Linux Mint 13 “Maya” released!

The team is proud to announce the release of Linux Mint 13 “Maya”.

Available in two editions, Linux Mint 13 features the choice between a productive, stable and mature MATE 1.2 desktop and the brand new modern-looking and exciting Cinnamon 1.4. These two desktops are among the best available, they’re perfectly integrated within Linux Mint and represent great alternatives to Gnome 2 users. Linux Mint 13 is also an LTS (Long Term Support) release and it will be supported until April 2017.

MATE Edition Cinnamon Edition

New features at a glance:

For a complete overview and to see screenshots of the new features, visit: “What’s new in Linux Mint 13“.

Important info:

  • Boot hangs on systems with b43 wireless cards
  • 64-bit only for Mint4win
  • Windows popping behind the installer in MATE edition
  • Desktop icons in Cinnamon

Make sure to read the “Release Notes” to be aware of important info or known issues related to this release.

System requirements:

  • x86 processor (Linux Mint 64-bit requires a 64-bit processor. Linux Mint 32-bit works on both 32-bit and 64-bit processors).
  • 512 MB RAM (1GB recommended for a comfortable usage).
  • 5 GB of disk space
  • Graphics card capable of 800×600 resolution
  • CD/DVD drive or USB port

Upgrade instructions:

  • To upgrade from a previous version of Linux Mint follow these instructions.
  • To upgrade from the RC release, simply apply any level 1 and 2 updates (if any) available in the Update Manager.


Md5 sum:

  • MATE 32-bit: 43ca0be4501b9d1a46fea25ec2cd556e
  • MATE 64-bit: 2d84f671ad77a8019dfa6e1d00572d82
  • Cinnamon 32-bit: 913fd6c76730dac0aff87d565cbdb737
  • Cinnamon 64-bit: e0f3dbee947630d1eada01a3583d3b96


HTTP Mirrors for the MATE 32-bit DVD ISO:

HTTP Mirrors for the MATE 64-bit DVD ISO:

HTTP Mirrors for the Cinnamon 32-bit DVD ISO:

HTTP Mirrors for the Cinnamon 64-bit DVD ISO:

Alternative downloads:

No-codecs images:

Distributors and magazines in Japan, USA and countries where distributing media codecs is problematic can use the “No Codecs” ISO images. These images are available for both the MATE and Cinnamon editions, in 32-bit and 64-bit at the following address:

OEM images:

Manufacturers can pre-install Linux Mint on their computers using the OEM installation images. These images will be made available next week, for both the MATE and Cinnamon edition in 64-bit at the following address:

700MB CD images:

Because of the size of the content, and the fact that a vast majority of systems nowadays can either boot from DVDs or from USB, Linux Mint no longer provides images which fit in 700MB CDs. It is however possible and easy to to modify ISO images. By removing packages such as Java, Mono, LibreOffice, Gimp..etc.. Linux Mint ISOs can be made to fit within 700MB. For instructions on how to remaster the Linux Mint ISOs, please read the following tutorial:


We look forward to receiving your feedback. Thank you for using Linux Mint and have a lot of fun with this new release!


  1. Downloading now. 🙂

    Excellent job, I’m finally upgrading from Mint 10. I’ll miss Julia but I have another woman to heat me up now, oh hi Maya, do come in.


  2. What does “64-bit only for Mint4win” mean?

    Edit by Clem: It’s explained more in details in the release notes. It works well on the 64-bit ISO images, not on the 32-bit ones.

  3. I would like to see a customized gnome-shell from mint. cinnamon is great but I also like gnome-shell.

    Edit by Clem: You can install it by adding “gnome-shell” and “gnome-session” to the Cinnamon edition.

  4. Thank you sooooooooooo much… just buy new netbook last friday, and waiting this release (so the netbook still no OS until now). After 5 days waiting, finally.. time to download & install.

  5. Leaving Julia for Maya +1 🙂
    Compiz worked in RC somewhat flicky (probably video card/drivers issue) but so far usable. Next: fresh install and test.
    Thank you guys.

  6. Installed LM13 Cinnamon last night with no problems. I switched it over to Gnome 3. Everything is running smoothly. Thanks Clem and the Team for another great release!

  7. Mint 13 Cinnamon looks really good (so did the RC of MATE). Thanks for the great release!!!

    However, Cinnamon still restarts randomly and internet connection sharing just doesn’t seem to work at all.

    Other than that, all seems to work perfectly!!! Thanks again!b 😀

  8. Why the boot hang on B43 systems? 🙁 I guess I’ll have to wait for this to be fixed to upgrade 🙁

    Edit by Clem: Please check the release notes for info and workarounds about this.

  9. Great Work, clem! I am happy to see both desktops taking off and see a lot of work being done in the Cinnamon edition by fixing most of those pesky bugs. This is really heading to be a great release and I feel proud to be a part of such community.

    Sincere Kudos from me and my friends.


  10. “Boot hangs on systems with b43 wireless cards”

    Is this boot problem with all versions or only 1 of the 2 ? As when I installed the RC, I could install and boot MATE mint fine… Iĺl check later with the normal release.

    Other than that YeeY, Mint 13 is out, *sets evil plans in motion* (move on to LM13 instead of windows ^^)

    Edit by Clem: Afaik it doesn’t impact everybody with b43 cards… in the stable release we also added the boot option in the compatibility mode so people who were impacted in the RC should find it easier to boot with the stable ISO.

  11. Hi. Is there a major difference between this Final Release and the RC one??? Or I just keep updating my system ’cause RC and Final Release are “almost” the same???

    Greetings from Mint 13 RC, MATE edition 🙂

    Edit by Clem: About 40 bug fixes, none of them critical, you can simply upgrade level 1 and 2 packages to get the fixes.

  12. Wow! Didn’t think the final would drop so soon but hey, the RC is running so smoothly it would seem its already the final release! Loving it! I just need to update right? Or should I start over with a fresh ISO?

  13. OK, I’ve been using LMDE ad its gorgeous!
    But this, mmm, let me try this too! 😀

    Thanks a million to the Mint team for your hard work!


  14. This is going to make a great Memorial Day Weekend for me here in the USA…girlfriend is out of town, the Indy 500 is on, and I get to install “Maya” on at least three computers. Life is good! 😀

    Thanks to Clem and everybody else that works so hard on these releases. As one that is forced to use Windows every day at work, I am extremely grateful to be able to come home to Linux Mint.

  15. Thank you for the release!

    May have found a bug in LM13 64-bit MATE-edition though. When using function keys (adjusting screen brightness etc.), sometimes trackpad stops funtioning. Keyboard still works, only option is a restart of X.

    Don’t know if anyone else has been experiencing this.

  16. Nice work to you Clem and The Team! Thanks for Both Editions…MATE and Cinnamon are working GREAT!!! Nice to be a part of the community!!!

  17. I think I’ll wait a little before I move to Maya since Katya is supported until October. I will feel comfortable making the move when the time comes, though. Congratulations and thank you!

  18. Anyone unsure on cinnamon, don’t worry. Im new to linux and qfter trying ubuntu & fedora, I have settled with mint 12 and cinnamon, runs great and looks even better. Thank you Clem & team, I’m sure Linux mint 13 will be awsome, enjoy


    oh m waiting to taste mint 13 !

    Thank you so much much clem and whole mint team

  20. Well that went well. Not. Went through the Mate version install process, rebooted my machine and it hasn’t installed at all & there’s still only my Win 7 install there. Its installed all of the files on a partition but clearly not installed any sort of boot manager. Its a Dell Inspiron 1750 in case that helps.

  21. Will the next KDE and Xfce (and possibly Fluxbox) editions be based on Maya, or will they finally be migrated to LMDE?

    Edit by Clem: Mint 13 will feature KDE and Xfce editions.

  22. I have some beginner level doubts before I can choose between MATE or Cinnamon.

    First, MATE felt snappier than Cinnamon (in live disc mode at least), so that is one point for MATE. However considering that this is an LTS and I intend to stick to it till the next LTS, what are the chances of MATE being dropped midway or being outpaced in improvement vs. Cinnamon?

    Second, MATE is a fork off GTK2 and Cinnamon is based on GTK3 (I presume). So if an application moves to GTK3 libraries (say Firefox/Thunderbird or Pidign), how will it affect a MATE user?

    Edit by Clem: That’s only a problem for GTK3 applications, that’s why so few of them migrate to GTK3. In the MATE edition, gdebi, transmission and a few others are using GTK3. We put a lot of efforts into integrating gtk3.4 properly in Maya , but if GTK causes regressions every 6 months and stops looking and behaving like other APIs, we’ll stop using GTK3 apps in Linux Mint going forward. MATE itself is rock solid, and in 6 months time we know we’ll be able to count on it with additional improvements to build yet another great release.

  23. We can upgrade from maya RC… but fearing some little bugs or maybe some conflicts, it’s better to make a fresh install, isn’t it?

  24. i also wonder if there are any more applets than those included. i wasnt able to check cos my net didnt work in live mode for some reason.

    would be good if we had an applet website for mate like the cinnamon spices one, and a

    i guess the cinnamon applets wont work, but (ubuntu) indicators probably will?

  25. @Clem,
    Your release notes mention CD images in a couple paragraphs; I think you mean No-codecs images.

    BTW, congratulations! And thank you Clem & Team! 5 years!!

    Edit by Clem: Thanks, fixed.

  26. Got my copy of 64-bit Cinnamon downloaded, rebuilding tonight!

    Thanks for the great job the Team has done!

  27. Congratulations on the new release!

    One cosmetic problem I have with Maya-Cinnamon is that certain applets are occupying more space than they used to and it looks quite strange. For example, the Date/Time applet for some reason is taking an extra half inch of my screen to the right, meaning that it’s not aligned with the right side of the screen. Also, the transmission icon is taking up a similar amount of space on both sides. This didn’t happen on the version of Cinnamon available for Mint 12.

    Otherwise, quality stuff!

    Edit by Clem: Thanks, I noticed that as well. I think it may be due to a fix in the themeing of Cinnamon 1.4 UP3, we’ll fix this in UP4.

  28. problem connecting to the net using a 3G USB CDMA modem (model: Capitel, device id – 1c9e:9e00). This worked in Mint 12 but does not show up in the network manager connection editor when trying to configure a new mobile broadband connection. Incidentally this is the same problem with Ubuntu 12.04. A lot of other 3G USB (CDMA and GSM) modems face the same problem with the 12.04 release. The Ubuntu devs apparently don’t think this is important enough. I hope Mint pushes out a solution for this.

  29. Mint 13 Maya Cinnamon edition running in a Lenovo B570… simply amazing!

    Everything works as expected but snappier than Lisa+Cinnamon or Lisa+Gnome shell. Even the power consumption decreased by almost 25%.

    Thank you Clem and the dev Team!

  30. Hi clem and team thanks for another grate release cant wait to try the cinnamon edition, I try’d the RC and I loved it.

    Releases like this is why I choose Linux Mint over any other distro any day.

    Thanks again clem and the team.

  31. Thanks guys, this came out quicker than I expected. I guess the RC had no serious issues.
    I’ll be using the Cinnamon version when I do install it, but I will admit that after using MATE for nearly a week, it was quite good.

  32. Exelent work!!
    Downloading Maya..
    I hope the video drivers on my laptop work better than Lisa.
    Thanks Clem and all Team!!

  33. Hm, going back to my post (#31), it the spacing issue with Transmission was solved by just reloading Cinnamon. The issue with the date applet remains, though. I noticed that the spacing left changes depending on the theme. With smaller fonts it gets wider, while for big fonts (like on the gnome shell theme) it gets pushed completely to the right.

  34. Strange about the b43 wireless. I have this and experienced no issues with the install.

  35. Wau, this was really fast after the RC version. Because I already have the RC version now I can just upgrade to the final version. I hope that there will not be some bugs.

  36. Hey’all,

    This is a very nice release, I’m really impressed by the Cinnamon edition.
    My only complaints are that the default mdm theme looks a bit outdated, I’m afraid it could scare off new users. Also I would like to have the sound menu support audacious.
    Still Maya Cinnamon and Mate (I prefer Cinnamon) are great.

    Thanks Mint team and everybody who helped creating this great release!

  37. No WAY! I just installed the RC, and then it finally comes out while I’m getting it setup!!! OMG!! :0

  38. lolwut! boot hanging on the b43 wireless card! those are really common on HP and Dell laptops!

    anyways congrats on the release, i hope you get that fixed up soon! love cinnamon, a great alternative for those that want to keep the old fashioned minty desktop 😀

  39. I am very happy to find the new version of MINT 13 (Maya). I hope that this will be a better version and will support greater platforms where the previous version fails. Still, I want to say that I am currently using MINT 12 in DELL Vostro 1014 . I am highly satisfied with its performance with DELL laptops. Everything is working properly very nicely with it. Fast and bug free.

  40. Thank you Clem and all the Mint team.
    I know one thing I’ll be doing over the long Memorial Day weekend.

    Rohit: I would just go with the MATE desktop, I am. No way will I ever last until 2017 before upgrading from LTS version; heck I’ll most probably download and install Mint 14 in November!

  41. @Clem

    Did you see my post i the RC thread on my test results on the RC of Cinnamon after the fixes and were any more improvements made after that? I may have to wait for a future release based on your answer…

    Thanks for all your work. 🙂

  42. i wonder about a dvd where you can have both cinnamon and mate to chose

    and thank you very much pals

  43. HURAAAA THANKS TO ALL MINT TEAM PEOPLE but users also. Download NOW and upgrade fom 9 to 13. BTW my birthday is 13.sept 🙂 I will test all version THX.

  44. Great work! Cinnamon is the best free software project of the year, the one with the more promising future. He makes useful GNOME 3 for all users. Thanks.

  45. I’ll try it, but my option is still Ubuntu because is more polished and elegant now(artwork, interface, translations, software center etc).

    the only “advantage” in Mint for me is because is out-of-box (java, flash, codecs) and I like to share with my friends and family a complete system. But now, I really don’t know. I miss a lot the universal edition.

  46. installed Cinnamon version last night replacing Mint12, it’s looking good, for the first time in 5 releases that my sound card works properly out of the box.

    Thanks for all the hard work, cheers Team Mint 🙂

  47. Congrats on the new release and the great work you did with the new DEs!

    But… even though I used to be a gnome 2 fanatic and extremely dissapointed by gnome 3 … having used gnome-shell, unity and now KDE … I can’t help feeling that MATE and Cinnamon both look kinda dated.

    I’ll be waiting for the KDE mint version to try out!

  48. Thank you again for this awesome release! I’ve been running the RC on my production rig (yes, I know), and it’s been rock solid so far, and a joy to use.

    I’m certain I’m well in the minority, though, when I say that I’m disappointed by the lack of 32bit OEM images. I’ll have to stick with Linux Mint 9 for now, which is a bit upsetting since the end of that LTS’ support window, while not around the corner, is in sight.

    Again, though, I do strongly appreciate all of the work you’ve been doing, and I understand that I am one of very few still desiring this feature.

  49. Hi Clem,

    Downloaded and tested final Cinnamon edition.

    Added the Zoom functionality applet in the bar and turned on zoom.
    Context menus magnify along with desktop.:)
    Went into keyboard mappings and under Universal Access added Alt-Numpad-Minus to zoom out and Alt-Numpad-Plus to zoom in.
    When I use those keys, the desktop does magnify but ALL context menus don’t any more.:(

    Can this be fixed soon?

  50. @clem

    Hi,and thank you for this great release.I have a few quick questions for you:1 will Mate get updates beyond 1.2 in this release or will it remain on 1.2?.2 Will the kernel also get upgrades or remain on current one?.3 Is it possible to get Cinnamon localized properly,for example the menu is like 50/50 translated even though Launchpad says Cinnamon is 100% translated in my language,is there something i have to do manually to set it right??.4 Will mate get support for formating USB-stick and other stuff by rightclicking or am i stuck with “Gnome-disk-utility” which is a complicated way to get it done and not so beginner friendly?.And last a little bug report concerning Cinnamon,as of today the network applet started to loose my Wlan hotspot from the list of networks,i can still see my “neigbours” and their signal strengths,but not my own,the icon also changes from Wlan to that of a “plugged” network but im still connected to my own Wlan,sometimes it helps restarting Cinnamon or computer but not for many minutes though.However,thank you you for giving us the 2 best desktop environments in the world for us all to ENJOY!.

  51. Congratulations to Clem and the team on another brilliant job !
    Thanks to the ability to still revert to GRUB0.97 I will get on with a ‘real’ installation of both versions on a WD My Passport Essentials drive that ‘straddles’ the other host PC OSs, including still working LM9 Isadora !
    Hopefully Sound-Juicer and non-Compiz Wall fixes will eventually emerge, but I must now make another donation, so thank you one and all !

  52. BTW I had issues with the nVidia drivers on my Asus Geforce 6150 built-in, neither Cinnamon or Gnome Classic would load, got the desktop but no taskbar or window controls, even after resetting all the themes, removed the drivers and working again. Could be an issue or just my setup, would you like me to test further?

  53. Congrats, just installed this on one of my friends external HDD to use it on his laptop..
    Although I had a lil problem in the beginning with the b43 drivers, after following the instructions from the release notes, everything went smoothly 😀


  54. Awesome!

    I’m going mate for now. I love cinnamon, but I am going to wait until it supports software rendering before I can use it.

  55. Maya <3

    Currently using Maya-Mate. Is there a setting or command to have the default/traditional setup of Mate/Gnome 2 that has the top&bottom panel? I installed Mate in Ubuntu 12.04 and the default panel after install is my preference.

    Thanks Clem, Mint and Mate team! More Power to y'all!

  56. Can I use the USB Boot Disk Creator (Linux Mint 12 default software) with this iso? (LinuxMint13Cinnamon)

  57. Congratulations! I have a great deal of respect for the Minty releases. May I take this opportunity to wish for a LMDE KDE release? Maybe during the next freeze? Thanks 🙂

  58. I just randomly decided to check the site as it had been a few weeks since my last visit and find that LM13 Maya has been released. Awesome, gonna test out the mint and mate editions to decide oce and for all which desktop I prefer. Congrats to the team!

  59. This is going to be my next distro for the work PC.

    Great it is. Waited for this for 2 years and skipped the last release out of confusion about Unity and Gnome 3. Will install the Mate version this time.

    Have fun folks !

  60. Maya MATE 32-bit is the first release since 2 1/2 years, where all the stuff, that got broken along the way one way or another since my currently just for that reason still installed Mint 8 Helena, is now finally working again. Additionally I eventually also got a few long longed for features working for the very first time, so it finally is time to move forward.
    The big question now: is there a realistic chance to successfully perform a major upgrade from Mint 8 to Mint 13 or is that endeavour already doomed from the get go, leaving only a fresh install?

  61. For those asking about KDE editions, you know you can install kde-desktop or kde-full from apt / software manager.

    I don’t know how integration and tweaks compare with a proper KDE release but if you have the time spare it could be a good learning experience.

  62. The MATE Mint 13 RC felt solid right out of the gate. Congrats and thanks for all your hard work!

  63. Esteban, does your wireless work well? I haven’t had working wireless for any release after 11, and that required blacklisting.

    I have the Lenovo B570 too.

  64. Given that the isos are no longer targeting 700MB wouldn’t it make more sense to merge the MATE and Cinnamon isos and offer a choice at install time.

