Linux Mint 15 “Olivia” released!

The team is proud to announce the release of Linux Mint 15 “Olivia”.

Linux Mint 15 Olivia

Linux Mint 15 is the most ambitious release since the start of the project. MATE 1.6 is greatly improved and Cinnamon 1.8 offers a ton of new features, including a screensaver and a unified control center. The login screen can now be themed in HTML5 and two new tools, “Software Sources” and “Driver Manager”, make their first appearance in Linux Mint.

New features at a glance:

For a complete overview and to see screenshots of the new features, visit: “What’s new in Linux Mint 15“.

Important info:

  • PAE required for 32-bit ISOs
  • EFI support
  • HDMI Sound Output
  • Mint4win
  • GnomePPP and local repository

Make sure to read the “Release Notes” to be aware of important info or known issues related to this release.

System requirements:

  • x86 processor (Linux Mint 64-bit requires a 64-bit processor. Linux Mint 32-bit works on both 32-bit and 64-bit processors).
  • 512 MB RAM (1GB recommended for a comfortable usage).
  • 5 GB of disk space
  • Graphics card capable of 800×600 resolution
  • CD/DVD drive or USB port

Upgrade instructions:

  • To upgrade from a previous version of Linux Mint follow these instructions.
  • To upgrade from the RC release, simply apply any level 1 and 2 updates (if any) available in the Update Manager.


Md5 sum:

  • Cinnamon 32-bit: 4b60240ea2f5b59735c332e818434d2a
  • Cinnamon 64-bit: 2396a39e802a0463bf1727acd72d0700
  • MATE 32-bit: 4b5ff169b019889aedf1d054b2d97447
  • MATE 64-bit: 63114a66d8da27f50fe8d6ba6d118462


HTTP Mirrors for the Cinnamon 32-bit DVD ISO:

HTTP Mirrors for the Cinnamon 64-bit DVD ISO:

HTTP Mirrors for the MATE 32-bit DVD ISO:

HTTP Mirrors for the MATE 64-bit DVD ISO:

Alternative downloads:

No-codecs images:

Distributors and magazines in Japan, USA and countries where distributing media codecs is problematic can use the “No Codecs” ISO images. These images are available for both the MATE and Cinnamon editions, in 32-bit and 64-bit at the following address:

OEM images:

Manufacturers can pre-install Linux Mint on their computers using the OEM installation images. These images will be made available next week, for both the MATE and Cinnamon edition in 64-bit at the following address:


We look forward to receiving your feedback. Thank you for using Linux Mint and have a lot of fun with this new release!



  1. Thank you again to all the Mint Dev Team. Been using the RC since its release with no problems at all. Very very impressed with Mint 15. Downloading the final release as we speak. Great work guys. Keep up the good work. 🙂

  2. You guys are awesome…new laptop today, and surprise!!.. Mint 15 Final Release available! Epic – talk about great timing!

    Thank you Mint team!

  3. This could definitely be interesting to take for a testdrive, but as a 24/7 OS?

    The reason why I’m still running Maya (5yr LTS) and why I’m probably (eventually) switching over to LMDE (when it carries a kernel that works with my TV-card) is that it feels kind of weird knowing that installing Olivia I have to upgrade/reinstall in just 8 months if I want to have a “supported” OS.

    Maybe it’s just me, but with the tools available today it takes a bit of time to set up and fine tune a new OS install with all the programs I want to come along.

    I know this is not the Linux Mint Team’s fault and I don’t really like being negative, I’m just saying…

    BTW – when is the next LTS supposed to come out with this “new” release model that Cannonical invented?

  4. Love you Mint team, keep up the good work. 🙂 Congratulations and am sure donations would follow 😉

  5. Have been running RC from the day it was released. There had been system freezes for the initial couple of days. Right now everything is perfectly stable on my Thinkpad.
    One doubt, I have been installing all the updates (Level 1,2 and 3) over RC, so I hope I dont have to download the new ISO and install again ?

    Thanks for all the hardwork
    Shrijit from India…

  6. So if i got the rc and installed updates as they came out am i good? or do i need to reinstall?

  7. Regarding previous comment (12), Sorry did not read the Upgrade notes. Everything is clarified. Thanks again…

  8. Upgraded(Nadia–>Olivia) since last week. A lot of enhancements and much faster than previous releases.
    We feel immediately the improvements on Cinnamon and Mate. Fast response, better start-up (faster login, graphics loading etc.), less crashes (none for the moment) and a lot of stuff…The best distro ever!!!!

    thank you thank you thank you…

    ps: die win die 🙂

  9. Great! Keep up the amazing work!

    Now, I’m personally going to stick with LTS (not that I’m opposed to Olivia by any means – I just have grown tired of getting everything reinstalled every six months or so). Will MATE 1.6 be backported to Mint 13? I know Cinnamon 1.8 has, but I can’t use it because of graphics hardware incompatibility. A fresh MATE for my system might be nice.

  10. Damn, too late to start downloading it now … will do tomorrow 🙂

    Congrats Clem and LM crew, hope it’s as good as people say 😉


  11. Thanks for all the very hard work, was waiting for this since I want to switch to Mint coming month (away from Ubuntu).

    One quick question, though: is it possible to configure a default login username for any of the login greater options? I.e. so I only have to enter the password without clicking anything, or hitting any other key before doing so if I want to login as the default user (‘john’, in my case).

    Yes, I do turn off my computer at the end of the day.

  12. Can i upgrade 14 to 15 in place with apt? or do i need to download the CD and do it that way?



  13. excelent job! I’ve been waiting this release for long!! I’ll test it and hopefuly this will be my main system!
    muchas felicidades desde Mexico!!

  14. NO HDMI SOUND!!!!

    I am at a loss trying to figure out why a this release was made final with such a widespread issue. Simply using the newer kernel like Ubuntu did would easily solve the HDMI sound issue. I tried it on Linux Mint 15 and the new kernel works! There is no need to add another repository at all. This is a sad and quick fix while a correct quick fix was possible. Why was not the updated kernel used? This is supposed to be an out of the distribution.

  15. Mate 64 bit worked fine and was very impressed – until the menu button disappeared for no obvious reason and there’s no way of getting it back!
    No downloading from a different server hoping it was maybe a faulty download.

  16. First, thank you a lot. Mint is my preferred distro and use a lot in my work

    Second, Clem and others I beg you use G+.

    @Dannie pls can you confirm the exact kernel version to make a test for a friend.

  17. I hope I can boot the official version. I couldn’t boot the RC one even with clean install on an empty drive and I changed back to Ubuntu.

  18. Whats your kernel version Dannie? Use the command uname -r
    Also, how did you get your new kernel? Did you update from the package manager? Please, be more accurate. Thank you.

  19. This just makes me wonder, how come a huge corporation like MS, with well paid employees are beat by a group of voluntary people with no salary but donations. Human capital… You guys are my heroes.
    Linux Mint 15 is probably the best OS in existence, and I am not kidding. Bye bye Window$ 8. Installing Mint 15 right now!
    Donating the next week.

  20. Is there a way Nemo can be installed independently of Cinnamon in the Mint or another PPA? I want to use it in MATE instead of Caja.

  21. Hello, well done on a great release. I have used the RC with no problems on my netbook, best linux experience i have every used, have had no problems as yet! Keep up the good work and long live Linux Mint!!

  22. Installed it on the sisters 10″ netbook 32 bit with 1 gig of ram and it runs smooth and nice.
    I thought this toy would not be able to handle it,but it runs fantastic.
    No problems here at all.
    Great job Clem and the team.
    Argghhh now I have to give this toy back which I don’t want now lol

  23. Awwww yisss, I’ve wanted to try Mint after my mishaps with Arch, and I get an entirely new version to use! Any chance on the timing for a xfce version? I need something lightweight for my crumby laptop.

  24. Great! I have a spare laptop somewhere which is more than adequate for running+testing Mint (I simply don’t have the balls to put Olivia on my main machine, – at least not yet).

    THANKS – and keep up the extremely good work. Been a true “follower” of Mint since Cassandra was released.


  25. i’m reading your comments and it seems it’s just me, but:

    – i have downloaded the torrent for Mint 15 Mate 64-bit Final.
    – i have created TWO different usb installation keys with USB image writer.
    – BOTH crash during the installation. huge facepalm. I/O error when i have to create the main user, to be precise.

    broken iso? maybe.
    broken usb keys? both of them? unlikely.

    reinstalling mint 14. upset. expecially because mint 15 already erased my former / partition.

    just my 2 cents.

  26. GOOD: Linux Mint 15 wooohooo!!! 😀

    BAD: My lawn grew three inches over night …

    UGLY: Gonna be a foot or two high before I get to it … 😈

  27. Clem,

    Will a newer version of ubiquity > 2.2.16 that supports configuration of Full Disk Encryption, be backported to Maya 13 LTS?

    Congratulations on the new release, it’s unfortunate that Mint 15 only has an 8 month support window. 🙁

  28. LiveCD crashes to many lines of obscure console text. 64bit MATE. RC didn’t work either (although with different error)

  29. I’m ready to coin the term “minting”, which is distro hopping from ephemeral release to ephemeral release. Linux Mint 15 is just AWESOME! Thanks Clem and all the Dev Team!

    Hugo Masse
    Seeding the isos…

  30. Well what a nice thing to hear, specially since Mint is now gaining terrain and recovering a lot of things that other distributions lost. But i’m glad to see your work keep going and congratulations!!! Just a couple of off-topics if i can put it here

    1) Are the newest tools (mintDriver, mintSources and so on) will be backported to Mint 13 or these are only to be available in Mint 15 onwards?

    2) Is it possible for you to help me to upgrade the Mint 13 ISO’s? I can take care of the job of updating the packages and even enabling backport (as long as my broadband allows me to do so) so they can enjoy the recent updates within an LTS? (kind of doing the dot releases in Ubuntu like 12.04.1, 12.04.2, and so on). I can make my best to upgrade everything within it and i could request your help in some others when necessary so you can put your efforts in keep going fordward

    If possible let me know ok?

  31. NO SOUND!!!!
    Samsung RV520 laptop… kernel is 3.8.0-19-generic

    I love Olivia but this is a deal breaker. Also cannot see many common packages such as Inkscape, Conky etc.

    Back to 14 and to Crunchbang for me until fixed. Sorry!

  32. Clem,

    Congratulations on the new release.

    Will a newer version of ubiquity > 2.2.16 that supports configuration of Full Disk Encryption, be backported to Maya 13 LTS?

    It’s unfortunate that Mint 15 only has an 8 month support window. 🙁

  33. Kernel panic here after installing the final:

    After the first reboot at the end of the install, the panel applet reported updates were available. I installed those.

    Then, an apt-get update and apt-get upgrade reported a new kernel was available. I installed what was on offer: 3.8.0-9, headers, etc.

    At the reboot, the Grub menu came up, minus the time-out countdown, but with 3.8.0-9 listed. I selected that, but booted into kernel panic. Ditto after powering off and on.

    I went off and installed a mainline Ubuntu kernel: 3.9.3 from 24 May. The same Grub menu displayed at the reboot, but the boot was successful, with no kernel panic.

    Then, I installed, via Driver Manager, the 310.44 NVidia driver. The subsequent reboot was per normal.

    Also, reboots and shutdowns during all this took an exceptionally long time. In fact, after several minutes of disk activity but no shut down, I hit the power switch.

  34. My (UEFI) system won’t boot at all from the live DVD with secureboot disabled, even though Xubuntu 13.04 will.

    Is Mint not yet compatible with UEFI?

  35. The only thing i would like to see is support for the Intel Cedar Trail Video Drivers for netbooks like Acer Aspire-one AOD270-1824. Beside that its great.

    Any tip one the driver issue?

  36. Thank you guys!
    It’s a lot of hard work making new releases so oftenly.
    Mint is way better than window$ or MacO$!

  37. Olivia is great. Running 64bit version from usb stick. Will install when I have more time. Thanks to the Linux Mint Team! Keep up the great work 😀

    Toshiba Satellite C855D

  38. @just me? (52) – Don’t use the USB Image Writer, use Unetbootin (available in the repos) to write ISOs to a thumb drive. The USB Image Writer, either the new one or the old one from older versions of Ubuntu simply does not work. Every ISO written to a thumb drive using Unetbootin has never failed and always booted properly. Every ISO written to thumb drive using the USB Image Writer has never failed to fail.

  39. This has got to be the best version of Linux Mint yet. Not bad considering the painful transition that the Mint devs had to go through with Linux Mint 12 when Gnome went to version 3 with gnome-shell and Ubuntu went to Unity. Three versions later and things are really looking polished. Cinnamon is really starting to show some maturity and polish–well done.

  40. Thank you very much,
    I installed mint 15 Cinnamon 64bit and I’m very excited.

    I want to ask, there is no longer the possibility to rename the default folders on the desktop,(home-computer-trash) such as mint 14 ?

  41. I am still using Maya in my main computer and mint 15 cinnamon 64bit in my testing and “tweaking” machine. The issues I had with this in RC are gone now and this is really great OS. And finally I decided to use latest stable 3.9.4 kernel and surprisingly after that also the screen brightness issue I had(couldn’t adjust it at all) disappeared and that is working now too 🙂 Thanks for the team for smooth and great release.

  42. Wonderful release. For the first time all my hardware works! Beautiful distro. Thank You! Anyone who used the usb install method and is having serious issues such as graphics, or mouse not working, do a dvd install. Worked for me. Upgrade from RC to final is flawless. To upgrade from the RC release, simply apply any level 1 and 2 updates (if any) available in the Update Manager.

  43. Congratulations!!!

    Have been waiting for this. Downloading now…

    Always very excited for new Mint release 🙂

    Andy – Batam, Indonesia

  44. I’ve just installed the 64 Bit Mate release of Olivia and added KDE onto it,(Can’t stand any of the Gnome Based Desktops) The headphone output doesn’t work with any set of headphones or either jack on my HP Pavilion dv6 Laptop. I’ve tried 3 sets of Headphone (JVC, Maxell & Sony) and I can’t hear anything at all. Had anyone had any similar results and does anyone know how to fix this problem?

    Any / All help will be appreciated.

  45. Congratulations!! no more windows … thank you so much Mint Team! very good job… no no excellent job !!

  46. Congratulations, Clem and the A-Team 😀

    Downloading now and will give it the usual once-over.

    Your labor is NOT in vain!! 🙂

  47. In the mintMenu I cannot define custom bookmarks (places). Every time I create a new bookmark, it disappears immediately and is not shown in the menu.
    I’m using Olivia MATE x64.

  48. To David (85):
    From what I understand, the PAE change was not Mint’s decision. It was a change made by Ubuntu (which Mint’s mainstream version is based off of)…

  49. This is an awesome release, guys! My congratulations to the team! Though I have been using this final release for 3 days now, because it was actually released a week before 🙂

  50. Many thanks for another excellent release, Clem and Team,
    from the Linux Mint Greek Community. Thanks for listening to the community and taking into account the users’ opinions.
    This is what makes the difference in Mint.

  51. I really like Linux Mint 15, don’t get me wrong. Nonetheless I have one more small annoying issue, which was already present in Mint 14, and is still there in Olivia MATE x64, and which makes me curse a little bit every day.
    When 2 users are logged in, one of them using his/her account and inserting a flash drive or SD card into an USB port, most of the time it happens that you get the following message (translated into English by me):
    “Unable to mount disk. An operation is already pending”
    Mint tries to mount the drive on the other persons account, and the drive is subsequently blocked for the user who inserted it.
    I tried to get around this problem by fiddling with the Nautilus/Nemo prefs, but did not succeed.
    Please help!

  52. @Kirk M (76) – Thank you for your suggestions, i may try it next week. i have finished reinstalling and reconfiguring Nadia at 2am, after Olivia messed with my system, so i don’t want to risk having to start again.

    I have to say, though, that i don’t remember having any issues with usb keys created with USB Image Writer, and i’ve created quite a few.
    And it’s not that Olivia doesn’t boot. the live system is perfecly usable. it’s when you try to install it that the party begins!

    I was used to always use Unetbootin, until i discovered USB Image Writer when Arch required it to create its installation medium, then i saw no reason to look back.

    Regarding my issues with Mint 15 Mate 64-bit, it doesn’t look like i’m the only one, anyway… look at (58).

    Thanks, ciao.

  53. Before I vent, let me just say that I’m very happy that Linux Mint is progressing at the pace that it is currently.

    But on the other hand, I’m with David (post #85). The reason I switched to Linux in the first place is to breath new life into my old hardware… hardware that I KNOW is fully capable of getting the job done (browsing, watching YouYube videos, watching a DVD movie, and playing some Windows games through WINE. With this whole PAE requirement bullshit (sorry, there’s no other way to express it), I now have to hop over to another distro! I thought Linux was SUPPOSED to be inclusive of people with old hardware… not cutting them off because a bunch of wackos at Canonical say that it isn’t worth their time to support us.

  54. hi Clem,

    I just have one question to the new MDM: there I found this new airplane-button. What is this for?? Is this an app or what is that?? I am really interested in knowing more about that….

  55. It looks hugely impressive. I’m currently using Linux Mint 13 with everything running like a charm, including Win XP in VirtualBox. The real point about 13, though, is that it’s based on the LTS version of Ubuntu.

    Surely, you’re going to have to makes some serious decisions in the future about whether or not you develop for every Ubuntu release given that they’ve halved the length of support for non-LTS releases.

    When all this goodness is based on 14.04, the next LTS I believe, there will be a really strong incentive to upgrade. Otherwise, you’re installing a new OS and drastically reducing your support time.

  56. hi Clem,

    downloading new final version (I am currently still on RC). I am looking forward to test the final release…

  57. I installed Mint 15 Mate 64 Bit…

    – Compiz doesn’t work (blinking Desktop after compiz –replace)
    – mateconf-editor? Using dconf-editor doesn’t work correctly.
    – Found no way to install emerald thememanager
    – Hating the actual Version of GIMP (difference between save and export file sucks!)

    I removed Mint 15 Mate 64 Bit…

    I installed Mint 13 Mate 64 Bit…

    everything is fine!

  58. The new driver manager doesn’t seem to recognize my NVIDIA GTX660 Ti.

    It just says “no proprietary drivers in use” and the window remains gray.
    (The card itself however runs fine after I install nvidia-current via software manager)

  59. hi Clem,

    OK, I am now on your final release of LinuxMint 15 and have to say: thanks a lot for this release and I like it. Congratulations!! 😀 *thumbs up* for this new release of LinuxMint.

    Cinnamon-Settings now works as expected. Thanks. 😀

    But one thing I found out is:

    when I change my preferences of the Terminal (Text-color, Background-color), then strangely the new white color of the clock-desclet changes back from white to black.

    So my question would be: why is that??

