Linux Mint 14 “Nadia” Xfce released!

The team is proud to announce the release of Linux Mint 14 Xfce.

Linux Mint 14 Xfce

Xfce is a lightweight desktop environment which aims to be fast and low on system resources, while still being visually appealing and user friendly. This edition features all the improvements from the latest Linux Mint release on top of an Xfce 4.10 desktop.

New features:

For a complete overview and to see screenshots of the new features, visit: “What’s new in Linux Mint 14 Xfce“.

Important info:

Make sure to read the “Release Notes” to be aware of important info or known issues related to this release:

  • PAE required for 32-bit ISO
  • AMD Radeon HD2xxx-4xxx series card
  • Additional drivers
  • Mouse integration in Virtualbox
  • Moonlight
  • mint4win
  • CD images
  • GnomePPP and local repository

System requirements:

  • x86 processor (Linux Mint 64-bit requires a 64-bit processor. Linux Mint 32-bit works on both 32-bit and 64-bit processors).
  • 384 MB RAM (1GB recommended for a comfortable usage).
  • 5 GB of disk space
  • Graphics card capable of 800×600 resolution
  • CD/DVD drive or USB port

Upgrade instructions:

  • To upgrade from a previous version of Linux Mint follow these instructions.
  • To upgrade from the RC release, simply apply any level 1 and 2 updates (if any) available in the Update Manager.


Md5 sum:

  • 32-bit: 7dbe747bacb4200bb078cf84fe17faa2
  • 64-bit: e82e941cee437910e34b52f2b5a538f8


HTTP Mirrors for the 32-bit DVD ISO:

HTTP Mirrors for the 64-bit DVD ISO:


We look forward to receiving your feedback. Thank you for using Linux Mint and have a lot of fun with this new release!


  1. Thank you for this release, and especially for including some lighterweight applications (like xfburn and ristretto).

  2. Thanks team. I have been using lm13 xfce and lmde xfce on my main pc and net book respectively. Looking forward to testing this for both.

  3. I love xfce but unfortunately it’s not possible to install it on acer aspire one d270. There is a problem with the xserver, the same with Mate. Is there a chance to install it anyway?

  4. hello
    linux mint 14 time boot have error:
    “failed to load session “ubuntu”
    please help me

    Edit by Clem: Check the integrity of the DVD, this should not happen.

  5. One more time, Congratulations to the Linux Mint Team, with XFCE version (like the previous edition) is really fantastic. I, particularly, I am waiting for the final version with KDE anxiously. It would be excellent as well as the Linux Mint Team take out back with Linux Mint LXDE version again !!!! Congratulations !!!!

  6. Dear Santa Claus,

    ask to remember this team what is Elegance, I desire that go away MDM and for replace it use lightDM from Elementary OS if its posible.

    And a new folders icons, and a little less green.

  7. Do not install this distro if you plan to use it on a dual-boot setup with Windows 7!!! I did this with the RC and after clicking ‘restart’ and when it did my Windows 7 partition was not visible from the bootmenu…in the end I had to completely reinstall windows because windows repair could not fix the problem….I have just now foolishly downloaded and installed the final version of Linux Mint 14 XFCE 64-bit thinking that this bug would’ve been fixed for the final release…it hasn’t because once again after installing and rebooting, my Windows 7 has disappeared completely from the options menu at the start which means I’m going to have to reinstall windows again!…..I advise to use Xubuntu 12.04 or 12.10 instead; I have tried and installed both of these alongside my Windows 7 with no problems whatsoever which shows it is definitely a linuxmint problem and not my computers!

    Edit by Clem: This use-case is part of our QA and I can confirm that it works fine (both in the RC and the stable release).

  8. The biggest thing holding me back from use of the Xfce DE is the inclusion of Thunar as the file manager, and no good way that I know of to change that…

    Edit by Clem: apt install nemo; apt remove thunar

  9. @10 – Carlos Felipe:

    Your trolling is boring (and pretty predictable by now 😉 )

    @12 – montee:

    That’s too bad, but the problem you had is pretty easy to solve. Instead of reinstalling windows you should have booted the live cd/usb and search Google. You could have solved it in under 5min.

