LMDE Update Pack 6


Update Pack 6 was released as the “latest” update pack today.  If you’re not using Linux Mint Debian, please ignore this post.

If you experience issues or if you’re going through the update at the moment, don’t hesitate to connect to the IRC chatroom (irc.spotchat.org, #linuxmint-debian)

How to upgrade

1. Make sure your mirror is up-to-date

It is not safe to upgrade any package unless your mirror points to UP6

Here is the current status of the LMDE mirrors:

  • UP6:
    • http://debian.linuxmint.com/
    • http://mirror.rts-informatique.fr/linuxmint/debian/
    • http://debian.lth.se/lmde/
    • http://www.mirrorservice.org/sites/debian.linuxmint.com/debian/
    • http://lmde-mirror.gwendallebihan.net/
    • http://lmde-mirror-fr-1.wedrop.it/
    • http://tux.rainside.sk/mint/debian/
    • http://mirror.internode.on.net/pub/linuxmint-debian/
    • http://mirror.metrocast.net/linuxmint-debian/

To select another mirror:

  • Make sure “mint-debian-mirrors” is installed
  • Open a terminal and run the following command: mint-choose-debian-mirror

2. Check your APT sources

  1. In the Update Manager, click on the “Update Pack Info” button
  2. Make sure “Your system configuration” shows up as green and doesn’t show any warnings or errors.
  3. If you see a warning or an error, follow the instructions given and repeat the process until they’re gone.

3. Read about the Update Pack

In the “Update Pack Info” window of the Update Manager, make sure to read all the information related to Update Pack 6. Some of it might be irrelevant to you, but it will only take you a minute and it might save you hours.

4. Upgrade the packages

When you’re ready and you know all that there is to know, press the “Install Updates” button.

During the update you’ll be asked a few things. One is quite important.. the new kernel will ask you where to install Grub. Answer with the location of your current Grub menu (which on most systems is “/dev/sda“).


Will LMDE get new ISO images with Update Pack 6?

Yes, we’re planning to release LMDE Update Pack 6 for the following editions in January 2013:

  • Cinnamon
  • MATE


  1. Tips & tricks: If the upgrade is slow and you want to jump the queue, move to a different mirror. First, get the latest version of “mint-debian-mirrors” by upgrading it on its own (“apt update; apt install mint-debian-mirrors”). Then, run the mirror selection script with the “mint-choose-debian-mirror” command. Good luck. We’re expecting the main repository (packages.linuxmint.com) to be slow, but the rest of the LMDE archives should be quite fast.

  2. Great news, upgrading as I write with decent bandwidth. Thanks to the Mint team, mirror operators and “incoming” testers 🙂

  3. 1. Would “apt update” be potential bottleneck itself (especially from main repo)?

    2. Is it strictly necessary to first update mint-debian-mirrors to repoint (e.g., would old/UP5 version do, thereby [potentially] avoiding aforementioned main repo bottleneck)?

  4. Fantastic news. Anyway, I will wait a few days to upgrade (I will be too busy at work til 24th, and I think that the upgrade will be much faster as of 25th, when most users will have already upgraded)

  5. These are good news as UP5 broke my system on just about anything.
    Meanwhile, since I have to restart from scratch and the DVD installation itself has only UP4, should I install UP5 first and then UP6, or jump right to install UP6?

  6. great stuff, thanks. i installed Mint 14 with the intention of trying it out, and liked Cinnamon 1.6 so much i’ve actually been using it on a day-to-day basis since, but i’m keen to get back to LMDE.

  7. hi,
    this are good news…

    But i think that you should inform, in this article , the motif of this point release update…

    I have searched along all the packages in mint-update, but the majority of people will not do that.

    So i think its important to report the motif of this update.

    when you guys have a Audacious package updated??

    regards, and keep the good work.

  8. scite is fast, but lack functionality…
    it doesen’t have themes to configure aspect…

    so you kill your eyes locking to a white background!!!


  9. I’ve been updating lmde on one machine, currently it’s on UP5. I’m having issues with pulseaudio and jackd. Some apps that require pulseaudio (like exaile, totem, etc) don’t work when i enable jackd. It is a known issue? Is it fixed in UP6? Can i be pointed to the solution of it? Thanks!

  10. Update went well…running cinamon, how do I get rid of the bottom panel? I use AWN…I tried Cinamon settings to no avail….

  11. Hello Clem,

    Thanks for the update pack 6. It’s very grate. One question: for acroread, is-it possible to have another lenguage (french for me) ?