    But the other things are really fine now. 😀

    Then one thing for the future wishlist would be a new default-Wallpaper. The current one is not as nice anymore as your other Wallpapers are, which can be selected after installation. This breaks the nice stylish style of LinuxMint. So my very personal opinion would be, that we need another nice fresh default-Wallpaper, which is shown during installation and at the first boot after installation.

    Why not collecting suggestions in that way??

  60. Ah and one question:

    at the MDM-login, there is a new button, that shows an icon that looks like a small airplane. What is this?? Is this a new feature and how does it have to be used??

  61. In Nemo (1.8.2), horizontal scrolling using the mouse wheel doesn’t seem to work anymore, which it did in the RC. Is there any way to fix this?

  62. Update to post #61… Sound now works – sometimes.

    Re software packages, after a reboot the software sources in Synaptic were fully populated – phew!

    One BIG surprise for me was that MTP works so USB-ing my Galaxy Tab in equals success… even shows the external SD card. This was a big frustration for me before so I am loving this!

    Thanks to Clem and all the team for your hard work with Olivia! Congratulations!

  63. Well it’s beautiful isn’t it? It’d be rude not to!

    Congrats to the Mint team and everyone involved for delivering – yet again – the best Linux OS out there today. Nothing touches it. I’m a Cinnamon fan and it’s clearly getting better all the time. Olivia is perfect. 🙂

  64. More on the memory leak previously mentioned. Hope this somehow helps to localize the issue.

    I noticed that System Monitor was reporting 800+MB used so I made a screenshot of MyProcesses. I then rebooted, reloaded T’bird (which had been active before). System Monitor now reports 300+ MB used – a half Gig difference!
    Examining the screenshots before and after reboot I see the big differences are in: Cinnamon 56 vs 100MB, Cinnamon Screensaver (I don’t have any selected) 21 vs 2 and Nemo 224 vs 20MB.

    64 bit Mint Olivia/Cinnamon – Intel quad core – 4 GB RAM

  65. I had previously mentioned the very heavy usage of the processor (~50% of 4 cores!) by Nemo when I opened a specific folder, and only that folder, containing hundreds of jpeg’s.
    I noticed that there were a number of illformed (incomplete) icons and a lot of ‘clock face’ icons.
    I deleted the contents of .cache/thumbnails/large and normal.
    Opening the folder with Nemo the icons were regenerated without error and the processor usage dropped to very low level.

    64 bit Mint Olivia/Cinnamon – Intel quad core – 4 GB RAM

  66. I have done a clean reinstall of the MATE 15 final with results similar to the problematic install I reported upthread.

    The install itself was per normal. After the reboot, I installed the updates, which, again, included kernel 3.8.0-19.

    When I attempted to reboot after the updates and the new kernel were installed, the screen cleared to black with the LM logo in the center, as previously. And, again, several minutes of apparent disk activity followed with no reboot. (I say “apparent” because the disk light was active.)

    When I attempted to login on another console during this time, this message was displayed:

    “BUG: Soft Lockup — CPU #2 Stuck for 22s! [swapoff: 29384]”

    At that point, I hit the power switch. The machine came back up normally, without the kernel panic I had seen earlier.

    I then installed a mainline kernel (3.10.0-031000rc3-generic). The subsequent reboot occurred routinely: no stuck CPU messages.

    A look at the logs didn’t turn up anything obvious.

  67. Hi,

    Mint rock, but some RC problems still here :


    nemo-rabbitvcs didn’t work out of the box cause of a problem in nemo loading python.
    To correct the issue I had to create these 2 symlinks :
    sudo ln -s /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ /usr/lib/
    sudo ln -s /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/

    but I also need this time to change user right in /home//.config/rabbitvcs as rabbitvcs should be able to write in there but out of the box cannot.


    nm-applet didn’t seems to work either. When selectionning “on” for proxy if close and reopen it’s off. it didn’t add proxy information anywhere like in /etc/environment nor /etc/apt/apt.conf.

    I hope work around will be find.

    See you

  68. hi @ 122 FoxXav,

    for me, I cannot confirm your problem with nm-applet. For me, it worked fine right from the very start of the installer. I also do not use any proxy or soemthing like that.

    So this must be a problem with your system. For me, the applets work smooth now.

  69. @ 120 David Rowell

    I referr to your comment:

    [quote]I had previously mentioned the very heavy usage of the processor (~50% of 4 cores!) by Nemo when I opened a specific folder, and only that folder, containing hundreds of jpeg’s.
    I noticed that there were a number of illformed (incomplete) icons and a lot of ‘clock face’ icons.
    I deleted the contents of .cache/thumbnails/large and normal.
    Opening the folder with Nemo the icons were regenerated without error and the processor usage dropped to very low level.[/quote]

    [quote]64 bit Mint Olivia/Cinnamon – Intel quad core – 4 GB RAM[/quote]

    Can it be possible, that you meant Nautilus in your first line of your comment?

    Then I could confirm this with Nautilus, but not with nemo. Nemo has a bit of a strange behaviour the last time. But I think, this is caused by the Ubuntu-developers. They cut down nautilus like nothing. Also badly needed functions are killed down.

    The easy reason for this problem is, that Cinnamon does no longer use nautilus as its file-manager but nemo. Nemo really need very few CPU-usage. Nautilus in opposite wastes CPU like a fool and also my machine gets pretty warm then (although the latest nvidia-driver ist installed). That’s also the reason, why I switched away from nautilus to nemo. In nemo, the mint-developers have kept everything, what is now lost in nautilus.

    And these regressions were also the cause, why nautilus has been forked to what we now see as nemo. Here, I can only say a big thanks to Clem and his team of the mint-developers.

    That’s why you should really use nemo instead, David.


  70. @ 120 David,

    sorry, there is a typing-mistake in my comment in this sentence:

    “Nemo has a bit of a strange behaviour the last time.”

    Here, Nemo has to be replace by Nautilus!! Sorry for this typing-mistake!!


  71. Well the RC worked fine for me and just wiped the drive and got the newest release. So far its perfect! Thanks for such a great release!

  72. HOLA

  73. Nice work again, just one thing I saw :
    I don’t know if the know issue in RC about “install behind a proxy” were fixed, but I can add another issue in this case for Cinnamon.
    If I try to add a deskget behind a proxy, I can’t download anything, I am getting an error ; although my proxy settings are well configured. I’m even unable to see the list of online available deskget.
    Thanks for your fix.

  74. hi Clem,

    I have two other points for the wishlist:

    could you arrange for, that the user could select himself/herself, which email-program he/she wants to install?? I do not really use Thunderbird at the time, because Evolution-Mail is better.

    So I would have the wish, that LinuxMint could be shipped without an email-program pre-installed, so that the user could select himself/herself, which one he/she wants to install.

    Then as next point, I would preferr, if the chat-program empathy instead of Pidgin could be pre-installed in the default-installation or as alternative, I also like Gajim.

    Gajim and Empathy are more stable than Pidgin is. Pidgin breaks to often.

    Thanks Clem, if you could consider these two wishes for the future.

  75. When LM15 stable was released, I decided to do a fresh install of Windows7 and a re-arranging of the booting process. While installing LM15, I opted to create a separate partition for /boot. This way, the Windows booting process is not interfered with, which should make installing a new LM distribution in the future less problematic. Not unimportant, now that Mint is only updated for 8 months. The only thing that has changed is that I now opt for Mint in a Windows opening screen, rather than the Grub menu.
    Should anyone be interested doing it this way, look here:

    Mint booted up fine initially, showing its familiar logo in the process. The installing of the recommended Nvidia driver changed this dramatically however. Strange messages appeared during booting, such as ‘KVM is disabled in bios’, slowing down booting substantially. Seeing that the recommended driver wasn’t a success, I installed the 304 instead, but that did not change anything, and so I decided to go back to Nouveau. Everything works fine again now.

    One other thing that works perfectly well with the Nouveau driver is the log-out log-in feature. Logging out with the Nividia driver would get me a black screen and no option to log back in again.

  76. Strange, but while playing around with the rc release, I had the Cinnamon Weather app working perfectly. Now, I have the same problem others reported earlier. All I can get is the weather for Insbruck.

  77. HiJohnno ! I have exactly same problem and with same driver Nvidia driver 304 . One more thing I can’t find Language Switcher in panel ! On Mint 14 it was easy to add additional language and add switcher to panel on Mint 15 I spend 1 hour and still can not found how to do that. Plus in Applets >>Get more Applets online freeze and do nothing! I hope the Mint team can fix those problems ! Thank s any way for great distro all rest stuff work great ! System just fly!

  78. Thank you for a great release.
    Though there are till two problems: both act the same. when i want to run ‘user accounts’ or ‘Displays’, only ‘system settings’ shows on window list and the window itself is invisible.
    after that I tried running system settings which turned on fine but there is no displays or user accounts in the setings.

  79. @ 139 johnno,

    no, this is not true. But: we have to get used to another way how to set this.

    Go to the following folder: /local/share/cinnamon/applets

    There you see a folder called “wheather@mockturtl”.

    Open this folder and look for a document called “cinnamon-wheater-settings”.

    Right-click this document and check, if it is executable. If not, then check this little box and make it executable.

    Then double-click it and in the up-poping box, select “execute”.

    Then the settings-dialog will open and there in the first white box type in the WOEID of your town and in the second white box, type in the name of your town. Select the option, that the conditions are shown in the panel.

    You can find the WOEID of your town here:

    Then close this- settings-box and go to your desktop.

    There type Alt+F2 and type a little r into the prompt, to reload your Cinnamon. Then the wheather-applet will show the conditions of yout town. That’s just it.


  80. Live mode had no problems, once installed, logging screen and desktop are EXTREMLY GLITCHY on acer aspire 7730zg

  81. Never successful installing 32-bit mate using mint4win. when I run it and set the partition and size, it takes too long and the partition gets filled, then it says error not enough disk space

  82. Mintkatze – I don’t have Nautilus installed that I know of. This is a clean install of Olivia RC and taking all of the updates. So we’re talking about Nemo 1.8.2

  83. @ 149 David,

    David?? Did you download the final Version of LinuxMint 15, which arrived today?? The RC is outdated now and the final Version is here.

    Download and install that one.

    Because with the final Version of LinuxMint 15, I cannot confirm any such behaviour of nemo and also not during RC-state and also not during LinuxMint 14.

    There seems to be something wrong with your system.

    Please show me your f-stab for more clearing up of your problem.

  84. @ 148 Mintkatze

    That is I think what the problem is. Looked for that particular file but it just isn’t there.

    When I press the button in the right hand corner in the app, I just get this:

    Failed to execute child process “cinnamon-weather-settings” (No such file or directory)

  85. @Johnno

    It’s a known problem with the weather app, afaik, and should be resolved soon with an update from the author.
    In the meantime you can also change your location by using the console:

    gsettings set woeid USNY0996

    Replace the last string with the id you get from e.g. here:

  86. @ El Zoido

    Thanks, that worked. Pity though that the location code list is so out dated. Would have thought a city with a population of 200.000 should be listed there but it isn’t.

  87. Surely, the best release so far. Cinnamon is getting very polished.

    – Like the more unified settings. Hope that (administration, preferences and system tools) will be on same par as pclinuxos/Mageia/Manjaro. Think of one control centre and a switch to a tree view mode
    – Also the Cinnamon menu could see some improvements (dragging icons to the desktop, “del” key to remove icon from favorites, setting to set the size of the menu (for example to fullscreen).

  88. Thank you for this!
    I had a big problem that cause me to loose some hours. Should I report it here?

    I got a “error file /boot/grub/i386-pc/normal.mod” after installing, and nothing would boot.

    After reinstalling many times and trying many things, I found someone with a similar problem telling us to install grub2, because the installation is thinking that I have EFI securte boot, when I don’t and therefore load the incorrect grub files.
    So I have to mount the partition of the installation and
    “grub-install /dev/sda –root=directory=/mntfolder”

    It runs now. But I think this is a big bug. Many users would give up trying to solve it.

  89. Tried to load. Went fine until boot would not progress and halted with out sync screen. Dont know the problem, have been using 14.1 Cinnamon with no issues what so ever. Seem both (cinnamon 15 and mate 15) have issues on my system. Loaded to a clean SSD Amd system with same rsults from both.

  90. installed mint 15 mate…as per rc it still cannot see my wifi networked hp printer…then sometimes system crashes for no apparent release? no, its too buggy

  91. David@149

    I don’t think you need to install the final release, as long as you are updating the RC, it should end up just like the final. I’ve been running RC and updating as well, and things improve with each update.

    I don’t have a good answer for your issues though, hopefully you will find the problem.

  92. yo creo que si siguen cambiando a Menta en un futuro mas no sevira para nada antes yo lo ponia en viejos sistemas y trabajaba muy bien pero poco a poco segun ellos lo han ido mejorando pero al mismo tiempo lo estan malogrando cada vez mas ya que requiere de una carta de video fuerte para que los videos de youtube o cualquier clase de videos se vean en camera lenta y en algunas ocasiones se pare creo que Linux va a desaparecer con el tiempo lastima,por que la Microsoft sera en verdad la numero 1

  93. Me encanta Linux y lo vengo Usando por years pero ahora mi sistema esta muy pobre,por favor saquen algo bueno y si lo quieren hacer update no lo malogren se los agradeceria mucho

  94. Clem,

    I have a suggestion for you that has nothing to do with function in Cinnamon. I will phrase it in the form of a question–kind of. I’ve noticed some of the really nice desktop themes like Dark-Glass and such, and I really like the super clean, and nicely contrasted looks (I suppose that does lend itself to a little bit of function) of the menu, and other dialog boxes that pop up. Is there anyway that you could unify a particular window border theme that blends perfectly with the current Cinnamon themes?

    Right now, I’m stuck with the few grossly outdated window borders that in themselves might look okay if the really slick Cinnamon themes weren’t there to make them look like crap (to put it nicely).

    Of course, this may be a part of your plan already. But things are looking so sweet–that is accept for the said old news window borders. Any thoughts are greatly appreciated. And great job.

  95. Did another clean install of the final. More kernel panics.

    The first reboot after the install brought up a grub menu with no timeout countdown and a dead keyboard. I hit the power button and rebooted successfully.

    This time, I installed the Nvidia driver before installing the updates. There was a kernel panic at the reboot after that install: Signal 15, GPF. I powered off and on. The machine booted into the grub menu again, but the keyboard was alive and I booted successfully.

    Then, I installled the updates, which again included a new kernel. Kernel panic trying to reboot after that. Power off and on and it booted into a black screen, no logo, and a dead keyboard, and no disk light activity. Power off and on and it boots successfully.

    I saw no kernel panics with the RC. But, I’m seeing them consistently with three clean installs of the final. I running on a desktop with a Gigabyte MB, an Nvidia 550; what’s in the box is about years behind the curve.

  96. Hello,

    Linuxmint is what I use now and Linuxmint 14 still great,
    have attempted to install linuxmint 15 in various 2 USb
    flash drives, have tried several different USB multiboot
    programs including Linux Livewriter, & attempted also doing so in Windows &, but when reboot,
    it won’t load. Until I burned it to a DVD using K3B as Linux Isos image.

    This did not happen in LInuxmint 14, hope you fix this bug, anyway you have a beautiful new distro, have only been able to try it in Oracle Virtual Box & looks pretty good, Keep up the good work.

  97. Toshiba U840W, Mint 15, Cinamon 64bits.

    Have worked my way through the RC. Only remaining issue was that the Synaptics touchpad does not work at all.

    With all updateS applied I believe I am using Mint 15 stable.

    Powered the laptop up tonight. Login, woops no desktop background.
    Task bar is there, can get the menu up and run applications, aplets work. Right click on desktop, nothing happens.

    Invoked “Appearance” and tried to select another “background”, no change, no background.

    All applets work.

    Clicked on the file manager icon on the taskbar. Up came the file manager window and the BACKGROUND.

    All working ok.

    Ian, Melbourne Australia.

  98. shutdown does not work after fresh install of Mint 15 Cinnamon on Dell Inspiron i3 and hangs at a scrolling text!

  99. Upgraded to Mint 15 this evening .. so far very uneventful – it does seem to be a bit quicker, and I haven’t had the issues others have seen with graphics or sound. Everything seems to run!

  100. LM15 installer crashed. Runs fine from usb stick. Not sure why it doesn’t work during install.

    Toshiba Satellite C855D

  101. The installer encountered an error copying files to the hard disk:

    [Errno 5] Input/output error

    This is often due to a faulty CD/DVD disk or drive, or a faulty hard disk. It may help to clean the CD/DVD, to burn the CD/DVD at a lower speed, to clean the CD/DVD drive lens (cleaning kits are often available from electronics suppliers), to check whether the hard disk is old and in need of replacement, or to move the system to a cooler environment.

    Mine you I’m booting from a usb stick.

  102. Hi there,

    Letter not for ADD folks.

    I’ve been tracking what some major graphics companies have been doing for some time now and the state is appalling, not only for any Linux kernel based distribution, but for everyone.

    First the Nvidia goes on war with that Intel graphics based on P III (amazing performance),that requires SLI by refusing the patents or license, so Intel won’t compete with Nvidia in corporate segement. Intel responses to Nvidia (and thus AMD) by “attaching” the graphics to the CPU, which basically means Nvidia (and AMD) have to reverse engineer Intel graphics and the drivers (on any OS), which is illegal. That means Nvidia or AMD are forbidden to provide proper drivers for their own product, thus making them not to perform at full capabilites and always being crappy. All pictures or videos have to go through Intel CPU/GPU in the end.

    That means that the Nvidia or AMD graphics are at best of a second sort. Moreover it questions the legality of their dirvers, because for example on laptops with Windows- AMD provides unassigned Intel graphics drivers inside subfolder of subfolder of their own driver. If they don’t AMDs graphic will not work at all. Not only that- they cannot do it legally so they don’t offer drivers for laptops on their support website. They make the vendors like HP and DELL to do that, thus making the drivers extreme old and buggy for the laptops these vendors sell. And HP or DELL are absolutely in no interest or position to change it. Why would they? The product is out and sold. The money is in the bank account. Who cares!

    Moreover. It got to the point that even Windows users know now what graphic power management and sync to vblank is. It was unheard of a few years back.

    Another thing is that Nvidia is not intersted in doing the drivers for any platform. First its the same stroy as with AMD: making drivers is a cost. Once GPU is out, nobody cares. Drivers do not generate sales. Only framerates and demos on computer shows/fairs. But reality is different. And they get the money elsewhere.

    For example Nivia recently build a complete new system from scratch that is selling very well. It functions as a game streaming service so people can play games on thin clients and everything is rendered on that system. If they make tons of money by selling content (royalties, like 3 dollars of every game title that is rendered on that machines) they will make amazing money. So why would they need any drivers for some shitty laptops? Why would they hire bunch of programmers, when they hire two and they make the drivers for their system. The system that makes the money, not the laptops that don’t. They may be selling GPUs to vendors, yes- that makes money, but the drivers don’t. And once the hardware is out it does not generate any revenue stream. So why generate additional post sale cost? No f… way.