  10. @Flaque:

    If the problem montee is writing about is so easy to solve, why don’t you spend one extra minute to actually help instead of just telling people to “google it”? I mean you bothered to reply, after all…

    I also plan to install Nadia xfce alongside – among others – Windows 7, so I’m also interested in this.

  11. python not properly integrated with system
    attempting to get modules listing using help()
    crashes and exits to system prompt
    with message saying it cannot find matecomponent

    xfce 13 maya also does this
    earlier versions of kde had similar problems

    simple solution is to use pydoc
    but does not instill confidence in proper python operation

  12. Was choosing for a long time between MATE and Cinnamon, but now I know for sure that Xfce version is really worth trying. Thinking about switching to it.

    @12 – montee:

    I had the same. Simple command in terminal “sudo update-grub” and windows boot will appear back again in boot menu. (Don’t understand you, why to reinstall instead of googling the problem!!!)

  13. The RC was the best OS I have ever used. Dual booting this and Micro2003 make a netbook as fast as an i5 (running bloated OSes like Ubuntu or Win 7).

    This XFCE version is so stable, fast, and easy to use, you should include Mint Menu by default and not bother with the other versions of this distro. Cinnamon and MATE are just too much of a mess, especially after the reliability, speed, and stability of this OS.

    FYI the RC would not work with butterFS, but ext4 was perfect and super smooth. Not brave enough to try butterFS again (yet), but let me know if somebody else has got it to work!

  14. Anyone use the logitech unifying receiver? Did they ever fix the issue with non-detection of logitech wireless devices on ubuntu-based distros? I’ve looked around a bit and can’t really get a straight answer.

  15. I have a friend with a new Windows 8 machine. I read that there were issues with installing Linux on Windows 8 machine. Will I be able to help him install Mint 14 on a Windows 8 machine?

  16. “Cinnamon and MATE are just too much of a mess, especially after the reliability, speed, and stability of this OS.”

    Actually,Cinnamon is heading at the right direction but it still needs work. Clem, you need to give us the ability to drag icons from the desktop or a file manager to the taskbar/panel. We can already do this from the Mint menu but we need to be able to do it from the desktop and the file manager.

  17. When I was installing mint 14 xfce RC and opened firefox,the page showed that mint 14 xfce has been updated yesterday…

  18. I created a DVD from one of the USA mirrors in order to install the 64-bit version of XFCE on one of my older eMachines with 6GB RAM. It WILL NOT install no matter what I do. I have gotten errors about mounting, errno 5 input/output, installer crashing. I have tried “sudo apt-get remove ubiquity-slideshow-mint” and even a DIFFERENT hard drive with the same results. Any ideas?

    Edit by Clem: IO errors indicate a corrupted download and/or installation media. Check the md5 of the ISO and burn at the lowest possible speed.

  19. One more time, Best wishes to the A linux systemunix Great Group, with XFCE version (like the previous edition) is really fantastic. I, particularly, I am waiting for the final version with KDE seriously. It would be excellent as well as the A linux systemunix Great Group take out back with A linux systemunix Great LXDE version again !!!! Best wishes !!!!

  20. Sigh, my cat of sixteen years, Nadja, died last Friday. I’m afraid I’ll have to skip this release.

    But thank you for naming it after her, she would have liked it.

  21. @17
    You may also find that caja offers a pleasant alternative to Thunar
    Just install from repo and set as default file manager through application defaults settings

    I cannot believe the boot speed of this version.
    My old 10.10 was a sluggish 45 seconds
    This is 10 seconds from on button to working desktop!!!!!!!
    …….on a 4 gb 6 year old Dell dual Pentium D already

    Thank you do much Team Mint

  22. rhY@23

    You said:

    “This XFCE version is so stable, fast, and easy to use, you should include Mint Menu by default and not bother with the other versions of this distro. Cinnamon and MATE are just too much of a mess, especially after the reliability, speed, and stability of this OS.”