  65. Is anybody else having connection problems with virtualbox in Mint 13? When I start any of my virtual machines, I get the popup dialogue confirming that the network card is connected, but I can’t connect to the internet with anything at all. No browsing, no updating the system, nothing at all. The was happening in the release candidate as well. I’m using the Mate version of Mint 13, and not sure if the same problem exists in Cinnamon version or if it’s just a problem specific to Mate. I’ve tried all the versions of Virtualbox in the repository, and also downloaded the latest version from Oracle’s website, all to no avail; I’m still getting the same problem. Any help would be gratefully appreciated.

  66. I haven’t noticed any connection problems running Mint Maya Cinnamon in Virtualbox 4.1.14, on Max OSX 10.5.8 host, however, I’m seeing some font rendering issues in the menu. Not sure how to describe, but it’s like the font kerning is off with some characters and the vertical lines of “u” and “r” and “h” characters are missing. It seems a bit random too, a restart of Cinnamon will cause the rendering anomalies to move to different places in the menu. I wish I knew how to post a screen shot.

  67. I’m also curious. Will the XFCE release feature XFCE 4.10? It wasn’t out in time for XUbuntu 12.04 (Precise).

  68. Greetings from Vancouver, Canada. 😀

    Excellent release. Downloading both editions. Mate going on Desktop and Cinnamon going on Laptop.

    Thanks for the great work.

  69. I love it! Everything seems so much smoother running Cinnamon natively instead of installing it alongside Unity. I have officially switched from Ubuntu to Linux Mint.

  70. Should I use MATE or Cinammon as a guest in VirtualBox?
    I have an ATI Radio HD 4350 video card.

  71. I’m posting this from Maya Cinnamon 64 bit! I am very impressed with the polish that took place with Cinnamon, even from the very recent LMDE release.

    Maya is a great step forward for the Linux community, and both Cinnamon and MATE offer great alternatives to Gnome 2. In fact, having both versions available gives more power to the users than before in terms of choice.

    I’ve personally chosen to use Cinnamon, as I ultimately see it as a step towards the future, and I wanted to start using Maya from Day 1 as soon as it moved past the RC.

    Overall, I’m very impressed with Maya, and I’m glad to see it’s finally here (very fast testing period). I’m looking forward to recommending this distro to friends and family, and hoping to see a possible KDE version of Maya sometime in 2012.

    Thanks to Clem and the Mint Team for another great release!

  72. Great stuff, so to update from the RC I just go into update manager and select all of the updates? I am using Mate.

  73. Well, this is frustrating. M13 Cinnamon isn’t working. After installing, updating, and installing the Nvidia driver (GeoForce 6150 SE), I reboot to a missing panel and missing window borders. It’s a shame, because I liked Cinnamon quite a lot in Mint 12. I don’t know what the issue is, but if it’s an issue with the Nvidia driver, it’s an odd one, as the MATE edition works just fine.

  74. Added to my previous comment: Looks like it’s the same story in Gnome classic with Effects, but not without effects. This leads me to believe that this is a Compiz issue, as it is annoyingly similar to the problems with doing anything in Compiz starting with Mint 11- i.e. setting up “desktop cube” made your windows borders disappear. Again, this is a shame, as I would like to have Cinnamon installed.

  75. So far seems speedier than 12, (trying the default neveau drivers first). I have a huge problem though, in cinnamon settings the hot corner doesn’t care about how many monitors I have. It only puts the hot corner on my left monitor.

    I have it set to bottom right, and yea it’s in the bottom right… of my left monitor (in between both monitors). Unfortunately that makes it useless on 2x 1080p 24′ monitors and at work that’s what I used the most to switch between tasks in a split second.

    Please take care of that guys, I love mint. But at work this is my main horse, and mint 11 was delivering the goods so I’d hate to switch back 🙁 This will be the first time I don’t have to do all kinds of crazy stuff just to get 2 monitors and stuff working efficiently without hassle.

  76. One last thing too. The bottom bar does very strange things when using virtualbox, running windows 7 as a guest in seamless mode. It seems to dissappear at random depending on what windows I choose…

  77. Hey Clem, thanks for the great OS. Mint is my favorite distro by far for laptops and desktops, and 12 convinced me to give up Windows on my laptop, but there’s something I think you should know:

    The minute I started downloading the x86_64 Cinnamon release with my preferred BT Client (Utorrent) my firewall screams about an attack from

    IP comes back to: Barquisimeto, Venezuela.

    I just thought you should know. Maybe the tracker/server has been hacked.

    I have no idea why anyone would want to attack a linux distro’s server.

  78. I should also say that I really like Cinnamon (used it from release day until about a week or two ago) but it is a little slower than Mate and those tiny icons on the launcher panel (unable to be re-sized) are hard to view on a 24 inch screen.

  79. Nice work Clem. But I will just wait for the KDE version, like some others. BTW, can you give us an estimated date when KDE version will be released?

  80. just got setup on mate 64bit and so far i love it. this is my 1st time trying out mate i was going to go with cinnamon, but i always love gnome 2 versions. mate has done a good job of keeping the traditional desktop alive!

    thanks mint team!!

  81. My name is Maya too. I use Ubuntu but now after experiencing Unity I decided to use LinuxMint from this version. From now I will write blogpost about linuxmint in my blog. Thank you all.

  82. Dear: Well, actually I have a tremendous disappointment: I have just downloaded the final version of Linux Mint 13 Cinnamon and Mate, and it turns out the same problems that I described previously are still there. The Network Manager works horribly wrong, I could not connect to the Internet using the live DVD, I put the username and password and continue to ask me many times and never unable to connect. A reverend and absolute disaster !!!! The bugs still here !!!!

    Neither does the good old wizard “sudo pppoeconf”, the wizard starts, it requests the data, says that all is well, yet the Internet is not !!!! Why so far in all the live-cd or live-dvd Debian based it did work (since Linux Mint 7 and up to Linux Mint 12) worked well, even more, in the latest versions of Kubuntu and Ubuntu (12.04) also ran right. And to make things worse, I found heavier final versions that the RC versions. If this is a LTS release, it really is awful !!!!

    I do not want to make a snap judgment, but if this is the Linux Mint with support for 5 years, have really screwed, and very. If this is to make the team Linux Mint, I’m sorry, but the truth is that I go elsewhere. Errors are serious enough, maybe you install it and test it, but the fact that seeing these horrors in the live DVD, one wonders whether it is worth installing or not (just in case I have my image already downloaded Kubuntu 12.04). A pity!!

    And I hope that the Linux Mint 13 KDE version, debug and really put very carefully as the Linux Mint 12 was quite regular to bad (and I’m still very good to qualify as well). Greetings.-

  83. Hi. I LOVE Linux Mint! Been using it for a couple of years now. I have all but left Microsoft Windows. One of my computers is an Asus A7V8X-X motherboard with a AMD Athlon 2.7 GHZ Cpu and 1 gig of memory. Until Linux Mint 13 Mate final came out, I had no problem with Mint at all! I understand that the Mint4Win in the 32-bit does not work. I have no problem doing the install from the live boot. So, I downloaded both the RC and the Final and the install will not finish. The window in the process showing the amount of file copying at the bottom just disappears and the install never finishes. The mouse cursor is “busy” but the install never completes. Any suggestions? The other issue (minor) is with my Panasonic CF-29 and CF-30 Toughbooks. The touchpad is seen as a PS2 mouse making the options unavailable for it. My wife has a Panasonic CF-W8 and it shows her Touchpad as installed, and her options are working just fine. THANKS for all you Do!!!

  84. Very interested with where MATE is going. As far as I can see it, Unity is going to rule 11″ – 15″ monitors and Mint with its 2 flavors on screens bigger than that… Nice release!

  85. Just installed mate 64bit. It’s great!
    One very minor bug. After I remove the power cord on my laptop, when I click on or hover over the power icon, it shows that I have two batteries.

  86. Si tienes problemas en Cinnamon con tarjeta NVidia (no te aparece la barra de tareas y de menú). Presiona CRL + ALT + SUPR e inicia sesión en el escritorio Gnome clasico sin efectos. Detra a este link: ejecuta los comandos en el terminal y listo. Espero que sirva para tu PC, a mi me solucionó el problema.

  87. Awesome! Great job Clem & the Linux Mint team!

    Though will wait patiently for the XFCE (which I read at the RC release comment) or the LXDE version when they are out 🙂

  88. I can’t wait for the KDE version! Also, it would be great if the razor-Qt Desktop Environment was added to the repositories. Thanks very much.


  89. Hi,
    I asked a simple question about 90 minutes ago here. I was number 108 just 5 minutes after number 107 above. I was polite, thankful for Linux Mint 13 and now I check here for a reply, I see that a moderator has DELETED my question! Is this a regular practice here? I simply asked for help with the install not completing on my Asus AMD based older computer and a touchpad question on my Panasonix Toughbook…
    Again… Thanks for a reply…

    Edit by Clem: Hi Stanton, I can see your question below (well, above, for you.. ). I can’t see the comment numbers, but I can confirm it wasn’t deleted. New comments are held in moderation when the poster isn’t known by the anti-spam filter. It’s tedious to manually approve them, but it ensures we read them all and we save us from a ton of spam (the amount of spam is mind-boggling, we couldn’t do without these filters).

  90. Wow… now it came back! Am I bad? :O
    Thanks for a Great OS!!!

    Edit by Clem: oh ok.. I just replied to your earlier comment 🙂 Ah well, that gave me an opportunity to explain moderation and anti-spam a little 🙂

  91. Bonjour, c’est dommage d’avoir abandonné Gnome3 car finallement il n’est pas si mal que ça.
    Au début j’avais un peu de mal mais finalement je m’y suis habitué et j’ai remarqué que je n’étais pas le seul dans ce cas.

  92. In reply to Rohit, you said;
    “We put a lot of efforts into integrating gtk3.4 properly in Maya , but if GTK causes regressions every 6 months and stops looking and behaving like other APIs, we’ll stop using GTK3 apps in Linux Mint going forward. MATE itself is rock solid, and in 6 months time we know we’ll be able to count on it with additional improvements to build yet another great release.”

    Would it be lot of trouble to have a rolling distro, which could be updated every few days, or is it absolutely necessary to release a distro after a release of Ubuntu?

  93. I downloaded the Maya 13 MATE DVD 32bit iso file but how do I make a LiveUsb from it? Unetbootin does not have Mint 13 in its dropdown. Is there any other program on Windows or Linux that will help me? thanks.
    Also best regards to Clem and the team for the release. I hope to enjoy your latest work!

  94. The BEST thing since Coka Cola and sex.

    Thanks Clem and Team.

    Bye Ubuntu.

    Ubuntu is now in the same class as Windows…..a royal mess

  95. How well will Cinnamon work on a circa 2009/2010 netbook? I read some of the release notes and it says it requires 3D acceleration and am debating on whether not to go MATE or Cinnamon.

  96. Do you think Alwyn de Wall that Mint can exist without Ubuntu? Mint 13 is 5 year LTS and Mint 14 would be from Ubuntu 12.10.

    So, if you want to say bye to Ubuntu, you can do that to Mint too!

  97. For the next 5 years there would be 10 releases of Ubuntu. By the time Mint 13 ends it time, the Mint release would be Mint 23. Most probably Ubuntu 13.04 would be another LTS.

    The question my friend asked but was deleted is could Mint 13 become a rolling distro as it would live for next 5 years (and 10 more Mint releases), so by the time Mint 23 is released, Mint 13 would be already Mint 13 from regular updates?

  98. Correction;

    For the next 5 years there would be 10 releases of Ubuntu. By the time Mint 13 ends it time, the Mint release would be Mint 23. Most probably Ubuntu 13.04 would be another LTS.

    The question my friend asked but was deleted is could Mint 13 become a rolling distro as it would live for next 5 years (and 10 more Mint releases), so by the time Mint 23 is released, Mint 13 would be already Mint 23 from regular updates?

  99. The point of LTS releases is that some people don’t want to upgrade every six or 12 months. How many people and companies still run Windows XP? They like the stability and familiarity. Plus lots of old software won’t run on new operating systems. If you want rolling upgrades install Mint LMDE.

  100. On which kernel does the installer run? There should be a section in the release notes with this necessary information.

  101. Hipp Hipp Hurray!!!!!

    Yeahhh. I like it. Killed Windoze 7 on my Lenovo x121 (AMD Version) and installed MINT 13. All things are running out of the box.
    And thank’s for supporting MATE Desktop.
    Gnome 3 is awfull and pain.

  102. The default theme ist really beautifull, but i personally can’t understand why the scrollbar is that ugly… roundet corners? Comeone …

  103. Hi !

    Nice spin, really ! Mate and Cinnamon are really great and ambitious projects, keep working on them.

    But they are a bit inconsistent and too young for an everyday use (in my opinion) and ressource hungry. Too bad all these new DE and their problemes arise just before a new LTS is released. I will keep an eye on them to follow their evolution but i will go for XFCE now (Voyager 12.04) for my production laptop.

    I think the future is full of surprises : Gnome Shell will improve a lot, as well as MATE and Cinnamon. Maybe we will also see port of MATE and XFCE to GTK3 one day !

    I love open source ! 🙂

  104. BillyJim, LMDE has many problems, one being Debian and its repos, which won’t allow simple matters like not allowing real Firefox to install.
    By the way, I know quite a lot of people, who run Windows XP and don’t want to change at all.

  105. Clem and team, great work but…

    Don’t you think it’s time mint4win is taken out of the ISOs (or fixed before included) when it’s not actually working?

    I think I remember issues in some of the previous editions too, and I don’t think it makes much sense to include it and just notify users in the release notes.

    I had to use mint4win last couple of years for various reasons and I had to use mint editions other than the latest (due to the whole buggyness). I could check the release notes every time before downloading, but that’s not so easy with the current website, and neither is practical. All important notifications should be found when actually USING the software (e.g. when opening mint4win in Windows but BEFORE installing), or not found at all…

    Just my 2cents… Keep up the good work!

    I’m proud to be a Mint user…

  106. Thanks! Have just installed the version w. 32bit MATE. No worries – everything works right away (as usual).

    And it’s a LTS. That’s even better!

  107. Ferre, what would you say, when Mint 15 comes around? It would be from Ubuntu 13.04, which would be LTS too.

    echo FRAMEBUFFER=y >>/etc/initramfs-tools/conf.d/splash
    update-initramfs -u
    but it didn’t seem to work out!!!!! heeeeeeeeeelp Clem and the team please my Cinnamon looks ugly without a stable boot splash + I don’t wanna “relapse” into ubuntunism!!!I’m a mintophile so please help!!

  109. @Ariya: no, Ubuntu 14.04 will be the next LTS-release and so Linux Mint 17 will be based on that!

  110. @ariya, Ubuntu 12.04 LTS will be around for 5years and will be old as LM23 (as you say) will be newer. Ubuntu wont put out another LTS until 12.04 is nearly due for replacement ie 3-4 years time.
    If Ubuntu puts out another LTS or non LTS, LM can do the same. People can upgrade if they want. Your reasoning makes no sense and you are starting to sound like a, you are a troll or b,you don’t kmow what you are talking about. I bet both

  111. Why are people saying that Ubuntu 13.04 will be a LTS release? Unless Canonical changed its policy of a LTS release every two years, the next one will be 14.04.

  112. This is not a criticism. Just out of curiosity, why did you replace LightDM with GDM? Was that a request from power users? Other reason? I think LightDM under Ubuntu and Mint looks beautiful and is light.

  113. @ariya Firstly, The next LTS is 14.04 (they are released every 2 years) not 13.04. And you can install real firefox in LMDE since clem added them to the Linux Mint repos. I’ve installed LMDE on my laptop and it is as nice as (if not better than) the main edition.

  114. installed x64 mate edition, i use gnome-shell and need to uninstall mate. Can somebody guide me how to completely uninstall mate?

  115. Congratulations on the final release of Maya 13, Clem and team. A user-friendly release that will become a classic. Maya with Mate DE is smart and fast. Thanks for all your hard work.

  116. I’ve immediately installed Linux Mint Maya Cinnamon 64bit on my “i7 + ASUS P8P67-B3 + 32 GB ram” desktop. Excellent work! Everything works flawlessly, but… But there’s a but: when I open the menu, its right column is all in italian (the language I chose), its left column in English. Question for Clem: Is it possible to remove this horrible language cocktail and what to do? Original localization is for italian. Many thanks for an help.

  117. I will definately update my system tonight after work! I can’t get enough of that Minty goodness!

  118. On Mint 13 RC, dual displays non-mirrored worked. On Mint 13 Release, dual displays non-mirrored causes a lockup. What changed?

  119. I installed both MATE and Cinnamon. I find both working very nicely and If I have to choose, I’d prefer Cinnamon better. I had time with MATE as I had it RC, but Cinnamon was installed few minutes ago. I know Mint is good and it’d be quite hard to choose.

    Cinnamon Menu has got rid of the old problem of going off the screen, but now it stays put, only the icons of the favorites bar would become smaller and smaller if you add more apps to it. I think the three icons; quit, logout and lock screen should be laid horizontally away from the favorites bar to make the menu smaller. I wish we could have the excellent Mint Menu, (or is it melancholy on my part?)

    By the way, I am still thinking of the LTS matter and I know that Mint 13 would be there for next 5 years, which means it would have to updated, serviced to a rock solid distro, and by 5 years, it might be so good that we may not need a Mint 23. I look forward to all Mint releases, though.

    Thanks Clem & the Team!

  120. Cinnamon 64bit install (updated from RC) in Virtualbox.

    I have an issue with playing in vlc, gnome mplayer and smplayer. It flickers frequently and it is in black and white. Same issue with mplayer instead of default mplayer2.
    If I boot to LXDE (what is already installed) everything works fine.

    Same result with…/test.avi killed the whole OS. Even Virtualbox died. However In LXDE it works fine.

    Same result in Cinnamon, LMDE 64, Virtualbox with and EricZimmermanMyTestAVIfile…/test.avi plays the same in a very fresh Cinnamon 64 install in VB. (No LXDE, no Smplayer)
    After playback colors got ugly on desktop panel (battery and clock).
    First time in Gnome Classic Gnome Mplayer and whole OS and VB died, but after all movies play well in VLC and Gnome Mplayer as well.

    In almost every third restart Cinnamon has no panels and windows has no title bars in Virtualbox 4.1.16.

  121. Rick & Dalcde, calm down guys. Whatever I write Clem and the team reads them. This is the only place I can get my concerns/ideas through to them directly. Yes, I had made a mistake in the numbering it would be 14.04.

    Why do you think I don’t like Mint? I’ve been with Mint from old days, most times not wanting to change from the using one to the new release. I know Clem added the “real” Firefox to the repos for LMDE. I jumped at LMDE when it arrived, but always return to the “original” Mint.

    This is Clem’s blog, so let him read everything we write, without us who like Mint jumping at each other, okay? Have a good day guys!

  122. HI Clem & Team- Congrats- another distro well done. Just installed Maya Mate to my main Laptop. its solid and i can just get stuff done and it is the natural progressing from Katia. I am very happy with the way things are going- especially after the lisa Gnome hicup.

