Linux Mint 9: “Isadora”

Linux Mint 9, based on the upcoming Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx, will be released in May this year under the codename “Isadora”.

Of Greco-Latin origin, “Isadora” means “Gift from Isis”.


  1. Can’t wait any longer for the new release! Mint will definitely become one of the Top 5 Linux distributions, if this is not already the case..

  2. Me encanta el nombre, suerte, mucha, que les quede genial, no se olviden de nada, recuerden Mint4Win, GParted, wallpapers, etc. : D

  3. sound’s like .. ” I’s ador’a ” ! …. I(ce)-zz-ador(e)-a ! …
    Ice .. I like it ! … sound’s good ! …
    would like to see what it’s good for ! … how it work’s ! …

  4. I like the name. But if I am not wrong the correct name would be Isidora, which means “Gift from Isis”, not Isadora. I am Greek. I know that. Why not the correct one? Isidora not Isadora

  5. Thanks for the new gift! But, please, pay attention! There are two similar names: “Isadora” and “Isidora”, both coming from classic Greek language. Isadora means “luminous gift” (i.e., bright gift), and has no direct relationship with the goddess Isis; Isidora means “gift from Isis”, and so it seems the exact name you were intentioned to attribute to our marvellous (I’m sure!!) future ninth release of Linux Mint.

  6. really waiting for this ISADORA…

    name is very interesting and please add application for the RELIANCE NET CONNECT application in the LINUX MINT

  7. Nice codemane! I can’t wait for it. But please, keep in mind the outdated machines (like the Pentium IV) as well as the newest iCores. My old laptop can only use Felicia, for all new Mint distros I always must to disable ACPI (which is not a good idea for a laptop).

    I really love Mint.

  8. Looking forward to Mint 10. Just saw my friend in town…I also set up her Toshiba Turion X64 with Mint 8 and she’s happy as heck.
    I just have to find out how to work the web cam (Chicony hardware…where are the drivers??) and how to let her use her iPod (any tips??) on Mint. I also showed her how to connect her Huawei HSDPA 3G modem to the lappie and surf the net on Safaricom’s 3G network here in Kenya.

    Cheers Mint team!!

    PS–> Peek my Mint 8 desktop on this blog post: “From Ubuntu to Linux Mint”
    Ain’t she SEXY?? 🙂

  9. I have also been waiting eagerly for this LTS release. Currently Dual Booting Gloria and Helena both are awesome. Keep up the good work Clem and the team we are all eternally grateful.

    I have been using Mint since 3.1 Celena and have seen things go from strength to strength

  10. loving my new Mint 8 “halena”. A newbie to linux and never knew anything beyond windows. Got my laptop for repairing as i puked on its keypad once i accidentally logged into my windows 7 O.S!!! 😀 lolzzzz Mint is awesome!!!

  11. May, that’s a long time from today, but we can wait. Codenames aside, are you going to go your own way per the installer? Full disk encryption? Choice of bootloaders (boot managers) – GRUB legacy and GRUB 2? Support for btrfs? User-friendly access control gui manager?

  12. I just recently backed up my desktop and laptop with Mint 7 and installed the 64Bit version of Mint 8 on both, keeping ext3 for my data partition because I didn’t feel like formatting and restoring it. All I can say is WOW! I’m now eagerly awaiting this LTS version, as my laptop will not run Mint 5 LTS because of video incompatibilities. I’m a little bit disappointed that 10 will not be named ‘Isabella’ but I’m sure ‘Isadora’ will not disappoint.

  13. Mint can be much more if ubuntu was more advanced like fedora and debian
    please bring full disk encryption and bring GRUB legacy back there is no need for GRUB2.

  14. If I were to take a wild guess…all your Mint releases appear to be names of ex-girlfriends.

    Please keep the default search engine Google and not Yahoo/Microsoft…

  15. Isodora … I like it already!!

    I have been testing Ubuntu Lucid Lynx 10.04 Alpha releases … and I have found Lucid to be more stable than Karmic is. And it’s still in Alpha.

    I look forward to the Final release of Ubuntu Lucid 10.04 LTS … then Mint-9 LTS Isadora. This LTS will be more Awesome than ever!!

  16. Im just instaled linux mint “helena” and i very happy with my new OS, its a very hard process change of xp to linux but, its really the best option. And now this a new mint, well maybe in the future i decide to test it, because today im so glad with helena and i dont have the chance to enjoy it fully, and i want to know better my minted linux.

  17. First started using Helena a couple months ago when a friend suggested it. Now all my machines are running it and I couldn’t be happier. That is, until this next version’s released! When can we get some screen shots?

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  19. Does anyone remember the UK Children’s TV program “Wizadora”? Adapting the title music for Mint Isadora:

    We adore her,
    Doing things in her very special way,

    Nothing surer,
    You’re the one that can brighten up our day.

