Monthly Stats – July 2010

Donations & Sponsorships:

Many thanks to the following donors and sponsors for financially supporting Linux Mint:


  • $100, Anant S. (India)
  • $100, William C. (USA)
  • $60, C L. (United Kingdom)
  • $60, Laurent P. (Luxembourg)
  • $60, Henrik Tranberg (Denmark) –
  • $50 (7th donation), Gordon Hilliard aka “ghilly” (United Kingdom)
  • $50 (3rd donation), Digital Linx Hosting (Canada) –
  • $50, Darrel Norstrom aka “Darrel” (Canada)
  • $50, Steven Campbell (USA)
  • $50, David H. (USA)
  • $50, Christopher B. (USA)
  • $50, A Webb aka “allen9013” (USA)
  • $50, William R. (Australia)
  • $40 (3rd donation), John M. aka “jmro3006” (USA)
  • $36, J C. (Netherlands)
  • $36, Olivier G. (France)
  • $35 (8th donation), Pete Molina aka “pmolina” (USA)
  • $35 (3rd donation), Andrew M. (Australia)
  • $30, Riel B. (USA)
  • $30, Steve Jain (USA) –
  • $30, willie42 (USA)
  • $30, Philip B. (United Kingdom)
  • $27, Udo Uebel (USA)
  • $25 (5th donation), Jay Stewart aka “jag1182” (USA)
  • $25 (2nd donation), Kamal G. (United Kingdom)
  • $25 (2nd donation), Ian Dunn (United Kingdom) –
  • $25 (2nd donation), Peter T. (United Kingdom)
  • $25, Diego Urbina Lebron (Puerto Rico)
  • $25, David Gagne aka “davidgagne80” (Canada)
  • $25, Fran L. (USA)
  • $25, 野田 英明 (Japan)
  • $25, Scott S. (USA)
  • $25, Anthony F H. (USA)
  • $25, James B. (USA)
  • $25, Rathish M. (India)
  • $24 (12th donation), Manuel F. (Portugal)
  • $24 (11th donation), Marco R. (Italy)
  • $24 (11th donation), Marco R. (Italy)
  • $24 (5th donation), Olli K. (Finland)
  • $24, Jan F. (Czech Republic)
  • $24, Daniele Gazzola (Italy)
  • $20 (13th donation), Slavoljub M. (Norway)
  • $20 (5th donation), Jaxon L. (USA) –
  • $20 (5th donation), Colin Casey (Canada)
  • $20 (4th donation), Matthew M. (USA)
  • $20 (3rd donation), Anders B. (Norway)
  • $20 (2nd donation), Anonymous User (Singapore)
  • $20, Victor Skovorodnikov aka “victorsk” (Canada)
  • $20, Keith B. (United Kingdom)
  • $20, Clifton W. (USA)
  • $20, Juhani K. (Finland)
  • $20, Arthur Moe (Sweden) –
  • $20, Kieren Hinch aka “khinch” (United Kingdom)
  • $18, David C. (Ireland)
  • $18, Chris (Australia)
  • $12 (9th donation), Emil Pavlov aka “emil_pavlov” (Bulgaria)
  • $12 (2nd donation), Stephan H. (Germany)
  • $12 (2nd donation), Janni L. (Denmark)
  • $12, Ermanno L. (Italy)
  • $12, Slavko B. (Germany)
  • $12, Marion T. (United Kingdom)
  • $12, Roel Z. (Netherlands)
  • $11, Anton Konnoff (USA)
  • $10 (4th donation), Andrew A. (USA)
  • $10 (3rd donation), Carl K. (USA)
  • $10 (2nd donation), Jose P. (USA)
  • $10, Giovanni A. (USA)
  • $10, Jeffery S. (USA)
  • $10, Gerardo J R. (USA)
  • $10, Troy Strobel aka “troyj” (USA)
  • $10, Jonathan Langley (New Zealand)
  • $10, Pedro F. G. (Venezuela)
  • $10, Kota O. (Japan)
  • $10, Bruce Wallace aka “delighted” (USA)
  • $10, Ila S. (Canada)
  • $10, Philippe D-P. (Canada)
  • $8 (3rd donation), Sylwia Bialczak (Finland)
  • $6 (2nd donation), Joan P. N. (Spain)
  • $6, Giancarlo N. (Italy)
  • $6, Nathan B. (United Kingdom)
  • $6, Gary B. (United Kingdom)
  • $5 (8th donation), Savant B.D. (USA) –
  • $5 (2nd donation), Hendrawan (Indonesia) –
  • $5, Ahmad Dahrouj aka “ahmad” (United Kingdom)
  • $5, GlycoPlex (USA)
  • $5, Alan G. (United Kingdom)
  • $5, Alvin P. (Philippines)
  • $5, Robert G. Van den H. (USA)
  • $5, Niklas H. (Austria) –
  • $5, Валерий Л. (Russia)
  • $5, Chew Chean Hoe (Malaysia)
  • $5, Michael P. (USA)
  • $3, Ales Pospichal (Czech Republic)
  • $2 (5th donation), Jennifer McBride (Canada) –
  • $2, Alessio C. (Italy)
  • $1 (2nd donation), Ken Weill P. Lumacad aka “kenweill” (Philippines)
  • $1 (2nd donation), Ken Weill P. Lumacad aka “kenweill” (Philippines)
  • $1, BladeWS (Greece) –
  • $1, Azhar Bin Hafiz Muhammad Nur (Singapore)
  • $1, Gonzalo C. (Argentina)
  • $0, 孟 非 (China)