    Glad to see you like XFCE so much. My advice to you is to stick with that.

    But as you have probably noticed, more people still like Cinnamon/Mate, me being one of them. You do realize how absurd it would be for Clem to drop those two projects because the overwhelmingly small crowd prefers XFCE?

    I’m sorry Cinnamon and Mate are a mess for you, and clearly, you’re not the only one that has bad experiences.

    But please, let’s be realistic. Try to realize what Clem is doing with these 2 projects, and how far it’s come. It might not be to your liking, but that day may come, maybe it won’t. Who knows?

    For me, they both represent very usable desktops, and are only getting better, especially Cinnamon. As another very usable DE, XFCE is maybe a bit more mature than MATE, and definitely more mature than Cinnamon. Funny thing is, I and many others, still prefer Cinnamon.

    This has nothing to do with one being “better” than the other as an absolute. That is to be solely decided by the user. You prefer XFCE, I prefer Cinnamon. Big deal, right?

    Well it is a big deal, because Clem is doing a fine job at attempting to make the greatest amount of people happy with his resources. I find it rather unsettling and counter productive to have the minority try to insight Clem to alienate the majority.

    It’s just……well…..ah…..can’t find a kind word to describe it, so you figure it out.

    Sorry for the drama, but it does get frustrating sometimes.

  23. Clem, I just noticed that skype was removed from the LMDE Repo. Assuming this change is permanent (I’m hoping it’s just so you can deal with multiarch problems), why? I understand that it is hard to keep skype up to date on all of the versions, but on the Ubuntu side, there are many ways to install skype easily, whereas on Debian you have to add third party repos to get it. I know you’re working very hard on all of these editions, but I guess I feel like LMDE isn’t getting too much love, even for its relatively small user base.

    Edit by Clem: Not to worry, skype was only temporarily removed for technical reasons (conflict in the repository, just a matter of repackaging it and it’ll go back in at v4.1).

  24. I tried several times to install this release. It stops in the middle of the process.
    Anybody succeded to install this one?
    I love xfce (Mint too) and I’ll wait the fix of this issue.
    Thnx a lot.

    Edit by Clem: Check /var/log/syslog and dmesg. It shouldn’t stop like that. That sounds like an issue with the medium or not enough free space on the disk.

  25. I forgot to mention that I intended to install Linux Mint 14 Xfce beside WinXP. I had linux mint 10 xfce till last week with WinXP in dual boot.
    It worked like a charm.
    But this one doesn’t want to install (the machine is the same one) Something is wrong.

  26. @Clem, thanks so much. I shouldn’t be so quick to judge, and I’m hoping that after stopping support for the Xfce edition, the MATE and Cinnamon editions of LMDE will get a good amount of support.

  27. Muito bom esta versão do linux mint xfce, estou usando como desktop padrão e sem reclamações até o momento, perfeito!

  28. thanks to everyone who contributes to the most impressive computer system that i have had the pleasure of using right now !!.

  29. I installed Linux Mint 14 Xfce on my family room PC, an A3850-based system with 8GB of RAM, replacing an Ubuntu 12.10 install. The install went without issue, system running flawlessly.

    I’ve really enjoyed Xfce after discovering it a while back. I like the ‘tweakability’ of Xfce, and I don’t find myself missing any of the ‘advanced’ features that Xfce is supposedly missing.

    Many years ago, a shampoo company used to advertise their products with the slogan ‘Ours does what theirs does – for less.’ That’s a good summary about how I feel about Xfce. Perhaps another relevant old slogan would be ‘Running Light without Overbyte’ – the slogan of Dr. Dobb’s Journal of Computer Calisthenics & Orthodontia.

    This distro is a keeper.

  30. montee (15), I had the same problem about 2 years ago when I set up my daughter’s laptop for dual boot. The problem was that I used gparted to shrink the Win7 partition, and broke Windows. In Vista/Win7/Win8 you must use Windows disk management utility to “shrink” a partition. I learned the hard way.

