupdate says i’m still pack 6, but i’ve installed more than 700 mb…

  65. So, I’ve got 6 computers running LMDE, I’ve updated 4 of them so far, and none of the updates went properly. 2 of them I don’t mind, they were updating from UP4 or so, but the other two were band new installs. My brother had similar issues, libpango caused his, removing it let him finish the update. I ended up with several broken packages, I don’t remember exactly what I had to do to fix it.

  66. now my system is broken

    very sad… losing a huge amount of precious time…

    my eclipse crash every minute… i had to chroot with a livecd to install lightdm… lots of problems here…

  67. After adding kernel 3.10 to Linux lmde64 3.2.0-4-amd64 #1 SMP Debian 3.2.32-1 x86_64 GNU/Linux
    on a hp635 with amd e450 board
    bluetooth does not work any more, neither in 3.2 nor 3.10 kernel. Before adding 3.10 bluetooth did work.

    Also the fan is much more active in kernel 3.10 than it still is in 3.2. Anyone any idea how to solve theese problems?

  68. Hi all, thanks to Clem for the enormous job he does daily.
    Unfortunately I am rather unsatisfied with UP7. I installed LMDE soon after its appearance on my laptop (Asus k52f) and almost everything goes plain (out of screen hangs from time to time because of weird i915 driver). I had cinnamon and cairo-dock with glx running fine. After the upgrade, cinnamon was removed and I was left with the choice of other DE’s. Given the big trouble in going through gnome 2 to 3 upgrade I decided to perform a fresh install, maybe there was some inheritage from those troubles. As a result I’m writing from MATE, because cinnamon has been removed as well. And, moreover, I can’t use cairo-dock, since there is no compiz anymore in repositories.
    Every other thing works correctly in my laptop, but user interface is fundamental. Moreover, why Linux Mint, the home of Cinnamon, forces me to remove Cinnamon?
    What’s going on?

    Edit by Clem: Hi, Cinnamon 1.8 works fine in LMDE UP7 as long as your sources are correct and you’re pointing to the right cinnamon (1.8.8+lmde from packages.linuxmint.com) and gjs (1.32 from packages.linuxmint.com). If you’re pointing to the Debian packages from debian.linuxmint.com, there’s something wrong with your sources. You can check this with “apt policy gjs” and “apt policy cinnamon”, versions 1.32 and 1.8.8+lmde should have a priority of 700.

  69. @jasper
    Said: September 23rd, 2013 at 7:46 am
    Just did the update, after a restart i get the usual desktop but with no bottom menu….

    I found this,
    being an XFCE(64bit) user.

    Just go CLI (using CTL-ALT-F3)
    and login as root, cd to your /home/user directory and then delete the
    ~/.config/xfce4/panel directory.

    bottom panel comes back, skies clear, sun shines again,
    and Lassie came home.


  70. Update 7 has several broken packages even after a fresh Mate rebuild install:
    1) Caja thumbnail system is broken and consumes 80% of the CPU until thumbnails are disabled.
    2) Cinnamon 1.8 has MANY conflicts and broken dependencies too numerous to list. Cinnamon 1.8 is now broken and disfunctional
    3) There is no Nvidia driver for the 3.10 kernel. Attempting remove it and replace with Nouveau is not possible without completely hosing X and just left with the Vesa driver.

    It is painfully clear no basic testing occurred for Update 7.

    Edit by Clem: It is painfully clear you didn’t take part in its testing when it hit incoming. A few people did and many issues were solved before UP7 got to you. I’m quite sorry to hear issues filtered through but I don’t understand how you can blame those who volunteered to testing it when you yourself didn’t. With that said, the caja thumbnail issue is now fixed today. The situation with gjs (I assume that’s what you refered to in point 2) is detailed in the UP notes.

  71. Guys, if you experience serious problems with UP7 (like in the last 5-10 posts), don’t hesitate to post at the forum. You’ll get more replies than here and possibly a solution for your problem.