    So will Linux based distros receive working graphic drvers? Ever?. No! Who cares about sync to vblank for Linux (and now even for Windows!!!). Keep dreaming about waylands, mirrs or desktop acceleration. It ain’t gonna happen. Never. Linux is a post sale cost. There has never been a proper support, there always was video and desktop tearing for nvidia, complete lack of working drivers for AMD and shit for Intel working 3 times slower than on Windows and without OpenCL, wich renders programms like GIMP 2.8.x unstartable on Intel machines. Pair it with non working AMD and you’re out. Not to mention VAAPIs, NVDPAUs and other stuff like renering videos on GPU. Keep dreaming.

    PS. And now Linux got that amazing gift from Intel, called UEFI and awesome present from Microsoft called Banned Boot without USB. Hoorraaay!

  103. @Clem

    Is there any chance Cinammon will ever have a Gnome Shell style hotcorner overlay? It was the most used thing on my system when using Gnome Shell and in Linux Mint I have to simply disable it since it’s mostly useless for me.

    Getting the “scale” view on the left with the “expo” bar on the right is probably the most intuitive and amazing way to switch between your applications and workspaces…

  104. Using the new Olivia 64-bit Cinnamon, and I like the changes. Only issue I’m having is that I can’t install new themes from the theme manager. It always comes up with an error message that says something about a “(string of files or folders)/cinnamon.css” file not existing. It’s not a huge deal, I can always install them manually like I did with Nadia (dropping a downloaded file into .themes), but I would like to be able to use the theme manager too. Anyone else encounter this, or know how to fix it?

  105. LM 15 Cinnamon looks really great and is super-responsive, but I’m still seeing the problems I saw on the RC. The bad ones right now is as follows:

    * Right-click an item in the Mint menu and choose Add to Panel
    * Repeat the previous step with the same item
    * Edit the second launcher created on the panel, but leave the icon the same as the first
    * The second item, after rebooting or relogging in (or even before that) will then be put before the first item

    I also had a problem with Pidgin’s status icon disappearing in the system tray with the RC, but seeing how the launcher problem remains, I am not willing to continue using it.

    Mint and Cinnamon are coming along nicely. Just wish it was stable and reliable enough to use every day for work.


  106. Multiarch support is not active on Linux Mint 15 Cinnamon Edition.
    To enable this run following code on terminal.

    sudo dpkg –add-architecture i386
    sudo apt-get update
    sudo apt-get install -f

  107. With French localization, when using the desklet “xkcd comic” the folder “Images” is renamed “pictures”, that’s an issue.

  108. The work-around for HDMI sound as in the release notes worked fine at first, but it wasn’t to last. My Nvidia device is still listed but no sound on Skype or any player.

    Really hope this can be fixed quite soon.

  109. hi Clem

    again a point for my wishlist: could you please please bing back these nice new login-souns from LinuxMint 15-RC to LiunxMint 15 final?? These were much nicer than the current ones.

    Please please bring them back up into the final release.

    Greetings and thank you,

  110. AHA! look at 172! i’m not alone, then.
    very same problem, here. Mint 15 Mate 64-bit, with two different usb keys, created with Usb image writer.

    Gigabit GA-K8N Pro-SLI motherboard, AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual-Core 4200+.

    Every other distro i have tried (quite a few) works just fine on this computer.

    Mint 15 gives me the same error as post 172 when i try to install, as soon as i try to create a user.

    Installing in italian, but trying to install in english gave me the same error again.

    at least now i know i’m not alone.

  111. Dear Clem,
    Tried Cinnamon version of Olivia. Well-chosen backgrounds, nice interface and smooth experience. You could have added a few more themes, desklets and applets.

    On the negative side, accessing LAN shares is a head ache. It takes too much time (as much as 10 minutes or more) to initially access a LAN share on Windows network. In that process it also throws up errors like “Time out : Select another viewer and try again” or “Failed to mount windows share: Can not allocate memory” etc.

    Cinnamon edition of Nadia had this problem, but not the Mate edition. Please try to resolve this bug and suggest solution.

  112. ttf-mscorefonts-installer BUG

    Csomagok előkonfigurálása …
    (Adatbázis olvasása … jelenleg 153507 fájl vagy könyvtár van telepítve.)
    ttf-mscorefonts-installer 3.4+nmu1ubuntu1 cseréjének előkészítése (e csomaggal: …/ttf-mscorefonts-installer_3.4+nmu1ubuntu1_all.deb) …
    mscorefonts-eula license has already been accepted
    Csere kicsomagolása: ttf-mscorefonts-installer …
    update-notifier-common triggereinek feldolgozása…
    ttf-mscorefonts-installer: downloading
    ttf-mscorefonts-installer: downloading
    ttf-mscorefonts-installer: downloading
    ttf-mscorefonts-installer: downloading
    ttf-mscorefonts-installer: downloading
    ttf-mscorefonts-installer: downloading
    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File “/usr/lib/update-notifier/package-data-downloader”, line 234, in process_download_requests
    dest_file = urllib.urlretrieve(files[i])[0]
    File “/usr/lib/python2.7/”, line 94, in urlretrieve
    return _urlopener.retrieve(url, filename, reporthook, data)
    File “/usr/lib/python2.7/”, line 240, in retrieve
    fp =, data)
    File “/usr/lib/python2.7/”, line 208, in open
    return getattr(self, name)(url)
    File “/usr/lib/python2.7/”, line 359, in open_http
    return self.http_error(url, fp, errcode, errmsg, headers)
    File “/usr/lib/python2.7/”, line 372, in http_error
    result = method(url, fp, errcode, errmsg, headers)
    File “/usr/lib/python2.7/”, line 665, in http_error_301
    return self.http_error_302(url, fp, errcode, errmsg, headers, data)
    File “/usr/lib/python2.7/”, line 635, in http_error_302
    File “/usr/lib/python2.7/”, line 661, in redirect_internal
    File “/usr/lib/python2.7/”, line 208, in open
    return getattr(self, name)(url)
    File “/usr/lib/python2.7/”, line 359, in open_http
    return self.http_error(url, fp, errcode, errmsg, headers)
    File “/usr/lib/python2.7/”, line 372, in http_error
    result = method(url, fp, errcode, errmsg, headers)
    File “/usr/lib/python2.7/”, line 635, in http_error_302
    File “/usr/lib/python2.7/”, line 661, in redirect_internal
    File “/usr/lib/python2.7/”, line 208, in open
    return getattr(self, name)(url)
    File “/usr/lib/python2.7/”, line 345, in open_http
    File “/usr/lib/python2.7/”, line 969, in endheaders
    File “/usr/lib/python2.7/”, line 829, in _send_output
    File “/usr/lib/python2.7/”, line 791, in send
    File “/usr/lib/python2.7/”, line 772, in connect
    self.timeout, self.source_address)
    File “/usr/lib/python2.7/”, line 553, in create_connection
    for res in getaddrinfo(host, port, 0, SOCK_STREAM):
    IOError: [Errno socket error] [Errno 2] No such file or directory
    fontconfig triggereinek feldolgozása…
    Beállítás: ttf-mscorefonts-installer (3.4+nmu1ubuntu1) …

  113. Chandrasekhar@180

    Are you talking about shared network storage drives that you’re having a problem with? If so, you should be able to browse windows network servers/drives by simply adding the network servers icon to your desktop by going into Cinnamon settings–>Desktop–>. You can also browse network sites via the left hand pane of your file manager (nemo) and just click on the network folder at the bottom. This has worked for me just fine for awhile now, and even works a little better in LM15, as it doesn’t require me to authenticate more than once, unless I’m trying to access another users folder that’s not shared.

    I believe Samba is the back-end support of this feature, but could be wrong there.

    Please accept my apology if this isn’t the issue that your are having, or if have tried this suggestion without success. But hopefully this will help.

  114. Hello, I don’t know to who report an global error of this system. in live mode, after the installation phase, the system refused to restart. I really want to have corrected this errors.

  115. Hi, @124 Mintkatze,

    nm-applet only proxy network not working for me out of the box (not working in live cd either).
    I use mint in virtualbox 4.2.12 and I haven’t change anything at the beginning.
    But when I put a network proxy with nm-applet it does nothing (or it seems). I don’t know what should do precisly the nm-applet, but in mint 13 it adds proxy information in /etc/environment and in /etc/apt/apt.conf. In mint 15 it’s not the case.

    is there a way I can see nm-applet log ? so I can give you some more information about this problem ?

    Also, I had another issue with the desklet launcher, when I create a new launcher no icon is added…

    See you.

  116. Fault with software manager hanging on the splash screen that was there in the RC is still there.

  117. Dear PB,
    Thank you for your quick response. But the problem is different and much more serious.

    It is not that I am unable to access LAN shares. I can access them provided, I have tons of patience and time to keep on trying when it throws up errors. As I mentioned it takes nearly 10-15 minutes to access a shared folder (for initial authentication by the LAN server) as compared to about normal one minute or less.

    If I ask my computer to remember the authentication details (username, domain and password for LAN) for the share, the subsequent access is quite fast.

    This may not be serious problem if you have only a couple of computers on your LAN. But my network has more than 300 computers and each one may have tens of shared folders which I may want to access at some time or the other. Even if I ask my computer to remember authentication details of all the shared folders I wish to access, I am back to square one, if some one just changes the sharename of the folder on his computer.

  118. Great release. Weather applet displays only two days out of the five (arrows on the last three days) and can’t get Firefox running on main user name – two other users have no problem with it. Followed a few hints but only get a box saying Firefox already running but not responding…can’t seem to kill the damn thing…

  119. ”Bumpmaps will come in Cinnamon 1.8. The gaming industry calls this “tessellation”. The idea is to give artists the ability to define transparent textures which look a bit like sculpted glass.”
    Where is it?

  120. Chandrasekhar@187

    Okay, I suppose it was the “error” component that caused me to wonder if you were trying to access correctly. I can almost understand why it’s taking a long time, but when you mentioned errors, that’s a whole different ball game in my mind.

    Best wishes on resolving the problem. I for one will be testing another issue that appears to be a Samba related one, and basically it results in not being able to save changes to a document that I’ve opened on the share drive. I have to copy the doc to my desktop, make changes, and then copy it back up to the the drive. Not a terrible workaround, but something is failing. Perhaps related to file ownership. Some other users have complained about not being able to stream video from similar remote locations. Me thinks it’s related, but I’m not an expert either.

  121. Clem and team, thanks for all your hard work. Things look great, I love Nemo’s new look, the bar under the drive that shows used space is pretty nifty.

    Cinnamon keeps getting cleaner and cleaner. I really appreciate your continued efforts on this project. This is why Linux Mint continues to be my Linux of choice.

    I love that you have separated drivers into their own tool. This makes it really easy to find now. I had to search online for quite some time to find it hidden in software sources.

    I recently tried both Arch and Saybayon Linux, and this experience really helped me to appreciate how easy you have made the Linux experience. For those who have never distro hopped may not realize just how great/easy Linux Mint has become.

  122. Upgraded from Linux Mint 14 and everything works perfectly! Thanks a lot for this wounderful upgrade.

  123. Great release!

    I’ve installed the Cinnamon version and it works great. I love all off the many improvements!
    Regarding the HDMI, just applying all level 1-5 updates made it get back in the list, I didn’t test it because I’m not able to do so. The use of the PPA wouldn’t be needed.

  124. Very good working well on my dell inspiron 1GB RAM. Looking for XFCE. I still fell lxde was lighter than XFCE in this machine. People would appreciate if there is any lxde version available from Linux Mint or its community.

  125. Add to #189, managed to restart Firefox finally by using “sudo firefox” in terminal. Got usual message box but finally Firefox did open and said some add-ons were incompatible and disabled them. Now all’s fine. Realised that Thunderbird (which I don’t use) is also affected by this problem but as I don’t use this application I have not tried to find a solution.

  126. good release, as always been until now ^_^

    but it’s also the most silly version I’ve ever met >,<

    I got most of my "sources.list.d" contents written as "olivia" instead of "raring" ~,~

    note: I use the 15 Cinnamon 32-bit atm, so I don't know about the other flavors

  127. Clem, please add ‘sudo nvidia-xconfig’ as the last operation when installing NVidia drivers with the new Driver Manager, otherwise it can break the desktop for many people! After it did break mine, for the second try, I’ve run the command above after using Driver Manager, and now it works like a charm.

  128. Trying to boot via USB or DVD – in both cases the boot process freezes at the mint logo. sometimes even before that. I cant even see the table that comes right after selecting USB / DVD, where it usually asks if I wanna run mint or check for integrity etc… i can still pretend seeing it and press enter, noticing that the notebook is doing something until the mint logo comes up and everything stops working. trying tu run 64bit cinnamon on my acer travelmate TG8473TG. its a shame, been using mint for a couple of years now. graphic mode is set to discrete, secure boot is not enabled. any suggestions? thank you in advance!

  129. @193 Charles,

    did you take a look in your panel at the right corner where it says “quick window-list”?? There you should see your firefox running!

    This box pops up, when you start to run a second instance of Firefox, although Firefox is already running.


  130. @ Clem,

    but I found another problem, which is more serious:

    the command sudo nemo with Alt+F2 in Cinnamon is not working. Please fix that up.

    How I found that out? I just wanted to install a new login-sound I downloaded from the After download, I wanted to place it into the corresponding folder /usr/share/sounds.

    Therefore I pressed Alt+F2 in my Cinnamon and typed

    sudo nemo

    into the prompt…but: nothing happened. No pasword-prompt appeared as it should normally be.

    Then I checked in my Terminal, that the sudo-command works. There it works. For Updates I have to enter my password and there it works as expected.

    Afterwards I checked, that my user is added to the group “sudoers”. My user is added to that group.

    So my question is: why does it now work with Alt+F2 in Cinnamon?

    And a further bug I saw is MDM crashing at boot. It tried six times to laod MDM, but it failed. Only a hard-reset could get it work. This also needs to be fixed.


  131. What I wanted to add to the bug with the sudo-command in Cinnamon:

    The necessary packages seahorse, nemo-seahorse, muffin, all cinnamon-packages are installed.

    So it cannot be, that packages are missing.


  132. Then referring to the bug with MDM, I wanted to add that I use nvidia-graphics

    02:00.0 VGA compatible controller: NVIDIA Corporation C79 [GeForce 9200M G] (rev b1)

  133. I think it would be a good idea to have a Virtual Box appliance download available, particularly for the non-LTS releases.

  134. UEFI problem.

    Just tested Mint 15 Olivia on my Asus zenbook UX51VZ from bootable USB Stick. Runs out of the box with all FN-Keys available. 🙂

    After installation the Grub EFI files were located on /boot/ef/EFI/linuxmint.
    But the installer doesn’t create an boot entrie in the UEFI Firmware.

    # efibootmgr
    BootCurrent: 0001
    Timeout: 0 seconds
    BootOrder: 0000,0001
    Boot0001* UEFI: Corsair Voyager 1100

    Even when i tried the hints in the release notes I just get an entry for my bootable USB Stick and create manual efibootmgr fails.

    dmesg output shows that set of efivars fails.