  31. I think I’ve had: “failed to load session “ubuntu” on every mint xfce i’ve installed. Had to select the xfce session and make it the default on the login screen to fix things ?

  32. I’ve got a prob now. Suddenly the Mint XFCE 14 started the session with Cinnamon desktop, instead of XFCE without pannel, wallpaper… I boot the netbook (Intel Atom) again and it started with Cinnamon again. I reinstall Mint XFCE 14 three or four hours ago to test and observe the system’s behavior’s and its alright till now.

    Anyone had the same problem???

  33. Problem solved.

    Problem : using CDMA/EVDO modem and Linuxmint13 (Ubuntu 12.04), easily connect to internet but very difficult to browsing (forever loading).
    Manually add DNS to /etc/resolv.conf doesn’t work. Delete symbolic link, purge dnsmasq, remove network-manager etc.. etc.. doesn’t work.

    Solution : Manually create “tail” file : /etc/resolvconf/resolv.conf.d/tail and add DNS nameserver here.

    Downloaded this iso just to investigate how to fix DNS problem haha.

    Thanks Linuxmint for this release, i’m not using LM14, but Nadia help me solved my problem. \o/

  34. Problems in Mint community website. Could be a minor problem. But can not be seen as a positive marketing for Linux Mint.

    Edit by Clem: Some forums users use freeimagehosting to host their avatar, others use Chromium to browse the forums. Yesterday Google apparently decided to block any page in Chromium which fetched content from that host. We’re looking into it at the moment. In the meantime, Chromium users aren’t able to browse any forums page if the author of the post or one of the comments has his/her avatar hosted there.

    2nd Edit by Clem: As it turns out there were only 6 users using that host, so we’re removing their avatar and sending them a message. I personally don’t like the way this is handled by Chromium, basically forcing us to cast-out a website they decided was suspicious… feel free to switch away from Chromium or to continue using it, based on that. On our side we’re complying with Google’s decision and everything should be fine in a matter of hours.

  35. I love Linux mint but as a lot of people, I just hope to see a lxde version… So I won’t install this xfce version for my low resources systems. I will have to stay with mint 12 lxde or go back to lubuntu, that’s sad!

  36. This Xfce release with an LXDE-like menu is nice.
    What I like more in Xfce is the ability to easily setup multiple keyboard layouts – something that LXDE lacks.

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

  37. I must thank you for an excellent explanation Clem. Then we have different opinions about Google’s actions in matters relating to the subject of safety for users of the Internet. Thanks for all the hard work that you and your employees perform Clem. Clem & Co is just the best. No more explanation is needed.

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all!


  38. Thank you Clem and whole linux mint team.For making my 7year old amd notebook useful again. It used to stutter playing a high res vids while surfing, all that performance I can actually use it without those problems. Man..Im so happy that I switched being a linux user about a year ago. At that time, It was a dream to see steam linux and I remember posting about steam linux, ppl said “no chance mate, maybe 2-3 years later”..and now a year later, steam linux beta is here. And I see greater changes in future for better. go linux mint!

  39. I have a problem here with my notebook.

    Mint 13 Xfce and Xubuntu 12.04 are running fine.
    If I try Mint 14 Xfce or Xubuntu 12.10 as live cd I get a bad screen display, the lower part of the screen is garbled / has bars and stripes.

    see pic:

    inxi -Gx reports:
    Graphics: Card: S3 VT8375 [Prosavage8 KM266/KL266]

    So something in the basics has been changed, all new versions Xubuntu 12.10, Lubuntu 12.10 and Mint Xfce 14 show the same behavior here.

    Mint 13 Xfce runs fine, good work here!

  40. Sloooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow!
    Much slow than other XFCE distro I have teste for example:
    It’s more slow than Comfusion 4.1 with MATE WM.
    More slow than Linux Mint 10 with Gnome2+Compiz!
    What happened?