    I must admit it was a difficult decision choosing between Cinnamon and mate. Cinnamon is very nice -looks great and when it is a little more mature it may be a serious option for met. Mate on the other hand is solid and dependable but lacks the shiny bits of Cinnamon. Still mate is just right for my main workhorse… Ill probably put the cinnamon version on my net book- although i already have the latest mate/cinnamon lmde on that at the moment….

    Well done guys

  123. Excelente disrtro, la instale esta mañana, gastó mucho menos tiempo en este proceso.
    Simplemente vuela, el sistema carga como en 10 seg, se cierra como en tres seg.

    Gracias al equipo de linux mint y a Clem

  124. fabulous as always!! Great job Linux Mint Team! You’re a beacon of hope in the FOSS community. Keep it up.

  125. Hi to all! thanks for this new artwork. I haven’t tested MATE yet, just Cinnamon which i like very much. I would like to know if is there a possibility to use multitouch gestures on the touchpad of the laptop with Linuxmint. At this moment i got used with the generous touchpad of my laptop, but i found it useless in Mint. Is there anything i have to configure myself ? or should this request be implemented in a future update ? Inevitable i put one finger on the touchpad and then, if i try to move another finger on the pad, nothing happens… suddenly i remember i cannot have multitouch (yet) in Mint. And that’s frustrating 🙂 Could someone tell me if in MATE version is or is not implemented the multitouch on touchpad ? (it’s about Elan touchpad).


  126. For me it was a totally unpleasant experience. I am sorry that im gonna be the buzz kill but AMD graphics issues are still present ( on cinnamon ) but now mate is also affected. Didn’t even manage to do a full install, it kept crashing. And after 2 days of torture went back to old faithful debian.
    Hope the AMD / Ati issues are fixed soon.

  127. Thank you for the great effort. But I wonder, why all this effort to find an acceptable replacement for the GNOME 2, why not simply switching to a unique, stable and ready to be used KDE desktop as a major desktop?? witch I see a more featured, more stable and more beautiful than GNOM at all!!!!

    Edit by Clem: Why would you want Gnome users to switch to KDE when they can just continue to use Gnome 2 under a different name? This is the essence of Free Software, the community owns the code, the project leaves on because there is a demand for it.

  128. This makes me happy! “:O}

    Have both Mate and Cinnamon installed from RC. Can’t remember having so much fun with a distro! This is the way of my Linux dream!

  129. Just installed cinnamon after running Katya for the last few years and I am thoroughly impressed. Excellent work!

  130. Linux mint 13 is a buggy release. Installed LM13 in 2 of my laptop(HP AMD with nvidia and lenovo T520 with Intel sandy bridge). Cinnamon hangs in both my laptop when i tried to add applet. MATE having issues with compiz in both of my laptop.

    If cinnamon or MATE is the future of Linux mint, needs to go a long way…

    To be honest Ubuntu 12.04 with unity performs much better than LM13.

  131. dalcde,

    If you are the guy from Hong Kong, who made the Classic Menu applet, thank you very much. I installed it and the Cinnamon now looks even better!

  132. Just wondering… is there any particular reason my comments have sat in moderation for twelve hours? I’d like to know if anyone else has had my issue with Cinnamon.

    Edit by Clem: Sorry Chris, it’s necessary because of spam. Now that you got comments approved, your next comments should get auto-approved.

  133. Great!! Left my computer on and seeded all night and will continue all day.. Installing today to some other machines..
    Thanks for a GREAT JOB!

  134. Cinnamon is absolutely gorgeous! It even behaves with my ATI drivers now! I know there’s a KDE iso in the works but kde-full is in the repos and it’s equally gorgeous! Wine works beautifully. Everything is just awesome! Thanks team!!

  135. Excellent! My printing issues with LMDE seem to be fixed in the MATE RC, most thankfully. The only issue I’ve encountered is a black screen when booting into MATE on an Intel i915 graphics chip. Had the same issue with the latest LMDE. Easily resolved by adding i915.modeset=0 to the grub boot parameters.

  136. @tux-sven & @Clem : Tux good tutorial for compiz.

    Since right now I am at LMDE-MATE, one has to install “mateconf-editor” separately. Interestingly, while searching in synaptic it shows the mate-conf-editor, but did not install it, shows some error. So one has to install it through terminal e.g. “apt install mate-conf-editor” and it gets installed. Rest is fine as per your instructions (e.g. executing “mateconf-editor”). If possible please add a line instructions for LMDE-MATE users also.

  137. O Linux Mint 13 com Cinnamon 1.4 e Linux Mate 13 com MATE 1.2, esta perdendo feio para o Mint 12, tanto na praticidade, segurança e facilidade de manuseio, adaptação, compatibilidade entre os aplicativos com o sistema. Este é o meu parecer, e tenho certeza que muitos usuários do mint 12, que já estão adaptados, estão decepcionados com as novas distro do Mint 13 já liberadas. Pois nem o Evolution (Gerenciador de Email) esta funcionando. Estávamos esperando a continuação do Mint 12.


  138. The Linux Mint Cinnamon 13 with Linux 1.4 and 13 with MATE Mate 1.2, is losing ugly to the Mint 12, both in convenience, security and ease of handling, adaptation, compatibility between applications with the system. This is my opinion and I’m sure many users of 12 mint, which are already adapted, are disappointed with the new distro of Mint has released 13. For neither Evolution (Mail Manager) is working. We were expecting a continuation of the Mint 12.


    Edit by Clem: I was personally disappointed with Linux Mint 12, not with the efforts we put into it, but with the end result. It wasn’t enough. MATE is now stable and much better than 1.0, and Cinnamon is 100 times better than MGSE, there’s no comparison. If you miss Gnome Shell itself, it’s easy to install, on the cinnamon edition you can simply add “gnome-shell” and “gnome-session”.

  139. Thanks so much!! I spent two weeks in unity and this release couldn’t have dropped at a better time.

    When I logged in it was like coming home after a long day at work.

  140. Thanks to Linux Mint team. Finally, I get the best of mint ‘Maya’ after Katya.(In India Maya means Hypnotic; affection ; Illusion; wealth and so on…)
    It is great to have 5-year Long Term Support. Cinnamon makes it flavorsome.Congrats to the Mint as a whole.

  141. Where is the power management settings for MATE in LM 13?

    Edit by Clem: That’s an upstream bug which was fixed upstream in MATE. At the moment, you need to run it from the terminal, the command is: mate-power-preferences

  142. just a few comments on the cinnamon edition. bugs.

    -if using 2 panel layout and systray in the bottom one tooltips are behind the panel
    -several cinnamon applets causes cinnamon to crash when loading them, for example
    -login sound only worked the first time i logged in. since its been gone
    -i guess maya is using a new version of gtk/gnome. some apps look really bad with certain gtk themes: – this looked fine in lisa…what would i need to do to fix this theme?
    -i have big sound problems with vlc

  143. Awesome release guys! Great work. Mint 13 Cinnamon runs like a charm!

    My one tiny nit-pick: when I open Banshee, the volume level icon shows that it’s muted even though it’s not. When I start playing a song, the icon returns to normal. Is there a workaround for this or is it something I just have to live with?

  144. I have an error of “ubi-…. error 1” It’s an window popping up when am already finishing putting name of computer and password and… when i click “encrypt home folder” if encryption is unchecked then there is no error. When i still try to make home encrypted and dismiss the error the mint can’t boot.

  145. posting from a live usb running Maya x64 MATE..
    snappy is the word….
    it gives me good feelings and maybe this it will be a solid release.good enough to install in the 2 computers i run at work for my tasks.
    i will try Cinnamon also,for the time being MATE feels solid and stable.
    Clem as other asked/
    MATE will be supported or Cinnamon will be the next big thing?

    Edit by Clem: Both will be supported going forward. MATE is the desktop we recommend by default (one key advantage it has over Cinnamon is that it works on all hardware).

  146. Woohoo! Final release..Linux Mint LTS …making my PC better, every THREE YEARS!!! (Or is it FIVE YEARS, now?)

    I’ve been looking forward to the LTS release for a long time.
    This will now be my THIRD Mint LTS release. So glad the whole Unity/Gnome 3 thing hit the fan a couple of versions ago, so it could get sorted out for this LTS.
    Congrats Clement and the MINT team on a successful and SPEEDY LTS release! I TOTALLY support your choices and your approach of choosing usability over shiny new things.
    I just downloaded the MATE version, since I really like the concept of STABILITY in an OS or desktop… that was a big part of why I chose Mint in the first place over the other major Linux distros.
    (Besides, I’m very ALLERGIC to cinnamon!!!)

    I’ve never been able to get into this 6-month release cycle.
    3 years is just about right for me.
    I’m guessing many other Windows refugees like me feel the same way.

    My only real gripe is that a big part of support for Mint, long term or otherwise, is in the support forums, and in the forums, the LTS releases get absolutely BURIED under threads about the latest releases.
    I think there should be a section of the forums devoted to the LTS releases, or at least the current one.
    If there was, I’d BOOKMARK it.’

    Fortunately, for the next 6 months, Maya IS the latest release, so I guess I’d better get it installed and enjoy the education!!!

  147. hi people,

    (I am writing this message from my Windows7 replacement machine!!)
    I also tried to test two downloads today, but: without success. Both did not even boot me to the desktop. I trie to test the Torrent-Download Cinnamon64bit and the Download from Copahost Cinnamon64 bit.

    But both ended up with a black screen and the mouse either completely freezed up or the mouse moveing. But no desktop, only black screen and nothing continued. There is also no visible error-message.

    And to add: I don´t have a b43-WLAN-card!! Mine is RT3090 wtih RAlink-Chipset. Graphiccard is Nvidia Geforce 8200M G.

    So why am I not able to boot these isos?? I burned them with a clean fresh install of LinuxMint 12 and Brasero with regular speed.
    Can anybody give me help, because since LinuxMint 9 Isadora, I am so happy with LinuxMint, and since then I use LinuxMint!! But this time, I cannnot boot the isos.

  148. Outstanding work, guys and gals! Cinnamon and Mint are a tremendous combination (who knew? ;), and I feel free to say that for everyday use, LinuxMint 13 (& the Debian edition is outstanding too) is head and shoulders faster, better-looking, better-integrated, and more basic- to intermediate user-friendly than any ubuntu, debian, or fedora distro I’ve tried lately.

    More than enough reason to keep donating and recommending your work to everyone I know–keep up the great work and thanks!

  149. @mintkatze, I take it you installed LM13, at the blank screen from boot can you try and get the login prompt? Try as well. If you can log in try to install your video card drivers eg for me it’s ‘sudo apt-get install nvidia-current’ then ‘sudo nvidia-xconfig’ You can also try ‘startx’ after loging in to try and get cinnamon up.

  150. @ariya, I think you are full of BS, you should leave the negative comments directed ast other people out of this blog ie what you said to Ferre and others here and in the RC blog.

  151. @mintkatze, how long did you wait for the desktop to appear? On my PC’s with the newer Mint live dvd’s, it takes at least two minutes with that black screen before anything else happens. The first time (perhaps more than once) that happened I thought that the PC was frozen and gave up on it; now I know better.

    Note to Clem: please re-think that lack of boot splash screen. With an installed system, it is a quick boot process to get into Mint, but with the live dvd it takes a long, long time – perhaps it’s reading the whole 800 or 900MB disc?

    Edit by Clem: It’s easy to switch to the logo splash and explained in the release notes. I’m personally not happy with the quality of the plymouth splash and that’s why we don’t use it. I’d rather have a boring black screen than something that looks broken and behaves inconsistently depending on the machine it runs on top of.

  152. So far it’s a nice clean and fast release, a ton better than 12 in terms of speed and polish. Definitely going in the right direction. I’ve tried ubuntu 12 and found that it’s horrible for everyday use with that unity desktop. Its for a phone or tablet maybe, but not a pc. This is why I chose mint as my primary workstation 2 years ago, and even on my home pc connected to my tv as my main home pc. Now I only dual boot windows for 2 things, games, and professional music apps that use ASIO (it sorta works in linux but it’s still not there yet).

    It’s a good mix of all the things that worked from linux, windows etc… but done properly in one distro.

    Initial Problems:
    Dual monitor configuration is great, but unfortunately I ran into lots of small problems, Especially with virtualbox (full screen mode and seamless) and workspaces. Lots of little behavioral bugs but it’s new so i guess it’s expected for now. I get the feeling like you guys didn’t have a dual monitor setup to use as your developer machines on a regular basis because it’s small stuff you’d notice a couple minutes after installing. I’ll donate an nvidia video card with dual outputs if you guys promise to fix those 🙂

  153. I have been solely Linux Mint ONLY since 3.0 Casandra/3.1 Celena. I have every ISO released ever released (v3.0+).

    I have not always upgraded to the newest version at each release but have (and kept for an extended period) with v5 Elyssa, v9 Isadora, and now v13 Maya, the LTS versions. Thanks again for GREAT WORK!

    I did not like the route KDE 4 took (and left KDE as my DE to go to GNOME when that happened) and also the route GNOME 3 took. But I DO like the MATE & Cinnamon ported alternatives. I wish someone would have ported Qt back to KDE 3.

  154. I’m gonna install one or the other variant very soon. If I want to give Unity a try, which Mint variant should I install preferably? Will I just have to add “ubuntu-desktop”, or will be more (meta)-packages required?

    And not to forget, THANK YOU!

  155. As with Mint 12, there is no way of configuring your printer without opening a terminal. In Ubuntu 12.04 you just click on the installed printer icon and the config window appears. Why Did Mint decide to get rid of this fairly important and very convenient feature, especially as the printer defaults, in my case at any rate, are for mono printing at the lowest resolution?

  156. Gracias, no habia usado mint, pero vamos a ver que tal esta. gracias por compartirlo y ademas con esos milmirrors. las dos versiones y los dos aspectos. 🙂

  157. Well Clem,
    Love to give some feedback, but can’t even get going with a new NVIDIA GTX 560 Card.

    Will start with old ATI. Have apps that need NVIDIA.

    The install stops at nouveau driver section.

    Since this is based on Ubuntu 12.04, what’s up? Ubuntu runs, LinuxMint, no.

    Heads up for the development team!

  158. I installed LM13 cinnamon 64bits; installed too gnome-shell; does somebody knows how to run gnome-shell session?

    When I log out and log in again, there is no gnome-shell option, there is cinnamon and gnome classic options only…


  159. There seems to be a bug in the cinnamon installer. After clicking install it gets stuck. MATE installation worked fine.
    Been trying to get it installed for hours. Checked md5. Tried it from usb and dvd. Looked up the forum. Other people are having the same problem.
    Please fix this! Thx in advanced!

  160. When backing up for a reinstall, will it save all of the program information (ie, emails and firefox favorites), too? Just switched to Linux, so I find all of my XP knowledge is kind of useless here.

  161. Great! It works!!! 🙂
    Had some problem to boot with burnt DVD-RW but used g(something) iso burner on other computer and disableing joliet and iso 09 and choosing UDF system i succeeded to burn a good version.
    Had another probleme with Harddrive. LinuxMint installed but couldnt reboot on HD with this weird “grub rescue>” message. Had to switch and connect my HD on CD-DVD connection.. So that my DVD device works on ultra-Ata 🙂
    No i dont care succefully installed LM on two computers … Im so happy 😀

  162. [SOLVED]

    To run gnome-shell:
    sudo apt-get install gnome-session
    sudo apt-get install gnome-shell

    log out/login and choose gnome session

    Thanks to LM dev team by LM13!!

  163. I’m having trouble getting Mint 13 Cinnamon 64 bit to install using mint4win.
    The installer goes through it’s usual process, I enter my options, username and password, then the installer runs and appears to complete but on reboot it loads a ‘Live’ desktop? i.e Install Linux Mint icon on the desktop, Terminal shows ‘mint@mint instaed of my chosen username & PW and I can log in with ‘mint’ as the username and blank password but my chosen username & PW are rejected.
    I have tried with both a DVD disc and a USB stick from two different downloads of the .iso abd I get the sane result each time.

  164. Hmm. Was using Cinnamon in 12. Could not get any panel in 13, but ended up falling in love with Gnome 2 (MATE) all over gain. Menu in Cinnamon always felt delayed or out of sync, in MATE its instantaneous.

    MATE just feels so fast. Ohhh, and how I am loving searching, installing, removing, and editing from the Mint Menu. Ohhh Mint Menu how I have missed you so.

  165. Please, please, please consider a Gnome-shell version of Mint. I actually kind of like Gnome 3 after tweaking it to be a blend of cinnamon, gnome 2 and gnome 3. Trying to add gnome-shell to the cinnamon release has been a mess.

  166. @mintkatze, if you are using an AMP APU, add radeon.modeset=0 to the boot parameters to have the desktop visible, then install AMD drivers…

  167. @bobby & tux-sven

    While the Compiz tutorial covers basics, what would be far more useful is detailing the technique to effectively export Mint 10 Compiz settings and import them into MATE. I tried exporting Mint 10 Compiz settings using CCSM and importing them into MATE with no results. My expectations were that I could just import the settings and they would immediately take effect or perhaps do so after a logout / login. It’s likely I was in error. Also, there’s no guarantee I executed a quality export.

    The steps for that would be a bit more useful than just pointing folks at CCSM and telling them to customise to their heart’s content. Compiz is far too convoluted for that.

  168. why oh why the heck would clem include zeitgeist running by default on mint 13 inherited from ubuntu when there is not way to view the history without unity…. not even including gnome-activity-journal by default to view it….. why include zeitgeist running in the first place when it is useless with an activity viewer? Either gnome-activity-Journal should of been included on the default install or zeitgeist should have been removed.

    apart from that… and some minor knit picks… good release

  169. 2 issues in the default theme:
    – when the opacity of the panel is altered in panel preferences, only part of the panel is affected, making it look strange
    – when some applets are right clicked (like the date/time applet), the menu that comes up has borders that are not aligned properly (between “help” and “about”, for example)

  170. Installed, Cinnamon 64 bits, on a Compaq CQ50 laptop. Love the designs, love the functionnality… but I can’t help but notice numerous visual bugs. First, after unlocking the panel in order to edit it, the yellow labels indicating what elements are being highlighted/moved would not disappear, even after the bar was locked again. Second, couldn’t help but notice the infamous Gnome3 top panel when unlocking the screen after some inactivity. Had to logout and login again to get these to disappear. Third would be the fact that my bottom panel has disappeared/re-appeared on two different occasions… in the first two hours of install. Fourth would be the fact that some icons are missing in the system settings window. I found all of these pretty surprising since Mint usually does an excellent job in terms of esthetic details.

    However, I’m still pretty satisfied with the release. Apart from these bugs, most of which are details, everything is running smoothly.

  171. found a bug with the mate version.
    hdmi out to my tv doesn’t work.
    it does work on mint 12 even with kde on top.

    other than that no issues thus far.

    thanks for the hard work

  172. LM13 Cinnamon sound effects – cannot select alert sound as they are all greyed out, otherwise very happy with it.

  173. Cinnamon looks much more polished than the last time i tried it, very fast and good enough for every day work. Everything worked out of the box without problems. I think the decision to have two different Mint 13 editions, one with Cinnamon and another one with Mate payed off.

    Unlike Mint 12, which seemed more like a RC for Mint 13 to me, we once again have a quality product, as we were used to.

  174. Rick, buzz off!

    @ Clem & the team,

    While installing, Mint 13 has the same problem as Ubuntu 12.04, i.e, it tries to download the language packs, which takes more than an hour. As we have indicated the location and the language, it should try to download only that language.