    # dmesg | grep -i efi
    [ 0.000000] efi: EFI v2.31 by American Megatrends
    [ 0.000000] efi: ACPI=0xca83b000 ACPI 2.0=0xca83b000 SMBIOS=0xca0e9398
    [ 0.000000] efi: mem00: type=7, attr=0xf, range=[0x0000000000000000-0x000000000005f000) (0MB)
    [ 0.000000] efi: mem01: type=4, attr=0xf, range=[0x000000000005f000-0x0000000000060000) (0MB)
    [ 0.000000] efi: mem02: type=7, attr=0xf, range=[0x0000000000060000-0x000000000009e000) (0MB)
    [ 0.000000] efi: mem03: type=0, attr=0xf, range=[0x000000000009e000-0x00000000000a0000) (0MB)
    [ 0.000000] efi: mem04: type=7, attr=0xf, range=[0x0000000000100000-0x0000000001000000) (15MB)
    [ 0.000000] efi: mem05: type=2, attr=0xf, range=[0x0000000001000000-0x0000000002445000) (20MB)
    [ 0.000000] efi: mem06: type=7, attr=0xf, range=[0x0000000002445000-0x0000000020000000) (475MB)
    [ 0.000000] efi: mem07: type=0, attr=0xf, range=[0x0000000020000000-0x0000000020200000) (2MB)
    [ 0.000000] efi: mem08: type=7, attr=0xf, range=[0x0000000020200000-0x0000000034088000) (318MB)
    [ 0.000000] efi: mem09: type=2, attr=0xf, range=[0x0000000034088000-0x000000003603c000) (31MB)
    [ 0.000000] efi: mem10: type=7, attr=0xf, range=[0x000000003603c000-0x0000000040004000) (159MB)
    [ 0.000000] efi: mem11: type=0, attr=0xf, range=[0x0000000040004000-0x0000000040005000) (0MB)
    [ 0.000000] efi: mem12: type=7, attr=0xf, range=[0x0000000040005000-0x0000000095a27000) (1370MB)
    [ 0.000000] efi: mem13: type=2, attr=0xf, range=[0x0000000095a27000-0x00000000c7a16000) (799MB)
    [ 0.000000] efi: mem14: type=1, attr=0xf, range=[0x00000000c7a16000-0x00000000c7b4a000) (1MB)
    [ 0.000000] efi: mem15: type=7, attr=0xf, range=[0x00000000c7b4a000-0x00000000c7bb0000) (0MB)
    [ 0.000000] efi: mem16: type=2, attr=0xf, range=[0x00000000c7bb0000-0x00000000c7c96000) (0MB)
    [ 0.000000] efi: mem17: type=4, attr=0xf, range=[0x00000000c7c96000-0x00000000c7caf000) (0MB)
    [ 0.000000] efi: mem18: type=7, attr=0xf, range=[0x00000000c7caf000-0x00000000c7cb8000) (0MB)
    [ 0.000000] efi: mem19: type=4, attr=0xf, range=[0x00000000c7cb8000-0x00000000c8230000) (5MB)
    [ 0.000000] efi: mem20: type=7, attr=0xf, range=[0x00000000c8230000-0x00000000c8231000) (0MB)
    [ 0.000000] efi: mem21: type=4, attr=0xf, range=[0x00000000c8231000-0x00000000c8232000) (0MB)
    [ 0.000000] efi: mem22: type=2, attr=0xf, range=[0x00000000c8232000-0x00000000c8234000) (0MB)
    [ 0.000000] efi: mem23: type=4, attr=0xf, range=[0x00000000c8234000-0x00000000c9087000) (14MB)
    [ 0.000000] efi: mem24: type=7, attr=0xf, range=[0x00000000c9087000-0x00000000c9708000) (6MB)
    [ 0.000000] efi: mem25: type=2, attr=0xf, range=[0x00000000c9708000-0x00000000c9714000) (0MB)
    [ 0.000000] efi: mem26: type=3, attr=0xf, range=[0x00000000c9714000-0x00000000c9721000) (0MB)
    [ 0.000000] efi: mem27: type=10, attr=0xf, range=[0x00000000c9721000-0x00000000c9d22000) (6MB)
    [ 0.000000] efi: mem28: type=5, attr=0x800000000000000f, range=[0x00000000c9d22000-0x00000000c9d25000) (0MB)
    [ 0.000000] efi: mem29: type=3, attr=0xf, range=[0x00000000c9d25000-0x00000000c9d3c000) (0MB)
    [ 0.000000] efi: mem30: type=5, attr=0x800000000000000f, range=[0x00000000c9d3c000-0x00000000c9d42000) (0MB)
    [ 0.000000] efi: mem31: type=3, attr=0xf, range=[0x00000000c9d42000-0x00000000c9d44000) (0MB)
    [ 0.000000] efi: mem32: type=5, attr=0x800000000000000f, range=[0x00000000c9d44000-0x00000000c9d4e000) (0MB)
    [ 0.000000] efi: mem33: type=3, attr=0xf, range=[0x00000000c9d4e000-0x00000000c9ee2000) (1MB)
    [ 0.000000] efi: mem34: type=5, attr=0x800000000000000f, range=[0x00000000c9ee2000-0x00000000c9ee6000) (0MB)
    [ 0.000000] efi: mem35: type=3, attr=0xf, range=[0x00000000c9ee6000-0x00000000c9f30000) (0MB)
    [ 0.000000] efi: mem36: type=5, attr=0x800000000000000f, range=[0x00000000c9f30000-0x00000000c9f37000) (0MB)
    [ 0.000000] efi: mem37: type=6, attr=0x800000000000000f, range=[0x00000000c9f37000-0x00000000c9f44000) (0MB)
    [ 0.000000] efi: mem38: type=5, attr=0x800000000000000f, range=[0x00000000c9f44000-0x00000000c9f56000) (0MB)
    [ 0.000000] efi: mem39: type=3, attr=0xf, range=[0x00000000c9f56000-0x00000000c9f59000) (0MB)
    [ 0.000000] efi: mem40: type=5, attr=0x800000000000000f, range=[0x00000000c9f59000-0x00000000c9f5b000) (0MB)
    [ 0.000000] efi: mem41: type=3, attr=0xf, range=[0x00000000c9f5b000-0x00000000c9f72000) (0MB)
    [ 0.000000] efi: mem42: type=5, attr=0x800000000000000f, range=[0x00000000c9f72000-0x00000000c9f78000) (0MB)
    [ 0.000000] efi: mem43: type=3, attr=0xf, range=[0x00000000c9f78000-0x00000000c9f80000) (0MB)
    [ 0.000000] efi: mem44: type=5, attr=0x800000000000000f, range=[0x00000000c9f80000-0x00000000c9f81000) (0MB)
    [ 0.000000] efi: mem45: type=3, attr=0xf, range=[0x00000000c9f81000-0x00000000c9f90000) (0MB)
    [ 0.000000] efi: mem46: type=5, attr=0x800000000000000f, range=[0x00000000c9f90000-0x00000000c9f91000) (0MB)
    [ 0.000000] efi: mem47: type=3, attr=0xf, range=[0x00000000c9f91000-0x00000000c9f9c000) (0MB)
    [ 0.000000] efi: mem48: type=5, attr=0x800000000000000f, range=[0x00000000c9f9c000-0x00000000c9fa1000) (0MB)
    [ 0.000000] efi: mem49: type=3, attr=0xf, range=[0x00000000c9fa1000-0x00000000c9fd6000) (0MB)
    [ 0.000000] efi: mem50: type=5, attr=0x800000000000000f, range=[0x00000000c9fd6000-0x00000000c9fd7000) (0MB)
    [ 0.000000] efi: mem51: type=3, attr=0xf, range=[0x00000000c9fd7000-0x00000000c9fe7000) (0MB)
    [ 0.000000] efi: mem52: type=5, attr=0x800000000000000f, range=[0x00000000c9fe7000-0x00000000ca00e000) (0MB)
    [ 0.000000] efi: mem53: type=3, attr=0xf, range=[0x00000000ca00e000-0x00000000ca024000) (0MB)
    [ 0.000000] efi: mem54: type=5, attr=0x800000000000000f, range=[0x00000000ca024000-0x00000000ca025000) (0MB)
    [ 0.000000] efi: mem55: type=3, attr=0xf, range=[0x00000000ca025000-0x00000000ca026000) (0MB)
    [ 0.000000] efi: mem56: type=5, attr=0x800000000000000f, range=[0x00000000ca026000-0x00000000ca028000) (0MB)
    [ 0.000000] efi: mem57: type=3, attr=0xf, range=[0x00000000ca028000-0x00000000ca029000) (0MB)
    [ 0.000000] efi: mem58: type=5, attr=0x800000000000000f, range=[0x00000000ca029000-0x00000000ca02e000) (0MB)
    [ 0.000000] efi: mem59: type=3, attr=0xf, range=[0x00000000ca02e000-0x00000000ca046000) (0MB)
    [ 0.000000] efi: mem60: type=6, attr=0x800000000000000f, range=[0x00000000ca046000-0x00000000ca0a6000) (0MB)
    [ 0.000000] efi: mem61: type=5, attr=0x800000000000000f, range=[0x00000000ca0a6000-0x00000000ca0c1000) (0MB)
    [ 0.000000] efi: mem62: type=6, attr=0x800000000000000f, range=[0x00000000ca0c1000-0x00000000ca0c4000) (0MB)
    [ 0.000000] efi: mem63: type=6, attr=0x800000000000000f, range=[0x00000000ca0c4000-0x00000000ca0eb000) (0MB)
    [ 0.000000] efi: mem64: type=0, attr=0xf, range=[0x00000000ca0eb000-0x00000000ca463000) (3MB)
    [ 0.000000] efi: mem65: type=0, attr=0xf, range=[0x00000000ca463000-0x00000000ca5eb000) (1MB)
    [ 0.000000] efi: mem66: type=10, attr=0xf, range=[0x00000000ca5eb000-0x00000000ca69c000) (0MB)
    [ 0.000000] efi: mem67: type=10, attr=0xf, range=[0x00000000ca69c000-0x00000000ca853000) (1MB)
    [ 0.000000] efi: mem68: type=10, attr=0xf, range=[0x00000000ca853000-0x00000000ca855000) (0MB)
    [ 0.000000] efi: mem69: type=10, attr=0xf, range=[0x00000000ca855000-0x00000000ca86b000) (0MB)
    [ 0.000000] efi: mem70: type=9, attr=0xf, range=[0x00000000ca86b000-0x00000000ca870000) (0MB)
    [ 0.000000] efi: mem71: type=4, attr=0xf, range=[0x00000000ca870000-0x00000000ca871000) (0MB)
    [ 0.000000] efi: mem72: type=10, attr=0xf, range=[0x00000000ca871000-0x00000000ca8b4000) (0MB)
    [ 0.000000] efi: mem73: type=4, attr=0xf, range=[0x00000000ca8b4000-0x00000000caa00000) (1MB)
    [ 0.000000] efi: mem74: type=3, attr=0xf, range=[0x00000000caa00000-0x00000000cac9a000) (2MB)
    [ 0.000000] efi: mem75: type=4, attr=0xf, range=[0x00000000cac9a000-0x00000000cac9f000) (0MB)
    [ 0.000000] efi: mem76: type=3, attr=0xf, range=[0x00000000cac9f000-0x00000000caca3000) (0MB)
    [ 0.000000] efi: mem77: type=4, attr=0xf, range=[0x00000000caca3000-0x00000000cacb0000) (0MB)
    [ 0.000000] efi: mem78: type=3, attr=0xf, range=[0x00000000cacb0000-0x00000000cacc2000) (0MB)
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    [ 0.000000] efi: mem80: type=6, attr=0x800000000000000f, range=[0x00000000cacc9000-0x00000000caff4000) (3MB)
    [ 0.000000] efi: mem81: type=4, attr=0xf, range=[0x00000000caff4000-0x00000000cb000000) (0MB)
    [ 0.000000] efi: mem82: type=7, attr=0xf, range=[0x0000000100000000-0x000000022f200000) (4850MB)
    [ 0.000000] efi: mem83: type=0, attr=0x8000000000000000, range=[0x00000000cbc00000-0x00000000cfe00000) (66MB)
    [ 0.000000] efi: mem84: type=11, attr=0x8000000000000001, range=[0x00000000f8000000-0x00000000fc000000) (64MB)
    [ 0.000000] efi: mem85: type=11, attr=0x8000000000000001, range=[0x00000000fec00000-0x00000000fec01000) (0MB)
    [ 0.000000] efi: mem86: type=11, attr=0x8000000000000001, range=[0x00000000fed00000-0x00000000fed04000) (0MB)
    [ 0.000000] efi: mem87: type=11, attr=0x8000000000000001, range=[0x00000000fed1c000-0x00000000fed20000) (0MB)
    [ 0.000000] efi: mem88: type=11, attr=0x8000000000000001, range=[0x00000000fee00000-0x00000000fee01000) (0MB)
    [ 0.000000] efi: mem89: type=11, attr=0x8000000000000001, range=[0x00000000ff000000-0x0000000100000000) (16MB)
    [ 2.016160] efifb: probing for efifb
    [ 2.016792] efifb: framebuffer at 0xd0000000, mapped to 0xffffc9000a000000, using 1920k, total 1920k
    [ 2.016793] efifb: mode is 800x600x32, linelength=3200, pages=1
    [ 2.016794] efifb: scrolling: redraw
    [ 2.016796] efifb: Truecolor: size=8:8:8:8, shift=24:16:8:0
    [ 2.018931] fb0: EFI VGA frame buffer device
    [ 2.073876] EFI Variables Facility v0.08 2004-May-17
    [ 2.209979] fb: conflicting fb hw usage inteldrmfb vs EFI VGA – removing generic driver
    [ 2.980246] tsc: Refined TSC clocksource calibration: 2095.241 MHz
    [ 1388.363624] efivars: set_variable() failed: status=8000000000000009
    [ 1388.435282] efivars: set_variable() failed: status=8000000000000009
    [ 1391.158784] efivars: set_variable() failed: status=8000000000000009
    [ 1940.539759] efivars: set_variable() failed: status=8000000000000009
    [ 2386.660904] efivars: set_variable() failed: status=8000000000000009
    [ 2470.298066] efivars: set_variable() failed: status=8000000000000009
    [ 2517.168875] efivars: set_variable() failed: status=8000000000000009
    [ 2675.166865] efivars: set_variable() failed: status=8000000000000009
    [ 2756.544395] efivars: set_variable() failed: status=8000000000000009

  135. Minor glitch for me – LM15 Cinnamon 64 bit desktop crashes in Virtualbox, had to run ubiquity from command line to install and use Cinnamon ‘software rendering’ to see the shiny new desktop. Yes, it does run s….l….o….w…. :-). OTOH xfce4 4.10 installs and runs fine.

    In view of upstream issues with non-PAE kernels, it is time to ask the devs On Bended Knee PLEASE consider adding a minimal ‘Net Install’ ISO that will let you choose the kernel type and create a small, customized Mint system from the command line (aptitude). I work with non-profit organizations that recycle older computers, and there are plenty of good ones without PAE enabled processors.

    IMO if your system has enough memory, there is almost no reason Today to stick with a 32 bit host kernel. Keep your stable old Win2K and XP systems in virtual machines :-).

  136. hi @ 200 FoxXav,

    it I can tell you, where you find that information now.

    Go to the following file: /var/log/syslog.

    This is the file, which gives us the necessary information. Could you please send a link with this document??

    Then I can perhaps see more.


  137. @ 200 FoxXav,

    referring to your second bug with that missing icon for you launcher:

    this is a feature to let you select your own icon. Press the default-icon shown and select the icon, you want to have for it.

    The developers want to give the users as much creativity as possible.

    But: you can also install icon-themes for your system. Do you know, how to install downloaded icon-themes in Cinnamon-Dekstop? Do you need instruction?? If so, then let me know here. I can help you then.

    But to come back to your first point with nm-applet:
    at connecting to the internet on the live-session: have you been prompted your network-key?? Normally, there should appaer a prompt on your screen, where you have to enter your network-key, when you press the nm-applet.

    If this did not happen, then something is really wrong with your system. Because for me, nm-applet works out of the box, as soon, as I click onto the applet and entered my key.

    Waiting for your response.


  138. @ 219 Santi,

    thanks Sanit,
    you saved my day! Thanks for your hint. god…sometimes I really should better remember this command. 😀

    Thanks again for your advice and help!! Normally I should have known that as an advanced Mint-user!!

  139. @ all (including Clem and team): good night together,

    will be here again tomorrow. Have a good night together…

  140. This is everything I’ve been looking for in a Linux distribution, I am really blown away. I should have tried Mint along time ago. Thank you!

  141. Hi Clem, and all. Olivia is the best, I migrated Olivia root to nilfs2 and used the Ubunt Boot-repair disk to make it bootable. (sorry I am not very savvy in Grub2) ..
    I wish the Mint installers coming down the line would incorporate F2FS or perhaps nilfs2 to make it easier to take advantage of these ssd friendly filesystems. Still, Olivia is 5 stars in my book. Did I encounter any issues? If so, I say it was all self inflicted and I found my fixes, and workarounds. Since I am practically clueless, that must mean then that Olivia is AOK! Oh and did I mention Greased Lightning Fast!

  142. Really liking Mint 15 Cinnamon. However, the brightness control applet has an issue. With Mint 14, when you selected “settings” on the applet, it took you directly to Screen Saver and Lock Settings. Now it takes you to the System Settings page instead. Don’t know if that was intended, but it seems counter-intuitive to me. Thanks.

  143. Y para cuando Mint KDE? Es que no me acostumbro a Gnome (Mate), despues de descubrir KDE mi vida se volvió mas facil…
    Si no, Mint es genial, que pena que no entiendo nada de que estan hablando

  144. linux mint mate 64, unetbootin usb, boot- cant mount my second HDD, mouse dont work, and some graphic problem, so useless for me.

  145. I first tried Mint 13 for my kids laptop, an old Dell core-duo running XP. It was amazing and booted in 20s, Unfortunately Windows 7 on one of my other computers (used for Photography) also died recently so I rushed out and bought a mac book pro as Win 8 looked useless. After a bit more tinkering, I got Mint 15 Olivia on the old Win 7 computer. I’m now struggling to see what I got for my £1,400 The old Win 7 (intel i5) running mint seems to be as good as the OS X i7 macbook.

  146. hi good morning together,

    I am back here again, but I can confirm comment 203 Andy Leo here in Cinnamon. MDM still keeps crashing for me and I can only get it work after shutdown and then fresh booting.

    The error-message says, that MDM had been restarted 6 times within 90 seconds and something seems to run wrong, but it can’t figure out what is running wrong.

    So please Clem, fix this bug in MDM up. This is no way this way. MDM has to be stabilized it seems.


  147. #232
    I get the same problem as Mintkatze.

    I never got it until I installed the Nvidia drivers.

    Now I get it EVERY time if I choose the “log off” button in Cinnamon.

  148. Lappy had a recent crash and I thought I will be try out the RC but instead got wind of the stable release and decided to give it a go.


    HP 8530w ( that is the series with the “faulty” HDMI audio port – HP knows about the design flaw of that port and widely discussed on the internets ).

    It is also the model that has the Intel AGN 5300, another problematic wlan card, might be related to BIOS blacklisting issues and UEFI. Laptop installed with OEM WinXP and Win7, both had wlan issues ( cannot see ANY wlan networks but works only if installed with HP delivered OS ) and am happy to report it was never the case with all previous flavours of Linux Mint.

    3 partitions:

    WinXP SP3x86, Win 7×64 and Linux Mint 15 x64 ( Cinnamon ) as the last OS installed.

    Boot loader and everything else worked fine 2 days ago and still appears OK, no issues encountered. I assigned a password to root as well, and allowed root to logon locally. System updates came in straight away since networking worked flawlessly both Intel AGN 5300 and the wired GigEth. I removed LibreOffice 4.02 and installed 4.03 ( 4.10 beta might be released very soon ). Firefox, unlike a few on here, gave me no issues and used it to download and install Chrome. I viewed additional themes online and selected one to replace the 2 that came standard.

    As the HP 8530w came with a NVIDIA Quadro FGX770M ( G96GLM ) graphics card with HDMI out port, I connected it to my Sony LCD hoping for a dual screen. In Maya, it too did not work at first, but worked when I tweaked with the driver. In Olivia, the Driver Manager was indeed a blessing and I changed it from the default xserver-xorg-video-nouveau 11:1.0.7-0ubuntu1 to nvidia-310 v310.44-0buntu2 which gave me the dual screen extended desktop upon a reboot.

    Naturally, the HDMI audio does not work – this really has nothing to do with Linux Mint I suppose ( works with Windows though ). I think the ALSA HDMI device does not get created for nay Linux distro, hence no HDMI audio.

    It was no brainer to have installed Mint with a scaled down Windows OS for very limited tasks.

    If I might add my 2 cents to a wish list:

    a) Make it easier or possible to upgrade versions live from over the internet ( I dread reinstalling having windows partitions managed by Mint and prefer an upgrade every X months )

    b) Consider an updated and compact distro / version for older and slower machines ( for the mums and dads who might be used to Windows for very basic tasks and would appreciate switching over to the simplified Mint version ) with a path for an online upgrade. For example my parents ( retirees ) far away in Australia have a HP DV2-1010ez – excellent for portability ( 12 inch ATI only 2GB HDMI and small disk storage ).

    They run WinXP after I discard the Vista but could be great candidates to switch over to Mint one day. I tried Mint 9 Isadora but was sluggish and complicated for them.

    It is not a new machine and neither is too old and by design has limitation ( 2 RAM slots, no Bluetooth etc. ). HDMI connectivity makes it simple to listen to better quality music and videos over their larger LCD TV.

    The same potential distro could also be used by netbook owners I envision.

    Apart from all that, thank you guys for the job well done, again.

  149. @ 233 gerry

    Yes, the Nvidia drivers cause the problems. I went back to Nouveau for that reason and everything works fine again. Booting up is also faster with the Nouveau.
    Nvidia drivers have their advantages, but somehow there’s always too many side effects.

  150. PB@198

    Your problem seems to be problem of network stability, which could be due to a loose connection/poor signal. Just check whether you can get a continuous and stable ping from shared computer or some pings are dropping/ delayed.

  151. Solve the problem in installation in UEFI mode.

    Before installing linuxmint you must first disable “windows UEFI mode” in the bios then after you install linuxmint and when you finish the installation and restart your pc then you can re-enable the “UEFI mode”.