  41. We run GNU tools for development under Linux under a VM. Usually Ubuntu is used, but I can’t stand Unity!!!!! I was warned that the tools are only supported Under Ubuntu, but I installed Kubuntu on my desktop thinking that the underlying repositories are the same (and it works fine). HOWEVER on my laptop EVERY ‘buntu flavor I’ve tried is so slow as to be useless. I now have Mint 14 Xfce installed and it DOES take a while to boot under the VM, but not nearly as bad as every 12.x ‘buntu I’ve tried. Hopefully your package base is close enough to the Ubuntu repositories (for lib’s anyway) that things will be stable. Once booted Mint Xfce is very responsive. This on a Lenovo T520 with an I7 processor.

  42. Unlike the LM13 version’s installer which crashed on me with an incorrect and misleading message about CD/DVD media or optical drive problems, this version installed OK, but it lacks a Screensaver control which is a BIG mistake In My Opinion.

    (For my use and demonstration via large screen SmartTV the LM13 version presumably with an NVIDIA-295 AutoScan Correcting driver would have been better.)

  43. I made the switch from LMDE. Very nice indeed. It took a while to get all of my custom settings in place but it was worth it. I really like the customizations I can do in XFCE. My HP 1605 laser installed without a hitch. In LMDE it required the HPLip package. I am only not to keen on Thunar. Where is the network support for this? If anyone knows of some tricks please post them. I installed Nemo even if it meant some Gnome overhead.

    Great job and Happy Holidays to all.

  44. “The biggest thing holding me back from use of the Xfce DE is the inclusion of Thunar as the file manager, and no good way that I know of to change that…

    Edit by Clem: apt install nemo; apt remove thunar”

    Sorry Clem but this is not a working solution.
    The hole installation is damaged after this.

  45. From what I see does not to post negative reviews to Mint in this forum.
    Or why my comment was not accepted or deleted later.
    However this does not solve the problem.
    I note with sadness that this community is more like a Mint version of Canonical than really a community.
    I regret to have to stop using Linux Mint.

  46. Hi,
    If I install Linux Mint 14 “Nadia” Xfce, that the “/” and the “/home” are in separate partition, after the first boot, it doesn’t come the Xfce with Mint theme, it comes with the “Stock” Xfce theme.
    Eg. “/” is in sda4 “/home” is in sda5, after installing it looks like “oldie” Xfce, if I install Linux Mint 14 Xfce to eg. sda4 (/home and / are in same partition) the Nadia 14 Xfce looks good.
    Why is that?

  47. or not …
    1 minutes ago my comment was not visible?)

    Edit by Clem: Comments sometimes go in moderation and need to be manually approved. To answer your question about Xfce, some of the settings are configured via /etc/skel and thus only affect new user accounts.

  48. This is such a nice release, I am curious though with this release àxfce 64bit) flash and videos all run perfect even on default drivers in full screen. They did not run well however on cinnamon unless I used cinnamon 2d, choppy tearing etc. Any reason as to why? It could be something to pass on to the cinnamon team, I am happy to leave specs etc. I am really happy with this distro and I am familiar with linux but not heavily into it so I can recommend it to someone with no knowledge. Its clean, fast and great looking especially after a few tweaks. Now that flash runs well, I am using Linux much more and hopefull to port over full time. Thanks guys!

  49. I installed from USB-Stick to USB-Stick. Live-Version (1st stick) worked, installed Version (2nd stick) did not. Seems to be a major problem with the bootloader. I tried everything I found on google for this case (black screen after booting from stick, no cursor, no menu, nothing possible but reboot with hardreset), nothing worked. Please insert an option in the installer to choose from different bootloaders if the used one is known (just google) buggy.

  50. Instale linux mint 14 “Nadia” mate 32 bit, y el VLC(media) vino con problemas en los codec y no decodifica los driver del tlf ni los driver del pendrive de internet, mientras que con linux mint 6 “felicia” este lo hace bien. Algun amigo de Linux mint me podria dar un consejo sobre este problema

  51. Love the new XFCE release. I really liked Cinnamon, but I’ve gotten tired of not being able to have a second panel / taskbar on my second monitor.

