The forums were destroyed by a hacker, but are working again

Reason unknown but it was not possible to view any page in the forum except the index page and the registration pages (??) It was also possible to log in using the log in option at the bottom of the index page and use your user control panel. Judging form that the problem has lasted at least a couple of hours.

All the rest of our web services do work as they should

I have no means of fixing this – but I have alerted those who have the means

From Sunday (around 10 am UTC) it works again.

Look at Clem’s comment.


  1. Well I get this error in Opera.
    Remote server or file not found

    Also this isn’t on the start page.

    Guess you’ll have to go to IRC to get help until it’s back up.

  2. Hi Husse,

    I’m just back from my holidays and noticed the problem on the forums. I reapplied a backup and that fixed it. It basically means one or some of the forum files (php) were modified during my absence. I didn’t take the time to investigate what was done or who did it as I’ve got a lot on my plate after a week away and the hacker didn’t annoy me enough for me to waste time looking further 😉

    I’m going through the long list of emails/pms..etc.. at the moment.. 🙂


  3. “the hacker didn’t annoy me enough for me to waste time looking further”


    yea, we’re just so used to fixing stuff 🙂

    anyway, what motives drive people to do this and try to disrupt a community is beyond me :/

  4. I fear that it could be an attempt to plant malicious code gone wrong
    By now the main source for infecting computers is to have malicious code put on reputable servers

  5. Heh heh – Some windblows (windows) professional feels threatened enough to attack the Mighty Mint perhaps? Too funny!

    “Face piles of trials with smiles. It riles them to believe that we perceive the web they spin. Keep on thinking free.”

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