Weekly Newsletter – Issue 50

Welcome to the Linux Mint Newsletter

* News about Mint
Linux Mint 5 Review: The Gay Hacker Clems comments in the blog

A very good review that has brought up ideas to go into  version 6 of Mint

Version 6 of Mint to be named Felicia

A security flaw in Elyssa

Although it’s a serious issue it is mitigated by the fact that to use it you have to log in as root when you boot or log out of the present user account into root and this would hardly go unnoticed

Some statistics about Elyssa

Donors and sponsors in May Thank you all

* News about Linux

Alberto Milone to maintain the nvidia driver for Ubuntu + new nvidia driver in Ubuntu proposed

Interview with Mark Shuttleworth

42 of the Best Commercial Linux Games

Review of Fedora 9

Mandriva Linux One Spring 2008 Review

Are there evil distros? Among other the relation of Mint to Ubuntu and Ubuntu to Debian is discussed

* News about IT

The Yahoo – Microsoft deal is dead

Latest spam technique uses hosted web services

Cyber-crooks sting South Africa for £13m

Vista’s big problem: 92 percent of developers ignoring it

* Hardware news

Nforce chipset data corruption finally solved

AMD’s physics secret revealed: It’s Havok

* Trivia and other links 

* More about Linux Mint

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* Editors comment

As always – if you find something I’ve missed in the newsletter please tell me – you can post a comment here

The past week has been busy and I have had internet problems so I’ve probably missed a lot


  1. I have laptop Aspire 7720G a microphone from the webcam do not work and it do not detected Express card for TV (pinnacle)but I have to said bravo

  2. Version 6 of Mint to be named Felicia

    Well, i suppose the name comes from the extincted Latin
    Does it mean felicity? (felicidade) happy, happiness?.
    There are a lot of man in Brazil named Felício
    Nowadays it’s a bit rare to find a girl or Lady with
    this name. Felícia. Felicia not sounds good to name
    females human beings but it fits nice to a distro codename.

    Fedora for me is a testing laboratory for RedHat but the distro
    itself isn’t bad.

    Mandriva Linux One Spring 2008.1 is really a good distro but not entirely satisfactory to me.

    Mr Mark, please stop talking. I am really tired from your
    interviews…bla, bla, bla…

    Are there evil distros?
    I’ve read the article on Linux Journal and Mint is involved
    within that ridiculous article without no sense at all.
    I got surprised that on guy there posted a link to:
    UnbuntuSatanicOrg…check it out by yourselves.

    Alberto: thanks for your intensive and hard work developing
    Envy – A wonderful tool!

    Thanks for Gay Hacker for Mint’s 5 Elyssa review.

  3. Hello Clem.
    Thank You for your wonderful work and for the nice new distro name 😉 I like it very much, you know!
    “Felicia not sounds good to name
    females human beings…”
    Sorry I think so, in Spain and Germany we have some nice girls with that name ♥ | greetings to Brazil

  4. timh

    Ok, thanks and greetings to your country too.

    the dictionary also says a kind of herbs with usually
    blue flowers.

    So, my apologies to all the pretty girls named Felicia in
    Spain, Germany and around the world. The Portuguese
    phonetic (as the name sounds to me)can’t be the same as it
    sounds to the whole languages. Let’s consider ourselves it
    will fit very good for the next version 6 of Linux Mint.

    Hugs – abrazos – abraços

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