  72. Any sugestions, please help !

    E: /var/cache/apt/archives/libc6_2.17-92_amd64.deb: subprocess new pre-installation script returned error exit status 1

    Preconfiguring packages …
    (Reading database … 168143 files and directories currently installed.)
    Preparing to replace libc6:amd64 2.13-37 (using …/libc6_2.17-92_amd64.deb) …
    Checking for services that may need to be restarted…
    Checking init scripts…

    A copy of the C library was found in an unexpected directory:
    It is not safe to upgrade the C library in this situation;
    please remove that copy of the C library or get it out of
    ‘/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu’ and try again.

    dpkg: error processing /var/cache/apt/archives/libc6_2.17-92_amd64.deb (–unpack):
    subprocess new pre-installation script returned error exit status 1
    Errors were encountered while processing:
    E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)
    A package failed to install. Trying to recover:
    dpkg: dependency problems prevent configuration of libc6-dev:amd64:
    libc6-dev:amd64 depends on libc6 (= 2.17-92); however:
    Version of libc6:amd64 on system is 2.13-37.

    dpkg: error processing libc6-dev:amd64 (–configure):
    dependency problems – leaving unconfigured
    dpkg: dependency problems prevent configuration of libc-dev-bin:
    libc-dev-bin depends on libc6 (>> 2.17); however:
    Version of libc6:amd64 on system is 2.13-37.

    dpkg: error processing libc-dev-bin (–configure):
    dependency problems – leaving unconfigured
    dpkg: dependency problems prevent configuration of locales:
    locales depends on glibc-2.17-1; however:
    Package glibc-2.17-1 is not installed.

    dpkg: error processing locales (–configure):
    dependency problems – leaving unconfigured
    Errors were encountered while processing:

  73. Same story here. Was trying to migrate from Windows to Linux. Never had such a bug-fest in a decade+ of using M$ products.

  74. UP7 downloaded and installed without incident on my Dell Inspiron N7010 Laptop. LMDE is an amazing hybrid! Kudos to those who make such an OS possible.

  75. I updated to UP7 and now my computer just shows the cursor after loading the initial linux mint logo after bios run,
    I cant do anything now. Completely stuck

  76. (Update to #97)
    Clem: Sincere apologies for my uncalled for flame. I have the highest respect for all the hard work of the volunteers and if my comments offended even one, I most humbly apologize. My personal frustrations are no reason and no excuse.

    The fix for the thumbnail problem did indeed role out and it’s testament to all those involved that it happened so quickly. Can you imagine anything so responsive coming out of the stale halls of Micro$oft, Apple or 0racle?

    The problems with Mint-Cinnamon incompatibility break I’m sure will be resolved just as quickly

    As for the Nvidia 3.10 kernel issue, that is nothing to do with LMDE and everything to do with the problems of closed proprietary binaries.

    Keep up the fantastic work. I will make an effort to do my own testing and try to contribute back to the community.

  77. Hello!
    Sadly, I’m also having issues with UP7.
    It seems that thumbnails one has been already fixed (didn’t check it yet), and the one with Skype sound is fixed as well.
    But there is yet another one: I have HP 4710s and it doesn’t wake up from suspend mode. The HDD indicator doesn’t show any activity (usually it does) and the screen remains black.
    Anyway, thank you for all your efforts, guys.

  78. some bugs should be mentioned for fixing
    skype has sound problems, allready reported in this forum
    sometimes pulldown menu windows are black
    cannot transfer files with nemo to my sony ebook reader, window does not open
    the long update process (cinnamon) took much time but worked without problem on 2 different computers
    UP 6 was better

  79. Edit file “/etc/pulse/default.pa” and put “tsched=0″

    solved the skype problem for me

    Greetings from Hessen, W.-Germany

  80. Hi, I did an upgrade to 7 on a system with 6. I now have no burning capability. Basero does not see the disk and K3B gives an error about the disk being mounted by another user. I am the only user. Any insight out in Mintdom? Thanks

  81. Hello,
    Caja problems with icons are solved, many thanks Clam!
    One other minor problems I noticed:
    1.DVD’s won’t mount automatic anymore. Loading Diskutilty solves this problem, but after every restart you have to do this again.
    2.Digital camera (Fujifilm) isn’t recognised anymore. Its is seen as a Music-player. Removing the SD card and put it in a adapter-usb card will solve this. Inserting an USB stick has the same result, it is also seen as a musicplayer.
    3. Skype sound doesn’t work, typing and things are oke.
    Tested on 3 computers