    Hope you are not distressed by my question about LTS releases, but what would you think about the next LTS release? By that time, the next LTS release comes around Mint 13 would be old, even though there would be at least 3 more years to use it without a worry. (There are people, who use Mint 9 even today.) When the next LTS release would happen, would it be possible for Mint 13 to move into that release (Mint 17) without reinstalling the new release? Or is it too early to think about it?

    I’ve already installed Mint 13 Cinnamon in my wife’s netbook, and there the Cinnamon menu looks quite good, so I won’t change that to Dalcde’s classic Mint Menu. In a large screen laptop, the Cinnamon menu doesn’t look nice as it takes 1/3 of the screen.

    Thanks again, Clem!

  175. Hi, im new in Linux Universe and my english is not the best…

    I already installed Mint Cinnamon, and all was going good. The problem came with Wireless connection. I dont know how to connect via wireless. In Ubuntu i had no problem, but here, dont connect and Wireless Manager ask me for the pass all the time.

    Sry for my english and thx u.

  176. Hi Mint Team & Users

    First of all BIG THX for new BEST DISTRO – keep up the good work!
    One little thing bothers me for now and I’m curious if anyone experienced the same problem:
    When I open one window and minimize it by clicking on its representation on the taskbar it minimizes, but then I cannot open it again. I must use ALT+TAB or click first on the desktop and then I can open it again.
    Is there a way to fix this?

    Laptop Toshiba A300
    GFX: Mobility Radeon 3400 HD
    No proprietary driver enabled
    x64 Cinnamon

  177. Well used to love mint but for some reason this version takes 5 minutes to even do one command in console

  178. H E L P! My dual boot computer turned into zero boot crap!

    Mint 13 Cinnamon 64-bit LiveDVD worked flawlessly on my Samsung RV 515 notebook with AMD E 350 CPU – kudos to Clem and the team! So I decided to substitute the previously installed Mint 11 for it, maintaining (!) Windows 7 as my second choice OS on the same computer. I did this although I’ve never seen a tutorial for this special but far-from-exotic scenario. And it went terribly wrong:

    Reaching the crucial step for choosing the installation procedure I ignored the ‘alongside’ and the ‘wipe hard disk’ options because they didn’t seem to fit my plans. (I think the first option would leave me with 3 installed OS, the other one with Mint 13 only.) So I selected the ‘other’ = 3rd option and entered that – meanwhile – frightening partition manager. There I found the NTFS formatted Windows partitions, the Linux swap partition, and the ext4 formatted Mint 11 partition sda6.

    Left without any advice I
    – doubleclicked sda6
    – formatted sda6 again as ext4
    – put the bootloader on sda6 (I can’t remember my choice concerning this item when I installed Mint 11 last year. I guess I just accepted the default option.)
    – selected ‘/’ as mount point
    – marked sda6
    – clicked ‘forward’.

    After that the installation continued and completed straightforward, no warnings no messages. Nice – restart, remove DVD.
    As expected, the GRUB menu (version 1.99-21ubuntu3) appeared with entries for Mint 13 on sda6 and Windows 7 (loader) on sda1. Choosing any of both always leads instantaneously to multiple prompts

    ‘error: no such partition’.

    I booted the Live DVD again and started GParted. The table shows (I skip sizes and spaces):
    sda1 – ntfs – SYSTEM – boot
    sda2 (!) – ntfs – –
    sda3 (lock) – extended – – lba
    (kind of sub-level) sda5 – ntfs – –
    (kind of sub-level) sda6 – ext4 – –
    (kind of sub-level) sda7 (lock) – linux-swap – –
    sda7 – ntfs – SAMSUNG_REC – diag
    unallocated – unallocated – –

    What did I do wrong? And most of all: How can I get out of this mess? Any support is deeeeply appreciated!

    My poor resources: Mint 13 Live DVD, Puppy Linux Live Stick with bootloader config tools Grub4dos and Grub Legacy (never used any of them), and – evidently – NO expert knowledge.

    Sorry for my lengthy post and thanks for paying attention.

  179. Updating from RC Cinnamon X64 on my system didn’t work. It hangs when it tries to load X. So I guess a fresh install is in place. Tried the recovery option with repair DPKG, but no difference. Could be the ATI driver that mess things up.

  180. @jodother 169. Hey, the same thing happend to me the first time I tried to install Linux manually… Lesson learnt: Don’t install bootloader on the partition- ie sda6 in your case. Install it on the Primary HDD, ie dev/sda.
    Umm, I’m not sure, but didn’t a message come up saying it was not a good idea to put bootloadr on a sub-partition or somthing like that( cos I did gt that message once when I chose a partition). Try installing again with bootloadr on sda(without the numbers) Hope this helps.

  181. I have installed Linux Mint 13 64 bit Cinnamon edition on a Dell 1721 laptop and have come across a couple of problems.

    First the Dell 1721 has a RAID 0. Although the main install goes OK GRUB fails to install on the MBR. Instead of installing on the psuedo raid device (/dev/mapper/pdc_ibahhc) as specified it tries to install on /dev/sda and the install fails with a fatal error. I managed to get around this problem by chrooting to the installed system from the live DVD and then installing mdadm and running:

    grub-install /dev/mapper/pdc_ibahhc

    Second I installed Inkscape and it fails to start because it is looking for which is not installed. I suspect it is a old GOME 2 library. Inkscape runs OK on a 32 bit Mint 13 RC installation on another computer I have so this appears to be a 64 bit only problem.

    These are probably both really problems with the Ubuntu base software but I thought the developers should be aware of them.

  182. Pluma text editor caused problems with my website pages, when I was updating them. It makes some notable formatting assumptions and changes when you are working on your pages. Then you have to go back and change them each time…

    Gedit is now installed. 🙂

  183. I am new to Linux. Mint being the best user friendly distro, I decided to switch over from windows. Downloaded the Maya ISO, burned it and ran the live dvd. No problems, every thing including my CDMA USB MODEM worked. Decided to install, installation went without a problem including downloads from the net. I finally had the desktop and everything seemed to be working until I tried to connect to the net.The CDMA USB MODEM simply wouldnot connect. The connection was correctly configured. The network manager shows “Reliance Connection” but says “not enabled”. Tried to enable it a number of times without success.

    Is it safer to stick around with “Windows 7” or would somebody help ?

  184. Dear Clem,

    Please refer my comment 583 on Maya-Cinnamon RC. I tried both Mate & Cinnamon versions of final release. Most of my problems resolved in Mate. But with Cinnamon the problems still persist.

    Cinnamon looks great! But Mate works really GREAT!! In fact, it is the best Mint release after Gloria, in terms of user friendliness. Nice work. Congrats.

  185. I have been seeding the Cinnamon version.
    So far: 64-bit 3.51 GiB seeded and 32-bit 4.53 GiB seeded.

  186. hi people,

    I think, i have found a solution to these not-working Cinnamon64bit-installmedia.

    Better try this way:

    1. Do a clean fresh install of LinuxMint 12 Lisa.

    2. Do the first update

    3. open Terminal again and type in this: sudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list

    4. change the release to Maya and the other sources to precise in their endings

    5. save these changes and close the sources list and return to your Terminal.

    6. Type this into your Terminal: sudo apt.get update (let it run through coompletely)
    then type in this: sudo apt-get dist-upgrade (also let it run through completely; the update sys something about 988 MB to download. This are about 1203 packages)

    7. Then during these installs come questions ehre you asked, if you want to keep several package-versions at Grub and some other packages.
    There select the Standard-way with N (important, because otherwise this will break your installation!!!!!). Then follow a few error-messages.

    8. After the update and upgrade, do a reboot. Then the lightdm will appaear with the Ubuntu-Background and with the Ubuntu-Logo. This needs to be fixed in the Installer.

    9. Then we go to Synaptic and open it. There we uninstall lightdm and replace it with mdm. Then we also can install some first packages. let them install (Java, Firefox, Language-packages, vlc; check that mint-system, mintupdate and all these packages are installed!!!) Close your Synaptic then and then open again your Terminal and type in this:

    10: sudo apt-get update (let it run through completely!! Then Type in this: sudo apt-get dist-upgrade (also let it run though completely).

    Then the Terminal outputs the error, that mint-search-enhancer cannot be upgraded. I have already filed a bugreport on launchpad about this! Because this bug affects me too!!

    Then I also figured out, that all the gnome-shell-extensions do not work anymore, because they are still on the 3.2-version of Gnome-shell. This also needs to be fixed up!!

    But the system as such seems to run so far and the look is nice. But at the moment, the option for installing other Gnome-Shellthemes is disabled for some reason.


  187. @ jodother : my wife had the same problem yesterday. On some computers, if your boot protocol is installed too far away from the beginning of the hard drive, it can’t be located on startup. You’ll need to reinstall Mint exactly the way you did, but you’ll have to set a small boot partition at the beginning of the disk.

  188. @ 149 mikemmm,

    I waited longer than only two minutes. The longest waiting was about ten minutes and it never bootet me to the desktop. In the last try (I think it was the eighth try that day), I got only a black screen, the mouse-icon was shown. But: as I tried to move this mouse-icon, it did not move at all!!! Then I thought, wait a few minutes, what I did. But the dvd died down, the nose of the DVD-drive also died down and nothing more happened!! So I gave up that and tried this new solution, what brought me to the desktop immediatelly. See my report nr. 167


  189. @ 162 jodother,

    I just looked at your partition-table and do you know what?? I think, I got the error!! You simply forgot to define a root-partition!! You need a root-partition, when you install Linux!!!

    So do this: your current list:

    sda1 – ntfs – SYSTEM – boot
    sda2 (!) – ntfs – –
    sda3 (lock) – extended – – lba
    (kind of sub-level) sda5 – ntfs – –
    (kind of sub-level) sda6 – ext4 – –
    (kind of sub-level) sda7 (lock) – linux-swap – –
    sda7 – ntfs – SAMSUNG_REC – diag
    unallocated – unallocated – –

    your new list:
    sda1 – ntfs – SYSTEM – boot
    sda2 ext4 / (bootflag has to be set to / (=root)
    sda3 (lock) – extended – – lba
    (kind of sub-level) sda5 – ntfs – –
    (kind of sub-level) sda6 – ext4 – /home (/home-partition)
    (kind of sub-level) sda7 (lock) – linux-swap – –
    sda7 – ntfs – SAMSUNG_REC – diag
    rest unallocated or further partitions.

    As I said: you forgot simply to define a / partition (=root-partition). So your system cannot boot. So go back to your partition-table and set the bootflag or reset the partition-table as shown by me.


  190. hi people,

    I just found out, that the native german language-pack for Firefox12 does not work and there is a help for the corrected german language-pack here:

    Install this package and restart firefox and now your Firefox is german!!


  191. Mate looks good 🙂 thanks (Unity and Gnome 3 aren’t so useable for me as Gnome 2).
    I’m using now Mint 12 LXDE with SSD and it start in 12 seconds after bios loaded.
    On EEE I’m still using Mint 10 with Gnome 2.

  192. Same problem as in ubuntu 12.04. When booting on live cd it gives only black screen, cursor blinking at the left up corner..
    BIG negative!

  193. OK, after the last update, Gnome-Shell is not working anymoure and was completely removed. Now I am on Cinnamon-Desktop and there, I have trouble with this bug:

    E: /var/cache/apt/archives/mint-search-addon_2012.05.11_all.deb:
    cannot be opened: no such file or directory.

    Can anybody confirm this or does anybode have the same bug?? This bug is there since about 1pm CET.

    And as I also said: Gnome-Shell does also not work for me anylonger. I did all updates and upgrades, installed the ppa-repositories of gnome3-team/gnome3 and webupd8/gnome3. And since then, Gnome-Shell has been removed and does not work anymore including extensions (the extensions are not fitting to the version 3.4.1 of Gnome-shell and the package gnome-shell has unsatisfying dependencies. 🙁

    Question @ Clem: will Gnome-Shell come back to live?? Is there a chance?


  194. @ 169 Mintkatze

    Thanks a lot for your advice! So you really want me to change the format of sda2 from ntfs to ext4 before I set the bootflag? Gparted tells me that the space of this partition is unused. However, I’m wondering what will happen if this try fails. If so, will it be possible to undo this formatting?

  195. I love you. Cinnamon 1.4 is gorgeous.

    One small bug occurs when changing the order of newly added languages in Firefox; they can accidentally be deleted instead of moved. Not certain if this is a Cinnamon bug or a Firefox one, but I’ll list the reproducibility steps:

    Open Firefox, Select Edit -> Preferences, Click on Content, then Select “Choose” for Language. Select a language to add (eg: Abkhazian), then click “Add”. Now click “Move down”, to lower the preference of Abkhazian. Keep clicking “Move down” until it reaches the bottom. If you keep clicking “Move down”, the language is deleted.

    A pretty tiny and inconsequential bug, but I noticed it when setting up Maya. In any case, thanks for all the hard work. You’re awesome.

  196. @jodother

    Reinstall Mint again.
    Install the bootloader in /dev/sda/

    Also, make sure you burn the DVD at no more than 4x. Making a bootable USB is the safest way though. Just because the DVD worked fine in one computer, it doesn’t mean its the same thing for ALL computers.

    I always do that and it works.

  197. I am also left with a black screen and no desktop on my desktop computer using the live DVD for Mint 13, 64 bit with Cinnamon. It does work on my laptop though.

  198. @ 172 jodother,

    yeah, because you put your ntfs-partition on another place as shown. The need is this root-partition. So you have to set the bootflag.

    So I recommend you to try this 🙂

    Should this try fail, then follow my other upgrade-alternative in 167.


  199. @ 172 jodother,

    I always do the auto-partitioning of my hdd, so there is always a working system and everything is installed in the correct place.

    The only thing this time for me was, that the boot-DVDs do not boot for me or hang up. I also had a crashed install in one try some days ago. I normally don’t use the manual partitioning, because for me this is also a bit difficult.

    The thing is, that you have to think of the root-partition, installing the bootloader in the correct place and this is the more difficult decision. If you forget the root-partition, then your system won’t boot for you or also if you installed the bootloader in the wrong place. 🙂


  200. Would it be possible to change the Kick-Off app starter in KDE Version to be Looking like the Menu in Mint 10 Gnome was (I think mate hast it too).

    For me it would be like a chrismas if i could have this kind of menu in my KDE! That is one of the most usability friendliy features of Mint fmpov!

  201. Ariya@160

    I recommend disconnecting your network cable from your PC during install. That is the only real way to prevent downloading language packs, without having to babysit the install and clicking “skip” when it asks you to.

    On the other hand, I use English, so I don’t know how that would impact you. I’ve never had to use anything else.

    If that works for you, the whole process will fly, I promise. But if something critical for you is installed via the Internet, then I have no other advice.

    I’ve been disconnecting from Internet for some time now, and haven’t looked back. If I need something later, I get it, and suffer no real loss of time. Just a thought.

  202. @ 154 Roj:

    Funny I have also tested to export the Compiz settings from LM10 (My favorite) to LM 13 Maya. (I copied the whole .compiz-file.) I did not get it the way I wanted. 🙁

    I wanted the same zoom-function, using “super+mouswheel”, as in Mint 10. I can however use the “Magnifier”, by first activating/de-activating it by “Super+m”.

    But I still think the Mint 10-way was nicer. 🙂

  203. @Mintkatze-167 : That’s a great and in depth tutorial for upgrading. I can’nt say about the others but being newbie I will always consider doing a fresh install. That is also when I have to download some 850 mb for fresh install, which will be without any trouble. And for upgrading I have to download 988 mb and then take pains for doing all other stuff you mentioned. At least I can’nt do that. Now I have to say Ubuntu is great, where users can upgrade so easily and download all the mbs required for upgrade, Wow! And what if something goes wrong?

    Now that I understand how great Ubuntu is where I can upgrade so easily. I think Clem should think of making a distro on Unity itself. Because we will be taking advantage of Ubuntu upgrade also. And plus it will be a mintified Unity, where everything will be working out of the box and Mint users will be providing tons of simple ideas how to improve dash because Canonical is busy in putting their own great ideas. And in open source we can take advantage of many good things I need not mention. I think I feeling really excited.

  204. In case it’s of interest I have just managed to install both MATE and Cinnamon versions on a USB-connected WD MyPassport Essentials ‘500GB’ drive that effectively ‘straddles’ the Host PC and its other Operating Systems, with the choice of which to run chosen at boot up via a GRUB0.97 menu, so I’ll be able to track both versions of LM-13 as well as being able to exploit their different capabilities.
    (Having found the Cinnamon bottom panel workspace switcher to supplement the Hot Corner workspace manager I can live without a Compiz Cube/Wall, but Sound-Juicer failure to Extract to MP3 will be a pain, so I’ll have to keep an older version on a USBkey that can also rip to recommended MP3 VBR=2 rather than to VBR=4 standard. )

  205. As a PostScript to the above, I have also found that I need to keep on using Kurt Fitzner’s BartPE CD version of SelfImage for true backups, as I still haven’t found a reliable create/restore version of Clonezilla, crazy.

  206. @ 251 + 252 bobby,

    normally, I also prefer a clean fresh install via DVD! I have a set of 25 DVDs with 4.7GB each here. I had burned about four or five of the published install-media for testing-purposes (64bit Cinnamon and 32bit Cinnamon). But all of them failed for me to boot.

    Then I read through the Internet and found a tip for direct upgrade. In the beginning, I also thought, if this is the right way. But then I also thought, that I didn’t want to mess all my DVDs up. And this was then the point, where I decided for this way of direct upgrade. And this helped me to get LinuxMint 13 onto my Notebook.

    The Versions of LinuxMint before the 13, I also had installed from DVDs and not through direct upgrade!!!

    But I wanted to help users, for whome the install-media of the 13-release do also not work like it was for me. And I wanted to show, how one can get a german installation, when there is this problem.


  207. Congrats on Mint 13. Overall, a beautiful release, with the exception of below. Here are my issues:
    1) I do not like mdm. It looks outdated (especially with Cinnamon, which is very sleek and modern-looking once you get past the login screen), requires you to type in your username, and does not list existing users like Mint 12 did. I’m confused by the release note comments about it having “more features” when out of the box, it appears to have fewer features.
    2) This was an issue in Mint 12 (and possibly earlier versions), but it still annoys me: why, after just typing your password to login, do you have to retype your password to enter Update Manager? I love that Ubuntu will let you run their Update Manager without a password (smartly, they still require password on Synaptic).
    3) On a related note, I don’t like that by default, kernel updates are flagged “dangerous” and not installable. They are supposed to add features and fix bugs. I’ve never once, in 5 years of using Linux distros on many machines, had an official kernel update break anything.
    3a) If you do bypass the “dangerous’ warning and install a kernel update, then remove the old kernel version through Synaptic, Grub doesn’t automatically get updated to remove the old kernel entry.
    4) Opening the Menu in Cinnamon has ~2 second delay on first try. Subsequent tries are close to instant.
    5) Installing Cinnamon is hit-or-miss on machines with older 3D video cards. With a GeForce FX5200 AGP, the live CD boots to a blue desktop and windows open with nothing visible inside. I had to hunt and peck to click where I guessed the correct buttons would be. With a GeForce 6800GS AGP, the desktop appears normally from live CD, but other than the mouse working, nothing is selectable (I found a workaround involving custom grub parameters). On an 8400GS PCI, no problems whatsoever. Go figure.