  152. @234 Johnno

    thanks Johnno, I think you’re right, thats what I did with the LM15(RC).

    I notice though, that if I use Mate instead of Cinnamon,
    I don’t have problems with “Log off”


  153. Dear Clem,
    Could you please advice us on how things stand on the hdmi sound matter.
    I don’t mind waiting a little, but is there a solution in sight?

    I like Olivia a lot, but the way things are now, I am seriously considering a return to LM14 or even LM13. This new Mint is a jewel, but without hdmi sound it’s quite useless to me.

    Some people here have been saying that installing a later kernel is the answer. But I have never done that kind of thing and it scares me a bit.

  154. HDMI Problems

    I find that not only do you have to follow the instructions on the Release Notes

    [quote]HDMI Sound output

    If your HDMI Sound output does not work out of the box, you can try the following solution:

    In a terminal, type the following commands:

    sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-audio-dev/alsa-daily
    apt update
    apt install oem-audio-hda-daily-dkms

    But you also have to do the following
    Open Terminal and type “sudo aplay -l”
    it should give you a list of devices INCLUDING
    card 3: NVidia [HDA NVidia], device 3: HDMI 0 [HDMI 0]
    card 3: NVidia [HDA NVidia], device 7: HDMI 0 [HDMI 0]
    card 3: NVidia [HDA NVidia], device 8: HDMI 0 [HDMI 0]
    card 3: NVidia [HDA NVidia], device 9: HDMI 0 [HDMI 0]

    YOU need to test which one works for you – so if 3 is the card, 7 is the device, type
    “aplay -D plughw:3,7 /usr/share/sounds/alsa/Front_Center.wav”
    if you hear no sound, then type – so if 3 is the card, 8 is the device, type
    “aplay -D plughw:3,7 /usr/share/sounds/alsa/Front_Center.wav”
    and so on…

    When you know which one makes a noise on your HDMI connection
    In Terminal type “sudo pluma /etc/pulse/”
    or “sudo gedit /etc/pulse/”, whichever you use

    #load-module module-alsa-sink
    load-module module-alsa-sink device=hw:3,7
    Then your HDMI should work 🙂

  155. @ 236

    Thanks for your comment, Gerry.

    I did install the extra ppa mentioned in the release notes and I also know about the choice of devices and solved the problem in earlier distributions that way. I do test these normally through pavu control (I’m not all that great with the terminal)
    I did however also test them your way this time, and unless I’ve gone completely deaf, there’s just no sound.

  156. After reading a comment by Clem in the RC thread that installing from one of the pre-RC iso’s could trigger the same kernel panics I’d reported earlier in 3 attempts to install the final 64-bit MATE iso, I wondered if the torrent stream I used to acquire that final iso had been contaminated with those earlier images.

    So, I burned a DVD with an image acquired by direct download from one of the mirrors and gave it a go, for the fourth time.

    Results: bad.

    The DVD booted twice consecutively into kernel panic. On the third attempt, the live MATE desktop came up and I was able to install.

    (I checked and, curiously, apt-get update && apt-get upgrade wanted to install a new kernel. This happened in each previous install attempt. The first attempt was just one or two hours after the release announcement and I’m curious why a new kernel would be available via updates that quickly.)

    I installed the last 3.9.4 mainline kernel (24 May) which seemed to eliminate the kernel crashes, as least initially.

    However, that’s a nonstarter for me. The mainline kernels don’t get security updates and you can only install the Nvidia driver manually with the *.run file. (I did that, in any case, and it failed, wiping out X in the process.)

    In the end, I’ve made 4 attempts to install the final. The same kernel problems have appeared each time. I see a considerable number of complaints and bug reports pointing to the same issues with this Raring kernel. I hope Ubuntu manages to quickly release a fixed kernel. Until then, I can’t use Mint 15.

  157. @208 Mintkatze, Thanks for suggestion but Firefox does not appear in that list until I launch it by using sudo firefox. Using menu or any icon simply produces a box saying Firefox is already running.

  158. Mint 15 installed and good improvement (for example, fastest viewing of directories with a lot of files under Nemo).
    I faced a problem with my sound card which was natively recognized under Mint 14 (Dell Latitude E6410) -> No sound.
    To solve it, I installed ” linux-firmware-nonfree” and after a reboot no more problem (and also “suspend” worked after the reboot but I don’t know if it’s linked)

    One suggestion for the applet “system monitor”, some of them request “gir1.2-gtop-2.0”, it could be installed by default as it’s not really a big file.

    Tks to the team

  159. You can’t change the tooltips text color.
    If you change anything on this tab the tooltips will be unreadable light gray text on light yellow background.

  160. Hi linux mint team Thanks for this release, now my Nexus 7 mounts automatically whenever I insert it… Keep surprising us!:)

  161. I wish the Mint team would work on being able to “update” or “upgrade” an existing installation. I always end up putting off upgrading for two, three or even 4 versions because it is such a PITA to upgrade Mint. I love it otherwise. I think thew would substantially increase their user base if it had upgrade capability.

  162. @239

    after you input “sudo aplay -l” in terminal,
    can you paste the output here!

    I just want to see if your HDMI hardware is even being recognized…

  163. @ 244

    Here it is, Gerry:

    johnno@johnno-cinnamon ~ $ sudo aplay -l
    [sudo] password for johnno:
    **** List of PLAYBACK Hardware Devices ****
    card 0: PCH [HDA Intel PCH], device 0: ALC892 Analog [ALC892 Analog]
    Subdevices: 1/1
    Subdevice #0: subdevice #0
    card 0: PCH [HDA Intel PCH], device 3: ALC892 Digital [ALC892 Digital]
    Subdevices: 1/1
    Subdevice #0: subdevice #0
    card 1: NVidia [HDA NVidia], device 3: HDMI 0 [HDMI 0]
    Subdevices: 1/1
    Subdevice #0: subdevice #0
    card 1: NVidia [HDA NVidia], device 7: HDMI 0 [HDMI 0]
    Subdevices: 1/1
    Subdevice #0: subdevice #0
    card 1: NVidia [HDA NVidia], device 8: HDMI 0 [HDMI 0]
    Subdevices: 1/1
    Subdevice #0: subdevice #0
    card 1: NVidia [HDA NVidia], device 9: HDMI 0 [HDMI 0]
    Subdevices: 1/1
    Subdevice #0: subdevice #0
    johnno@johnno-cinnamon ~ $

  164. @ 242

    Another solution that did not work for me.

    Installed this linux-nonfree-firmware package.
    Booted up again, but no change.

  165. Like Kiki, I have olivia instead of raring for the ubuntu repo in the apt sources. Seems to be duplication in sources.list and sources.list.d/official-package-repositories.list even if you change olivia to raring

  166. After installing Mint 15 it worked well. But when I started my PC again, i got black screen with white mouse curcor. Terminal was still working tough. It is not my graphics issue, because i had graphics until i made log-in.

  167. @245 Thanks Johnno

    That is good news, at least your HDMI hardware is recognised.

    So there can’t be much wrong,
    if you type and you definitely tried typing each of the following in Terminal and got no sound?
    aplay -D plughw:1,3 /usr/share/sounds/alsa/Front_Center.wav
    aplay -D plughw:1,7 /usr/share/sounds/alsa/Front_Center.wav
    aplay -D plughw:1,8 /usr/share/sounds/alsa/Front_Center.wav
    aplay -D plughw:1,9 /usr/share/sounds/alsa/Front_Center.wav

  168. LM15 really not working if you have a dell xps 13 ultra book. Can’t get any wifi and the touch pad is not recognised.

  169. @ 247

    I tried them again with volume turned up to make sure, but nothing.
    My audio receiver also doesn’t show “Multi in” as it normally does.

    Thanks for your efforts anyway, Gerry.

  170. Kudos to Clem and team. Linux Mint 15 (Oliva) cinnamon edition, installed faster than an speeding bullet. Planting it atop my Asus K52F laptop, it nestled itself therein like an Alligood putting a foot down in Canaan. My web cam was upside down but a sledgehammer proved productive. The family of software installed on the system launched as vigorous as a shuttle from a launch-pad. After altering the operating-systems cosmetics to please none other than myself, I found the system robust, productive and a joy to use.

  171. @disgruntled, I agree that the upstream mandate for CPU PAE capability is questionable. However, my research was inconclusive on when AMD processors added PAE (the 10 y/o Duron especially). Also, I believe that PAE and NX are co-requirements, and the latter is goodness. Therefore, I’m asking for lower priority to a non-PAE kernel option.

    OTOH I still would like to see a Mint ‘net install’ iso that would make building leaner systems easier. Having too many options is intimidating to some groups of computer noobs.

    Now, maybe we can convince Clem to replace brain-dead brasero with xfburn. 🙂 What CD burning program can’t handle CD-RWs these days?

  172. Clem, have you seen this? ==>
    I really don’t know what he’s talking about, as in my opinion, Mint 15 is the best release since Mint 9 which is the first Mint release I’ve used. Would it be possible to include Steam in the software repository to shut up the whining moaners who like to gripe about nonsense? I’m not a gamer, so it’s no big deal to me, but I can’t see what’s so “horiffic” about going to the Steam website and downloading and installing it yourself. The rest of what he’s saying is just crap. I’ve had no problems with this whatsoever… even with my ati/radeon HD4650 graphics card. everything’s working out of the box. I’m very happy with Mint 15 Cinnamon, so thanks to you and the team.

  173. @ 252

    That review is just laughable. Hands up… many of us needed 35 minutes to install LM15, like this so-called expert?
    He does however have one thing very clearly in common with almost any other reviewer on the internet. He obviously believes everyone of us is heavily into gaming. That in my view is definitely not so.

  174. Excellent!!! beutiful SO.

    Testing in my notebook asus n56vz a saw many bugs fixeds but still get work the subwoofer, somebody has the same problem?

    Sorry for my english!!

  175. (difference between save and export file sucks!)

    It takes time to get used, but it is better this way. GIMP is supposed to edit xcf files, not picture files directly. So the export thing motivates you to use GIMP correctly.

  176. I have an old PC. It’s a Mesh Matrix 64 3000 FX with AMD processor, “K8V SE Delux” mother board, 2.5 Gbyte memory. It has two hard disks (sda and sdb). I set to boot from sdb. I installed Linux Mint 15 MATE 64-bit from a burnt DVD. I tried to install as manually-partitioned disk with encrypted LVM. The installer repeatably crashed. I tried the automatic option for encrypted LVM. This failed. I removed ubiquity, updated, installed ubiquity. Ran the new ubiquity. Manual partitioning failed as before but I got an error message. This said that the key-file could not be created. I tried the automatic option. This worked — but — it put grub onto sda instead of sdb. It did not boot from sdb but had installed to sdb. It did boot from sda. I tried again, then it worked OK. It is not obvious what went wrong the first time.

    System is now running swiftly and well.

    However, I had an issue with file-sharing (i.e. Control Centre, Shared Folders). I created a folder (in the /home/ directory) and tried to share it so that I could access the contents on my networked Windows 7 laptop PC. I found that by sharing my one folder, I had automatically shared all my home folders! This is a potential security breach. I solved the problem by editing /etc/smb.conf. There is a bug here. Also, I have not been able to get the system to ask for a password on the laptop. I have access without authentication. How can I fix this?

    Just a detail. There was no obvious way to change the format of the date & time to be displayed on the panel clock. I discovered that I had to install dconf Editor. This should be clearly-stated somewhere obvious — perhaps on the Welcome screen.

    It would be nice to have a font manager as standard, as there are lots of fonts that I shall never use.

    In several places, we get asked for the root password. Could this be made less frequent — perhaps something like the Mageia Control Centre, where you log in once then make all your changes?

    Could all the password requests use the same design of request box? They are all different sizes. You need one design (green?) for the user password and a second design (red?) for the root password.

    Anyway. Good job! Probably the best Linux distro so far.

  177. Anyone not able to boot the Live DVD at all?

    I’m running a Lenovo V570 ideapad. The Live DVD fails to boot into anything, including compatibility mode and the integrity check…

    I did not have these issues with Mint 14 (running this now) or 13. From compatibility mode, here is the full kernel panic error bits.

    md: …autorun DONE.
    List of all partitions:
    No filesystem could mount root, tried: ext3 ext4 vfat fuseblk
    Kernel panic – not syncing: VFS: Unable to mount root fs on unknown-block(1,0)
    —-cut here—-
    WARNING: at /build/buildd/linux-3.8.0/arch/x86/kernel/smp.c:123 native_smp__send_reschedule+0x5b/0x60()
    Hardware name: 1066A9U
    Modules linked in:
    Pid: 1, cmm: swapper/0 Not tainted 3.8.0-10-generic #29-Ubuntu
    Call trace:

    Searching online shows the VFS being mostly a EFI issue, but this is a Live DVD. How can this be the problem?

    Keep in mind, my Lenovo BIOS for this laptop has literally NO Legacy or EFI options.

  178. *Update*

    Boot’d and installed the 32-bit version. So its definitely EFI thats the problem.

    I just don’t understand how or why its an issue now since LM 14 was also installed with EFI… I had to run Ubuntu boot-repair to re-install legacy grub.

    @Clem, if you guys would like me to do any additional testing I’d be happy to. Not sure how many other folks can’t boot the 64bit Live DVD.

  179. Hi, trying to install “apcupsd” (which installs just fine from repository), I also need to install “gapcmon” with it to make it work but it cant be found in the repository, how can I install it? It did install ok on Mint 13..

    $ sudo apt-get install gapcmon
    Reading package lists… Done
    Building dependency tree
    Reading state information… Done
    E: Unable to locate package gapcmon


  180. LM 15 is my favorite LM distro to date!! Thanks Clem and developers!

    I have found 2 minor bugs running LM 15 Mate64 from USB on two recent model ASUS laptops (I always boot from USB–don’t ever install anything!)

    File> Print> Print to File> Save in folder> Desktop does not work. Instead it saves to default mint folder every time.

    Menu> Quit> Shut Down does not work. It stays on Mint logo and does not shut down computer. Have to use power switch to shut down every time.

    These features worked perfectly on LM 14 Mate64. Please fix. Thanks!

  181. Very nice! It was a bit of a hassle to do a fresh install of 15 over 14 (rather than being able to do an upgrade)but I found 15 to be much better than 14. Everything works better, including Steam. Steam store movies played out of the box and I didn’t even have to install 32-bit Flash separately. Although that may be because Steam for Linux was updated. That said though, I’m loving Mint with Cinnamon.

    Easiest to use and best overall distro in existence, imho. And I think Distrowatch backs me up.

  182. There is problem with Nvidia GT240, we can use the “nomodeset” at Grub prompt then install proper driver after booting.

  183. @ 259 Andy,

    yes, for the very first booting, Users with Nvidia-cards or even AMD-Radeon-cards need to boot in with nomodeset. Same for me, because I have Nvdia-card. This is the case since about LinuxMint 13 already.

    I think, this has somethings to do with the graphic-chipsets or even with the drivers themselves. But I suppose, it’s the chipsets itself.

  184. Es ist immer das Gleiche: eine neue Version von “Mint” kommt raus, und nichts läuft mehr rund, beim Update. Wenn ich jedes Mal die neue Version installieren muss, weil es kein Upgrade gibt, kann ich auch bei Windows bleiben – die haben wenigstaens die Möglichkeit, die Version zu upgraden. Als Testversion ist Linux Mint dadurch zwar super, aber als stabile Version, auf die man über Jahre hinweg aufbauen kann ist Linux Mint absolut nicht geeignet. Schade um die Arbeit der Programmierer und um die Arbeit der User beim installieren – nach einem Jahr spätestens ist Schluss mit dem System, dann muss man alles neu machen. Da kann man wirklich nur mit dem Kopf schütteln.

  185. Crude translation @ 280:

    It is always the same: a new version of “mint” comes out, and nothing more runs round, when updating. If I have to install the new version every time, because there is no upgrade, I can stay with Windows – at least have the opportunity to upgrade the version.

    As a test version Linux Mint is thus indeed great, but as a stable version to which you can build up over the years Linux Mint is absolutely not suitable.

    Too bad about the work of the programmer and to the work of the user to install – after one year at the latest closing with the system, then you have to make everything new. Since one can really only shake his head.

    Danke Ihnen. Das könnte Sie auch wollen, hier zu posten:

  186. Due to the hdmi sound problems with my nvidia card, I decided to go back to on board graphics for now.

    This seems to have created a new problem. I set the settings in pavu control, but Mint doesn’t want to hold on to these settings. As soon as I move to another player or Skype, the sound is gone again.

    Does anyone know how to store these settings properly.

  187. Great work. I have not been able to run Mint Linux on my old ass desktop since Mint 8 for some reason so have been running Peppermint3. I have been running Nadia XFCE on my laptop but upgraded it to Olivia and love it. So I tried installing Olivia MATE on the old desktop and it works. Not perfectly; every once in a while I notice color banding on some images but not enough to really bother me. I gather it having issues with the old ass onboard graphics. It is over 10 years old. Glad to have Mint back on it though.

  188. ACER M3-481T
    Edition: LM15 Cinnamon 32-bit
    Summary: Fail (Quick Test)
    1. USB 3g Modem NOT recognized
    2. Bluetooth buggy – BT Mouse Trust not connected easily
    3. Touchpad not working (needs FN+Alt+F7 too work)

  189. at Mintkatze: horrible design (that mint wallpaper) on your forum … hurts my eyes 🙁 sorry

  190. at Fred … it is better for you to use the long term edition (LM13 5 yr support) U N L E S S you have a hardware recognition problem …. then only new Kernels might help

  191. love mint mate 1.6 is great. cinnamon a stepping stone. and enlightenment wonderful xfce great as usual.loving linux…..

  192. My favorite linux distro,since version 3 .

    The best of the best, easy, sharp and elegant distro !

    Thanks LM’s team

  193. Thank you Linux Mint team for such a great distro! Mint Cinnamon is my favourite.I really like new features in it 🙂

  194. Just install mint 15 cinnamon. At first no sound withHDMI, and a problem with my image on TV. I did upgrade to kernel 3.9, now HDMI is ok but not the image with my tv. I can’t match the screen of my laptop with my tv.
    This is a big problem for me because I use my laptop to watch tv.
    Thinkpad edge E430
    Intel HD4000
    Thanks for help and sorry for my english !

  195. I’ve just try Ubuntu 13.04 from a usb stick. No sound att all and like Mint 15, when I want to watch tv from my laptop I can’t chose my laptop resolution and check the miror display. My resolution is 1366 x 768.
    Thinkpad edge E430
    Intel HD4000
    Thanks for help.

  196. Live session bug:

    The live install session doesn’t recognize my on board track pad and keyboard. Is this a bug or does it just not recognise it until it is installed?