    Thanks of all.


  12. Since development of LMDE XFCE is being abandoned, will it still get the non-XFCE portions of future update packs?

    I had decent luck with UP5, but will hold off applying UP6 due to traffic concerns.

  13. Thanks to the servers available download goes pretty fast… except some files which still seem to be available from a completely overloaded single source.

    For example:

    http://packages.linuxmint.com/ debian/main mdm amd64 1.0.8+lmde [4.437 kB]
    3% [1 mdm 1.374 kB/4.437 kB 31%] 9.583 B/s 1 h 9 min 52 s


    Why is there a still this bottleneck for the “main” files that are not being replicated to the other servers?

    Thank you for explanation and insight.

  14. Guys, I am a beginner in Linux world, and I am using LMDE XFCE. I update the OS regularly. So here is the question. Do I need to use this pack? Honestly I don’t know what is this pack at all. So any reference explaining this update pack thing is also appreciated.

  15. @MikeC
    The vast majority of Xfce packages are copied from Debian Testing, and will remain (just as KDE, LXDE, etc exist from Debian Testing). Schoelje is creating an Unofficial LMDE Xfce if you’re interested.

    LMDE is included under the “Mint” distro on distrowatch – it isn’t its own seperate distro.

    Schoelje also made an Unofficial LMDE KDE, but Clem decided not to pick it up as an official decision, and Schoelje decided not to make it a Community Edition (where it would receive official Mint testing, but would still be kind of unofficial).

  16. @cwwgateway:

    I was more interested in the upkeep of non-XFCE packages (new kernels, updated utilities & applications, misc bug fixes & security patches etc), and it sounds like as long as I’m pointing to the Latest repositories I’ll still get some stuff. It is good to hear that someone will be maintaining LMDE XFCE in some form, however.

  17. Running Mate, the upgrade went off perfectly.
    I still find LMDE to be the best Mint version.
    There is nothing out there, as sweet as this.
    Thank you, Clem AND TEAM.

  18. @MikeC
    Sorry, I misread your post. As long as you point at the Latest repos you will get everything that every other edition gets, but not Xfce specific Mint packages, which there are only two of and they aren’t particularly important. The unofficial LMDE Xfce applies more for people doing new installs (it won’t offer too many benefits to those who already have it installed and set up how they want it).

  19. Well done team.

    I have two queries:

    Have I missed something? When was it decided not to do lmde xfce. If true this is disappointing. I liked the combination as it was lighting fast- especially for older pcs.

    Also sorry to moan but having to change the mirrors again seems an ‘inelegant’ way of doing things- considering up 2-4 were all just click and go so to speak.

    Other than those two issues- it is good to see LMDE progressing. Well done Clem and team.

  20. @ MiceC

    SinceLMDE XFCE is discontinued, sooner or later you will have problems, so if you like xfce you have the following options

    1. Linux Mint (ubuntu) xfce
    2. Pure Debian xfce
    3. Arch linux with xfce (download and install archbang with openobox, then install xfce (it’s not so difficult)
    4. Install windows

    It’s up to you

    For me, there is no need to update to UP6

    Another option: choose LMDE Mate or cinnamon, future will tell you if you were wrong or righht

  21. I have a bad error message to report…

    I ran the update, and it crashed. It recovered quite nicely after a reboot though – so I started up the Update Manager to see where I was at. I got a “must run ‘sudo dpkg -configure -a’ from the command line” message.

    Of course, there should be two dashes in front of “configure” – not just one. This could cause some difficulty with less experienced users…

  22. @dimitri p
    I see no reason that problems would occur. The latest repos contain every package Debian Testing contains (unless a new one is added after the Update Pack). The Mint team won’t remove packages from latest because they don’t support the desktop – KDE, LXDE, etc are all in their. Their could be a problem with Mint Specific Xfce packages not being upgraded. There are six of those packages, but two don’t need to be updated and don’t actually do anything (one’s a metapackage that already was installed and one’s just a mint-info). mint-desktop-xfce and mintconfig-xfce (not exactly sure what mintconfig is, but I beleive it is some sort of pre-defined mint configuration for Xfce, but again, not sure) are actually kind of useful, but all of the helpful changes you can get are already applied, and they will probably work for some time. The final two packages are xfce-specific artwork, so they aren’t particularly important.

    It’s possible that there are other problems that I haven’t realized, so if there are I’d really like to see them so I can at least try to prepare for them.