  82. There’s a lot of self-entitled, helpless babies in here.

    How are a bunch of linux users so averse to doing things for themselves? Don’t you know that running gnu/linux is a hands-on experience? That when stuff breaks you can fix it? That it’s in extremely poor taste to complain that something didn’t go like you expected without even trying to track down the problem? That a huge amount of work goes into making a distro? That Clem and everyone else who works on Mint deserve nothing but gratitude?!

    Edit by Clem: Thanks, I appreciate this, and it’s true, I do expect novice users to run the mainstream edition and I do expect a certain level of APT knowledge from LMDE users. The main reason we don’t recommend upgrading from one release to the next via APT is precisely because people don’t always know enough about their package manager, how to troubleshoot and how to get out of situations which are fine for experimented users but might push novices into going for a fresh reinstall. Now, with that said, I think it’s important to welcome people, even if they’re getting into something that might be a little too technical for them. We’ve all done this at some stage, most of us failed of course and that’s how we learnt and got experienced. At the time it was nice to be helped, encouraged and supported and I definitely don’t want people to be told that something isn’t for them, that they should rtfm and stop asking questions. “Helpless babies” here is completely inappropriate for instance. There are warnings when it comes to LMDE, everybody knows it’s a bit harder to maintain as the main editions, but once people decide to go and use it, our role is to help them to do so. We can encourage them to get more involved with learning their system but it’s important to be positive and helpful rather than deterring when we do so…. so now with all that said, YES if you’re an LMDE user, go and learn about DPKG if you haven’t already done so, but NO don’t worry if you are new to this and certainly do not shy away from asking for help.

  83. Clem, the Linux Mint and Debian teams, just would like to reiterate to you this once again. Great job, you guys! Thank you so much for LMDE!

    @ Dan, #100, “Never had such a bug-fest in a decade+ of using M$ products.” Lucky you. What about the recent patches MS had so many issues with? And btw, every GNU/Linux distro deals with so much more software than MS could never even dream of supporting. AMOF, I had only one bug I was able to kill within a few minutes of google search (and later very promptly fixed by Clem and the team)

  84. my experience:

    messages during update;
    missing folder, something to do with font/icons, GTK broken.
    hardware drives weren’t available, no sound.
    incompatible nvidea versions, hosed X, command line only on boot.

    looks like a fresh install for me, so much quicker and more reliable.

    Edit by Clem: The new GTK3 segfaults with any unico based theme that isn’t updated. That means, if you’re using an old theme, no GTK3 apps will run. GNOME is still working on their rendering engine, developers are still blindly migrating to GTK3 … and there’s no sign of this stopping until GTK4 comes around. “mint-themes” was updated, make sure you have the latest version.

  85. After reading the UP notes Y realized I should not touch my beloved Cinnamon-64 bit, but I did anyway, I just could not resist the temptation. After 10 hours of neurons workout I found that I have a lot more to learn ( a novice here ). The result: I had to instal mate to get pack 7, which went flawless and still flawless today. I must admit I miss cinnamon it has such a nice feel.
    @ Clem, thank you for your efforts and tenacity, Mints are rock solid, It is very uplifting to see the way you deal with others’ frustration, I think you should change your user name to smooth Clem.

    Edit by Clem: Cinnamon is challenging in this UP.. because of the mismatch with gjs. This is solved in Cinnamon 2.0 thankfully. In the meantime, do learn more about dpkg/apt, Cinnamon can work fine in UP7 you just need to make sure the proper packages are installed and with the proper versions.

  86. Thankfully, my LMDE XFCE box picked up and applied UP7 without any problem, except that it changed the system default graphical environment to Cinnamon (to be expected, I suppose), and scrambled some of my XFCE settings.

    I’m glad that I’m not completely out of the cold as a diehard LMDE XFCE user.

  87. Hi, i also tried to update the system, but it ended in console after restart. Almost everything was broken and lot of packages were missing. I have managed to get X to work. I could find those missing packages in reinstalled synaptic (-filter not installed(residual config)).There are still some things which are not completely working.