  197. Sigh. Where to begin?

    I’ve been using Linux Mint for a couple of years now; I’m a refugee from when Ubuntu switched to Unity. I chose Mint because it stuck with Gnome 2, which I had grown comfortable with, and because it included several codecs and programs that I’d end up installing on Ubuntu anyway. I’m not much of a techie, so I need a distro that’s user-friendly and works out of the box, and Mint has always fit the bill.

    That being said, Linux Mint 15 is unquestionably the most shoddy version I have ever used.

    I have an older computer that can’t handle Cinnamon, so I use 64-bit MATE. That doesn’t bother me, but I’m beginning to think that the shift from Gnome to MATE may have caused more problems than it solved. There’s a lot of stuff buggy or broken in this release, including:

    – Synaptic is running a buggy ‘experimental’ version, as other users have noted, and frequently locks up. When it freezes and has to be killed, it jams up the admin privileges so that nothing can be installed, necessitating a full restart.
    – The software manager will run okay about once after booting up, but when executed more than once, it either fails to run or freezes on its splash screen while it’s querying packages. Together with the Synaptic problem, this leaves no reliable way to install packages except through the terminal, which is a decidedly user-unfriendly approach.
    – MDM is unstable and behaves inconsistently. When I’d try to log out to see if that fixed the problems with Synaptic and the software manager, the X server would repeatedly crash while it attempted to load the login screen. The first time this happened, I got a message saying MDM kept crashing and would attempt to load an alternate login manager (which didn’t work); subsequent attempts yield a screen that warns about how the X server has crashed about six times in 90 seconds, so there will be a two-minute delay before another attempt is made. MDM does eventually pop up and allow me to log on, but only after repeated attempts.
    – I’ve been using Shiki-Colors as my theme of choice for a long time. However, the Colors themes all show up kind of funny in this release; they make the Mint Menu and the update screen both look pretty odd. This means I have to choose another theme, but…
    – … the only theme packaged with the MATE version is Mint-X; none of the other themes promoted in the MATE 1.6 release are included, and if you install mate-themes from the Mint repos, none of them show up in the theme selection screen! Why not?
    – Mate-screensaver doesn’t respect its configuration settings (it loads all screen savers after only a few minutes have passed, regardless of the idle time specified by the user), effectively making it useless. This necessitates removing mate-screensaver and replacing it with xscreensaver instead. This meant using (and crashing) Synaptic again.

    I’ve spent several hours installing and setting up Mint 15 today, and have lost count of how many times I’ve had to restart my system in an effort to resolve some of these problems. If I run into one more significant issue, I intend to roll back to Mint 14. Keep in mind that this is all pretty basic, end-user functionality, and I have a hard time believing that none of it was caught during development or the RC testing cycle. If you want Mint to maintain its reputation as a distro that “just works”, then this isn’t the way to do it.

  198. Hi all,

    Installing this release since friday.
    up until now there is bug i cannot remove, the caja file explorer always have cpu usage:100% (even 200%) on my laptop sony vaio vgn-z570N
    is there something wrong with this release?

  199. Hi,
    Pidgin sometimes doesn’t receive most MSN messages from users using Windows. It happens randomly during conversations.

  200. Congratulations, Mint team.

    Here’s hoping you see the potential of Cinnamon and let it grow on its own, out of the ties of the Mint release cycle.

  201. I experience the same problem as wizi0007 (@138): When I run user accounts it’s minimized on the panel and can’t be accessed. The workaround I found is this: run settings – choose advanced options – and run user accounts from there. After that, it’s possible to run user accounts directly without going through settings.
    Another issue: many programs and menus that are in Danish in Mint 14 are now a mix of Danish and English. Is it just a matter of time before it gets translated?

  202. Deja-Dup does not install properly from the Software Centre. It has two portions, one is for the settings and schedules, that used to appear in the System Settings panel. Only the Run Backup module appears in the Menu – both parts should.

    I have had difficulty accessing backup done prior to the Fresh Installation of Mint 15. It can be done by commandline and also creating a Launcher, But I can find no way to access the GUI for the settings and schedule module.

  203. Hi,

    I executed a package upgrade from Nadia to Olivia. The system is up and running, faster and better than before! Olivia ROCKS!

  204. I still have issues with MDM not starting properly on boot (“The greeter is about to crash” or something like that, maybe linked to proprietary NVidia drivers?).
    From what I have read in the RC thread, I’m not the only one. The bug might have been introduced with one update during the RC period, as I can’t remember seeing it until about onw week into the testing period.

    Will this be fixed eventually?

    It’s a bit annoying as it can increase effective boot time quite a bit.

  205. Linux Mint Team, great release. This is definitely your best one thus far, for sure. 🙂 So good in fact, maybe time to make LM my main go to distro. On my desktop, this is great. My lappy, is another story. 🙁

    Laptop specs: Lenovo Ideapad Z585, AMD A10 (APU) quad, 6GB RAM, 750GB HDD 5400rpm, graphics Radeon 6000+series, UEFI-secure boot (off to test Linux Mint),wireless-Broadcom (propriety).

    Unfortunately, I have to use acpi=off, to boot LM15 (live) (Ubuntu has this problem too), problem detecting all 4 cores of CPU. The wireless is detected by Mint drivers, but will not let me install the Broadcom driver. Has Linux Mint got a “key” yet for secure boot?Hopefully this is all sorted by LM 16 or 17. 🙂

    Back to the good, of the desktop…Cinnamon is just getting better and better, so customizable-applets,extensions, desklets, themes. Thanks for all your hard work. 🙂 Nemo-love it. The MDM, with the Mechanical/Steampunk blimp & airplane skyline (animated/motion), in a word…Awesome!! That has got to be the best login screen, even if you don’t like steampunk. That login screen should get an award. 🙂

    LM 15 is very fast on my desktop-HP AMD/ATI Athlon II x4, Radeon HD 4200, 750GB HDD 7200rpm, 8GB RAM, wlan ralink.

    Questions and suggestions:
    1) Does Compiz work with Cinnamon?
    2) Would you add “wipe” to right-click of Nemo?
    3) No desktop (infamous) Linux Mint startup sound?
    4) Does Linux Mint update the kernel, differently from Ubuntu?
    5) Please have xscreensavers available for use in Cinnamon.
    6) Please have Sushi work in Nemo.
    7) Please have a “cover-flow” for Nemo.
    *bug? Firefox, is only opening in “half screen” left side window, not full screen as it was closed at.

    Thanks again. Keep up the awesome development.

    P.S. the extra wallpapers, were all beautiful and excellent choices. 🙂 Have a great week!

  206. Currently, I have an nvidia graphics controller, and successfully installed proprietary driver. However, I noticed what looks like pretty severe tearing here and there, especially when scrolling down through web pages. Deactivated the nvidia driver, and went back to nouveau. So far seems much smoother. I will monitor system resource usage a bit later to see if this is negatively impacted.

    I for one, have been quite aggravated with nvidia drivers since several releases ago. I haven’t witnessed a silky smooth experience with them since versions 9 and 10, and they seem to be getting worse. Not sure who to point the finger at, but my gut says it’s not just nvidia, but several upstream issues, including the kernel.

    All that aside, if the nouveau developers stay the current course, it will be a mute point for me, as the trend is positive. Every release in my personal experience has resulted in at least slightly better 3D acceleration.

    I would like to be able to test it further on an intensive 3D process, but haven’t run across one yet. Any suggestions for a good testing subject would be great.

    Thanks again Clem for your hard work.

  207. Cinnamon crashed twice on me and turned to fallback mode. Attempts to restart failed.
    Don’t know about the first time but second time was when I tried to play a clip in vlc.

  208. Hello Mint Team,

    I thank you for bringing us a “usable” and “stable” linux operating system. It is really a pleasure to use.


  209. @278:

    Nomodeset is not needed to boot the DVD with my Nvidia card (GTX 550 Ti), although it was, previously, with almost an 3.2/3.3 kernel.

    My problem appears to be with the kernel, which panics either on the DVD boot or at the first or second boot after an install.

  210. Just wanted to add my 2 cents that for both laptops ( ATI Radeon HD 4225 and NVidia FX770M ), I booted off without any hiccups using a USB flash drive. I had long given up on optical media.

  211. I’m having quite a few problems with this edition so far. The driver manager window is empty, so I can’t figure out how to install my wifi and video drivers. Apt-get and the software manager can’t seem to find any of the packages I need (wicd, agave, steam).

    Guess I’ll have to go back to 14 unless I can get this stuff cleared up.

  212. Nice looking, smooth system. Still there are many bugs, however!

    – Update Manager window often frozen and can’t remove it, it just covers other applications. Really annoying, because I need to restart every time.

    – HDMI with Nvidia works with many issues.

    – How about Ubuntu One installation?

  213. I’m fairly new to Linux Mint. I downloaded Linux Mint 14 Months ago and i was wondering.. How do you upgrade the linux distribution from 14 to 15? Thank you for your time?

  214. >>David Wynton Says:
    May 29th, 2013 at 3:42 pm
    Mate 64 bit worked fine and was very impressed – until the menu button disappeared for no obvious reason and there’s no way of getting it back!
    No downloading from a different server hoping it was maybe a faulty download.<<
    Syn Package Mgr – find mintmenu, uninstall and reinstall.

  215. Also noted tearing when using Nvidia drivers and smooth scrolling in Firefox.

    Going to Nouveau driver and things are back to normal in that regard, but the fan speed is not adapting automatically. – so not an option for me.

    With Nvidia drivers installed can use Chromium and a scroller extension without tearing appearing as bad as firefox, but not buttery smooth as before.

  216. Just install mint 15 cinnamon. At first no sound with HDMI and a problem with my image on TV. I did upgrade to kernel 3.9, now the sound with HDMI is ok but not the image with my tv. I can’t match the screen of my laptop with my tv, (clone).
    This is a big problem for me because I use my laptop to watch tv.

    I’ve just try Ubuntu 13.04 from a usb stick. No sound att all and like Mint 15, when I want to watch tv from my laptop I can’t chose my laptop resolution and check the miror display (clone).
    Thinkpad edge E430
    Intel HD4000
    Hope someone can help me.
    I was happy to have the same problem with ubuntu…I like mint so much. I don’t want to switch.

  217. Hi,
    respect for all your work!
    Been Using Linux Mint for about 2 months now, but because of some problems I’ve decided to switch back to Windows now.
    One reason is that I have to use Skype all day long every day, but Skype on Linux always has problems, weird scratching sounds, I can never seem to get the microphone working and my voice messages don’t seem to show up. I know this is probably a problem with Skype and Pulse Audio, but I can’t seem to fix it after days of trying.
    Another reason is that I use Photoshop CS regularly and can’t get that to work either. I’ve tried Wine and Playonlinux.
    Also I don’t like that things don’t work out of the box e.g. when I resume from suspend the Ethernet connection doesn’t work and I have to reboot to get it to work.
    Otherwise it seems like a very nice OS and I’m sure I’ll try it out again in the future. If all the bugs are fixed and a better version of Skype is available I will definitely switch to Linux Mint!

  218. OK…I shall try this again, my first post, for some odd reason did not make it on the list. 🙁

    Great release. Thank you so much. 🙂 Love the cinnamon desktop. The MDM Mechanical login is awesome. Excellent choices for the extra wallpapers.

    Issue: I cannot boot LM 15-live USB, without turning acpi=off (same for Ubuntu). I believe this causes my CPU cores, not to be detected. Mint drivers detects wireless on laptop, but will not install the driver (propriety Broadcom). I am using a Lenovo Ideapad Z585: A10-quad core, Broadcom wireless.

    Keep up the excellent work. Have a great week.

  219. Fantástico!!! Me fascinó Mint…Es muy bello estéticamente y muy rápido…Felicitaciones desde Chile!!!

  220. Dear Clem,

    I had reported the problem of accessing windows shares with Cinnamon edition @ 186 & 194 of this blog. The problem I reported was while trying to access the windows shares through the network tab on the left panel of Nemo. This problem still continues.

    However, I was able to partially resolve the problem by trying to access through “File-Connect to server” option of Nemo menu. In this method, the connection is faster when enter the IP address of the Windows server. It works even if I enter the name of the server, but this is a bit slower. It means that I should know either the correct name or IP address of the Windows server I want to access. I would prefer to select from the list of all servers on the network, as this is much easier.

    I have used all editions of Mint since Elyssa edition and never faced this problem, except with Cinnamon edition of Nadia (not with Mate edition of the same) and now again with Cinnamon edition of Olivia. I am yet to check with Mate edition of Olivia. But I would prefer to have Cinnamon edition, as it is much more elegant. Can you please help me to resolve this problem?

  221. Chandrasekhar@299

    Is your workstation configured with a static IP, or is it given to you via DHCP?

    If it is static, make sure you have populated the DNS field with 1 or more DNS servers. It may also help to add a domain name to search for, although this may not make a difference.

    I can confirm that I have experienced weird behavior over one release to the next with network issues. Maybe not exactly the same as yours, but it usual results in some sort of name resolution problem.

    A case in point has to do with vpn connectivity for me. I used to have to make sure my network manager had both DNS servers entered for the target network AND a domain to search for. If I didn’t, I could establish the VPN tunnel, but could get no further. NOW, it appears that if I enter DNS servers and a “search for” domain, that causes all kinds of problems. This I attribute to some changes we made to the network of interest.

  222. Not the greatest release, running MATE 32-bit edition.
    I have many problems compared to LM 13 and 14. Synaptic is crashing after running for a little bit, need to kill the process manually or restart computer. And amarok is not working at all. And fusion-icon is seg faulting.

    I will stick to LM 13 as my daily. Compiz works better on my setup too.

  223. Seems like Linux mint 15 got more problems according to people and I do have some of these problems…..

  224. Installed 15RC on a quad-core desktop and a dual-core laptop (both AMD machines), both appeared to function well overall. Later installed 15 on the desktop as soon as it came available. Love the shortened start-up and shut-down sequences.

    However, I do have a problem when trying to access a local network printer (hardwired Lexmark e260dn). Both machines continually “lose the connection” with the printer every time I try to print, and I have to run Control Center|Printers to force a search mission to re-verify the printer is still attached. General internet access does not seem to be affected.

    I am also occasionally having a boot-up failure on the desktop machine requiring a reset. Possibly an nVidia issue, as the desktop has a GT520 card. The laptop uses ATI graphics and I don’t have this issue with it.

  225. Tried to change the language for 1 user but unfortunately no matter what i try, the default language for that user is always set back to the main (system wide) language.

  226. Love Mint but as a few others have pointed out, the USB Image Writer don’t work. At least it didn’t work for me, it installed just fine but couldn’t boot into the system after reboot.
    Worked after I used Unetbootin instead to write the ISO. Thanks Kirk M #76!

  227. Hello!
    There’s an obvious bug in Cinnamon’s notification applet. When the system is left to lock the screen a few times automatically, as it behaves by default, at a certain point it becomes impossible to view the notifications anymore. Sometimes the Pidgin’s notifications are starting to be shown in separate dialog windows. The only fix I found is to remove the applet, and to add back again to the panel.
    I don’t know whether it exist any committed fix to this.

  228. Hello
    i was trying to install mint 15 in an old pc (1 Gb ram; video card radeon 9200) but when i boot the usb dvice it takes hours to boot and once he finished there’s a message that says that there’s some problem with the visual acceleration and all the system it’s really slow… what can i do? If I install the system anyway will it works properly?
    thanks in advance

  229. I really hope to test it soon!

    just out of curiosity, in what programming languages is linux mint built in? I cant find this information anywhere

  230. Found more bugs in the system settings control center. In the themes area, whenever you try to change themes (or theme elements) or use the “get more online” button it throws up various errors (depending on what you just tried to do), and freezes/crashes Mint. Refreshing Cinnamon after making successful changes also freezes/crashes Mint, requiring a hard reboot from my computer case’s reboot button.

    On a positive note, the system update widget on our task bars actually notifies you when an update is available, whereas in Mint 14 it always said you were up to date no matter what, and you just had to remember to manually check every once in a while. So this is nice.

    Using Mint 15 Cinnamon, 64-bit version. Despite some bugs, I still think Clem and crew have done a great job.

  231. Download Linux Mint 15 Olivia Cinnamon 64 Bit twice, burn the image twice, make a usb stick with unebootin and lately with Universal-USB-Installer- also.

    The result the same, black screen even in compability mode. I can’t install Mint 15 to my pc! 🙁

    Mint 13 and 14 BootCD – USB still working fine.

    VGA AMD HD7870 :/

    AM2+ 790FX Motherboard with 1100T CPU.

    ACHI or IDE the same result also black screen.

    Is there any issue with some VGAs? and is it going to be a fix soon like a 15.1 version maybe?

    So unfortunatelly going back to 14 hoping to find a solution here or in forum.


  232. Hats off to the Linux Mint Team

    It’s been almost a year and half I left the other OS that I was using for years.

    I just put on my laptop and in seconds my screen is ready for work; with my old OS I used go for a cup of coffee after I switch on it.

    Once again Thanks to linux and and Mint team

  233. Caja file manager and Firefox cannot minimise, maximise or close when running Compiz.

    Other programs like Thunderbird, Chromium, Pidgin can do the above tricks just fine.

  234. One more thing, why in Linux Mint and Ubuntu this pair of commands is inevitable because of frequent similar packaging errors?:

    sudo rm /var/lib/apt/lists/* -vf
    sudo apt-get update

  235. bluetooth is useless as usual in ALL buntu based distros…never seems to work out of the box…is this an area thats ALWAYS over looked in ALL linux distros? never worked since mint7 release?

    unable to send anything to andriod device and versa visa. have to hack and tweak and install all sorts of bluetooth related packages to get it to work. i have some how jagged bluetooth to work flawlesly in ubuntu 1204 — dont know what package or tweak made it work —

    is it possible for once in a mint release for bluetooth to WORK, i use bluetooth alot for transfering pictures, docs etc from phone to laptop and find it ubber important feature… andriod phones bluetooth, works with no issues with xp, vista and w7 and from M$ OS to andriod… if this can be ironed out for once, i can bet linux will look alot more promising for newbies….

    but other then that, mint 15 has scrubbed up very well, well done guys

  236. right clicking wireless icon – dosnt work – unable to find wlan0 mac address in network settings – found it eventually then forgot how i got there – not user friendly

    cover flow extension not working – how do you asign a new keybinding to it and then add it into the config.js???? file for it to work?