  23. Sorry to keep asking on this topic, but is there really not going to be a new Xfce UP6 iso? (*sad face*) There are just so many changes between the last iso and now, in terms of number of updates and size of downloads (just downloading the new updates is almost twice the original iso size…). I know it LMDE Xfce will be discontinued, but can’t that happen after this last one? Pretty please? with a cherry on top?

    I have made a dozen or so personal respins since May 2012 using mintconstructor (I’m very thankful and grateful for this tool! Thank you for providing it). It takes 1 hour on my dual-core CPU just to create the new iso, not to mention the many days updating/tweaking/installing other programs that I use. I’m still a novice, but I can see the amount of work it takes to get it right. A simple “apt-get dist-upgrade” just doesn’t come out cleanly on a respin.

    I still have my fingers crossed for a new Xfce iso, but if not:

    – which version should we use to add Xfce on top of, Cinnamon or MATE? which is more “compatible”?

    – and is it safe to uninstall the other DE? what files (or meta-files?) can we uninstall without doing harm?

    Thanks in advance.

    Edit by Clem: Probably Cinnamon since it runs on top of Gnome 3, and then remove the Gnome layers you replace with Xfce techs. I would also recommend using mate-system-tools instead of gnome-system-tools. Alternatively, you can export a list of packages from the Linux Mint 14 Xfce release and diff it to see what’s missing. Careful though, Debian provides Xfce 4.8, not 4.10.

  24. I had one problem: after running the mirrors script, some of repos in my sources.list ended up like this (which is good):

    deb http://lmde-mirror-fr-1.wedrop.it/latest testing main contrib non-free
    deb http://lmde-mirror-fr-1.wedrop.it/latest/security testing/updates main contrib non-free
    deb http://lmde-mirror-fr-1.wedrop.it/latest/multimedia testing main non-free

    However, one of the mirrors stayed like this:

    deb http://packages.linuxmint.com/ debian main upstream import

    The lmde-mirror-fr-1.webdrop.it ones were fast, and the dist-upgrade ran seemingly ok. However, after a restart, I’ve found that the updates from packages.linuxmint.com were not applied (they’re downloading now, very slowly).

    Hopefully it’s no big deal and everything will just complete ok, but I’m wondering – is there a way to make the “debian main upstream import” line work with a faster mirror? I tried changing it manually, but apt wouldn’t find the packages if I did that.

    Anyway, very excited to get the new updates running!

  25. @dimitri p:

    The whole reason I went with LMDE XFCE in the first place was that I wanted to get off the upgrade or reinstall every 18 month treadmill of the mainline Mint/Ubuntu distros, and even if it isn’t a true ‘rolling release’, and LMDE XFCE was, for me, the best choice since I prefered XFCE to Gnome2.

    I will stay on it for at least another 6 months, or at least 1 more UP, and in the eventuality that I need to reimage this box I will likely go with LMDE with Cinnamon (though I may go with the unofficial LMDE XFCE spin that is being talked about). I am still very disappointed that they have decided to ditch LMDE XFCE, but not so much that I am going to be dropping Mint altogether. I keep holding out hope that more people will give LMDE XFCE a try and the bump in numbers might save it, but I’m not particularly confident that this will happen.

  26. PragTob@31

    Maybe I am misunderstanding your post, but this is an update pack, and not a new release. You have to have LMDE already installed. However, I do believe Clem intends to have a re-spin some time in January, which would include this update pack.

    Remember, LMDE is a rolling release, and somewhat hybrid in nature. Conventionally speaking, there isn’t really such a thing as a new release with LMDE.

    Please accept my apology if I misunderstand your comment. It is exciting however, to see things progressing as they are.

  27. Please can someone tell me why LMDE xfce is going to be discontinued?

    Edit by Clem: The two main reasons are the fact that it represented only 4% of our user base and that the version of Xfce in Debian was stuck at 4.8 (which isn’t config-compatible with 4.10 present in Mint). There simply wasn’t enough users using it considering the efforts required to maintain it so we reallocated resources towards development and stopped maintaining ISOs for LMDE Xfce.

  28. No, this ended with a crash. Downloading the updates takes time but that’s OK. The installation of files goes on until two thirds are made. Then mintupdater suddenly closes. The program can’t start. It ends with a black screen.

    I can’t figure out what program causes the stop. With earlier updates gstreamer-plugins were the culprit, but now I excluded them. The result is the same though.

    None else that has had this issue?

