Linux Mint signs a partnership with AYKsolutions

Linux Mint signed a new partnership with AYKsolutions. The American hosting company is now the 3rd largest Linux Mint sponsor and provides our project with the bandwidth it needs for its repositories.

AYKsolutions becomes the 3rd largest Linux Mint sponsor

We’ve got two servers with AYKsolutions, both located in Denver, USA. The first one hosts the Linux Mint repositories with 100Mbps unmetered bandwidth. The second one was recently set up to host the new “Incoming” and “Latest” Debian Testing repositories used by LMDE, and it features 1Gbps unmetered bandwidth.

We turned to AYKsolutions after experiencing problems and downtime on our repositories, a few months ago. At the time, we were simply looking for additional bandwidth and so we got a server from them and used it in a cluster along with our existing German server. We were surprised with the performance it delivered and the fact that it could cope with our growing user base without any problems, so in time it became the main server for our repositories.

When designing the new update mechanism for LMDE, one of the key challenges for us was to deliver bandwidth and to ensure users could use our servers in replacement of the Debian ones. Again we turned to AYKsolutions, acquired a new server, this time with a 1Gbps output, and so far we’ve been really happy with it.

Access to fast and unmetered bandwidth is extremely important for Linux Mint. Today I’m delighted to announce we’re extending our relationship with AYKsolutions with this new partnership.


  1. Great news! 🙂 Many thanks to all Linux Mint hosting partners. It’s great to see how open source based services help back the open source developers. 🙂

  2. Wow! though ‘m not a LMDE user, I’m happy with mint’s progress.

    One request. Make a good google powered minty custom search engine for chromium. So that we (the chromium users) can also contribute something.

  3. Indeed, good news, and our gratitude to AYK. I’ll be in the market for a new VPS (or possibly even a dedicated server) in the fairly near future, and AYK will be straight on to my shortlist.

  4. Glaaaaaad!!!!

    Mint is growing stronger and mature. Not because of the name, but because of the efforts of the team.

    No doubt that Mint has become a serious project for serious users.

    I’m glad with this partnership. May Mint grows always!

  5. I have tried to use other distros the same way as I use Mint, but they never work out and aren’t a good fit. Thank You to Clem and the team for creating a top-quality distro that seems to always “just work” May Mint continue to grow and enjoy much success!! Also thanks to AYK for supporting this wonderful distro!

  6. Great news and good strong support for a great distro. I’m a Mint noob but am already running it as my main distro on 2 machines.

  7. only mint11 find my wirlesslan on my new thosipa-notebook and that is great. when linux has a videowebcamsystem as the messengers than all pounts from me. very good

  8. Thankyou AYK Solutions. We all appreciate allowing Linux Mint to extend its capability and become the distro we all know it can be.
    Live long and prosper.

  9. Cheers to the Mint team! I was very pleased to see that the LXDE RC fits on a CD with all the codecs/flash intact. Nice. That is now the CD I hand people who want to try Linux out. Many older systems don’t have DVD drives. You guys have a fantastic product.

    And here’s to hoping that the Mint flagship version stays with a traditional desktop model in the face of Unity/Gnome 3.

  10. Well done Clem and the whole Mint Team! Another good choice. Good on you AYK! A mutually rewarding partnership which will even further enhance both brands – and importantly keep the happy users smiling.

  11. Once again great news. When one combines the emerging new Mint Debian updating possibilities with this increased bandwith, it is easy to imagine where Linux Mint is heading … and that is really good news for the whole community … a serious project for serious users is a sentiment I very much agree with.

  12. As an avid Mint user ( 3 years now ), I just recently installed Mint 11 on my IBM Thinkpad T60, it’s absolutely everything I need. I’ve used versions 8 and 9, with great results, but Mint 11 really knocked it out of the park, it came with all the drivers to get my laptop up and running, including the wireless card. It had drivers for my HP printer, I now have a fully productive, fast-as-fast-can-be laptop, and I haven’t even began to use all of the photo. video, and music software, I can’t wait to get started with this new software. Overall , I love all the user interfaces, very , very intuitive, and user friendly.

    To all the folks at Linux Mint, Awesome work, I love the new GUI, much better than any of the other Linux Distro’s I’d tried before. You’ve got a Mint fan for life

    Thank you so much,

    PianoMan Jeff

    ” Windows are for looking out at the world,Linux Mint is for seeing the best parts of it “

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