    I’m really impressed with the resource usage! On a 32bit install, Cinnamon idles at a hair over 200MB. However, because of the issues above, I won’t be using Mint 13 on my everyday machine (Xubuntu 12.04), but it’ll still be a consideration when recommending to first-timers. Best of luck with your distro!

  208. I know this is probably a stupid question but I’m going to ask it anyway in hopes that someone here either knows the answer or can direct me somewhere that I can find an answer.

    If I decide to remove Banshee and install Rhythmbox, will the volume applet behave the same way in Rhythmbox as it does in Banshee (combining the tray icon and the volume icon into one) or is that only a Banshee-specific thing?

    If it will not do that in Rhythmbox by default, is there a way to make it work?

  209. I’m loving MAYA, thanks Clem and team! Did have an issue with B43 firmware that I solved using mintconstructor (see my post As I was working with it the thought came to mind, could this program be modified to allow you to install Mint, configure everything to create a baseline and then create an image in an .ISO for back-up? Just thinking out loud. Maya is now installed on two laptops, and a netbook (moved up from Isadora LTS). I have an ancient desktop with only a CD drive, so goint to mintconstuct a CD this weekend and give it a whirl! Thanks Clem and company for MintConstructor, great program!

  210. @Brad (#256),

    Yes, Rhythmbox will work that way, too. You could try it out before unistalling Banshee. Install Rhythmbox, run it, and take a look at your sound menu. Both Banshee and Rhythmbox should show up in the menu at the same time.

  211. Dear Linux-Mint Team,

    this release is awesome! Finally, MATE feels like a full replacement for what we had with Gnome2 in 10 and 11. I still need to continue testing, but the upgrade went flawlessly.
    Just want to say: thanks a lot!

  212. Hello there, just had to come and say that Linux Mint and Cinnamon is getting better and better and I can’t live without this combination anymore.

    BUT, Cinnamon seems to be having problems with the addons and themes that I used before and had no problems with them in Mint 12. But now they’re making Cinnamon crash and its panels disappear, leaving me with just the mouse pointer and the desktop background (no commands or clicks anymore, not even Alt-F2 works). And the only way to make things work again is going into gnome classic and delete the addons and themes files and folders.

    Other than that, the design is perfect! Gnome Classic is awesome good looking! Congratulations to the Mint Team!

  213. hi people,

    I start to get warm with Cinnamon. Yes, Cinnamon is also a nice Desktop-Environment. That’s really true. But: I still miss the standard Gnome-Shell. Why does it no longer work in version 3.4.1?? The dependencies are still not satisfying and mint-search-addon for Firefox can still not be installed due to my reported error on launchpad. It still seems, that a directory is still missing and I don’t know, which one…

    Can anybody have a look in launchpad and check this thing??

    But so far, this distro seems to become something nice really. Thanks Clem and Team, that you returned as a themeable login-shell. MDM is really something, we users will like!!! Definitly!! I have already switched over to MDM from lightdm. I personally preferr MDM now!!!
    But @ Clem and Team: one question is now arising out of that. The question is: where do we not get nice MDM-themes or can we use the already existing GDM-themes??

    I would look forward to get an answer.

    But thanks Clem and Team for developing this nice distro for us and I am quite sure, that LinuxMint is on its best way, to become the real Ubuntu referring to Desktop-PCs and Notebooks!! I love LinuxMint!!
    In this respect, Clem and Team have really earned a big point from us!! And I hope, LinuxMint will also be there in future!!! 🙂 Ubuntu might be good for tablets and Smartphones, but not for Notebooks or either Desktop-PCs. Unity remains a no-go and Cinnamon and Gnome-Shell will be the future!! I hope, that Gnome-shell will come back to live one day!!


  214. Burned the ISO for the MATE 32 bit version, and ran the live CD last night! Worked great… except I’m seeing what other people are saying that there needs to be a splash screen for the Live CD (or maybe those white to green dots or something) Screen was black for a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG time… it would have made me nervous if I hadn’t been forewarned. Also though, the light on the DVD-ROM drive was flickering like healthy read activity by the drive was in progress. It’s when the light goes on and stays on solid that I really think something is wrong.

  215. I also had problems booting the DVD i burned on one of my DVD drives (others worked just fine) so instead of wasting DVD media I created a USB boot media to install.. it worked great!!! very simple and fast (actually installing from USB is even faster than DVD!)… I used a 4gb usb flash drive.
    If you guys are interested, I used the little program called UNetbootin from : and it works like a charm.
    FYI –

  216. Muy buena esta versión, mucho mas estable que la ultima, cinnamon esta muy bien, gracias , no he tenido ningún tipo de problema

  217. @here (#263)
    Which version of UNetbootin did you use? where did you download it from?

  218. I agree with the upgrade police, but at least you could provide an app or script to create a list of all software installed in the version to be upgraded that could be used in the new release to install all with a single double click :). Installing and configuring everything again in all machines is exhausting, actually remembering everything is as exhausting as installing.

  219. Just to unburden myself. Ubuntu Precise is being extremely annoying. Bugs and more bugs not acceptable for a LTS release.

  220. Any suggestions for tweaking networking in Maya? I’ve got 3 computers on my home network, one on Windows, one on Mint 10, and my laptop on Mint 13 (used to be Mint 10). Mint 13 is the only one choking on the network. When I try to download something or go to a web page, it sits there looking like it can’t find the DNS. I sometimes have to stop and restart the download (sometimes more than once) before it find it. When it does finally find it, the download speed is a fraction of the speed the other computers get. When this same laptop was on Mint 10, it ran very fast. I’ve tried changing the IPv6 setting, but that didn’t make much difference. Anyone else seeing this, or is it just me? A bug in Ubuntu 12.04/Mint 13? Bad install maybe? (although this is the second Maya install on this same computer with the same networking problem both times.) I’d appreciate any opinion on this.

  221. @tenshimsm, isn’t that what Backup Tool is for? It backs up the data files you select, but it also can make a backup of the software you have installed, and then reinstalls it (if it’s available still in the newer repositories).

  222. To follow up on my comment (#257) above, I removed “ubiquity-slideshow-mint” from the software center while running the liveDVD. I then clicked “install mint” which didn’t hang and did complete the installation. I’m not sure what the problem is with the slideshow, but it was giving me problems.


  223. Installed the Cinnamon edition 2 days ago. LOVE IT!!!! I understand that Cinnamon won’t be as solid as the MATE edition yet, but I haven’t had any problems with it. I think it’s probably the nicest mint desktop to date.

  224. hi, im getting this error and apparently other ubuntu based distros are getting it as well

    “ubiquity:3171): CRITICAL: Unable to create ‘/root/.cahce/dconf”

    anybody know how this will affect the distro?

    i just tried to install wine after a clean install after doing a apt-get update. and it basically fried the installation lol. Reinstalling Mint 13 again.

  225. downloaded and installed cinna edition. it has faster response than mint11. but disappointed to c no changes in looks and feels. its same.

  226. Downloaded the Maya last evening. Install was flawless. Got updates of about 160 MB.
    I think the Linux Mint is the best Linux bases OS.
    Thank you Linux Mint Team.
    Karachi, Pakistan

  227. Have tried both the editions..
    I am facing this problem..Both the editions are really great and i am confused 😛
    LINUXMINT IS THE BEST LINUX OS EVER..will seed these images always.

  228. Hi, back after some testing…

    I see no option to hibernate as I could before (and I used that frequently) using MATE, 64 Bit Maya.
    Any other experiences?

    thanks for helping

  229. My but… is always there. When I open the cinnamon menu, its left column is nearly all in English, its right column is all in italian (the language I chose). Other italian users, as I see in the forum, do complain the same problem. I controlled every configuration script referring to cinnamon, and everything appears at its place. A consideration could help in finding if this is a bug or not: cinnamon 1.4 is perfect as regards the italian language in the Arch Linux version. Many thanks for the attention.

  230. Another thing:
    The touchpad loses its configuration when going to sleep mode…and even login. I wrote a .xinitrc which deals with the config on login, but it does not work after sleep mode wakeup.
    Is there a recommended way to do it? Or even a tutorial?

    thanks a great deal

  231. Linux mint 12 with cinnamon was the best mint experience for mint 12; however it felt incomplete and buggy. Mint 12 was like the beta run for the this latest build. I can officially say that i am truly pleased now with the switch from Mint 11. Cinnamon is becoming a smooth and polished desktop environment at a rapid pace and mint 13 gives it life. Thanks mint team for working hard and even at the worst of times being hands down the best linux distro out there.

  232. I have been searching google for this but is it okay to use Gedit on Mint 13 Mate? I was using Pluma but it changes the formatting on my html pages when I am editing them. It changes to and also shortens site links by abbreviating them.

  233. I meant to say Pluma changes bold formatting from ‘b’ to ‘strong’ and abbreviates site links.

  234. I used to be a MATE user but with the release of Mint 13 I’ve become a Cinnamon fanboy. Damn, it’s good! And best of all, it shows so much potential! The future of Mint lies in Cinnamon, hands down, end of story. Just focus on it.

  235. I just translated Graper’s message (#209) in Portuguese, using Google translate. He’s not happy. G.T. scrambled version numbers, so they look silly.

    Good grief! All my messages in this blog have been deleted. I must consider carefully before posting. Sorry, Clem.

  236. Hello Clem, thanks for another excellent release. I’ve realised one problem with Cinnamon. When I tried to start JDownloader, whole DE stuck and I had to restart Cinnamom with ctrl+alt+backspace. Problem did not occured in Mate version. Otherwise very solid release. I hope problems with Mate-Compiz-Marco/Metacity themes will be solved fast…

  237. BitTorrent summary: All four releases, summary ratio 10.7.
    Mate 64 ratio 6.9, other 3 about 12. Shut down about 9 hrs ago.
    Regards, [nb]

  238. I have USB 3G modem Celot K-300. Modem working property but after 50,6 minutes is disconected. I have to run “service network-manager restart” and modem working next 50,6 minutes… and again. Signal is still 0%. In Mint 12 is all ok.

    syslog: May 26 14:43:04 chalupa pppd[1644]: LCP terminated by peer
    May 26 14:43:04 chalupa pppd[1644]: Connect time 50.6 minutes.
    May 26 14:43:04 chalupa pppd[1644]: Sent 2559727 bytes, received 24605771 bytes.
    May 26 14:43:07 chalupa pppd[1644]: Connection terminated.
    May 26 14:43:08 chalupa NetworkManager[646]: (ttyUSB0): device state change: activated -> failed (reason ‘ip-config-unavailable’) [100 120 5]
    May 26 14:43:08 chalupa modem-manager[610]: (ttyUSB0) closing serial port…
    May 26 14:43:08 chalupa modem-manager[610]: (ttyUSB0) serial port closed
    May 26 14:43:08 chalupa modem-manager[610]: Modem /org/freedesktop/ModemManager/Modems/0: state changed (connected -> disconnecting)
    May 26 14:43:08 chalupa modem-manager[610]: Modem /org/freedesktop/ModemManager/Modems/0: state changed (disconnecting -> connected)
    May 26 14:43:08 chalupa NetworkManager[646]: Activation (ttyUSB0) failed.
    May 26 14:43:08 chalupa dbus[583]: [system] Activating service name=’org.freedesktop.nm_dispatcher’ (using servicehelper)
    May 26 14:43:08 chalupa NetworkManager[646]: SCPlugin-Ifupdown: devices removed (path: /sys/devices/virtual/net/ppp0, iface: ppp0)
    May 26 14:43:08 chalupa NetworkManager[646]: (ttyUSB0): now unmanaged
    May 26 14:43:08 chalupa NetworkManager[646]: (ttyUSB0): device state change: failed -> unmanaged (reason ‘removed’) [120 10 36]
    May 26 14:43:08 chalupa NetworkManager[646]: (ttyUSB0): deactivating device (reason ‘removed’) [36]
    May 26 14:43:08 chalupa NetworkManager[646]: could not read ppp stats: Takové zařízení neexistuje
    May 26 14:43:08 chalupa pppd[1644]: Terminating on signal 15
    May 26 14:43:08 chalupa pppd[1644]: Modem hangup
    May 26 14:43:08 chalupa pppd[1644]: Exit.
    May 26 14:43:08 chalupa NetworkManager[646]: nm_system_iface_flush_routes: assertion `ifindex > 0′ failed
    May 26 14:43:08 chalupa NetworkManager[646]: nm_system_iface_flush_addresses: assertion `ifindex > 0′ failed
    May 26 14:43:08 chalupa dnsmasq[1666]: exiting on receipt of SIGTERM
    May 26 14:43:08 chalupa NetworkManager[646]: DNS: starting dnsmasq…
    May 26 14:43:09 chalupa dbus[583]: [system] Successfully activated service ‘org.freedesktop.nm_dispatcher’
    May 26 14:43:09 chalupa NetworkManager[646]: (ttyUSB0): writing resolv.conf to /sbin/resolvconf
    May 26 14:43:09 chalupa NetworkManager[646]: (ttyUSB0): cleaning up…
    May 26 14:43:09 chalupa NetworkManager[646]: (ttyUSB0): taking down device.
    May 26 14:43:09 chalupa NetworkManager[646]: Unmanaged Device found; state CONNECTED forced. (see
    May 26 14:43:09 chalupa NetworkManager[646]: Unmanaged Device found; state CONNECTED forced. (see
    May 26 14:43:09 chalupa NetworkManager[646]: disconnect failed: (32) The serial port is not open.


    Mint 13 Mate 32bit

  239. I tried to install Mint 13 yesterday, did all the basic trics but nothing. Just a blank screen with cursor blinking at left top corner.
    What might be the problem. Sama probbum with ubuntu 12.04.

    I had no problems with earlier editions, now using Mint12.

    Videocard is evgas geforce GTX550 ti
    i7 processor, 8gb ram, asus Z86 motherboard, so it’s not about the machine.

  240. Hi Clem,
    Thanks for the explanation about holding the replies for a moderator to check them out. Thanks for a great operating system. I have my older Asus A7V8X-X mainboard with a Athlon 2.7 ghz cpu with 1 gig of memory and a nVidia 64 bit 512 meg video card. Neither the 32-bit Mate or Cinnamon will finish the install on this machine. It gets to the point of the Welcome to Linux Mint screen and “copying files” and then that welcome window closes and that is it, the install will not complete. Using the same 2 DVD’s I have installed it easily on several laptops and the same computer described above but with a Asus P4P800 Intel mainboard and P4 3 ghz cpu. That machine flys with Cinnamon on it! One other issue. I have several Panasonic CF-29 and CF-30 laptops. Linux Mint works GREAT on them except for one issue. The touchpad is being shown as a ps2 mouse and that will not let the scroll and tap to work properly. My wife has a Panasonic CF-W8 and her touchpad was found and these features are enabled on hers. Do you know a fix or workaround for this?
    Thanks for your hard work and your help!!!

  241. Congrats on the new release! I’m hearing very good things about the update. I look forward to trying Mint 13 KDE in a VirtualBox since I’m an LMDE+KDE user myself. I hope the team can take a little well deserved down time over the weekend before y’all start getting the KDE and Xfce versions ready to test.

    @KDE users:
    Before too many folks start asking when the KDE and Xfce versions of Maya will be available I’ll give Clem’s standard reply: When it’s ready. Maybe in a month but don’t hold the team to that. Unlike other distros Mint doesn’t ship with major bugs to be squashed after the release date just to get it out the door, and that’s one of the things I love most about Mint.

    Have a great weekend y’all! And to those in the States have a happy and safe Memorial Day!

  242. Decided to download Mate and Cinnamon and burned them both to dvd, but only Cinnamon would boot up. Loving it so far though

  243. Hi,

    I installed LM Maya without any issue.
    Still, after re-boot Grub is nowhere.
    I choosed the installation: Alongside with Win 7

    After most of the installation is done the installer is downloading all language packs. This is a very slow speed download. It takes hours
    Could you please give us a choice to skip this?
    It is very frustrating to wait for so long downloading the language packs. Once I picked the distribution language this type of download should not occur. It could be done after the install if indeed needed.

    I have a Lenovo B575, AMD64 bit processor, videocard AMD Radeon HD 6310M.
    Anyone can help with this Grub issue?

    Thanks a lot,

  244. Luv 13.
    Running Cinnamon 64 version with Gnome Shell.

    Minor bug;
    Software sources > other sources does not request password when clicking on checkbox so sources are unchangeable.

    Click on Software sources > LinuxMint Software first. Will ask for password. Then switch to other sources and click away.

  245. I am issues to adjust brightness, can u fix the brightness bug & battery when full, it doesn’t show the decreasing order i.e. it is always 100% till it switch off.

  246. Actualmente he decido cambiar de ubuntu 12.04 a mint 13 MATE, la verdad Mate es muy estable y veloz, Unity aparte de ser pesado se consumía la batería muy rápido (Samsun Np305 AMD E350 Radeon 6310). Adicionalmente, este entorno me ha permitido que más personas se hayan interesado en el software libre gracias a la familiaridad que les produce MATE.

  247. @Mike (#259): Thanks for the tip! I installed Rhythmbox and the tray icon does merge with the sound menu.

  248. Mint used to be stable out of the box. Mint 11 had issues with applets. Now Mint 13 mate compositing is not working. My default – docky plus wobbly windows – is not working. I’m disappointed. Any idea why?

  249. What a pity it’s such a palaver to make a sub 700MB CD. Since all the software can be downloaded from the repos why can’t the author just produce a system and let us users decide what we want. It’s becoming more and more like Microsoft these days with the author pushing bloat into an otherwise excellent system!

  250. I really want to like Mint Cinnamon, but it constantly freezes up on me. Simple things such as opening a word doc, or surfing the web will lock it up so that my only recourse is to do a hard reboot.

  251. I think Linux Mint 13 Mate 64 bit is the finest Linux OS there is! I simply cannot believe how solidly built it is and it is so customizable it is a real pleasure to have in my computer.
    I have tried over 100 other Linux OSes and am very familiar with the top 20 or so. Linux Mint 13 beats them all. Clem and the Linux Mint team are great!
    I am a big KDE fan but cannot help but be impressed with Mate and its looks. You really have something here and I hope many others will try it and find out for themselves how wonderful it is!
    thanks so much!

  252. Pau, 282:

    “Actualmente he decido cambiar de ubuntu 12.04 a mint 13 MATE, la verdad Mate es muy estable y veloz, Unity aparte de ser pesado se consumía la batería muy rápido (Samsun Np305 AMD E350 Radeon 6310). Adicionalmente, este entorno me ha permitido que más personas se hayan interesado en el software libre gracias a la familiaridad que les produce MATE.”

    Raw Google translation:
    Today I decided to switch to ubuntu mint 12.04 13 MATT Mate truth is very stable and fast, apart from being heavy Unity was consumed very fast battery (NP305 Samsun E350 AMD Radeon 6310). Additionally, this environment has allowed me to have more people interested in free software because of the familiarity that gives them MATE.

    Better, but not necessarily correct (Translate rearranges words rather simplistically):

    “Today I decided to switch from ubuntu 12.04 to Mint 13 Mate. In truth, Mate is very stable and fast. Apart from being heavy, Unity consumed battery power very fast (NP305 Samsung E350, AMD Radeon 6310). Additionally, this environment has allowed me to have more people become interested in free software thanks to the familiarity that Mate gives them.” (Better translation details welcome.)

