KDE 4.4.5 is Out

Linux Mint 9 KDE RC tester may have noticed that KDE 4.4.5 has hit the ppa repository and is available via mint update. The final release of Mint 9 KDE will have KDE 4.4.5 installed by default, unless a newer version is out. Happy KDEing.


  1. KDE 4.4.5 renders the login and user manager ineffective after installation….broadcom sta drivers aren’t installed like LM8 was when you are in live cd, also, network manager won’t let you disconnect one wifi adapter if there are two…how do you get around that or fix it. Firefox runs slow as well. Thanks

  2. yeah, Installation and User Management was pretty much thrown out the window with this version.
    Apart from that and the small hiccup with Broadcom wifi as well, I like how it is. Although maybe one too many replica applications.

  3. I’m not sure whether or not this is an appropriate place, but I just wanted to say thanks to the creators of Linux Mint. Not in regards to KDE 4.4.5 or anything, just in general. I find your distro really, really useful.

  4. I wanna say thanx as well. Nothing can really compare with Mint and Ubuntu. I’ll admit I find both Win 7 and Leopard useful to but I’m so very impressed by Mint

  5. Thanks Boo for the news, I’m waiting for the final release. Thanks for your hard work and for making so many people happy. Linux Mint KDE really rocks!!

  6. Downloaded but whenever i bring up KDE in Mint i get the splash screen then just black and the pointer…and that’s….it…..

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