Isadora KDE Development Report

I have been posting a lot of progress report updates and other Linux Mint KDE related information/questions to the forums in the past but that limits Linux Mint KDE’s exposure potential feedback. From now on I will be posting to the Linux Mint blog to gather more support and feedback for Mint KDE.

Look here for the old forum progress report for Isadora KDE.

I have uploaded my Linux Mint KDE dev-022 ISO for testing by exploder, Clem and the other mint developers. Exploder’s testing has been positive so far. Clem had done some heavy/ detailed testing on the last development ISO and caught some final bugs that really tidy things up for a clean RC release. Hopefully the RC of Linux Mint 9 KDE will be so good it will also be the final ISO.

Hang in there Linux Mint KDE fans the wait will soon be over…

Cheers Jamie


  1. Thank you for the wonderful job Boo! Keep up the good work! The waiting is killing me though ๐Ÿ˜‰



    ps: first post? ๐Ÿ˜›

  2. Sounds great, Boo. Eagerly looking forward to this release, really appreciate your hard work.

  3. Way to go, Boo! Thanks to you and the entire Linux Mint 9 KDE dev team! Me saying that I’m “eagerly awaiting” does not do my disposition justice. ๐Ÿ™‚

    That said, I will happily stick with a stable, 4-month-old Linux Mint 8 KDE rather than a buggy Linux Mint 9 KDE, so get it right, and only release it when it’s done. Thanks again!

  4. Can’t wait. Thanks for all the work guys, I can’t wait to see a well done Debian KDE distro (other than sidux).

  5. Hello Boo,

    You and the Mint KDE Dev team have done wonders and have gone long strides in producing a very good distro….you’ve helped a lot of us through some sticky issues with LM8….we thank you and appreciate all you’ve done…(I’m sure through some sleepless nights), hats off and salute’ to you all….keep up the great work…cheers ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Will I be able to use the USB creator tool in Ubuntu to make a live LM9 KDE drive?

    Thanks guys. I’m Waay excited!

  7. @Justin Yes you can use the USB creator tool to make a Linux Mint USB.
    If you have access to Windows, however, unetbootin on Windows has the best success rate IMO

  8. Hello Boo, thank you so very much for all your work! Is it possible to donate specifically targeted at LM’s KDE edition?

  9. Keep up the great work!

    We’ll all be drinking the LM9 KDE kool-aid very soon. ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Thanks for the update. Looking forward to using it myself, though nothing wrong with Mint 8 KDE. Its a very clean OS so Mint 9 KDE can only be more goodness.

  11. man I was wating this for the fisrt time I heard of the new linux mint isadora I love KDE

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