  237. i have tried to install softwares using linuxmint 11 but it failed says repository may no longer available. so why

  238. Congratulations! Just downloaded the final version of Linux Mint 15 Cinnamon and it looks awesome.
    But, there is one problem: I tried to install Dropbox for Nemo (using the nemo-dropbox-package from the package manager). It installed fine but there is no icon in the taskbar when I start my computer. I can only start Dropbox by opening a terminal and call “dropbox start -i”. So I tried to edit the “gnome-session-properties” and added an entry for Dropbox which calls the “dropbox start -i” statement. But when I save it and restart my computer, dropbox won’t start. If I then look at the gnome-session-properties again, the dropbox-entry that I created before has gone.
    Any ideas how to solve the problem? Because it’s really annoying that I have to start dropbox manually whenever I want to use it.
    Any help would be appreciated. 🙂
    Thank you very much in advance,

  239. Update Manager’s log error on ‘Information’.

    ++ Ready to launch synaptic

    (synaptic:2698): GLib-GObject-CRITICAL **: g_object_set_data: assertion `G_IS_OBJECT (object)’ failed

    (synaptic:2698): GLib-GObject-WARNING **: invalid (NULL) pointer instance

    (synaptic:2698): GLib-GObject-CRITICAL **: g_signal_connect_data: assertion `G_TYPE_CHECK_INSTANCE (instance)’ failed

  240. Additional bug report for 64-bit Cinnamon: Software repository often freezes up while trying to install something (currently, K3b is stuck at 95%, for instance). Some software listings simply refuse to open at all (i.e., multi-arch).

    Keep up the good work, Clem & team. 🙂

  241. Another great job by your team …….
    I’d like it to be added to an applet for print jobs.
    Thank you for your work.

  242. Still using previous version and have plan to upgrade to this a mesmerizing version. Thank you for a great job guys…

  243. Finally my black screen caused of the second monitor, I disconnect the one monitor (HDMI) and used only one monitor during installation (DVI).

    After the first boot into Linux Mint 15 I choose/install a proprietary driver and then I reconnect the second monitor again with no problem.

    Linux Mint 15 “Olivia” seems awesome!

    Keep up the great work! 🙂

  244. I have a problem: when I’m doing active cinnamon 2 or 3 angles (track, Scaling, normal), I have a dead hang Working table (help button viklyucheniya) and the sound disappears. when the defect card. 2-3 reboot and everything is fine. if we repeat – the exact same song. love cinnamon, but because of that I sit on the mat, everything as a watch. punched x86 and x64 – the same way. Notebook ASUS K54C (Seleron dual 1.6, 2GB opera viduh intel Integrated). In other Linuhe video issues were observed. Thanks for the advice.

  245. Hi Clem!

    MintMenu 5.4.9 is very slow in every first load (around 2-3 seconds).

    To reproduce it (you can try in Mint 13 or in Mint 15, indifferently):
    1.) Login into you user account.
    2.) Click MintMenu button to load the menu.

    If you try after logout and login again (or also after reboot the computer), the load it’s slow again.

    I hope that you solve this bug and the return of the fast MintMenu (as in Mint 9, in Mint 13 was a bit slow).

    Thank you! 🙂

  246. I use linux at my work and personal PCs. I get off ubuntu train because of unity. From then I use Mint and every version was better than the previous. Unfortunately this version have several stability problems. The new login screen can easily consume the 100% of your cpu (use htop from an other machine with ssh). Login screen sometime frozen several times and have to reboot.
    The xdmcp is very important but it seems broken at 15. The amd radeon hd driver is not working any more (there are several workarounds with their drawbacks). problems at restart. Fun never stop (i use i8kmon to stop it).
    Try to use 15 for your day to day work and you will see what I mean.

    I am waiting soon for a 15.1 version correcting things.

    And please do not detouch cinnamon 2 from Gnome, it will be a mistake for many reasons. do not reinvent the will, keep it a gnome shell
    as it is, otherelse I will have to get on Fedora train (in case you care about)

  247. Hi,
    I just installed Linux Mint 15. I have a laptop with Nvidia 410M card.
    I uninstalled nouveau and installed nvidia driver manually by downloading .run file from nvidia website.
    After restarting on Desktop, Home and trash folder is not shown and the view of folder is not good .
    After maximizing the folder window the icons “clsoe”, “minimize” and maximize is not showing.
    What should i do please help.
    I have a laptop – SONY-VPCEH16EN
    Nvidia 410M GForce with Cuda.
    Thanks in advance

  248. Great! Can’t wait to install this on my sister’s laptop and wait for it to be shoved in a closet after 6 months because the process of “upgrading” to the next version will require her to install a fresh copy and redo all the specific tweaks and reinstall all the software all by her computer-end-user self…which ain’t happening. LMDE is OK, but too many wireless reliability issues, and other quirks to dump on a relative 3000 miles away.
    Mint is the best distro, aside from the gnome2-alike obsession, but the lack of true upgradability is a show-stopper for true blue just-end-users like my sister. Even windows only needs to be completely reinstalled every 18 months. And no, Long Term isn’t a viable option for someone who needs to be up-to-date on applications. It doesn’t quite work as advertised.

  249. Just installed it today on my neighbours IBM T61 and it performs really great on it. Also, it seems that all works out of the box, WiFi, Sound and also the hot keys. One of the USB ports won’t work, but I think it’s just broken. I’ll try it myself in a virtuell machine at first tomorrow and then move it to my main machine, if everything works well. 🙂

  250. I have a 2 bugs i wish to report and one of them is found in Ubuntu 13.04 as well as all versions of mint from 13 to 15
    first the one in Linux mint thats unique to it in 14 and earlier versions the synaptic package manager always worked fine now in 15 when going through the manager selecting packages choosing the ones i want to install it freezes i have to quit the program and it does this every time i was running Linux mint 15 Mate 64 bit with all the updates
    bug 2 no audio for Realtek ALC880 Sound card as well as all realtek HD Audio sound cards i fixed bug 2 heres how i did it in the config file
    named alsa-base.conf i added this options snd-hda-intel model=generic
    Ubuntu 13.04 has this same bug no sound for Realtek HD Audio Soundcards
    i only recently tried Ubuntu and i do not know if earlier versions have this Bug or not i,m thinking they do other than those 2 bugs I think Linux Mint Is Awesome i have been using it Since version 12 and like it very much i like that it is more reliable and more hassle free than windows and is way easier to maintain i give mint at least 5 stars for its ease of use and reliability and performance and i hope that any and all bugs will get worked out i,m going to stay with 14 for a while longer
    once the bug with the synaptic package manager is fixed i will be upgrading to mint 15 other than that bug with synaptic i cant find any other problems or bugs with Linux Mint 15 Olivia Thank You For taking the time to not only to read this but for all your hard work as well
    Sincerely Shawn

  251. screensaver at mate x64 15 activated only at 10 minutes no matter what you define.

    many admin applets at cinnamon 15 refuse to run randomly. If I start them from the command line I can see strange gkt errors.

    At mate using admin -> users I can not change the full username of a user.

    Details but they are annoying.

  252. I get the following error at startup:
    Do you want to restart cinnamon?
    Cinnamon just crashed. You are currently running in Fallback Mode.
    Yes / No
    Clicking yes presents the same message. Clicking No makes it go away and leaves me with no menu, only the Welcome Screen.

    My computer is a reasonably old Fujitsu-Siemens Scenic but it exceeds the requirements. Mint 14 was working fine.

  253. The Nvidia drivers showed in driver manager and I loaded the recommended driver okay. With DVD defaults next morning I have of course a black screen, touch any key login okay, wait and wait and wait and I get cinnamon desktop. Why the long long wait, I do not remember that with Mint15-RC? I did have a black screen long wait on Mint13 after the first updated. Also the border round the tutorial window and the window itself is often a mess. Sometimes the firefox and thunderbird windows need to be re-sized on opening as they are a mess. This was also a Mint13 issue I raised after the update. I’m not going to try any different Nvidia drivers as they tend to produce a blank screen and nothing works. Other than that it’s looking good. Ian.

  254. Sensitivity settings are wrong, “low” being the fastest and “high” the slowest. And, after some time (minutes) it reset itself to default values.

    And, even with the sensitivity set to the minimum value, it’s still way too fast for my likes

  255. Ian@365,

    I assume since you are installing the nvidia drivers that you MUST have them in order to have 3D acceleration. Maybe you have a specific need for them, but how far have you used the system without them? You may be surprised how well the nouveau driver is doing. It’s not perfect, but I personally have been less and less impressed with the difference that installing the nvidia driver makes. It comes with it’s own problems as you well noted.

    If I were you, and you don’t have a very specific MUST have need for the nvidia drivers, try running your system awhile without them, and see if you are missing anything. During that time, I would check to see if your system resources are skyrocketing. That’s an issue some users have had before, but I haven’t detected that yet. That could be hardware specific, so my comment might not mean much.

    You may also see a weakness with the nouvea driver in really intensive 3D processes. Problem appears as really bad frame-rate–not a smooth rendering at all. But I have pretty significant tearing with the nvidia driver, so for me, it’s simply a trade-off. Other low intensity 3D processes seem just fine.

    Just a suggestion, don’t know what your specific MUST haves are.

  256. PB@366
    I have a Nvidia 8500 GT and install and boot with nomodeset of course. Without the recommended driver the raw installation monitor was 3:4 not 9:16 with the cpu doing a lot of work and a black warning about graphics. Scrolling was very jumpy. I do not know how to disable the driver but could try the nouveau driver and hope it’s still good. I do not need 3D, I only use word, spread sheets and some low level c and assembler on 8 bit micros. If I did a alt ctl F1 and log into the terminal what can I do to rescue myself in the event of a black screen?

  257. @364
    Tim, had the same problem with an old PC I had,
    just install MATE desktop in Software Manager
    and at next restart make it your default desktop – it should work fine.

  258. Assuming that you can successfully get into a shell, you could try the following command:

    sudo apt-get purge nvidia-current

    After it completes, you should be able to run the “reboot” command, and boot into the desktop, although it may behave like you described above.

    I guess it’s a specific hardware issue, but I’m a bit surprised that you’re having such unstable behavior when running the nouveau driver. That’s the driver that should be configured to run as default. I don’t have exactly the same nvidia card as you, but I just don’t understand why there can be such a drastic swing in performance. This is one area of Linux that has been a rough road at best. Of course, I understand the issues about closed source drivers and such, but I haven’t had a graphics system that I would call really smooth since LM9. LM10 I’m sure was okay, but after that, things started downhill. I’m sure developers within every layer of the Linux community understand what’s happening, but it doesn’t change the fact that it can really be a headache.

  259. PB@369
    Strange, I used Driver Manager and changed to Nouveau and I’m still working but driver manager said no propriety driver in use. That’s what it said on raw install. On raw install, Display I was limited to two 3:4 formats and 1600 x 900 was not an option. Now it’s stayed 1600 x 900 so that’s positive. Logout login and I have a terminal so shutdown -r now and reboot to software rendering mode. I’m on cinnamon by the way. I’ll have to put up with the Nvidia for a bit longer though several are offered I’ll use the recommended one. Ian.

  260. Ian@370,

    Maybe I’m confused, but it sounds like your are using the Nouvea driver which is a good thing if you now have correct resolution. If your Driver Manager says “No proprietary drivers are in use”, then you are NOT using the Nvidia driver, which is the proprietary driver.

    If you don’t mind, can you confirm what the Drive Manager says again? If it also shows the Nouvea driver selected, then you are for sure running that driver, and not the nvidia proprietary driver.

    If you can confirm that, and things seem to be working with at least a little more stability, then I wouldn’t fool with the Nvidia driver. DEFINITELY don’t waste your time trying other Nvidia drivers. The recommended one is recommended for a reason.

  261. PB@371
    The default on raw install Driver Manager shows Nouveau with the green dot and no proprietary driver in use. Put the green dot on the recommended driver and okay it, wait till finished then I get proprietary driver in use, display shows acer 20″ identified and 1600 x 900 pixels set up for me.

    If the nouveau is really running as shown on raw install or re-install over the Nvidia driver the monitor is not identified and resolution is not optimum.

    There is also some really strange sequences getting back after putting nouveau over recommended. Terminal and try to log in a few times. I thought I’d killed it. Not for a novice, maybe I should consider junk Nvidia card and use the internal VIA DeltChrome Graphis

  262. Ian@372

    Okay, thanks for the confirmation. At this point, I would be more inclined to try the onboard graphics that you mentioned. Again, no guarantees there, but Nvidia and AMD are known issues, as is sometimes with Intel HD accelerators.

  263. First of all, I know this isn’t the place for it, but I must comment on a situation that I’m in the middle of as we speak. I was trying to update a friends PC to LM13 so I knew it would be well support for some time. Turns out she is running a Lexmark X5650 all-in-one that I can’t make work. I even tried drivers on Lexmark site albeit drivers for older distros. No luck. I know what the problem is with the file, and the is a broken line in the control file of the deb package. However, I can’t get the file out of read-only status to correct the line and make it stick.

    Went back to LM9 just for kicks, and wouldn’t you know, all is well. And the speed is embarrassingly fast. Yes LM9 is obsolete but I suppose most repos are still open, as it appears to be fully updated, and it just works like a champ.

    Clem, this is not to say that your work on current versions isn’t stunning. It most truly is. But admittedly, when I compare the experience that I just had with bringing an LM9 system on line, it brought back such nice memories. And it highlights the tremendous work that’s still to be done to get that old feeling again. I know much of what we had we’ll never see again, and hopefully it’s all for the better. But my experience has shown me how much left is to be done.

  264. New bug report for today: custom wallpapers don’t always stay there after shutting down the computer. It sometimes defaults to the standard Mint wallpaper upon boot-up.

    Thanks for all your hard work on this distro, devs. It truly is awesome.

  265. Upon booting up, Mint doesn’t detect my native resolution, my mouse, or my touchpad. It also says it’s running in software rendering mode. What might be causing this problem?

  266. PB@325,

    I have a static IP address and has been specifying both domain name and DNS server. Hence this could not be the issue. Interestingly, Ubuntu 13.04 on which Mint Olivia is based, is lightning fast with the same settings!!

  267. Your observation about Ubuntu 13.04 having better performance raises an interesting question. While both Cinnamon and Unity are based on Gnome 3 code, I wonder if Unity isn’t using the Gnome 3 network configuration tool like Cinnamon seems to be using. I seem to remember Unity being different in that regard, but didn’t test it long enough to really make any usable observations.

    My guess is it has to do with the network-manager installed by default, and Ubuntu may be using an older version, or an updated version. There has got to be a plausible explanation, and network management utilities are another layer that have had many changes–big or small, good or bad.

    That being said, go to your package manager and search for network-manager, and take a look at what’s installed. You might try adding a couple of things like the network-manager-gnome front end if it’s not already there. This will give you another dashboard to setup your network that can be found in the Cinnamon menu under preferences and then click on network connections. You will be presented with the more familiar Gnome config window. Try totally reconfiguring your network settings from this window instead of going to the applet on the panel.

    In other words, go to your current network settings dashboard, remove the currently configured connection, and then proceed to the above process. I’m not positive this will make much of a difference, but I seem to remember having network issues before that were resolved by going back to the older gnome front-end.

  268. Why are you not supporting full disk encryption? This is absurd, every modern linux distro needs tis feature to be installed easily while install.

  269. Just want to thank the developers for this release. I wasn’t sure about upgrading from 14, but so far 15 is working seamlessly on my computer and all of the previous bugs that used to drive me batty are gone! Great work guys! Thankful for all you do!


  270. “Cinnamon 2.0 will be a completely independent desktop environment, Clement Lefebvre reveals to Linux User & Developer in an exclusive interview.

    Clement Lefebvre: Basically, in [Cinnamon] 2.0 you won’t be running GNOME at all

    Linux User & Developer: So will [Cinnamon] 2.0 be in [Linux] Mint 16?

    Lefebvre: This is both something we want and something we have to do. Yes.”

    very well thinking! congratulations!

    cinnamon 1.8.1 is working very well on mint 13. the single thing i have as a “problem” is two times system stettings in the menu-the old and the new version. how can i get rid of the old one?

    thank you very very much mint team for this splendid release and for supporting the lts version!

  271. I am having problems with usb mouse & keyboard connected through a Plugable UD-160 usb dock to my Lenovo laptop. These devices work during grub menu, but stop working at the desktop. This happens in Mint 15, both Mate & Cinnamon 64 bits live DVD. I also tested Ubuntu 13.04 Gnome edition and it also fails. Kubuntu 13.04 works. Mint 14 worked fine.

    If I disconnect my mouse from the dock and plug it in directly to the laptop, it works fine. I did a lsusb and a dmesg after plugging in the mouse and the output is the same, no matter where I connect it. The only difference is the usb port enumeration.

    I did an Alt-Ctrl-F1 in my laptop’s keyboard to go to a tty console and the keyboard works there. Using the usb keyboard I did an Alt-Ctrl-F8 to return to the desktop and it stopped working.

    I am thinking there is a problem with how the X server is setting up these two devices.

    How can I troubleshoot this problem further ?

  272. @ 379

    I had these two sets of system settings too, after an attempt to install a certain gnome app. Makes things a little confusing.

    I just went to ‘edit menu’ (right click menu button) and deleted the old one there. It is wise to just un-tick it first so that you know you’re deleting the right one.

  273. MATE 64-bit does not work, only flashing display…
    My PC:
    DualCore Intel Pentium E5700
    Gigabyte GA-G41MT-S2P
    RAM 4000 Mb
    NVIDIA GeForce 8400 GS (512 Mb)

  274. Before I say that I love Mint, I have got to tell all of you something…….. I have been following Mint since 2011 (ok I have followed all good versions of Linux since 2011). Last week I downloaded both versions of Mint 15(Mate & Cinnamon). I must say it looks good, very very good. But that’s about it. First of all, I could not install any one of the 2 versions on my MSI-GT70 Laptop. there is a couple of reasons. First could not get raid 0 to work on Linux. I followed about 20 peoples advice, to no avail. then I decided I would remove the raid and install it only on one hard drive. then it worked perfectly. Secondly, could not get my Nvidia GTX675M processor to work(After following about 100 peoples advice). Thirdly, My Webcam of the laptop does not work at all. (to tired to follow advice to get it fixed) Fourth and Last, PlayOnLinux and Wine does not work correctly, Could not set up ANY software using the software.

    So here is my 2cents worth, If the Linux community want the pc industry to take them seriously, Start by fixing the problems that is at hand. it doesn’t help to bring out a new release every couple of months if the previous issues are not sorted out. We can not expect people to buy pcs with preinstalled Linux and it doesn’t work!!! Realy I don’t mind working in the terminal its really fun. but what about the rest of the newbees???

    Right now windows 7 is installed on my system(against my will).

    So if anybody has a answer for me please feel free to contact me.(

  275. After trying both RC versions of LM 15 on my Dell Vostro 1700 laptops and having issues with the wireless and Nvidia drivers, I decided to wait for the final release. I have installed both Mate and Cinnamon final release versions on both of my Vostro 1700’s and everything is now working flawlessly! Thank You Clem and everyone who worked so hard on LM 15!! Great Job!

