Linux Mint 9 KDE Final is Close

I have just uploaded the 32bit and 64bit versions of Linux Mint 9 KDE for testing. All the updated packages are in the mint repositories, so if you are using the RC version and have been updating packages you have the final build already.


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  2. I’m glad to hear this. I was just about ready to install the RC permanently today. Now it sounds like it doesn’t matter if I wait or not, I’ll get the final version anyway. Thanks for all the hard work guys!

  3. Boo, as always, many sincere thanks! Linux Mint KDE is my distro of choice, so all your hard work is greatly appreciated over here. I admire your perseverance.

  4. Great job team! I have been using Linux for about 2 years now, and prefer mint by far. This is just in time, as I am getting ready to downgrade from Windows 7 back to Vista (My TV card works with 7, but just). I’m excited about trying the new release!

  5. Thanks for all your work Boo. I have been waiting for the 64 bit release. Remember, it’s better to release it when it is complete than to set it loose with bugs…*buntu/openSUSE cough cough*…fixed release cycles suck.

  6. I don’t think the keys ctrl+alt+backspace to be
    activated by default because the Dev will lose
    more time trying to fix it.The users can do it
    manually. It’s very easy.

    See below:

    system settings > regional and idiom
    Enable keyboard layout (tick it)
    Advanced tab
    Key sequence to Kill the X Server
    just enable ctrl+alt+backspace

  7. I have been looking at the testing…it’s already been approved, but there are still failed cases, and mp3 ripping has gone untested…I thought we were waiting until it was “ready”. I appreciate all the work Boo and the other devs have done, but this past series of release cycles for many other distros have greatly disheartened me. I look forward to this release in hopes that it will fix that. As long as there are fixes, I am not to concerned.

  8. Can I create EASYLY a new flavor, custom edition, whatever with another language (portuguese-br) using Mint KDE? thank you al Mint Team.

  9. YAY! ill get those package updates right now!, great job everyone, thanks for keeping up the work on the best OS ever!

  10. Vincent > but ISO-localize works on KDE?

    I tried in gnome, but fails after after choosing the language…
    I think that is missing a visual program for this (GUI)
    I’ll try again, luck!

  11. Awesome news! Mint is the best distro and KDE is the best DE. And this version an LTS! What can get better?! You rock Boo!

  12. I have Linux mint KDE RC running plasma netbook shell / search & launch right now on my Shuttle touchscreen and It’s pretty near perfect. I was hoping for better window management with KDE’s latest update. I prefer plasma netbook as an application running from Mint rather that Kubuntu netbook.

  13. I am wanting an icon based media player like KSCD, but more fully featured, like plasma netbook, but a media player! Big icons, lots of them! Noatun comes close with some of the skins, but if anyone knows others I’d appreciate the input, literally!

  14. Great news and thanks Boo and who ever else is involved.

    I can’t wait to be able to install the final release of this wonderful Distro.

    Again thank you boo and team.

  15. Great Quality Release. THANKS To EVERYONE who is involved in creating this Wonderful distro.

    Also a fan for the mint on Debian distro.

    God Bless Everyone

  16. thank you very much, but….
    I want to change OS from Gnome 64bit to kde 64bit, but I can’t find a kde version for 64bit…so, I’m using RC version for 32bit…
    please let me know how can i get the kde 64bit…

    sorry, i can’t speak English well….

  17. Once it is released, it is logical that the custom KDE packages will be available on the apt mirrors, am i correct?

    If so, installing them manually will download them automatically from the Mint repositories rather than the Ubuntu ones because of apt priorities?

  18. This is good news Boo, I will wait for the final release. The fact it is tacking so long is an indication of the high quality policy Mint implements on the OS. Linux Mint really rocks!!!

  19. Plz do somthing with Xorg,, during wallpaper change it eats most of CPU and makes video flickers in Nvidia card ,, it worked fine wid gloria but afterwards it sux. thanx in advance

  20. KDE on Linux Mint 9 has been great so far!
    I’ve been using Gnome on 9 since its release, but I am considering giving KDE another go full time. What’s been done with KDE for the Linux Mint release has been a real pleasure to use!

    I wish the developers the best of luck in the future, this is really quite something! Great work!

  21. hello..
    i have installed the new mint 9 kde and im not able to get internet in it.
    laptop make:
    dell inspiron 1525 (32 bit system)
    160 GB HD 2 GB ram

    the system is not able to detect the wifi..
    when in windows 7 the wifi is working..
    but dont know whats the problem with mint.
    can any one help me by telling if there are any settings that i have to change…

  22. Thank You very much. It is really good news. 🙂
    But why “closed” – not “released”?

  23. ** KDE STABLE is out in both 32bit and 64 bit. **

    See mirrors.

    The mint iso testing site says that it was released despite some test failures (5 of some 50 tests). Some of these are not needed very often (Ctrl-Alt-backspace to kill X or “ubuntu in low graphic mode” as well as isolinux).

    Isn’t there the tale of “The beauty and the beast” ??

    KDE IS BOTH AT THE SAME TIME time for sure !

    I love it, but **it had better get proper quality assurance to it **

    Not blaming the Mint team in any way – this is a KDE upstream thing.
    Thank you again Mint team! You do make the best of it.

    I will install 64bit. Will also seed torrent soon.

  24. @blessington
    Regarding Wifi not detected

    First things first: Wifi is turned on via hard switch, if applicable?
    Just checking, I once wasted some time messing around while switch was “off”.

    Then install the package “wifi-radar”.
    After install, I couldn’t find the launcher in the Program menu — I am lazy –therefore: You may run it from a terminal.
    Run it as “sudo”; i.e, type

    sudo wifi-radar
    enter user password
    and accept the defaults after launch.

    You should see all Wifi networks in your neighborhood.

    If not, your hardware may not be recognized. Launch “Windows Wireless Drivers” from the Program Menue (something under “settings” maybe, mine is German so I don’t know your case). If that’s not there, the program to install should be “mintwifi”

    If you are quick typing, just do from a command line:
    sudo aptitude update
    sudo aptitude install programname

    Of course you will need a LAN (wired) connection temporarily to install programs.

    Good luck!

  25. Nvidia accelerated driver on KDE64

    One more thing; I have this to say in case somebody else runs into the same problem:

    Im am running a GeForce 8600 GT card.
    The newest “recommended” driver as offered by Mint “Install Hardware Drivers” does not work with the newest kernels 2.6.32-24 and 2.6.32-23.

    I was trying really hard but couldn’t get an nvidia module installed and loading.

    The NVIdia driver Version 173 (also offered in Mint, but not “recommended”) works fine. Also, you can configure dual-view nicely
    (2 screens side-by-side)

    Hope, this saves somebody the time that I spent …

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