  52. Всё просто супер, я очень доволен очень классная ос на замену виндовсу,каторый заколебал!!!

  53. Ehhhh…

    I’ll probalbly take this one to the forums as well, but I do like to ask the Mint Team a couple of questions about something that doesn’t really make sense to me…

    1. I see a couple of posts (comments by Clem) that one course of action if one don’t like Thunar is to install Nemo instead. – Would it not be a good idea to also inform about the fact that installing Nemo pulls in a whole lot of other things – among them the whole Cinnamon package AND for example Ubuntu One (???) Is that really the best advice for someone looking for an alternative to Thunar?
    2. Dropbox. Wanting to install Dropbox tells me that nemo-dropbox will get installed instead, and along with that Cinnamon and everything else (see point number 1)

    I kind of installed the XFCE-version to get something a little bit “lighter”, not to get Cinnamon added to it all…

    Edit by Clem: Nemo depends on Cinnamon indeed (namely because of the background selection). We recommend thunar and when asked about an alternative I simply replied with nemo. Another light alternative would be pcmanfm I guess. Regarding dropbox it’s a meta-package, which depends on nautilus-dropbox or nemo-dropbox. U1 doesn’t need to be installed with nemo/cinnamon, it comes as a recommendation (from dpkg and ubuntu packages) which can be ignored with –no-install-recommends or removed once installed.

  54. the reason why i use xubuntu 12.04 and not linuxmint 14 xfce or any of the linuxmint variants is the mint software manager…i’ve lost count how many times i’ve installed mint only to find that after a short while the software manager crashes or it just doesn’t work…you highlight on a program but then the ‘install’ part is no longer there..i don’t know why this happens but it always does (and it’s not my computer’s fault because i’ve installed it on several different machines with the same results)…i know i can still install software via synaptic but that isn’t the point…i’ve tried installing ubuntu’s software center in mint 14 but you can’t do it (or can you?) i have had no such problems with ubuntu software center in ubuntu or variants

  55. Am moving up 14 shortly! Thank you for the great work on MATE 13

    Re: “2. Dropbox. Wanting to install Dropbox tells me that nemo-dropbox will get installed instead, and along with that Cinnamon and everything else…”

    I installed Dropbox in Maya MATE running on my 8gig flash and didn’t realize this happened, and maybe why I lost such a hunk of space on that flash drive! Is there anyway to cull out the Cinnamon elements, even if it means dumping Dropbox? I can use the space!

    Thanks — And Happy New Year All!

    James Greenidge

  56. Re the post @74 and the edit by Clem-is there a reason not to recommend Caja instead of Nemo as an alternative to Thunar?


  57. I installed xfce version on an older machine (arima sis 1gb ram) which I had been trying to use with unity. The difference is mind blowing.
    xfce makes it really quick and the desktop runs with all kinds of applications and no freezing. Its a xmas resurrection. Really clean interface and great configurable panels and good plugins. Installed Shotwell, Guayadoque (which the sound panel plugin automatically identified), Audacity, Handbrake, Pencil, Pinta, Midnight Commander, Stellarium, mysql, MysqlWorkbench, Zope instance. All working great.
    Am using Thunar and agree that not having split panes is one (a pain).
    That aside its a joy to use. Well done!

  58. For those who do not like Thunar and do not want to install Nemo and the whole Cinnamon package I recommend or to use PCManFM or the Caja (port of Nautilus to the MATE Desktop Environment).
    And I keep wondering why this version of Mint XFCE is to perform as poorly, losing up to Linux Mint 10 with Gnome 2 DE + Compiz WM!

  59. Dear friends:

    The Mint is very good for people who know English, Portuguese … This blog should have the option of viewing in the Portuguese language and provide more content more complete OS I know who does not carry a lot of useless things. Congratulations! Thank you for providing for all of us in the Linux Mint XFCE desktop environment.