  29. when running “mint-choose-debian-mirror” i get an error:

    “Current server not found, exiting”

    my sources.list has only these two lines (besides others commented):

    deb http://packages.linuxmint.com/ debian main upstream import
    deb http://debian.linuxmint.com/latest testing main contrib non-free

    even with this error i don’t get neither erros nor warnings in system configuration, so i proceded with upgrade, but as it takes ages, i canceled (also to come here to ask).

    if i simply replace «http://debian.linuxmint.com/» with any other from the list, is the mirror ok for the upgrade? or maybe have i something wrong in my sources?

    Edit by Clem: Yes, your sources are incorrect. Here’s a complete sources.list you can use:

    deb http://packages.linuxmint.com/ debian main upstream import
    deb http://debian.linuxmint.com/latest testing main contrib non-free
    deb http://debian.linuxmint.com/latest/security testing/updates main contrib non-free
    deb http://debian.linuxmint.com/latest/multimedia testing main non-free

  30. Vielleicht sollte das Mintteam die Userfragen bezüglich der Desktopvarianten ernster nehmen. MATE und Cinnamon sind Bananendesktops. XFCE und KDE sind – insbesondere KDE – die ältesten und am besten unterstützten Desktops in der Debianwelt. Spätestens wenn sich keiner mehr um LMDE kümmert bzw. niemand diese eigentlich gute Distri – die nun einmal mehr weiter kastriert wurde – nutzt, dürfen Clem und Genossen sich alleine an ihren unreifen Bananen erfreuen.

  31. Just updated, took a while even on a mirror must have gotten busy towards the end. Installed and then shutdown and restarted, don’t know if the shutdown was necessary but I like doing that after big updates.

    Wasn’t ask any questions at all about config files or Grub. All went well no issues what so ever.

    Now for a test drive to see how it goes

  32. UP 6 mirrors seem broken for my LMDE, and now my LMDE GUI is broken. Will try again after ISOs are released. When changed to mirror.metrocast.net by the update, there was nothing there. Running LM14 Cinnamon in the mean time.

  33. @Zorro

    The amount of work that it takes to release LMDE Xfce in two architectures is probably the reason for discontinuing it (along with the apparent lack of users relative to other editions).

    Again, Schoelje will be creating an Unofficial LMDE Xfce, but if you don’t want to use that, then I would add Xfce to MATE. It really doesn’t matter too much, but MATE and Xfce both use GTK2. You can uninstall some stuff (pluma, the meta file, etc), but I’d suggest being careful with what you remove and making sure you know what packages will be removed as a result of removing one package. Note that removing meta files won’t actually remove anything – meta files depend on the packages that you want to remove, but they themselves do nothing.

  34. I installed Debian Update Pack 6 yesterday, 643 packages, without any problems. Amazing in itself. Today I discovered Google Chrome finally works. LMDE has always been my intended main Linux Mint version, but it has only been a backup because of networking, sharing, and over time other issues. Chrome stopped working several versions ago. I have LMME 14 as my regular version of Mint, always upgrading every six months, and with some problems too with each upgrade except 14. That is also working well with no fiddling around. I am now anxiously waiting for LMKDE 14, as I have been downloading each version of KDE also, always with some problems that needed work. I have notebooks for each version of Linux Mint, full of detailed problems, but the many pages of troubleshooting are disappearing, happily. Thanks for the good work, everyone.

  35. I’m getting a message that not all of the package updates could be downloaded. Should I try again or ignored those packages?

  36. ^ Sorry, I meant “ignore”. Also, I haven’t checked the updates in a while, and I’m not sure if it’s UP6 or an older update I’m having problems with. But in general, should I skip those packages?

  37. With UP5 I lost support for my ATI HD4200 Graphics GPU, and now with UP6 I lose support for my HP Photosmart 3100 printer. I tried Linux Mint Nadia Mate 64 bit, and it has a bug where my panel with menu and icons disappear. This keeps up, and I will be back using Windows 7.

  38. @on4aa
    Even though I agree with you on the XFCE being less experimental part, I now have serious doubts about the ‘light’ part.
    Being in urgent need to finally update my older model laptop and would like to use the rolling version, I therefore wanted to know about the memory footprint of each DE, but only found a 30MB advantage for XFCE in respect to MATÉ.
    I actually expected the difference to be more substantial, even though having those additional 30MB available at a total of only 1024MB is not negligible.