    : gedit is obviously not compatible with cinnamon due to libpeas and gir1.2-peas version problem. Is it correct or do i miss something else?

    It is a pity, that there is no possibility to reinstall all default core packages. Some kind of a list or filter for synaptic would be useful.

    Edit by Clem: gedit is fine with Cinnamon. I’m running version 3.8.3-3+b1 without problems here.

  88. Thanks for the update. On two freshly installed LMDE machines I experience the following issues:

    1) After installation of all packages, the following packages are kept back:

    libpeas-1.0-0 seems to depend onto uninstallable libgjs0c (>= 1.36.1)

    2) Configuration of mint-debian-mirrors fails.

    In the initial installation it reports:
    mint-debian-mirrors (2013.09.23) wird eingerichtet …
    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File “/var/lib/dpkg/info/mint-debian-mirrors.postinst”, line 4, in
    import pycurl
    ImportError: /usr/lib/pymodules/python2.7/pycurl.so: undefined symbol: _PyTrash_thread_destroy_chain
    dpkg: Fehler beim Bearbeiten von mint-debian-mirrors (–configure):
    Unterprozess installiertes post-installation-Skript gab den Fehlerwert 1 zurück

    In the second run it reports:
    E: Internal Error, No file name for mint-debian-mirrors:amd64

    Am I’m the only one experiencing this?

  89. Have updated both PC and netbook with very little issue.

    The skype sound issue is a long standing one for me) and requires you to run alsamixer and disable one side of the microphone input and it them works fine.

    Love Mint and love the Debian version thsnks to all the developers and keep up the hard work, Upgrade pack 8 here we come.

  90. Hi. I did upgrade UP7 on Sathurday 28, download OK, Install OK, and after restart my laptop didn’t work again, no messages, no terminal, no keyboard, nothing. I had to reinstall using SolydK because LMDE201303 .iso is obsolete right now. May be with a new LMDE iso I’ll reinstal LMDE.

  91. I encountered problems with caja when i transfer files from samba share after a succesfull update of LMDE Update Pack 7.

    (I use LMDE MATE)

    The file transfer is freezing.

    Also i have problems with PDF rendering via cups-pdf.

    I had no any of theese problems before update.

  92. A helpful hint to avoid LMDE upgrade pain rom Monsta:


    This is especially recommended for people, like me, who are doing a fresh LMDE install from the UP6/201303 ISO. My experience was that without the preparation listed in the thread the update will bomb out when it gets to the Cinnamon related section, and that without preinstalling debian-system-adjustments (with sudo apt-get install debian-system-adjustments), Cinnamon either becomes unrecoverably broken or you manually remove it with the steps listed in the notes.

    In fact, if it isn’t noted somewhere already, Monsta’s suggestion should be added to the standard notes for UP7 (since there are going to be a lot of frustrated new LMDE users between now and UP8’s respins).

  93. I broke fresh LMDE installation two times on upgrading. In the third run I did the following and the upgrade went fine:
    1) updated mint-debian-mirrors beforehand
    apt-get install mint-debian-mirrors
    2) executed mint-choose-debian-mirror
    3) deinstalled gedit and totem* (otherwise upgrade would not work)
    4) used and only used the Mint Update manager.

    In this case the upgrade worked for me.

  94. Hello, I have 3 pc with LMDE and gnome 3 and 3 years run. 1 pc update but broke it, black screen. Another pc upgrade but not install new kernel 3.10 y anoter things it count with amd fx 8120, the 2 pc are desktop and have nvidia gtx 650 and 650 ti. And the 3 is one laptop acer 4720z but not upgrade my mint, not know if work fine.
    I love mint,I try Ubuntu, Fedora, Mandriva, but this distros each six monts change.
    I work with gnome 3, and I review LXDE for use for render blender for fast work.
    Any solution? Thanks for LMDE is very good…