  60. Hi

    I am a Complete newby with LINUX, I tried LINUX MINT 14 xfce on a USB key and I am much pleased with it, the fastest linux I’ve tried so far and the simplest, that have all automaticaly installed video, sound and so on, “” out of the box “” SO I did surf with it with great joy…..during hours…..

    UNTIL I tried to retreive some downloadings I”had made with it and there horror, the joy felt was cruelly stopped replaced by extreme frustration….because LINUX MINT 14 efce….can’t recognise external USB n HARD DRIVE connected to it, and worse refuse to “mount” any….

    I could not beleive it, a such perfect tool, with such a STUPID bug not recognising any external drive, the basis of communications…that”s a joke ?….

    Nope my friends it ain’t…In the ERA of INTERNET and communications fast….some guys still make OS that can’t communicate with the external world ? ….where they drunk that day ? non lo so !!!

    HOW is that…? will there be a major UPDATE solving that STUPID PROBLEM on a near perfect OS for the newby that I am…?

    Please do not give me complicated answers as how to set up an external drive..because (first, I should not have to do that) and second I would not understand how to do it because I am useless in the computer inside mecanics n codes ….

    To me, in my newby head, formated by window, the bases of an OS is simply to be able to recognise (on it”s own) the basic connections (sound, video, external drives, keyboard, mouse, wifi, etc…)connected to it out of the box, and that is what makes of it a GOOD OS worth OF interest to a newbies, if it does not ? it is simply USELESS ….

    I hope you will fix that problem soon, leting me know when it’s done….and giving me a SIMPLE way of adding your UPDATE so that it make my OS recognise my external drives without complex things to follow or do to SET IT UP so that it finaly works..recognising my external drives…..

    Thanks for reading, understanding…and hopefully correcting that stupid bug…because I really like LINUX MINT 14 XFCE…and think it’s a nearly Perfect tool for newbies…


    PS, sorry for my French, but I am actually French…eeeeee

  61. I am trying to replace Windows XP on an 8 year old Compaq Presario with Mint Linux xfce and not having much luck. When I tried to install it the first thing it did was tell me that I needed 512 Meg RAM and only had 502 Meg.I thought I only needed 384. I tried to download it and it looks as if it tried to set up a partition and failed. I did find a file in the Programs folder but that is all . Should I delete and try again? Also why is it saying I only have 502 RAM when I thought I had 512. Before I forget the HDD is 40 Gig and it is a Presario v5000. I have actually downloaded Ubuntu as a dual boot on another laptop I have so I am totally clueless, just mostly. Please help as I dont want to accidently erase Windows unless I am certain I can replace it with Linux.

  62. Having used Linux Mint since version 5 and quite happy with Gnome 2 I was somewhat disappointed with version 3.
    Eventually jumped to LXDE and admit did have me apprehensions about going to XFCE after trying a stock version, I don’t know why but I have just taken to this instantly, to me it has a very Gnome 2 feel to it, I feel settled again with this distro, Well Done! a beautiful job.

  63. Stability question… Is mint 13 more stable than 14? I heard on you-tube that the kernel in 13 is less buggy than 14, any truth to this? I like the interface of XFCE, thinking of changing over from Mate 13. Opinions??

  64. Mint XFCE 14… I installed it on small partition for testing, just to try, and forgot on MATE. Simply the best. Everything works on my PC without any bug, except strange icons on desktop on startup, but that is completely irrelevant. I’ve tried a huge number of distribution and I can only say, in my opinion, this is the best disto for now. Thank you for Mint in any form.
    Mint + XFCE + mintmenu = 🙂

  65. Having just re-discovered how 32bit LinuxMint-13 Cinnamon can be installed, added to and customized on a ’16GB’ USBkey I have just made another donation in greatful thanks !
    It’s quicker to StartUp and respond than all other modern (Series 3 kernel + drivers) distributions, even other recent LinuxMint variants that I have tried.

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