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I just wanted to post about what happened these last few days and what’s coming up in the near future:

– We decided to postpone the developement of QT frontends for the Mint applications in the KDE CE. As a consequence, the bad news is that all mint tools will still come with GTK interfaces in Elyssa KDE CE and that due to a problem with how GTK handles transparency in systray GTK applications won’t be using the default KDE style by default. The good news is that, with this out of the way, there isn’t much holding Elyssa KDE CE from being released anymore… so we should see this edition come with a public BETA pretty soon now.

– Ubuntu released an update (8.04.1). I’m currently reviewing it. As always I tend to take a conservative approach and I’m not interested in updates which don’t fix any important known issues. If the decision is to catch up with 8.04.1 then Linux Mint 5 R2 will be released and I’ll take the opportunity to consider adding support for OEM installations and a fix for mintUpdate (which sometimes doesn’t always refresh itself).

– Firefox 3 stable was added to the repositories. Opera 9.5 is there as well (although this was added a while ago). We’ve also added Western Quake 3 ( ) and we might add Urban Terror 4.1 soon.


  1. Elyssa is becoming pretty stable now…in fact, every week it’s becoming more stable and even a bit faster. Firefox works like a charm now…also flash. Only a minor glitch every now and then…like a freezing mouse in 1 out 10 start-ups (yes the xorg-file). But that happens only on my laptop. After the first week of installing Elyssa I wasn’t that sure…perhaps going back to Mandriva Gnome Spring?? Right now I am pritty sure…I am getting used too much to Mint and Elyssa…there is definetly something magnetic about it. Keep improving Clem and team! You have my vote…Consistency and professional quality can go well together with innovative design. Will that be the route for Mint in near future?

  2. Good choice in postponing the Qt frontends; I think that most people will appreciate it.
    I’m also waiting for the Fluxbox and XFCE editions; my notebook urgently needs some new mintness 😉

  3. Thankyou! I was longing for Western Quake!
    On R2, I appreciate your “conservative approach”, what’s the point of fixing what works…
    Thanks and bye

  4. And what’s up with Adobe Flash Player 10 beta 2? Could you put it in the repos? Maybe an update? The current version included in mint works not always well..

  5. Yes, I’m also wondering about the inclusion of Flash player 10 Beta 2. I think this is important to include in an updated Linux Mint! 🙂

  6. If Ubuntu 8.04.1 has fix the problem with samba, fuse and nautilus and allows to browse network again like it worked in Daryna,and if windows partitions can be automounted like it was also in Daryna, i hope you will implement it in Elyssa as soon as possible.
    I’ve bypassed the problem by use of smb4K and reinstall Elyssa to mount Windows partitions with partition manager wizard.
    Cause for someone coming from windows, like me and still working with windows computers on a lan, those features are really important and I’m sure those problems have and will continue to discourage those who would like to switch from windows to Mint.

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