    (I hope I’m not annoying people by spelling Mate with initial cap. only; I’m a volunteer copy editor, and did read how Mate got its name. Too late to change, but all-caps “MATE” isn’t strictly right; there’s (almost) no reason to use all caps; sorry. All caps does stand out, though, so it’s a way to publicize it! I will not pester on this point, however. Not the first, nor last time a misunderstanding has become the accepted form. (Try Wikipedia on RJ-45!).)

    Recuerdos, [nb]

  253. The menu is not fully translated… The “topics” like Acessories, Graphics, etc. are all in English, but their programs are correctly translated in Portuguese.

    And in the bar, the removable devices name that appears when hovered was translated as “amovíveis”, which isn’t even a real word. It should be “removíveis”.

    Other than these minor things, the system is looking good. Good job Linux Mint Team 😀

  254. Hi Clem and Team,

    I am thankful to you guys for providing this flavor of Linux.
    I know this is not an easy work and bugs are popping now and then.
    I also consider acceptable a certain level of tweaking around with the settings when needed.

    But… I think you guys should not rush with your releases.
    Please test more your releases. Have this tested with some of the older / newer hardware to make sure things are “really working”.
    In that respect I would like to mention this:
    – I never was able to install LMDE 12. Ever. It boots and then when I clicked on install icon does nothing. Yes I checked the md5 and were fine.
    – I also never been able to install LM 12. Ever. Same issue, after install, grub is nowhere to be found.
    – Today, I was giving quite a try with LM 13. Same old issue… it installs the os and then when the system is rebooted Grub is nowhere to be found.

    Basically, Grub is not installed on the booting drive.
    I tried to reinstall Grub as mentioned in Ubuntu forums or other related Linux sites. Doesn’t either. It tells me: grub is not installed. I tried grub-pc, couldn’t be found… despite searching for it on the usb key I was installing it from.

    I really don’t like to be the cold shower for all the LM fans here.
    There are too many problems with LM distributions and is quite bad when they are show stoppers like not being able to boot what you installed…
    I am feeling at loss, right now, and to be honest I will move away from LM which for me was one of the preferred Linux distributions.
    I was looking for an alternative to Windows or simply I was interested to have more knowledge and do some development with Linux frameworks.
    In that respect I would like you guys at Mint to give a thought to this:
    – If you give a chance to an alternative os, you should be able to do it right and not with major problems. This will make people go away from your distribution and they will start complaining. Your reputation will go down accordingly.
    In short when you provide this alternative you already make people to have a serious level of confidence in you as a provider of this Linux distribution. Not being able to live up to the expectations it will hurt this distro reputation in the long run.

    I would suggest that you guys release your new LM versions only if you are really sure that you did the right amount of testing.

    All the best,

  255. been running mate 64bit for a couple days now and love it. i wasnt sure about the whole mate thing for a while, but now that im using it im happy i gave it a try. very solid!! love old gnome 2 interface.

    thanks mint team!

  256. I had a problem that probably only happens to a few people who still are using very old hardware, but if someone encounters himself with this problem, here is the solution.

    It is the problem of “Signal out of range”, which I happened to have at boot time.

    I found the solution in this site (in spanish):

    In short, the solution is to uncomment the following line, changing the grub configuration file from
    / etc / default / grub

    # GRUB_GFXMODE = 640×480, erasing the “#” and leaving it at:
    GRUB_GFXMODE = 640×480.

    A program to modify grub in graphical mode is Grub-customizer

    Would not be posible to have this line uncomment by defaul..?

  257. @ Alexandru (286): It could help to know more about your machine, such as maker, CPU type and clock frequency, amount of RAM, etc. I do wish you better luck!

    I know what you’re referring to; I can always install, but almost 1 GB of RAM (especially for KDE) is much too little. It’s quite easy to “max out” RAM with a few browser tabs active.
    RAM upgrades for mine are costly, probably because of limited demand.

    I have high hopes for Maya Mate; have been busy with other things, though, but did lots of seeding, at least.

    Regards, [nb]

  258. Hi Nicholas,

    Thank you for reply and positive attitude.
    Here are the details of my laptop:
    – Brand: Lenovo B575
    – Hardware:
    a. Processor: AMD E-350 – 64 bit
    b. Video card AMD Radeon HD 6310M
    c. HD ST9255031 5AS SATA
    d. 8 GB RAM

    Even now, while writing this posting I am re-flashing my USB drive with LM 13 Cinnamon. Still I hope I can make it work…
    The issues I described are real since I faced them.
    Since morning I am on this laptop trying to make it work.
    I tried everything from: boot-repair, rescateaux, easybcd.

    All the best,

  259. Hi,

    Just for the record:
    – While re-installing LM 13 installer displays this:
    “grub-efi could not be installed into the /target/. Without grub system will not boot.”
    – After clicking ok on the message box I got this:
    ” Installer has crashed, we will allow you to fill a form to report the bug…”

    As someone said in this thread: this release is very bugy…

    All the best,

  260. Hello,

    I am having lots of issues installing this release. First of all, I got the Mate 64bit LiveDVD working in EFI mode on a Mac. It boots and all, but when I want to install I get the /tmp/tmp.xxxx window and then the installer hangs. I tried uninstalling ubiquity-slideshow-mint and the only effect was to remove the window with the /tmp stuff. The installer still hangs. So I can’t install it.

    I tried Ubuntu 12.04 alternate and it doesn’t boot in EFI (I get a grub shell) but it does in legacy mode (BIOS emulation mode). However it is not capable of installing grub on /dev/sda.

    I noticed that ubiquity had a debug mode. So here is the output:
    I don’t know if it can help you out, but I noticed many Python exceptions. The last one seems to be the fatal one.


  261. Well, I got Mint 13 MATE installed, every thing works as it should, except for VLC. It will not load no matter what. I uninstalled VLC, rebooted and then reinstalled, but still does not work. Any advice would be great. Thanx.

    ~ FD

  262. Well I have both an e6500 and an e6320, neither boots to anything other than the command line. The e65x has nvs160, the e6320 has intel 3000.

  263. After my personal fiasco and disappointment with LMDE UP4, I am going back to the Ubuntu-based Mint (MATE). Much better for the non-geeky user like me who just wants the OS to enable me to get things done and get out of the way.

    LMDE UP4 seems to work fine for the majority, but it broke too many things in my system and wasted my time, so that was the end of LMDE for me.

    Anyways… it is almost irrelevant, but I wanted to congratulate the team for the choice of default wallpapers. Those photos are much more beautiful, classy and impressive that the artificial rendered drawings (for my humble own taste).

    For the rest, still testing on LiveCD, but looking stable and getting along well with my NVIDIA GeForce 6150 so far.

    Thank you guys.

  264. @Alexandru

    I have an HP nx9420 32 bit laptop with ATI x1600 vid card, Intel Centrino Duo T2500 CPU. Was getting an error after finishing installation via USB flash drive that it couldn’t install on sdab, even though I clearly told it to install on sda3 since sdab is my Linux USB flash drive. The result would be no Grub upon reboot. I decided to burn Mint 13 to a DVD and reinstalled it from scratch. Everything worked perfectly on the first try.

  265. I have installed the mate version and am loving it.

    Like some others i had the issue of my computer booting to a blank screen, beeping and then staying there.
    I fixed this, after reinstall didnt fix that, by going into recovery mode, which booted up, and installing nvidia drivers from aditional drivers utility.

    Now it works fine but shame that this had to happen.

  266. In Maya-Mate Minitube no video stream and by stream changes is a crash. 🙁
    VLC and pulseaudio sound has trouble.

    by Katya was ok. 🙂

    Thank you all, and I love my best Katya- 🙂

    (sory my bad english) 🙁

  267. I have a serious problem with Linux Mint 13: the bootloader (GRUB2) doesn’t seem to be installing. I previously used Linux Mint 12 and Ubuntu 11.10 perfectly find with this same system. I have a dual boot system where on my first drive is Win 7 with Win bootloader which has an option to point to MBR of second hard drive. When I look at the MBR of second drive, no GRUB, but all the LM 13 OS files are on the drive. Even using the LM 13 boot disc I can’t seem to get LM to install GRUB where I want it.

  268. install Mint 13 (cinnamon) on my MSI Netbook, it works great. Thanks for Linux Mint to the team, for all this years of great work (I start with Daryna) and hope for the next great years 🙂

    best regards


  269. @FrogDemon

    For whatever reason, I’ve never had good success with VLC–even if it starts without incident. If it does manage to start, it always seems to be missing key components for my application, and I’m not asking a lot from it. And it just became a pain to go get every little component to make it work, and then it wasn’t guaranteed, at least for me. I gave up on it a long time ago. But admittedly, my needs are small in that regard.

    On the other hand, there are many more things that VLC will do that other multi-media utilities will not–in theory. And maybe you need a specific functionality from VLC that’s missing from other utilities.

    The only multimedia utility that I ever go out of my way for is Soundconverter. At one time it was a small chore to make sure dependencies were resolved, but since Mint 9, all I do is go to package manager and grab Soundconverter. It installs in seconds, and simply works. It has a non-fancy GUI, but it’s light and fast.

    Between Mplayer, and Soundconverter, I have everything I need. Again, perhaps this combination won’t give you a specific function that you are looking for, but if you’re not sure, Soundconverter is definitely worth a shot. If it does everything you need, then I would drop VLC like a hot potato.

    Best wishes

  270. Why is there some brightness problem for me in Mate? Seems like my screen is dimmed but power preferences says it’s not. Fn keys will max it out but it’s still not bright enough…
    There was no issues like this one in LMDE or Mint 12.

  271. @FrogDemod said…”Well, I got Mint 13 MATE installed, every thing works as it should, except for VLC. It will not load no matter what.”

    Are you running Compiz perhaps? I remember having the same problem when I was a user of Gnome 2.x. It seems they were incompatible. Try disabling Compiz and let us know.

    If you still having problems and if you have a powerful computer I would recommend to wait till LM13-KDE is released. I’m confident you will love it.

  272. @ Manny: I have always used VLC. Never had an issue. Compiz is not running. Also PulseAudio is also not working. Sound works, but no volume control. I get a pop up saying “Waiting for sound system to respond.”

    Also, I would not touch KDE if you paid me. I only tried KDE back in 2000 and then last year. Not for me.

    I forgot to mention that on install, I was also greeted with the “Blackscreen”. Easy fix. So I didn’t mention it.

  273. @FrogDemon…it has rained a lot since the year 2000. KDE 8.2 is simple amazing, if you have a powerful enough machine it runs like a dream. But is your choice to run whatever it pleases you.


  274. Yea, I loved Gnome 2.32, but now use MATE, Cinnamon and Xfce. I do have a powerful system. AMD Phenom II 970 with 16gigs 1600 DDR3 on an Asus M5A97 mobo.

    But KDE is not for me. I am trying to reinstall alot of things trying to get pulseaudio and VLC working. But no go. Will try in Cinnamon and see what happens.

    Thanx for trying to help Manny. Much appreciated.


  275. Mint 13 Maya with Cinnamon is a very well done distribution and desktop manager, I tested on my laptop yesterday and have it going on my main desktop now. All devices are well, I using ATI flgx proprietary graphics driver.VLC for DVD works.

    Funny little thing, update notifications appear behind the bottom panel (minor).


    Would like to have ability to have LVM2 packages as part of install CD, and ability for “advanced” disk partitioning to use LVM. Right now I make a little side track in shell to do LVM and then after install writes its things do a chrooted shell to add LVM2.

    Thank you Clem and Team, a wonderful work!

  276. Suggestion: When Clem is about to close a blog such as this to further comments, some volunteer could read through and copy [data (including URLs, of course!) about problems and solutions] to a smaller file, which Clem could place into an easily-searchable (tags?) archive. Perhaps it could be integrated with Launchpad.

    I’m about to burn LMDE and Maya Mate 64 to see what happens.

    Best regards, [nb]

  277. Mint has ever been Great, but now I really have a trouble with the mobile connections. Whatever USB adapter, I plug in, it doesn’t work. On my old Toshiba laptop mobile connection really worked great on Mint-12 Lisa, now on Mint-13 (Cinnamon) – NOT, (Mate-13 neither). When I plug the same adapter (let say : Alcatel -X220L) on my desktop pc, it just RESTART the pc ?! This is a Great Problem.
    To Clem and Mint team – take care about this issue, guys 🙂
    (BiSOFT Cinnamon Themes’ developer; Mint fan from 2007)

  278. had to spent a lot of time in setting up gnome shell the way i wanted it. Then i came across luninux OS ( This gives me exactly what i wanted.
    Switched to it as of now. Expecting a gnome-shell version in mint 14.
    till then i am happy using luninux.

  279. Maya is first Mint that i decided to install on real hardware.
    I tryed to install all 4 versions: mate32bit(a)->cinnamon32bit(b)->cinnamon64bit(c)->mate64bit(d)

    a) ok, but its not perfect.
    b) almost superduper, but i got system freeze so i decided to switch 64bit and…
    c) zonk i cant install 64bit cinnamon because of installer/partitioner crash everytime. I have got also freeze when running liveUSB.
    d) Installed and im almost happy.

    In my opinion there is no good enviroment alternatuve for gnome2. Both, mate and cinnamon are not the same as gnome2 was. There are huge problems with compiz, emerald is not working etc.

    Of course Mint 13 is realy good and developers chosed good way, but there is so many to do with mate, to get it perfectly work and to continue gnome2 style…

  280. Mate version doesn’t work with Intel HD GPU.I said doesn’t work because that it takes 15 minutes to get screen.I waited one minute to open console.The only error was “Fallback driver… is failed.”.

  281. I upgraded on my test PC from Mint 13 RC to Mint 13.

    In Cinnamon 1.4, the problem with the computer freezing in Libre Office is still there.This has happened several times, both in Writer and Calc.
    My test PC has a 2.8 GHz Pentium 4 and 1 GB memory.
    You can hear the processor load from the fan speed.
    It seems the processor goes up to 100% load and then the computer becomes irresponsive and has to be restarted the hard way (power button).
    This problem exists both in Mint 13 and in Ubuntu 12.04, but I have not noticed it in Mint 12 with Cinnamon.
    The problem does not appear in Mint 13 with Mate.
    Could it be that Cinnamon runs better on a more powerful computer?

    So I have made Mate my default desktop for now.
    I hav had no problems at all in Mate!

  282. @PsxMeUP,

    I tried the LM 13 DVD also.
    It gave me the error with the grub-efi.
    It is definitely a serious problem with the installers on all LM versions.
    I tried to install Kubuntu and the same issues I faced with installing the system but no Grub to be found. Besides, even though the Linux partitions were already there, that Kubuntu installer was still ignoring them and tried to take again free space from the Win 7 partition.

    I mean no disrespect toward the Mint team, but this release is a failure, ridden with serious bugs, obviously not tested enough.
    Why releasing something like that which is not properly tested…
    Better, wait and get a well tested LM distro.

    All the best,

  283. Maya + Cinnamon = PHENOMENAL!!! Move over Windows 7… you’re about to have company on the hard disk!!!

  284. A few more issues with Cinnamon is the clock. It will not hold the proper time at all. Constantly changes an hour ahead or behind. I have it set to my region. Rhythmbox crashes periodically. VLC also crashes.

    Transmission client only seeds at 2kibs and crashes every 15mins or so. Will load back into MATE and see if these issues are there also.

    ~ FD

  285. mint 13 cinnamon is slower than ubuntu 12.04 booting, and sometimes brakes openning libre office

  286. Hi,

    I am a big Linux Fan since 13 years and i switched to mint on version 8. Since 10 it was a fast and stable distribution, but Mint 12 was (at least because of the buggy mate environment) a step back.

    I like the new Cinnamon desktop a lot more than all the other new clients.

    But version 1.3 i installed on mint 12 is way more stable than in this actual release.

    Everytime i boot i get new errors (if cinnamon even starts i dont see other partitions, no entries in fstab nor mtab).

    I think I’m going to switch back to 12 with cinnamon.



    (sorry for my bad english 😉 )

  287. Perfect… MATE is great (a few bugs, I’ll report them).
    BTW, I have BCM wireless card, and I didn’t have problems with the installation 🙂

  288. @infantryman06 (366). Trouble with bootloader.
    I also have dual boot Win7 and Mint (unfortunately need Quicken):

    Reinstall Grub as below worked for me. There is a tutorial with more detail if needed.
    -Run LiveCd
    -Terminal commands:
    sudo mount /dev/sdXY /mnt #mount mint partition; ex. sda6#
    sudo grub-install –root-directory=/mnt/ /dev/sdX #no number#

  289. I retain my Lisa because I hate number 13 (Friday thirteen):). I do not download “Maya” so far…. Anyway, thanks

  290. I’m running LM13 Mate and am loving it so far. I’ve had no major issues after several days on an Asus eeePC 1000HE.

    I did find a minor typo, however. Right-click on the little magnifying glass to the right of the Search Bar at the bottom of the Menu–

    The entry that says, “Lookup Dictionnary” is misspelled–should be one ‘n’ not two in dictionary. Really minor, but something to add to the end of the list.

    Thank you so much for this fantastic OS–dumped that ‘other’ OS 3 years ago and never looked back…

  291. not bad B-)

    linux mint ¨maya¨ 13 is good


    fast update entire a month

    i have linux mint 10 and linux maya is release!!!!!!1

  292. is aspm issue was solved in this release? iv exprience heating issue during mint 11 and 12, was it solved in this lts release with kernel 3.2?

  293. @manny

    Hi Manny. I’m looking forward to seeing what LM13-KDE brings also. Hopefully, graphics issues will have been addressed, but I have my doubts. We’ll definitely find out when the time comes. LM13-MATE and Cinnamon are better in many ways then LM12, but I can’t help but notice lots of little problems on this blog.

    Not to be critical of users like FrogDemon who simply shut down on KDE, but I really don’t understand what the big hang up is. Again, FrogDemon is not alone by any means, and I deeply respect individual user experiences as to whether they like or dislike. But if KDE is up and running and fully functional, I fail to see what is so terribly different about it.

    If those particular users are experiencing complete and total failure like those experienced during the KDE 4 bombshell, then I can understand, but beyond that, KDE is a beautiful interface, and barring little quirks from time to time (no more quirks than we are experiencing with Gnome/Mate/Cinnamon), it works. But like you said manny, it boils down to personal choice–whether I understand it or not.

  294. Wow! I really loved the new Cinnamon! Congratulations! It’s simply perfect! But unfortunatelly I’m going had some little problems with the 64 bit version… When I’ll shutdown the computer, appears a quiclky error message on the top left of my screen ‘coul not write bytes:broken pipes’, but appears to don’t be a sensitive error… And also my wireless conection sometimes falls and to reconnect I have to restart the system…
    But I believe that will be corrected soon and I’ll try tofix this errors, but I’ll never leave my beloved OS Linux Mint! *-*

    Development team, congratulations! You did the best interface ever created for Linux! 😀

    Once I started working as a programmer I will make my contribution to the project! 😉

  295. Hey FrogDemon, do you have ntp installed? my clock isn’t wandering but I do use NTP to keep my computer synced with atomic clock.

    And I like the default theme, so I won’t change it even if 3/4 of the update notification doesn’t show.