Money raised in July:

* Donations: $2153 (101 donors)
* Sponsors: $981.5 (77 sponsors)

User Stats:

Repartition of Linux Mint users across releases:

  • Linux Mint 9 Isadora: 53% (+14%)
  • Linux Mint 8 Helena: 22% (-12%)
  • Linux Mint 7 Gloria: 18% (-1%)
  • Linux Mint 6 Felicia: 3% (-0%)
  • Linux Mint 5 Elyssa LTS: 2% (-0%)
  • Linux Mint 4.0 Daryna: 2% (-0%)

Web Stats:

  • Visits: 2,594,041 (-2.42%)
  • Unique views: 3,274,141 (-3.56%)
  • Pageviews: 4,246,007 (-3.01%)
  • Page impressions: 1,777,569
  • Search queries: 6,067,762
  • Forum users: 34,551
  • Forum posts: 289,645


  • Distrowatch (popularity ranking): 1473 (3rd)
  • Distrowatch (traffic share): 6% (2nd)
  • Alexa (website ranking): 16,893



  • July was a very busy month for the project. The testers and maintainers managed 4 releases: 2 stable (KDE and LXDE) and 2 RC (Fluxbox and Xfce). The new ISO testing module proved extremely useful. Myself and Ikey worked hard on the Debian edition and its installer is now ready. Also, work started on new features for mintinstall and ideas are currently selected for implementation for the upcoming Linux Mint 10 “Julia”.
  • With only two stable releases left in this release cycle, we’re hoping to announce Xfce and Fluxbox early . We’re also giving Linux Mint Debian a final push, hoping to get results this month. By the end of August, we want to be fully focused on developing the new features for Linux Mint 10, with a complete roadmap, design and brainstorming done.
  • About 12% of our user base migrated from Linux Mint 8 to Linux Mint 9. This is surprising and it’s probably related to the stable releases of the KDE and LXDE editions. I’ll organize polls to get a better idea of how popular each edition is.
  • Donations were low in July, and even though we noticed a slight increase in our user base, advertising generated less money than last month. Overall, our income is down 6.4%. A lot of people are on holidays, and the economy as a whole is probably more quiet this time of year.


  1. July sure was a busy month indeed and the dedication and work reflects in the two LXDE and KDE editions which are very stable and polished. Hats off to you guys and I hope the upcoming editions turn out equally good, especially the Debian one.

    P.S.-I was so impressed with the quality of KDE that I set it up as my main OS replacing Windows. I kinda like it now.