    Cinnamon runs only in fallback mode on my ATI RS100 type video chip and even that not correctly (which certainly makes the measured memory use to be off by a fair bit), hence still disqualifying that one for the time being.
    I ran each of the current LM-14 Live-DVDs to determine memory consumption out of the box and used ‘top’ in a terminal window with my Wifi USB adapter connecting to the router and identical settings for power, time/date and touchpad.

    DE: Used-Cached-Buffers=consumed Mem:
    XFCE 731856-474284-91208=166364
    MATÉ 815672-525424-94392=195856
    (Cinnam: 749348-485548-92452=171348 in faulty Fallback mode)

  39. @OS2User:
    Running Live-DVDs is not an accurate way to predict memory consumption of a normally installed distro.

    During a live run much of the consumed memory goes to storing the files, hence the small difference.

    Have a go at a properly installed LMDE XFCE. You will be surprised about how little memory it uses!

  40. @OS2User
    In addition to those being Live-DVDs, Mint Xfce releases are generally (although less so with Mint 14 Xfce) more midweight. Xfce contains lightweight applications by default, but Mint adds similar applications to the ones in the MATE edition, which reduces the lightweight-ness.

    Applications (specifically background processes) make a lot of difference – I have a Debian NetInst on an old machine that runs Xfce and some lightweight applications. On login, it uses about 70 MB of RAM, and it runs about 220 MB with LibreOffice Writer, Iceweasel (Debian’s Firefox), synapse, and geany running. On this machine LMDE Xfce uses about 180 MB, and Swift Linux with Xfce uses 100-130 MB.

  41. I’ve successfully updated several systems – both Cinnamon and XFCE – with only 1 difficulty. After the upgrade one of the XFCE systems does not show the text of the username or the dots for the password on the login screen. Either the text is now white on the white background or invisible. Where would I look to correct this?

  42. i saw the available updates last night. went ahead and applied them…now it looks to boot normally, but when i expect to get a login prompt…i only get a black screen. no text..no cli. thought i’d ask here to see if anyone has a quickfix for such a thing. i blame it all on the expected ending of the world.

  43. Nr. 40 – Destroyer

    Was meinst du mit dem Wort Bananendesktop?

    [tr. What do you mean by ‘Bananadesktop’?]

  44. Just heard the news about dropping the XFCE LMDE iso :-(. The main reason I prefer it is because all of the Mint iso’s are getting so damn large; I don’t want to download 1GB only to delete a lot of DE unique stuff that my circle doesn’t use. Not to mention LibreOffice and other monster packages.

    PLEA to clem and team: Puleeze consider creating a mini (net-install) DE agnostic installer and a non-PAE 32 bit kernel, in order to let us more advanced users create a Mint branded, customized, low cruft, less confusing desktop for family, friends and customers. TIA!

  45. Thanks!! (apart from the words, I did a little donation too)

    The update at my laptop was fine. Just a doubt, I realized that Compiz is not installed, that is a feature because it is only i5 with integrated GMA graphics from intel, or is it a bug, and I must install it by hand??

  46. A followup to my previous posting: printing still does not work. Debian does not find the printers connected to LMME14, and if I connect one of the printers to Debian it installs a driver that does not work properly, and there is no choice to install another. This means, I guess, I have to read all about cups to properly install my printers. Networking works, so I don’t think editing smb.conf is the answer. So, I still have to expend a major effort to get one or more printers to work properly “out of the box” with Debian, and that should not be. The printers are Brother HL-1440 and 2040 and HP Photosmart 6300.

  47. Clem,

    VERY bummed to hear that the LMDE XFCE version is being discontinued. I did dozens of hours of research to find the perfect fit and settled on LMDE XFCE for half a dozen machines. One of the main reasons was that I wouldn’t have to re-install often with LMDE. Now if I understand right, these machines will start having problems??? This is a major bummer.

    With sadness,

    One of the XFCE 4 percenters

  48. Is the “New metapackages” section under Update Pack 5 still relevant?

    i.e. should I have NOT run “apt install mint-meta-debian-mate” after a fresh 201204 LMDE install followed by full upgrade via Update Manager?

    (I’m using MATE, obviously)

  49. Just updated three machines to UP6 – no severe problems (a little nvidia stuff as usual…)
    I like the new cinnamon and mdm themes

    Thanks to Clem and the Mint Team for your great work!

  50. HandBrake was a little sensitive before the upgrade, but now it’s virtually unusable. Crashes all the time, usually just after starting the job. I’m wondering if it’s a problem with libdvdnav.so or libdvdcss.