    Alexandru, I had no problems installing 13 on hard drive that had multiple OS including windows 7 and mint 11, before spouting off and claiming “this distro is a failure” have you considered the possibility you did something incorrectly?

  296. I have been very loyal to LM since like 2 years ago, but the last changes made me search other distributions. I have been testing some distributions in the past month. Now I have 5 different distributions (with their Linux Headers updates) in my Grub screen… It looks funny.

    Well, yesterday I installed Cinnamon, and I only have 1 think to say: “WOW”, it is amazing (I haven’t learned the lesson, I shouldn’t seek for anything outside of Linux Mint).

    I have just a little issue. I installed fglrx for my ATI Radeon 4200 HD video card, and when I execute glxgears it says that I must have more that 2.000 fps, but the gears look paused. Then I installed compiz and everything looks very good, just moving a window you feel that it is running very good, and running glxgears it looks very nice.

    The issue is that when I enable compiz I loss the panel.

    Does anyone have an idea of how to fix it?

  297. Looking great so far. I’m taking a run at using Cinnamon again and it feels good. I got quite used to the hot corner with gnome shell to change desktops via the windoze key. That pops the menu instead but I can easily get used to just using the mouse – probably did that a good part of the time anyway.

    Also like that “sloppy focus” was added to the window settings. Thats my favorite.

    Love it.

  298. This is a test. I cannot get messages to this blog printed; fully realise how the pre-moderation system works.


  299. Linux Mint 13 it so good that when Bill Gates finds out
    he is going to jump out a ‘Window’ LOL

  300. in one hour space mint 13 brakes 2 times on my PC and i have to shut down the PC to start again its really annoying

  301. Hi ppl, using Mint since 9 after a long road figthing with Ubuntu flavors.

    First at all, Clem and other girls/guys behind this project thank you so much in major way for Cinnamon. LM11 is my new distribution in my work and I have to replace 19 more Ubuntu with this and is a pleasure.

    Now the bad one, I just setup LM13 en my home with Cinnamon and found a total freeze when launch Jdownloader. Using the Java flavour included or tottaly wipe out this and replacing with Oracle Java 7 get the same behavior. I thing was a Java related thing, but seem to ve related to Cinnamon. Running the same software en LM12 with Cinnamon I don’t have this freeze, only if i use OJ 7 is more laggy than OpenJDK.

    Sorry for my humble english, i have the hoppe someone have a clue about this.

    Cheers from Argentina

  302. I went ahead and made the move. I’ve only been running Mate edition a few days but I’ve had no problems aside from little glitches. Here’s a weird one. When I go into the menu, Places>Home Folder, Qmmp opens up with random media files in the playlist. Like I said, minor stuff.

    It’s great to see people embracing both of these environments.

  303. It is important I first be clear … I am a rookie with any form of Linux. Have been tinkering with either Ubuntu or Linux Mint since 2008. Nothing but headaches getting things to work. This time, I am enjoying Linux Mint 13. Using the MATE 64-bit version under Mint4Win. So far so good. Flash is just short of perfect, lagging a little. PC = AMD Athlon II X2 250u with integrated ATI Radeon HD 3200 graphics. I am using Linux Mint more than Windows 7 on my PC. Ha! Gotta love that. I look forward, during this 5 year LTS period, to hopefully give Microsoft the boot and using Linux Mint all the time! This is by far the very best Linux experience I’ve ever enjoyed. A million thanks to all who made this almost perfect. Just need iTunes. For me, Wine is a nightmare. THANKS AGAIN! … Jim Maney

  304. Great release; I am running Mint 13 (Mate version) 32bit on an old Acer Aspire 1700 laptop and MATE seems very stable and easily customisable.
    If anyone is having boot issues, I recommend disconnecting any USB hubs before booting. Since I have done this, I have had 15 successful boots; it is strange since Mint 12 booted fine with both hubs connected. Anyway, hope this helps someone. Thanks again to the Mint team.

  305. @PB

    Hi PB, thanks for your salutation. It is always nice reading your comments around here, you put a touch of quality and lots of common sense in this forum.

    Some times I scratch my head also reading some of the comments, but this is what Linux is about. Telling you the truth, if it wasn’t for KDE I would had returned to Windows, no matter how much I hate MS. KDE came to the rescue at the right time.

    Well, hopping LM-KDE13 is released soon and with sufficient love, it shouldn’t take a lot to release a great distro but if not, Kubuntu with a few twicks works very nicely on my PC and laptop. I mean, very nicely, much better than any other Linux distro I tried before, including LMDE or any LM-Gnome based.


  306. I want to thank you so much for all your hard work in making Linux sucha pleasure to use, but I especially want to thank you for your continued support for MATE. I’m stuck with older hardware for my primary desktop and it runs MATE flawlessly. My laptop with Cinnamon, however, has never looked better.

    I swear, when I’m not broke I’m going to thank you proper and make a donation. :/

  307. I’m also going to insist, like others, in asking for an LXDE version of Maya. It’s not just that the Lisa version is superb and the best adaptation of LXDE to a Mint flavour-look-feel, it’s also the choice of software for those of us out there with limited equipment. Thanks!

  308. Had to make a call on whether to upgrade from (the excellent) LM11, and was also unsure of whether to go with Mate or Cinnamon. Tried Cinnamon first but hit a wall when setting up my dual monitor config. I have one in landscape orientation, one in portrait (needs separate X screen). Doesn’t work in Cinnamon; I understand that is just something that Gnome3 doesn’t support yet so has flowed on to Cinnamon. Tried Mate and it’s worked perfectly. Here are my thoughts on the two desktops now that I’ve tried both.

    1) Cinnamon: Feels very slick and modern. I like the look/feel, interaction and visuals. It just seems feature incomplete compared to Mate. I can see myself moving to Cinnamon when it matures.
    2) MATE: Rock solid, consistent with Gnome 2. Works beautifully. It will suit me until LM15 (I do 12 monthly system rebuilds) when I can re-evaluate my desktop choice.

    I think the last 12 months have been traumatic for Linux desktop envs. I feel that Unity and G3Shell (and discontinuation of Gnome2) are real disappointments and have handed Clem a couple of lemons to work with. Clem and team have walked the line very carefully and made lemonade; Cinnamon being the path to the future and Mate being the stable bridge to that future.

    Tip of my hat to Clem and the team!

  309. Back to the problem of upgrading Mint on a Win 7 / Mint dual boot computer (post 262, previously 169)

    My main insight after some painfull hours bringing my computer back to life is that there is an urgent need for a good tutorial and a dummy-proof installation procedure for this scenario. As long as that doesn’t exist I ‘m warning of fresh upgrades. Here some details:

    It seems that I already wiped the whole Win 7 partition sda2 during the 1st installation of Mint 13 via the partition manager. (GParted told me afterwards that this ntfs partition was unused but it’s the one where the Windows system should reside.) So it’s not surprising that the approach of @275 Mintkatze didn’t work.

    I formatted the Mint partition sda6 again as ext4 and restarted the installation from LiveDVD choosing the proposed 1st option ‘alongside with Win 7’. At this stage Win7 really wasn’t there anymore but I guess some traces in other partitions had survived. After the installation I was able to boot Mint 13 from sda6 and a Samsung Recovery application from sda4 but of course not Win 7. (That was the striking moment I noticed that Win 7 had disappeared.)

    The recovery application re-installed Win 7 from crap- without my personal data – on sda2. But it also deleted the GRUB bootloader so that I couldn’t restart my computer. In a last desperate attempt I installed Grub4dos from a Puppy Linux USB stick, and it worked. I mean, I could boot Win 7 but I still have to find a way to boot also Mint 13 which is lurking on sda6. I’ll try so configuring Grub4dos instead of installing another bootloader.

  310. I cannot find out whether I have 3D acceleration or not. Does anyone know of a quick test for this, that can be carried out from the Cinnamon Live Disk (or any other way)?

    Motherboard is FoxConn 661 7MI(Socket 775); Chipset SiS Model 661FX

  311. The ultimate success and future of Mint lies in the details….here are some that I feel were missed in Mint 13 “Maya”.

    I feel that both “main” releases of Mint 13 should contain the same installed programs. For example, Maya does not have the disk utility program that Cinnamon has…(and, yes I know you can easily add it, it’s just the principle of the matter here).

    Secondly, Maya’s sound is a problem. Every day I start my pc, the volume is at 100%. I then reset it to 60% for my own use, and the next time I turn the computer on for a new session, the volume is screaming at 100% again. This should be fixed.

    Third, looking at firefox: Mint releases have always supplied 8 bookmarks in firefox for user reading….FYI, the (bookmark) is a dead site, and has been for the past 2 releases…

    What happened to the “Print-to-PDF” feature contained in all Mint releases of the last 3 years?

    What’s up with the b43 non-boot issue? It’s happened to me on the latest LMDE re-spin release and now on the main edition?
    One word here: Disappointing.
    Previous Mint releases, both Debian and ubuntu based, have fixed this b43 issue.
    Why then, seemingly are we now regressing to the old linux stereotypes and frustrations about wireless? This should have been caught early-on in testing, even before the RC release, and the entire Mint 13 distro re-spun to not have this issue present.

    An out-of-date mint flash plug-in at time of final release?

    Details, Details, Details…

  312. Regarding #370; false alarm. md5 said my .iso was corrupted. It’s all working fine with re-downloaded .iso file.

  313. @jodother said (428):
    “GParted told me afterwards that this ntfs partition was unused but it’s the one where the Windows system should reside.”

    Ouch. That hurts. At least, he had GRUB available on a disc. His whole message reminds me of similar painful experiences. Even Linux can do things like that; Fedora Core 14 or 15 ignored existing partitions and disabled what had been there.

    In my recent experience, GNU is too slow to update its partition-managing software. Be very wary; sorry!

    GParted (0.7.0), a GNOME app., regards my 1-TB archive disc as /dev/sda, and my primary HD as /dev/sdb. At least, they have very-different layouts, very hard to misunderstand.

    One nasty “gotcha” to know about is that various ways of trying to find out which partition is which, on a multi-partition disc, are likely to confuse anyone with only modest experience. Different partition managers can be very misleading. They do not necessarily list partitions in the sequence you expect! Global UIDs (GUIDs) are totally reliable, but not obvious, nor really convenient.

    Some time ago, just because of this confusion, I made an ext2 filesystem on my Win 98 SE archive partition, thinking that it was the empty partition. I didn’t try to write any data to it, though.

    I now have descriptive labels embedded into all my partitions; they are actually [dummy] filenames, but without any file content. Nautilus does this with a right-click menu as “Create Document –> Empty file”. You can also create them with the [touch] command, putting the filename in double quotes (“). I use all caps, so they stand out.

    Sorry about the length, but I do hope this saves somebody from grief.
    [nb] who destroys operating systems, but only his own. (^_^)

  314. @maligt (430) said,
    “An out-of-date mint flash plug-in at time of final release?”

    I don’t know whether Reuters (news) uses Flash for their videos, but I can’t watch them. As soon as the introductory ad is complete, instead of rendering the video, the software steps to the next video in the server’s sequence and starts another ad. Happens in Opera, Ffx, and Chrome, all up-to-date.

    Mint Katya GNOME here.

  315. Well seem my another before don’t pass the moderation. Like I said before thanks alot for the work

    I solved my bug with Cinnamon, don’t happen in LM12, the freeze when launch Jdownloader (0.9x or 2) was resolved installing Java 1.6.0_32 😀

    “thearc77@dsk-lm13 ~ $ java -version
    java version “1.6.0_32″
    Java(TM) SE Runtime Environment (build 1.6.0_32-b05)
    Java HotSpot(TM) Client VM (build 20.7-b02, mixed mode, sharing)”

    And now all run very well.

  316. As I found no answer to question 383, I just tried it: And yes I now have both “mint-meta-cinnamon” AND “mint-meta-mate” in my box and use them in turn.

  317. Installed 13 and don’t notice much of a difference between it and 12 to be honest. Same power being used even though Ubuntu 12.10 has supposed to be better with power.

    Same problems with slow wireless using both Intel and Atheros cards on my X200. Got the Atheros card working using a workaround that was originally introduced for 11.04. This should have been fixed by now but lets make the OS look prettier instead!

  318. Installed Mint 13 Cinnamon:
    Anyone know why I can’t use Ctrl-Alt-w or Ctrl-Alt-q as shortcut keys? They seem to close the current window/application, respectively, but I don’t see them listed under Shortcuts | Windows.

    I’ve been using both of these for years now (in LM9). I know Ctrl-Alt-w works fine in Mint Maya MATE. Is there a dconf-editor or gconf-editor that I’m missing?

    Also, on System Settings | Privacy, I turned Record Activity OFF. If I had kept it on, does that mean Ubuntu would be tracking me? Does this have anything to do with zeitgeist that was mentioned?

  319. Oh, one other thing:
    During installation, it would be nice to be able to resize the window when setting up partitions. Please consider this, Clem. Thanks.

  320. Fedora 17 is able to run GNOME Shell with graphic drivers that don’t support 3D acceleration. Will that be possible in Linux Mint or LMDE?

  321. Mint cinnamon 13 32bit live DVD installer crashes just prior to reboot. Upon restart the systems gets to CUPS server and then hangs. I have thrice repeated this process with the same result. I used the somethingelse option to change a partition (ext4, Format, /) and put grub2 on root of partition. Firstly the Installer fails in attempting to copy a non existent Documents and Settings(why would it do that???). It continues when OK to the error message is selected. 13 seems to be unlucky for Mint!

  322. great release!! initially I had some serious display problems with cinnamon, but that dissapeard after enabling NVIDIA driver. the only little problem left is display issues after sleep mode.

    otherwise I love customizability and productivity of cinnamon and beautiful details display

    great job!!

  323. Delighted!

    Burned Mate and Cinnamon. Decided to see how far I could go with Cinnamon before banging against a show-stopper. I truly expected my machine not to be able to run it; I was /so/ wrong.

    Still running from the DVD, but golly_gosh_amighty — It not only works, but works quite nicely! I see what all the fuss is about!

    Cinnamon is plainly the product of an intelligent, clear mind (or a few of them) that’s quite able to discard less-well-thought-out, but well-known designs and details. In their stead, I see a nice-looking, clean design (both appearance and functions) where the rule seems close to “almost as simple as possible, but no simpler”. In other words, “Do the right thing, and do it well”.

    I expected not to have favorite goodies such as Nautilus, VLC MP, GEdit, etc. Nope! All there. Really appreciated.

    I did try updating, to see what I’d find. Just oodles! So glad to have Korean-style broadband. I’ll be using it. Mint-Install has top priority; I say, “Don’t miss it”.

    I used to have a fixed IP (ADSL), and getting online was typically horrid; I’m not well-informed about networking. DHCP is wondrously easy.

    Took rather-detailed notes, not a lot, but too many for here, and almost none is important enough to include.

    My graphics is now called
    “Gallium 0.4 on NV4E”. Quite surprising; I know it as GeForce 6100.

    Especially-nice, thoughtful feature:
    [Global (?)] Text Scaling Factor. I have high hopes for that; it might make 1600 x 1200 actually usable on a 21-inch CRT. Has been needed for /years/. Should be a /great/ help to folks with limited visual acuity.

    Suggestion: If you can, please consider eventually including Chrome browser vertical scrolling; it’s truly nice.

    Compared with Katya, which has accumulated some cruft, in use for several months, this looks most promising.

    Now comes the hard part — backup exclusions, and being sure to back up everything I really want to keep. I must be sure I can restore; then, repartition (aligned 4K sector sizes!!) and set up a few extra partitions to try out Mate and LMDE, etc. Hope GRUB works OK…

    Cinnamon was worth waiting for!
    [nb] Happy as a clam

  324. Quick question: How can I get nautilus to be the default file manager in mate? is it even possible?

  325. I just successfully created a LiveUSB Drive 32bit MATE Edition. My mobile broadband is working, but I haven’t been able to test wireless as I need to download an additional driver and find a place to see if wireless will work. Thank you Clem for deciding to stick with what works instead of going for the eye candy not caring whether or not it works.

  326. Apologies if this is already known, but courtesy of Updates, both versions are getting better, although Cinnamon seems to be edging ahead, with VLC Player then AcidRip starting to work, which is probably more down to Ubuntu repository changes than to MATe or Cinnamon. Sound-Juicer now Extracts to MP3, although to a new default rather than expert-recommended VBR quality=2, so I guess that I’ll be retaining old versions, offline, to do that, or even using the slower, Windows-hosted Audiograbber.
    Unlike the LM-9 version, DeVeDe doesn’t produce playable results.
    As to MATE version limited applets, I guess that I’ll just have to learn how to use Conky.
    So, if in doubt, run Updates ?

  327. @ brett 442. No, caja and nautilus are two different entities. Caja only looks like nautilus, and BOTH Caja and Nautilus are installed by default. That’s why I was asking, How to get Nautilus as the default file manager. You can open windows side by side and compare the visual differences and also click Help and About, and see that Caja 1.2.1 is installed, and Nautilus 3.4.2 is also installed.

  328. Maya, I think I’m in love! I didn’t think MATE would stick around for an LTS. Please let there be a KDE version too, it’d be better than having my birthday and Christmas on the same day 😀

    Thank you so much Linux Mint team, your hard work is strongly appreciated, without Mint, I’d be stuck with the “other OS” 😀

    (Mint 12 KDE single-handedly made me a KDE person)

  329. Mint cinnamon 13 32bit live DVD installer crashes just start configure and slideshow. I can’t install Mate and Cinnamom.

  330. You guys were not kidding when you said cinnamon is buggier than mate. Can’t read anything with cinnnamon, all the fonts at desktop look like blocks. Mate installed fine

  331. I was using asus geforce 3 video card and the fonts that were unreadable and look like blocks for cinnamon install

  332. My Nautilus has no toolbar in Maya Cinnamon. When I uncheck “Main Toolbar” in the View menu, this removes the location bar. When for “Main Toolbar” the check mark is set again, location bar is back, but still no toolbar.

    Is this Cinnamon or Gnome3?

  333. oic, @455, @456, I got exactly the same result you did with Cinnamon. MATE is working OK, my video card is a 128MB GeForce MX4000 I think.

  334. Strangely, DeVeDe 3.21.0 is fine in LMDE, but doesn’t currently produce playable results in MATE or Cinnamon versions of LM-13.

  335. @LMozart (“nautilus…default file manager in mate”), perhaps try this:
    Go to Main Menu | System Tools | Configuration Editor (that’s mateconf-editor). Go to /desktop/mate/session/required_components; under filemanager, replace “caja” with “nautilus”
    *No guarantees* that it will work. And since the file manager is integral to the DE, I have no idea how this will bork the system.

  336. @Jesse5567. Thanks for your reply. I had already done all those changes in the config editor and replaced caja with nautilus, but it still hasn’t kicked in as default. I even tried changing the default application to open files in Ubuntu Tweak, and it hasn’t made any difference. No idea what to try next. My system is still fast a stable though despite the changes I’ve made.

    This all came about on account of Nautilus-Dropbox not displaying the folder status icons, or right-click menu entry under Caja, but it works fine under Nautilus. If I could get the icons and the right click menu entry under Caja, I’d stick with it and abandon attempts to have Nautilus as the default file manager… although it still would be nice to know if and how it can be done.