  95. Hello,
    I installed LMDE updatepack 7 on one i3 Intel, 2 Coreduo Intel’s and one AMD. On all 4 computers DVD’s don’t mount, meaning don’t appear on the desktop. After starting Diskutilty DVD’s mount, “appear” on the desktop. I was thinking of reinstalling pmount and mount, but don’t know if that is wise to do. Any suggestions?
    Also after the recent Caja update. sound preview crashes and keeps playing the music. I use LMDE Mate.
    On all other parts updatepack seems to work fine

  96. Since UP7, my Android mobile phone and its internal microSD cannnot be connected and recognized anymore.
    I connect it to the laptop, I accept the connection from my mobile phone but I cannot see it listed anywhere as a new device (and even in /media, where in the past was visible, there’s no trace)…

    Any help? Thanks!

  97. After UP7 my display does not work correct. Fonts are displayed wrong and strange. VirtualBox does not start the guest system (Win XP), Google Earth crashes and several times the system crashes by displaying a green display. The computer blocks fully and a restart cannot be done. I have to do a hard switch off, which has an impact into the memory and hard disk. I need urgent help to solve the display driver. Who can help? Thanks

  98. Note that these comments will be closed in approximately a week (as it usually happens here), so it’ll become useless to ask here for help with any serious problems. Not to mention that it’s hard to quote and track the posts. In other words, use the forum please 🙂

  99. This may be a little late, but I hope one of the devs reads this:

    In the latest firefox package (24.0~linuxmint1+lmde) you forgot the icon (/opt/firefox/icons/mozicon128.png). Or maybe you removed it on purpose. Anyway for users not using the Mint icon theme, the icon for firefox is completely missing. This also affects plain Debian users that imported the lmde firefox repo.

    Workaround: Get a firefox icon from somewhere and copy it to /usr/share/pixmaps/firefox.png

  100. I returned to the fold. After running Ubuntu 12.04 with Cinnamon installed, I finally decided that Mint 13 with the backports installed integrated far better so I’m back running Mint and there I’ll stay (far better to run the native version). Why mention this in this thread? It’s my hope that Mint Debian with Update Pack 8 slipstreamed will be smooth-edged enough to replace Ubuntu-based Mint as my permanent desktop running all my multimedia stuff (GIMP, Audacity, MKVmerge, DeadbeeF, Puddletag, etc.). It will also have to be compatible with GNOME-mousewheel-zoom by Tobias Quinn so I can actually see what I’m doing 🙂 A rolling distro with continuous updates not requiring me to reinstall when a new version came out is where I ultimately want to be.

    Here’s wishing and hoping…

  101. After update I suffer from some screen artifacts.

    NVidia 8600GT using proprietary driver (installed from repo, not from nvidia).

    Artifacts appear in top left corner. I did a screenshot, you can look at it at (http)napisz.se/artifacts.png

  102. Forgot to mention: NVidia driver version is 304.88.
    It would be nice to choose between different versions of proprietary driver.

  103. I had LMDE Xfce with full KDE on top of it. I tried the UP7 upgrade and it didn’t work. Well, it didn’t give any errors, but got into a loop trying to install sendmail – which I don’t even use. So, I aborted.

    I would have had to do that image restore to start over and then find the solution. Instead I took a lazy way out and installed openSUSE 12.3. It worked perfectly. Sorry that I didn’t work this bug out.

    I’m also sorry to leave LM. I’ve used it since 6 – I think. LM has been very good to me and I still love it. However, it’s no longer the best fit for me. I love the rolling release of LMDE and I love KDE. That divorce makes the future very uncertain. openSUSE (with tumbleweed) seems like a more supported future for me.

    Oh, I’ll still recommend LM for many people and probably will install it for a lot of friends too. For a lot of situations it’s still the best.

    So long and thanks for all the fish,

  104. Had some issues with gvfs after updating to UP7. With some help by the great people in the forums, I downgraded gvfs and related packages, completely solving the problems, which prevented me from properly mounting/viewing/ejecting SD cards, whether directly attached or through Android devices. No other new problems so far.

    Thanks, as always, Clem & Crew!

  105. Is it necessasary to update to UP7? Or can I continue with the previous version (UP6), and what would the disadvantage of that be? I have recently installed LMDE from a DVD iso, 201303.

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