New forum admin: oscar799

Oscar799 is now our forums administrator.

After the tragic loss of our friend Husse, and his phenomenal contribution to our community, a team of moderators was put in place earlier this year. “Aging Technogeek”, “Jay514” and “Oscar799” quickly organized themselves and managed to work together and to give our forums part of what was missing. They got significant results against spam, moderation issues, and unanswered posts and they managed to keep a good ambiance on our forums and within our community.

The forum moderators also worked very well with the IRC operators team, and we’re now planning to merge the two teams together to grant operators rights to forum moderators and vice versa. The members of these two teams are also likely to moderate the emerging community website.

On the forums, it was important to give full control to one of these members, so that the team could tackle issues related to forums management, its settings and configuration, user registration issues, permissions and announcements. Oscar799 is tactful, careful when it comes to change and communicative with the rest of the team. I appreciated the way the team moderates in the background, with gloves, and without giving the impression that moderation was performed or even needed, there’s a respect for the community and an idea that the forums belong to its users.

I think the timing is right to name an administrator and I’m glad to give the keys to our forums to Oscar799.


  1. Wow.. They are indeed very active and I hope our community can grow more with such activism. congratulations

  2. i am new to boy introduced me to it, he is taking computer
    science at O S U ,in Corvallis Or.could you tell me what happened
    to Husse.and congrats to oscar799. i am running Linux 9 Isadora and
    still tweaking and getting used to it. good luck. Milton

  3. Congrats Oscar799, and thanks for all the time and effort you’ve invested in taking care of the forums! It would be a mess without you and the rest of the hard-working mod team we have. 😉

  4. It great to see someone stepping up to take the helm. While Husse can never be replaced, I’m sure Oscar799 will be a great admin. Congats on the new position Oscar799!

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