    Nothing seems to get left in the log files. It just crashes hard and leaves a zombie process.

  51. FOR ALL WHO HAVE A BROKEN GUI after upgrading:

    I had the same issue (running a nvidia machine).
    Type: “apt-get purge nvidia* xserver-xorg xserver-common”.
    Then: “rm /etc/X11/xorg.conf”
    Then: “apt-get install xserver-common xserver-xorg nvidia-kernel-dkms nvidia-glx build-essential nvidia-settings nvidia-xconfig”

    Then type: “nvidia-xconfig”
    Reboot and you will probably have your GUI back. If it doesn’t start automatically: “apt-get purge mdm” and then “apt-get install mdm”. It will make mdm start automatically.

  52. You have to type “apt-get install xorg-server xserver-common” after the command “rm /etc/X11/xorg.conf” Sorry, I forgot

  53. Really fast move from incoming to latest for up6; a nice well deserved xmas gitf for the LMDE users.
    Too bad XFCE is going to be dropped in the future, guess a mass migration towards mate(those going for liteweight DE’s ,myself included) and cinnamon(probably all ex KDE users) is to be expected in the near future hopefully it will be a smooth transition for most(for me it’s rather hard to move on to smth new when what y allready had is what i want, on the other hand both mate and cinnamon are quite nicely done and i can forgive them for being more cpu hungry’ then XFCE)

  54. @colin
    Current LMDE Xfce installs won’t have any problems (or at least any foreseeable problems, the only possible ones being small artwork problems going forward). They are simply not updating the ISO.

  55. I ran into one small problem updating 64-bit LMDE XFCE with an nVidia card related to changes to multiarch. My symptom was google-earth failing to launch. The workaround I found was to download a patched version of libxvmc from here: https://twolife.be/debian/todo/xvmc/ (both AMD/i386 debs). Afterward I could install libgl1-nvidia-glx:i386 which fixed the original problem with google-earth.

  56. re: my post #67 – I rebuilt HandBrake from source and now it works beautifully. Much better than the original packaged version loaded from the software manager. As I said, I think there are some issues with the libraries it depends on.
    I’m no guru but the build process was very clean once I had all the -dev dependencies sorted. The documentation is pretty good except it took me a little while to work out how to install the compiled package as I’d run the compile as a regular user – not sudo’d. I think if the build is run with sudo, it just installs as part of the process.

  57. Just updated smoothly today : no problem at all on my quite old hardware now (AMD 64×2, nvidia 8800 GT).

    Simply perfect ! Impressive work, guys ! Hats off 🙂

    Love LMDE 🙂

  58. Thanks Clem and cwwgateway for your comments. I will try my respins when the new ISOs come out. I’ll also take a look at the unofficial LMDE Xfce Edition and try to contribute to it.

    Happy New Year and continued success to the Mint Team. Thanks!

  59. Thanks for this very successful upgrade.

    One thing i’d would ask upstream for improvement is the deb nvidia-settings. One year ago, the 195.36.24-1 amd64 version of nvidia-settings allowed the user to modify its brightness settings. Now this simple but important task is no more possible using the new version of nvidia-settings.

    On some reluctant Toshiba laptops this was the only solution. This time again I could force install this old deb…

  60. Hello, first of all congrats for the very good update: everything works well on my pc.
    I have just a curiosity: has Skype been removed from LMDE’s repository?
    Regards, Filippo.

  61. I installed this life-changinly wonderful distro and have only one issue: I installed Cinnamon themes with Synaptic and none of them endure a reboot or a power off. As soon as you restart the panel is gone. You have to find the menu button, hover over a [blank] menu until you find ‘Cinnamon Settings’ switch back to the default and reboot. Then it works. Any idea how to unbork this??

  62. Install LMDE UP 4 from dvd and all was fine on my new Dell Inspiron. Then installed UP 6 and the sensitivity on the touch pad if real sensitive. When you lift your finger to press one of the button the pointer will move. If you hold your finger just above the touch pad you can move the pointer. This might being caused by static electricity not sure. I do know it’s a pain.

    If you use synclient FingerHigh=xx to set. Out of the box it is set to 15 I now have it set to 30 and it’s better. You will need to put this in a script to make it stick or you will have to enter it in a terminal each time you boot.

  63. LMDE just Rocks again and the future belongs to it because it’s awsomely brilliant. Thanks to Team Linux Mint. Waiting for the new UP6 ISOs this month. Wish a very Happy New Year 2013 to all there behind this success of Linux Mint.

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