    Thanks anyway for trying to help. If you come up with any other suggestions, or know how I can get Dropbox’s icons working under Caja, please let me know… or anyone else reading this.

  337. At last, I tried MATE* (live). No difficulty installing, although I would love to see startup messages as an option. (Do they exist, but blanked, or has message creation been suppressed?) Less surprised that it ran OK, but still glad. It was getting late, so I didn’t fully explore it, but so much work has gone into MATE that it almost seems like another distro.! I did encounter a bunch of unfamiliar names for things. (More, later.)
    *Yes, all caps; their web site title has it that way.

    In MATE, I also discovered a lot of “infrastructure” to support future detailed work, such as the remarkable Configuration Editor. Looking at details, it reminded me a lot of the MS Windows Registry, but much less peculiar. There seems to be provision for a few thousand sometimes very-detailed configurable items! As well, the number of thumbnailers listed was astonishing. Apparently, most are the same app., with appropriate options. Nevertheless, numerous details (UI design, in particular) remind me a lot of Katya; not surprising. Being a work in progress, MATE seems slightly inconsistent in these details, but that’s OK.

    MATE is surely a work in progress, but it also has probably all the important functions taken care of. Comparing with what’s provided in Cinnamon, it seems that MATE has more functions, but both versions, of course, let you install what you are likely to want. Perhaps there’s a friendly and civilized competition between Cinnamon and MATE, which will only improve both, I’m sure.

    I did start the System monitor for both C. and M. to see memory usage.
    MATE was running about 300 MiB with no other apps running; iirc, Cinnamon took a little more, but with my ~890 MB, this was welcome.

    MATE’s shutdown from a live run was not clean; it ejected the DVD, but lacked the dialog asking you to remove the DVD and hit Enter.
    It also didn’t shut down the machine.

    Some MATE terms, with bits of explanation:

    caja (Spanish: “box”) Nautilus-like file manager; fork?

    engrampa — archive manager. Uses the File Roller icon (for now).
    Google Translate was no help, but “engrampar” means to clip (or staple?) together.

    eom — Eye of MATE

    marco — Window manager

    mozo — Main menu editor (nice). (Spanish has lots of meanings; seems that “young” and “waiter” give some idea.)

    pluma — Text editor; looks like GEdit. (Hope it has all those nice embedded options!) “Pluma” is “pen” in Spanish; refers to quill pens of the past.

    I’ll probably install both Maya versions.

    My father told me that 13 is really a lucky number; it was given a bad reputation to conceal that information.

  338. Hello,

    yesterday i could watch movies via vlc and totem on my new lm 13, but today the videos have no sound anymore and the picture stucks.

    Also with banshee, no sound and a three minute song is over in seconds.

    What happens?

    Thank you


  339. Minor item — Don’t embed an URL between “”, as I did, here.

  340. Good grief! (Please delete 463?) I put “” between [less than] and [greater than] symbols. There’s a bit of special syntax, here.

  341. To answer my own question re shortcut keys in Maya Cinnamon: I found gconf-editor in Synaptic. Yesterday, for some reason, I could not find it. (Senility creeps in fast.) After searching a bunch of key bindings, I found no Ctrl-Alt-w.

    But I found my own key bindings and changed the one I wanted to Ctrl-Alt-w manually. That worked.

    @Lord Mozart (Caja/Nautilus under Mint Maya MATE): Sorry I couldn’t be of help. The only thing I can think of is to ask the MATE folks
    when this functionality is slated for inclusion. I know this isn’t much help to you now…

  342. looking forward to a light version of 13 (LXDE)

    I find stuff like MATE to be annoying and impractica. Can’t even make a desktop shortcut…

  343. Cinnamon seems to be a lot better by now and better than Gnome-shell in the last release. I turned to xfce, as the gnome-shell crashed from time to time, and that was annoying. Unfortunatly it’s not better with cinnamon now.
    I tried to find the trigger for crashing, but don’t have a clue what it could be. Within Fedora 17 (and gnome-shell) which I just tried as well, it does not happen. And I have to say, the current gnome-shell in Fedora is not that bad, but nevertheless I will continue working with xfce (and Gnome Do, which is really great) for now.

  344. How to install Gnome 3 on Mate Edition? I like Gnome much more than any other desktop environments! When will be the Gnome Edition of Maya 13 will be released?
    Thank you!

    Edit by Clem: The Cinnamon edition uses Gnome 3. Start with this one and add “gnome-shell” and “gnome-session” to add Gnome Shell to it.

  345. I was given a dead Acer 5516 which I was able to get running (with the addition of a couple parts), and installed Mint 13 MATE, which started right up, with no reinstall/reconfiguring of GRUB. That is more than I could say when I installed Ubuntu Precise, which did require reinstallation/reconfigurng of GRUB. MATE 1.2 is practically a dead ringer for GNOME 2.x, and is now my go-to GUI. Congrats, Clem!

  346. I have installed the RC for Maya about a few weeks ago.

    This is a noob question but will the RC roll into the final release by applying updates? Or do I have to reinstall like you would with Windows?


  347. It rolls into the final release…
    Normally you should be able to answer it yourself just by reading the upgrade instructions just on top of this page. 🙂

  348. I’m testing Mate 64-bit edition as a possible upgrade from Mint 10. Activated Compiz by installing compizconfig-settings-manager (ccsm)
    then activating desired plugins using ccsm — needed to ensure “Move Window” checkbox was checked.
    I then activated compiz using a terminal by typing “compiz –replace”

    I also don’t have the hibernate option after activating the “quit” menu.
    Does anyone know how to add/activate it? Btw, Suspend works but kills wireless networking. Also, wifi seems relatively unstable in this release.

  349. Cinnamon 64 / Shell remains rock solid for me.
    A suggestion for the team:
    Gnome shell was popular in the recent poll. It has about 50 references in this blog with repeated queries (and answers) relating to installation. It is also likely to improve. I don’t recommend a separate edition. However a a simple script could be included in the Cinnamon edition to optionally allow those not fluent with these matters to install without headaches. Losing users over this simple issue would be a shame. Just a thought.

  350. I installed Linux Mint 13 Cinnamon Edition
    sudo apt-get install gnome-shell
    sudo apt-get install gnome-session
    sudo reboot
    And rebooted the computer but nothing changed. Can you please give me details of Terminal codes so that it would be easier for me to get it working?
    I am new to Linux Environment so probably I did something wrong or I didn’t understand.
    Thank you so much!

  351. Why I got “Unable to find a medium containing a live file system” when I
    install the MATE 64-bit?Thank you~

  352. I have installed Mint 13 x86 (Mate). It is great. I have found a problem though. MDM is not running. I have managed to run it once. The rest of the times I get the message.

    “MDM (GNOME Display Manager) is not running.

    You might be using a different display manager, such as KDM (KDE Display Manager), CDE login (dtlogin), or xdm. If you wish to use this feature, then your system will need to be configured to use MDM instead.”

    Thank you.

  353. mate 32 bit version, when changing desktop background I noticed there contain 2 duplicate background logo wallpaper. Was that intentional?

  354. I installed the 64 bit Mate Mint 13 Maya about a week ago, and I love it! So much more stable than Mint 12 Lisa, and a pleasure to see no wretched Gnome 3!!! Mint, unlike Ubuntu, which I ditched late last year for Mint, is heading in the right direction. The traditional Gnome 2 like interface of Mate is excellent and a pleasure to use, and its stability, reliability and performance leaves the previous Mint 12 Lisa for dead. For example, in Mint 12, when I clicked on my mate menu start button, I had to wait 10 or so seconds for the menu to appear, but now in Mint 13, it appears immediately.

    Just one issue, and I see this is a problem on Ubuntu 12.04 as well. After I installed Google Earth, I went to install WINE via apt-get, and during the install of WINE, I noticed Google Earth was inexplicably uninstalled, along with several other packages. Fortunately, from the screen output of the apt-get install of WINE, I was able to see the packages needlessly uninstalled, and was then able to have them reinstalled. WINE still works perfectly, and so does Google Earth, but it would be great to have this issue fixed soon.

    All in all, a great Mint version. In my 13 years since using Linux, this could easily turn out to be my best Linux install ever. I will just stick with Mate for my desktop, as Cinnamon is based on that dodgy Gnome 3, and after trying it in Mint 12 Lisa, I found it very unstable. I gave it a whirl in Mint 13 in Virtual Box, but there seemed to be no improvement, while Mate seemed solid. As a result, I will just continue to use the simple and elegant Mate. Great job Mint team!!

  355. Upendra I hope this is not a silly question.
    Once you installed Gnome shell did you manually select “Gnome” rather than Cinnamon? You do this from the initial screen after booting up.

  356. Truly the absolute best release to date… since LM9! Thank you so much LinuxMint team for the superior attention paid to the details it takes to truly release a “full-featured” desktop. Once again you have outdone yourselves with “Maya” She is beautiful!

  357. Confirming what other users have mentioned:

    I have an Nvidia graphics card, Mate works fine for me but Cinnamon does not work (No taskbar and borderless windows)

  358. Quick suggestion:

    The name ‘MATE’ which is derived directly from the botanical species [i]Ilex paraguariensis[/i]. A plant used traditionally for a Tea preparation, colloquially known as and accurately pronounced ‘Yer-bah mah-tey’, or written specifically as [b]Yerba maté[/b] in the Spanish.
    I accept the MATE has been subject to capitalisation for a particular aesthetic. However, I would suggest that as said name is a direct reference, or even homage to this important plant, that the absence of the diacritical mark which should appear above the second vowel in MATE, is i think sadly lacking in continuity of appreciation.

    It would lend easy modification to capitalisation as MATÈ, where with MATE – the emphasis is completely lost. A simple modification in text, in graphic modification would of course take longer.

    It does seem that with such a large amount of high-vis heading space/graphics/text all employing and representing this particular ‘logo-set’ that modifying it would both remove the pronunciation confusion, while adding greater precision as well as extend it into to a new and novel aesthetic.

    I do hope you will find some small time to give my suggestion consideration.


  359. Thanks to the whole mint team. Mint 12 didn’t run on my old(2003) AMD computer, so I ran mint 11 till yesterday. Now running Mint 13 Maya Mate;-) I also have a Nvidia graphics card so I had the same graphics artifacts running 13 cinnamon as others. The new Mint Debian also worked great on my machine. Thanks Again! Mike

  360. Love mint and MATE so much. So easy to use. So beautiful and tidy. If there is a desktop version of linux that can be stong and spread out among billions of users, I won’t hesitate to say it’s mint and it’s best desktop mate — MTAE。Lover and supporter from Beijing CHINA.

  361. Отвратительно. Начиная с минт6 все хуже и хуже и хуже. 12минт – полное Г. 13 – хошь 32 хошь64 бита из-под Виндовс не устанавливается! Ваша команда сделала все чтобы похоронить идею свободного програмного обеспечения. Good-bue!!!

  362. Is the known problem with “RTL8111/8168B PCI Express Gigabit Ethernet controller” driver fixed ?
    I had many problems with linux mint 11 and 12, because they don’t hav a fix for it.
    Network interrupts, broken connections as well.

    It’s pissoble to fix it by hand, but its not very simple to do this. (bay be too hard for beginners)

    Does anybody have information about it?

  363. FYI, for me, 13 Cinnamon-64 works very nicely…when it works.
    Unfortunately my Nvidia chip (GeForce 8200 with recommended drivers) apparently froze the desktop a couple times. I wasn’t doing anything extraordinary. I could move the mouse, but almost nothing else worked. I was able to go into a tty, but CPU usage was not the issue. Going back to the GUI just showed a black screen. Ctrl-Alt-Bksp may have worked to get me to MDM, but it was still black. Ctrl-Alt-Del was able to reboot. I may try other things, but if anyone knows of a new/old driver which fixes this issue, please let us know.

    While I like Cinnamon, I am liking Gnome 3 less and less. Eg, Nautilus, in addition to some old bugs, has some new ones. I had trouble with setting file/directory permissions and crashes after unmounting partitions.

    People are talking about porting MATE to GTK3? Forget that. If GTK3/Gnome3 has so many great technical advances, then it should be ported to MATE. Call it MATE3D or whatever. Make it 100% compatible with MATE, make it stable, fix the bugs, QA it, then port Cinnamon to MATE3D, and forget GTK3/Gnome3 forever. I know, I know: I hear the tech people already: “If you want this done, go ahead; it’s free software.” Yeah, well…

  364. I hope this is good and I look forward to upgrading from julia soon.

    Please, please, please place functionality at the top of your list.

    Linux is great for surfing etc.. but. I have spent the past three weeks trying to get a USB device to work reliably (without success). The best the forums have been able to tell me is to try to unravel the mysteries of ‘udev’. It shouldn’t be this way.

  365. Sorry not going to give you a big pat on the back wow this is great, like so many have done. Basically it is still what it is. Polished up Ubuntu. I’ve been using Mint since Cassandra when I switched over from Debian Sid.

    Installed 13 and within 2 days was running LMDE XFCE on my laptop. I have 13 on my wife’s and 10 on our desktop. I will probably be switching the desktop and my laptop back to straight Debian and leaving Mint on my wife’s because Mint is easy for her to keep up to date.

    I think you are on the right track with Cinnamon for those that insist on gnome. I kind of figure the Mate fork of Gnome2 will play out in time as coders will eventually walk away from it as the old way of doing things. Kind of like recapping a tire for a car. You can only do that so many times.

    I kind of figure that if Ubuntu is working off Debian, and Mint is working off Ubuntu and Debian the common denominator is Debian. Time for me to quit being a lazy ass and do what I use to do and install Debian and set it up on the perspective system for the task it will be used for. No extra bells and whistles just a good tool that does the job.

    Wish the best for your team.


  367. Finally, a linux distro that similar to Win7 and the old Ubuntu 10.10. I am liking this!! GO Cinnamon!!
    Fix all the bugs and it will be awesome. (Also got to check VirtualBox’s ‘save machine state’. It didnt work well on LM12).

  368. Ran into the Mint 13 frustrated install syndrome on a 12-year-old IBM ThinkPad, removed the slideshow and it installed fine. Glad to find LXDE waiting for me, now it’s a superb installation, very fast, idles at under 100MB RAM usage – congratulations to the team!

    Ran into a problem trying to install Edubuntu – claimed unresolved dependencies; however Edubuntu installed from (presumably the same Ubuntu) repositories without hassle onto another machine with Lubuntu 12.04 on it. Any comments?

  369. I too am getting an ubiquity “CRITICAL: Unable to create ‘/root/.cahce/dconf” error. I also got this:
    Executing ‘grub-install /dev/sda’ failed.

    This is a fatal error.

  370. I installed Mint13 Cinnamon 32bit, as it’s an LTS edition, on my old HP dv5k notebook. All’s ok with the hardware!
    But I’m not impressed by Cinnamon: it seems to me less user-friendly if compared to Gnome2/Compiz or Gnome Shell (!).
    But that’s it… I’ll wait for evolutions, sure that you’ll be doing fine! 😀

  371. I have already mentioned that I think the Mint 13 Maya Mate release is excellent, even the best Linux release I have seen in my 13 years of using Linux, albeit with the minor issue with the installation of WINE, which needlessly uninstalled GoogleEarth and several other packages. I fixed this easily enough by reinstalling these packages afterwards, but another minor annoyance is with the sound. When Mint 13 boots up, it selects the wrong sound device and I have to go into sound preferences to fix it. However, when I reboot or re-login, Mint 13 again selects the wrong device, and again I have to go to sound preferences to fix the problem. Just a minor annoyance. Overall, Mate Mint 13 seems rock solid.

  372. Really nice work, Clem. I was going to go with Cinnamon until I read you tell another user that Mate was “rock solid”. I installed it last night and everything looks great! However, there is one issue that needs attention: the clock in the lower right hand corner keeps moving up an hour. I have it set, and I have set it several times. But the next thing I know, it’s back to being an hour ahead. Has anyone had this problem besides me?

  373. Hi installed LM 13 Cinnamon in Dell XPS15z.

    During Installation:

    1. System crashed half-way due to overheating

    After installation:

    1. No touchpad – solved as here:

    2. Overheating – Managed a little bit by Jupiter. But still noisy.

    3. Optimus: Installed Bumblebee, not not working

    4. After being around with Gnome Shell for some time now, got to like it better. Being not integrated with the system, don’t know how Mint update will work now.

    5. Wifi: Connects to router, but no Internet. This solution worked:

    6. Detected only 3 GB memory instead of 8 GB. Had to install pae kernel to get the full memory back.

    Power regression is again an issue and unlike the 3.0 kernal in LM 12, the patch seems to be missing (?). Hope to have an update soon to cool, quieten the machine and have a respectable backup power.

    Cinnamon and MATE seems to be vain attempts to cling to the past. Gnome Shell is the way to go. Hope to have it in the main distro in Linux Mint 14. Have Cinnamon and MATE for those who love it, but these are not for production machines.

    Overall, I destroyed my beautiful LM 12 instance for this crappy one.

  374. Very happy with LM13 Mate Desktop, but am trying to figure out why on one system folders open using Caja and on the other system Nautilus?
    Running mateconf-editor I can’t see anything different between the two systems.

  375. I’m experiencing a strange issue with installing the 32 bit edition of LM Cinnamon. Well, it’s actually booting up that’s the issue. I installed Cinnamon from a USB without a hitch (note I did a clean installation formatting over my Win7 using the entire disk), but when I try to restart I get a black screen with a constant blinking gray/white underscore (_) in the top left corner. Same thing happens when I specifically select the HDD as the boot device. The strange thing is when I select to boot from the USB I don’t get the normal options you’re supposed to with the install media, instead it actually boots up the LM installation! So, I’m attempting to download, recreate install media and having another whack at it…

  376. Something I recently noticed when using Eye of Mate. About 4 to 5 days ago I got some updates including some mime packages. Since that time EOM will lock up and not open files after 20 minutes or so of use. If I close EOM and restart it the problem goes away.

    Is there a cache that needs to be cleared periodically or should I just continue what I am doing and stop and restart.

  377. Even with the above comment, I have retired Mint 11. I am more than happy with Mint 13 (MATE). Between Maya and LMDE 201204 I do not see myself downloading any other ISO’s within the next five years. As a matter of fact, I haven’t even booted to LMDE since the Maya RC came out. Guess I should, just to see if any updates are out there waiting for me.

    Good work Clem and the Team.

  378. Hi,

    I came from using Mint 12 and tried installing Mint 13 Mate version on an Athlon XP 2100 with Nvidia Geforce MX card, 512MB RAM…

    The installer just exits during the file copying stage. When I restart, it doesn’t boot since the installation wasn’t completed. I tried letting the installer use all the defaults and I also tried using some partition settings… same thing happens. I tried using an empty 40GB disk also. Got any ideas?

    The live session works great, though… Friendly enough that some Windows users at our office find it easy to use and understand.

  379. Thank you Linux Mint 13 for bringing back Linux Mint. If you want a Linux Desktop I would recommend Mint 13 Cinnamon

    Had a small issue with Banshee freezing the machine but removed it and replaced it with Rhythmbox and all good.

    I like the changes they have made and they are definitely moving in the right direction. Seems to run faster as well. Cinnamon is still in its infancy but looks like it can become a really powerful GUI session.

    Again thank you for dropping the horrible Gnome 3 and introducing Cinnamon you have gone back to your routes of an excellent Mint install 🙂

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