  276. I don’t know what have happened but i got an idea…

    Linux Mint 13 Maya LTS 64 bit – MDM – It’s broken…user accounts
    Have done upates via usual upates and via backported updates

    Linux Mint 15 Olívia 15 64 bit – MDM – It’s broken…user accounts
    Have done via usual updates. Now i have enabled backported and romeo
    even. No sucess i’ve got. So, sorry but i don’t know how to fix these
    problems. _ Cinnamon

    I only can see the login screen through logout – ctrl -alt -backspace

    For the rest of things, everything it’s OK! Great!


  277. I found something that might interest you. I installed the current Debian edition day before yesterday. Ran into video problems on exit from quake, so I installed Olivia Cinnimon both 64 bit. To migrate from my old system, I used the file manager connect to server feature to ssh to the old box and drag my home folder onto the new machines home folder. This was a 25 gB copy Same machine (Dell 745) same conditions. The Debian edition did the copy about 5 times faster. This is wired port to wired port on a Belkin router. System monitor showed 8-10 Mbits/sec on the Debian and 1.1 = 2 on Cinnamon. Just trying to help.



  278. PS Exiting Quake trashes the video on Cinnamon also, but it is recoverable with ctrl-alt-bkspc and resetting the resolution with Displays. On Debian this hosed things worse and sync was lost never to be regained.



  279. I’m having persistent boot, suspend, and shutdown problems with Olivia MATE amd64.

    Sometimes boot hangs with lots of text on the screen. In other cases the greeter crashes. When trying to suspend sometimes it does not suspend but returns to the login screen. When shutting down it sometimes does not shutdown but hangs with some text on the screen.

    All these issues don’t occur with Nadia MATE amd64.

    In Olivia the issues happen in maybe 20 percent of all cases. On some days they occur more often than on others.

    I would like to know what I can do against these issues.

  280. Hi!

    @vexorian, I don’t know anybody who uses xcf gimp’s image format… 🙂

    All I want isto save whatI did, and since it’s an image editor, I would expect that the save actions leads me to saving in a image format, and “export” to a non-image format, like any other editor. 😛

    Clem: I couldn’t find away to use the new Cinnamon’s screensaver. Where are they? (running the LiveUSB 32-bit version).
    Also, I can’t raise the Expo nor the Scale views with keyboard. I’ve changed the hotkeys, restored the defaults… I can only trigger them with the screen hotspots. :/ I use the keyboard a lot, so having to grab the mouse to show the expo is a “waste of time”.

    Thanks for your work, please continue improing nemo and cinnamon, they’re great.

  281. Hein@390

    What happened? I was waiting for you to say, “I love Mint.” lol

    Based on when you started following “good” distros (since 2011), that puts you right at the start of the huge down turn, that is for those of us who had the pleasure of experiencing LM9, and LM10. So much has changed, and I’m afraid mostly not in a good way. Sure, the Linux kernel may support more, newer hardware, but it has it’s own issues–one being that older hardware is starting to be left behind. Users are compelled to install versions of Linux with older kernels. And the availability of those is also starting to dwindle. Some problems have been ironed out, but others still loom overhead. The sad part is, Clem simply can’t control much of what has happened.

    On the good side, Clem has done beautiful work on both Cinnamon and Mate, as far as appearances go, and some function. But things are broken, as you yourself have expressed, and it is frustrating that these ongoing issues aren’t fixed first. But again, mostly upstream issues. Knowing these details doesn’t make it all better, and besides, I’m sure you already know.

    Maybe you realize this, or you don’t. But in your own words you are expressing confusion on the lack of direction that seems to be Linux right now. With all the work that has gone into this project on all levels for so long now, you would think that having a really viable option for desktop users would be at the top of the list. But it just doesn’t add up to that any more?

    Perhaps direction is coming. But, perhaps it is already here, and we really don’t like it. Maybe the direction is manifesting itself in lack of direction. However we choose to understand it, much uncertainty is the name of the game. Developers like Clem seem to soften the blow, but there is SO much that just ain’t working right, and again, Clem has little to do with.

    I’m going to drop this bomb out there, and I’m sure many users will spaz out, but LMDE is just not there yet for me, and my last trial was with the latest re-spin. I didn’t even get half way through before I was ready to throw things. Unlike you, I CAN’T STAND the terminal. If developers went through the trouble of building a button to push, why can’t they go a step further and make it do what it’s supposed to?

    I don’t have hours to spend searching for advice like you did to fix things.

    Enough complaining. Thanks Clem for your hard work, and we look forward to whatever positive functionality you can bring to the table.

  282. Thanks good distro again.. I was disappointed to not able to compile emerald decorator like in Lm 14 Mate but now it’s done I’ve found a way.

  283. Hm, It looks like Clem did a good job fixing most of the errors and issues from the RC. I have found only one issue and it is a big one. It is the partition manager, it is so far the only main issue I have seen that realy rubs me the wrong way. It seams like you forgot to finish it Clem. I wanted to duel boot it with a Windows Machien and it was impossible as I could not delete any of the partions are realy change them and I was foreced to use Mint 14 just so I can format the drive for 15. I mean how can such an issue not been takeled by now. If this happened with Windows all the versions would be recalled. Other then that there was no other NEW issues with Mint. Again not all of us like that /home/(name)/.themes crap and we just want the tyile controlers and every thing in the /usr/share/. If it can’t be done in root the users should not be able to do ANY customiseations. I mean what company will want to use this knowing that their employes can change things willy nilly with out root and I don’t want to sound like a winner, but come on stop acting like Ubuntu as Mint has more class and when you add those stupid newb opton it makes Mint as bad as Ubuntu, and Mint was trying to get away from the gimics of Ubuntu and all its crude. Hm I wounder what LT things of Mint 15?

  284. @ 399

    Are you sure there isn’t something wrong with your install dvd or usb stick? If the partition manager would not be functioning properly, it would have been reported here over and over and I’m sure it would have been fixed by now.

    I also installed LM15 next to Windows, using the option ‘something else’, and the partitioning tool worked perfectly fine for me.

  285. I have a comment and suggestion about cinnamon desktop
    i think its cool but it would be nice to change the size of the mouse pointer from the default size which is small to a larger size
    in mate you can do that but in cinnamon you can;t
    oh and by the way i have decided i,m going to give Linux mint 15 another try hopefully the bug in synaptic package manager is fixed
    please keep in mind that when i was using synaptic it froze every time i was going through it selecting packages to install what is up with that on lm14 i never had any issues to me it sounds like an experimental version is being used in lm15 whats up with that why not use the version from 14 oh and it seems like no one has responded to my last message does anyone even care this problem with synaptic is a serious bug that needs to be fixed asap i rely on synaptic to install all of my software
    its so much easier and more reliable than the software manager
    oh and i would like to see the sound problem get fixed too on lm 13 14 and 15 there is no sound for realtek alc880 sound cards also my clients Toshiba laptop with a newer realtek hd audio sound card also has no sound i,m willing to bet money that the sound issue applies to all realtek hd audio sound cards and i,m willing to bet that Ubuntu 13.04 raring ringtail has these issues to i know on my system Ubuntu 13.04 has no sound also Ubuntu 13.04 has another bug after running the updater for the first time and applying updates the updater icon is missing from the dash Linux mint 15 has another bug in the maintenance section for the software sources and updater if you click the two buttons fix merge list problems and purge residual configurations buttons a few times or more the updater for Linux Mint disappears forever the icon is missing from the system tray the control center and the menu
    thank you for taking the time to read and look into this
    and just to let you know i,m not a spammer i just wish to give feedback on my experiences to help make Linux Mint Better for everyone i will be giving more feedback once i have done more testing

  286. In the control center it would be nice if there where a set of hardware
    diagnostics tools and tests to run to make sure all your hardware is working correctly and also a set of repair tools would come in very handy a troubleshooter suite like the one in windows 7 would be helpful
    also a filesystem repair utility would be most helpful
    i noticed that Linux Mint 15 is not using ext4 filesystem it is using an older version ext2 or 1 i think maybe thats why there are some bugs in this release i don;t get it lm 14 uses ext 4 why not use that in lm 15 why use an older filesystem when ext4 works fine maybe you cant use that ext4 with full disk encryption

  287. I have an issue where applets refuse to load. This is on a clean formatted install. I can install/uninstall them infinite number of times with no impact. Looking glass just shows applet.js didn’t load. This has happened to me on two separate installs. Any ideas? At all possible one of the themes breaks it?

  288. @ 401 Shawn

    In regard to the mouse pointer issue, I couldn’t agree more. In fact I made this very same comment in Segfault a few weeks ago. It may be ok on an ordinary size computer screen, but on my 36″ screen it can be very difficult to find sometimes. Never had that problem in MATE.

    I also support you on the sound issue. With my Nvidia card I had no hdmi sound at all, so I changed things around to on-board. I have sound now but Mint can’t seem to save the settings, so I have to set them again and again. And yes, I had problems with the sound in LM14 too. In all fairness though, hdmi is also a headache in Windows 7.

  289. If I close the lid the system goes to suspend.
    But when I resume from suspend – open the lid – the system goes back to work instead of lock mode which is a serious security issue.
    This way anyone can access my sensitive data.

  290. @401 Shawn

    Synaptic Package manager is working for me. I installed 2 packages with it today. Using Linux Mint 15 Cinnamon.

  291. Can’t change the screen brightness with Mint 15 Cinnamon 64bit on a Dell Inspiron N4010. Neither keyboard brightness keys or brightness applet work. Updated to kernel 3.9.5, still not working. Also intermittently losing wifi connection. Once lost, the router shows “out of range”. Everything else seems OK.

  292. To BillyJim47 (report 406):
    Try this:

    home/etc/default/grub (open as root) and change line:

    to this format:
    GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT=”acpi_osi=Linux quiet splash”

    Save document a in terminal: sudo update-grub

    Restart PC.

    This working fine on my PC. 🙂

  293. To BillyJim47 (report 406):
    Try this:

    home/etc/default/grub (open as root) and change line:

    to this format:
    GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT=”acpi_osi=Linux quiet splash”

    Save document and in terminal: sudo update-grub

    Restart PC.

    This working fine on my PC. 🙂

  294. @BillyJim47
    similar here on a Lenovo B580 with Mint 15 Cinnamon 64Bit.
    Brightness is set at maximum and can only be reduced one tick.

  295. PB@397
    I NEED help!!! If anybody can help me with my issues raised in comment 390, i would really appreciate it. And here it is PB@397. I LOVE LINUX MINT. And i would love it even more if i could get eveything sorted out on my MSI GT70 0ND Laptop. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE ANYBODY!!!!

  296. I have found a way to fix the synaptic package manager and keep it from crashing I did a fresh new install of Linux Mint 15 and decided to try and see if the included version of the package manager was to blame it sure is to blame it seems that somebody in the Ubuntu team made a mistake and added an experimental beta into the stable repositories by mistake here is the version number for that package and more details
    Release Raring Repository Universe Level Proposed Version 0.80~exp2raring1 I have found that this package is the problem it freezes every time and causes issues with apt here is how I fixed that problem 1st you have to remove synaptic and this is going to remove mint meta mate and the update manager you can restore them after applying this fix through synaptic 2 go to this site
    you will see a list of packages choose this one quantal universe base 0.75.12build1
    that is the latest stable version choose your version 32 bit or 64 bit version download and install it details for this package
    Rel quantal Rep universe Levl base Ver 0.75.12build1
    after installing this open up synaptic install mint meta mate
    the update manager icon will eventually show up in the system tray if not just look for it on the menu or in the control Center and run it check for updates one should be listed it will be the buggy version of synaptic
    IGNORE THIS PACKAGE or you will be right back to square 1
    since I replaced the exp2 version I have had no freeze ups and I was able to download and install all of my packages without a hitch
    what happens with the buggy version is this I was browsing though the list of packages looking for the ones I want to install which take a while because I install all of my apps and games through it instead of the software manager its much easier for me that way and what happens is after a short while guessing about 5 Minutes the screen will freeze I can minimize the window and when I restore it its like its white-ed out I have to force quit the program
    I hope this helps anybody that’s having any issues with this program and I hope whoever is responsible will fix it soon

  297. any of you having sound issues with realtek HD Audio sound cards
    any in the alc series for example alc880 I have a fix for you
    this works on Linux Mint Versions 13 through 15
    go here
    You need to edit this file /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf
    open up a terminal just to be sure get super user rights type su
    enter your password and then type sudo pluma /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf a text file should open up go to the very bottom and add this line options snd-hda-intel model=generic save the file and then go to your sound settings volume control for the sound theme choose Linux Mint
    then tick the box that says enable window and button sounds
    go into the control center go to login window click on the accessibility tab put a tick in login screen ready and login successful and choose your sounds and if you want do the same for login failure after you do this close that window and then close everything you have open and then reboot you should now have sound
    you should here a sound at the login screen and if you do then you should have full sound for everything I hope this helps anyone that is having problems with there sound not working this is also a problem in Ubuntu 13.04 Raring Ringtail Linux Mint 12 never had that problem at least not the version with the gnome desktop take care and I wish you all the most enjoyable experience with your computer

  298. another bug report in the mint menu you are supposed to be able to add custom places to the places section of the menu but when I try the menu wont let me do it the custom places do not show up at all when I go back to preferences to check to see if they are stored there they are gone not there they are only stored there when the preferences window is open when you close and reopen it they are gone
    this issue is in the mate 64 bit desktop that’s what I,m running
    also I noticed that there is no configuration editor with this release
    Linux Mint 13 and 14 did not have this bug with the custom places not showing up so far I can;t find a fix for this there is also another bug this one is in versions 13 to 15 this happens only once the windows list will disappear you have an open window but you can;t see the button what you do is this right click the taskbar and click add to panel then choose window list add it then move it to where you want
    like next to the show desktop button and lock it in place
    the problem is now gone for good

  299. another bug report I,m very disappointed with this release Linux Mint 15 mate 64 bit
    I installed wine like I normally do and winetricks is not working
    the icon for it should be on the menu but isn’t I have tried everything to get it to run but I can not get it to run
    it sounds to me that this release Linux Mint 15 is botched in more ways than one maybe you people running cinnamon are not having these issues
    but for sure this mate version has many bugs and I would strongly say that it needs a very serious overhaul I can truly say though that Linux mint 13 and 14 are rock solid and work flawlessly but there is a bug that you have to fix you have to edit a config file to get the sound working I have been using Linux Mint Since version 12 and 12 was good to i,m totally unimpressed by this buggy release i,m going back to 14 again I,m not happy about this i was expecting this release to be more reliable more stable and much better overall
    unless the bugs get fixed i will never use this release ever again
    and if Linux Mint 16 is no better than i,m going to look for a replacement Linux for my needs as a matter of fact i,m going to start looking right now pronto because i do not see Linux Mint getting any better i see it only getting worse who in the world is writing the code for this beast anyway sound like whoever it is needs to polish up on there coding skills in mate several deprecated packages where removed in this release maybe something got removed that shouldn’t have that could be one of the problems right there
    the one thing i do like about it though is this this version is the first i have seen that has full disk encryption which is a good thing
    please clem and the rest of the Linux mint team fix the bugs i cant use this release until they are fixed going back to 14 and going to start looking for a replacement Linux to replace mint

  300. a suggestion stop releasing new versions every 6 months that’s to often
    release one every 2 years have a few betas than a few release candidates then the final spend plenty of time don;t be rushed and in a hurry spend all the time you need to debug the OS than release it
    this release as with all previous versions is very easy for a novice to use but it will leave them wondering what to do about no sound most people are not as tech savy as i am and i can fix the no sound issue and quite a few others but for most computer illiterate people they are going to be turned off by Linux mint because of bugs and issues they want an OS that just works period no new features on a regular basis all that does is create more bugs if Linux mint was bug free and just works than just about anyone that uses a computer would be able to use it i don;t enjoy writing all these letters here nagging and complaining i hate complaining but i feel that something needs to be said and done about this

  301. Thanks to you guys for dealing with the ‘Buntu fiasco.(Unity etc.)However I echo the comments of those who call for stability and dependability. Although I have always had a mad scientist mentality, seeking out the new and better there is a place for sticking with what works. I do not have time to investigate every new distro and figure it out-then find out what doesn’t work and go to the next one. Rather my goal is to learn command line Linux with the time I have available. So I am still running Mint 9. It just works. (The Redmond company doesn’t exist for me.) Mint 15, Mate or Cinnamon are beginning to look reasonable but remember that everyone is not interested in a computer as a plaything. Remember people like a friend I have who uses computers constantly at work but his company has experts to keep his computer running. At home his attitude is “I want to use a computer like a hammer–just pick it up and use it” When I see Linux Mint approaching this I will be able to persuade him and others to ditch Microsoft.
    I do appreciate the work you are doing.

  302. Tadashi – re: comments 410 & 411 – thanks for the info but it didn’t work for me. I tried all the below changes that I found. No luck. Brightness stays at 100% or 93%. I’ll keep looking.

    GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT=”quiet splash acpi_osi=Linux”
    GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT=”quiet splash acpi_backlight=vendor”
    GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT=”quite splash acpi_osi=Linux acpi_backlight=vendor”

  303. with static IP the dns queries are very slow. firefox , updates , everything .

    is anyone listening ; please provide us a problem free 15.1

  304. my touchpad has some difficulties with this version..linummint olivia cinammon fine with my earlier mint maya.

    sakis3g performance is very much improved in this ver.
    very good ver. with just one problem so far.

  305. I Installed wine Like I normally do and winetricks is installed
    but the icon for it is missing in the menu and i try to run it but it does not work i never had this issue in Linux Mint 13 and 14
    i have tried removing wine and winetricks and reinstalling it but every time no luck getting winetricks to work
    i don;t know what to do about that

  306. Here is a list of pros and cons of Linux mint 15
    pros looks really nice (awesome) runs good performs good and seems like a good Operating system and i will use it once the cons are worked out
    here is a list of the cons
    1 synaptic package manager version 0.80~exp2raring1 freezes after a short while here is how to reproduce this problem open it up and browse the list of packages and don;t just select a few try selecting like 10 or more and be sure to have it running more than 5 minutes you browse long enough it will crash it will freeze up also it can cause issues with apt
    2 you cant add custom bookmarks or places to the mint menu i see a fix is committed for that that’s great
    3 no sound by default for Realtek ALC 880 sound cards
    i fixed that bug see comment 416 and i,m sure that all Realtek cards are affected
    4 winetricks does not work it fails to run and you can;t find the icon for it anywhere
    that’s it for the cons I hope the bugs get fixed very soon

  307. I can’t change the keyboard layout in Cinnamon. Although the keyboard applet is active, I don’t see the applet in the panel for doing that.
    In MATE desktop, there are no problems with the keyboard layout. Sadly, I can change the layout in MATE, but when I go to Cinnamon, those changes have no effect.
    I don’t know if this is happening since I installed Olivia or it began with something I touched, or a software update…
    Everything else is excellent, in both desktops.

    Edit by Clem: It only appears if you defined at least 2 different layouts. Go to the settings, add a second layout and you should see a flag appear in the panel.

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