  2. Clem> I’ll organize polls to get a better idea of how popular each edition is.

    I saw on the community site that is counted the 64bit edition as a single edition. I don’t use the GNOME64bit, but the KDE64bit.

    Thank you Clem!!

  3. Way to go Clem! I Really hope you raise enough money each mouth to support yourself. You deserve it!

    You would be surprised the difference Debian makes , from using it, it really feels much faster and crisp!

  4. wow, nice to hear that you guys are working on the debian!

    but did any one notice the donation that says “$0, 孟 非 (China)”

    you can donate 0$???

  5. The donation from China was probably in RMB it takes 6.8 of them to equal one US dollar, as many Chinese would consider several RMB an appropriate donation, it would show up as being less than a dollar.

  6. rock on i will hope for no bugs in the release and use it on my pentium 3 192 ram 2.5 video memory im running flux on now

  7. If you go ahead with the edition based on Debian Testing, are you planning on having a developer or two monitor it for possible upstream breakage (the way Kanotix used to do, and Sidux now does, with Debian Sid)?

    (For example, there’s an “Upgrade Warnings” section of the Sidux forums. Although you’d expect there to be fewer upgrade problems with Testing than with Unstable.)

    What else might you have planned for that edition? Custom kernels? Proprietary driver installation scripts?

    Please let us know – a rolling version based on Debian Testing sounds like a great idea.

  8. I am happy with Linux Mint!, I use the version with LXDE desktop … and behaves very well, now I love it! ;), I have a Sempron 1600 + (1.6GHz) + 512MB

    Greetings from Argentina!

  9. The new version based on Debian looks as though it’s going to be the best solution for me as it appears that the major problems I had with Mint9 were actually upstream problems from Ubuntu…. – I live and learn!

    Can’t wait to see it given form!

    PS – I went back to a mix of OpenSUSE 11.3 on my netbook and Mint8 KDE on the laptop – and they’re both working a treat!

  10. You guys really rock, Clem. I never pass up a chance to put a plug in for the LinuxMint team when I am asked IT related questions. Many people come to me frustrated with Windows, and at that point, I suggest looking into Linux in general, and more specifically, LinuxMint to ease the frustration. Every release since Mint 5 has been great so far and I cannot wait to see what the future holds for this fantastic distro!

  11. Thanks a lot.

    I’m very excited to try Mint’s debian based distro. Much like a rolling release. I would love to try that out. Debian Testing + Mint Tools, that’s super cool.

  12. I am not technical but find the ease with which I can burn discs is marvelous.
    I would like to donate a small amount via Paypal, but nowhere here does it say how
    Thank you and best wishes

  13. I hope that debian mint, come whit kernel 2.6.35. because it support i3 core, so i can suspend on my Dell laptop.

  14. The donation from China was probably in RMB it takes 6.8 of them to equal one US dollar, as many Chinese would consider several RMB an appropriate donation, it would show up as being less than a dollar.


  15. Thanks Folks

    Great work – have completely moved away from windows on both my personal laptop and desktop at home(which my other half uses) – mint is beautiful working out of the box on my custom built desktop was a very great plus and my other half has so far been happy with the user friendliness of lunix..its amazing, unbelievable.. a convert in less than 2 months

    Keep up the good work…

  16. Great job guys!!! I have been trying a lot of different distros from CentOS to OpenSuse and more in Virtualbox but Mint works the best. Reboot time is by far the best. Complete reboot in under 50 seconds. I am sold. Thanks Mint folks!

  17. $0, keep up with such donations, China, and you will help Linux Mint for sure. I’d like to drop such donation too (just joking)!

  18. Hello! 🙂

    @Quark: On the main page is the link ( to donate, you can do it via Paypal. I did a few weeks ago for the first time, is very easy and fast! :). Because I wanted to contribute in any way with Linux Mint.

    @Joe: I have no money, except a Paypal account where I keep cents earned for this page I use it only to raise for things like this.

    Bye everyone!!.

    (Sorry for my English, I am using a translator jjejeje :D)

  19. go linux!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    you rock windows is goin dowm reaLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLyyyyy soon

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