  20. Well
    isis was egyptian
    dora in greek means gift – thank you Clem it will be an LTS gift( maybe this name looks like a debian release name)

    The name Isidora (not Isadora) still exists and ginen to girls

    If you prefere the american Isadora, here is a famous one

    But The real one is Isidora – Look at some pictures

    Thank’s again
    Will The next Mint Conference be held in Greek Islands?

  21. As a Greek,I’ll have to agree with Kostas:
    Isidora is the correct spelling of the name.However,if the Mint team has
    come up with the Isadora alternative,it sounds nice,as well.We love Mint,anyway.

  22. I was really hoping for Isabella, but Isadora/Isidora is a great choice too. Mint 9 is going to be extremely difficult to develop however. It’ll be almost impossible to improve on the perfection that is Mint 8.

  23. wondderful yet powerful mint 8…all broadband 3g works perfectly…Im new to mint..This helena mesmerized me wit its add-on and customized actually one of ubuntu fan too…isadora?sounds adorable…hope its getting like that too..Go forward Clement..all the best!

  24. IsIdora ir the correct form. IsAdora sounds and looks clumsy. Don`t get into ashamed situation, Mint-team. ISIDORA!!!
    P.S. ИЗИДОРА in Russian.

  25. @ Sam:

    If you want to be that technical, Sam, Isis was the Greek name of the Egyptian goddess Aset. She was absorbed into the Greek pantheon, and as was often the case under Paganism, her name was changed to more suit the dominant language of the people who followed her cult. Same with Osiris, who was known as Asir to the ancient Egyptians. In any event, Clem and Team, I would love to see and am eagerly awaiting Mint 9 under any name.

  26. its just a name folks and why arent people happy with helena? why wait for isadora when you can enjoy what you have now! 🙂

    (i know, i know, some people only use the LTS versions, im just making fun)

  27. Thanks for the update. One thing I would like to see as a standard feature in all new releases is the option to remove and replace an existing edition of Mint. For example, I have Mint 7 on my laptop that I dual boot with Win xp. When I load the live Mint CD/DVD for the install, it asks if I want to replace the existing version (Mint 7). If I say yes, it copies all of the common settings, backups up files, address book, clears the partition, install the new version of Mint and then reinstalls the common settings and files/address books.
    Just an idea to make Mint more user friendly. While I am pretty sure that Mint back-up will back-up my Thunderbird address books, I am not sure if it will back-up and reinstall software that I loaded after the initial Mint install.
    Take care
    Mike in Alaska

  28. I am really excited about this!
    I really love the name, even it it’s not the “correct, correct” meaning we get it. Basically it is a wonderful edition and it will be like a gift from the Gods, got it and really excited.

  29. Absolutely love Mint 8 Helena and the upgrade from Gloria was flawless. Still use the boot choice generated by a Mint 7 install within XP. I hope Isadora will be easy to upgrade to, that’s what we need from the Mint series!!! Dr. D.

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  31. I want to express a strong abjection to the codename you chosen. I am a Christian, and it sounds as a gift from Isis, which I wouldn’t receive by no means. I vote for a neutrual name. I think it [b]shouldn’t embarass anybody[/b], neither of Christian, or Muslim, or any other religion or non-religion env-t. Why wouldn’t you choose some of those lovely feminish names?? Felicia, Gloria, Daryna…They’re so cute and friendly 🙂 🙂 I still have a strong hope the lucid lynx won’t be marred with an Egyptian goddess’ name. You can contact me by gmail. Best regards, Alexis

  32. Will it include Mint4Win? I always enjoyed running Mint through Windows in order to allow for easy installs/uninstalls and to make use of my existing Windows drivers.

  33. Odd, most if not all the names of Mint’s relases seem to be named after false God’s or God’s of ancient mithology… wierd :s

    I can’t wait for the next mint to come out keep at it Clem! I’m Glad to read the good news. =]

  34. My Zune is the ONE STINKING THING keeping me from wiping Windows off my laptop completely. Mint 8 converted me permanently to Linux, but will Mint 9 contain some hope of Zune support?

    (I realize this is probably more up to the coders at Songbird, Amarok, etc, but you guys could surprise me…)

  35. I’ve been using Helena on it’s first day of release – What else could I say, It simply ROCKS.

    Looking forward for Isadora’s coming.

    To all LinuxMint’s developers, bug testers, and USERS, Matakho-takho kayo….

  36. Hi,
    working on linux mint v 8 and it is awesome. I have a few questions though……is there any support software to sync my contacts from my windows based pda, then for the gtalk the voice chat it says is not supported for the OS.And i would like to use the usb modems and let me know if there are drivers or applications supporting this. Please do release it as a package in the upcoming version. Hats of to linux mint.

  37. What is everyones problem. Its a god damn name and thats all. What really matters is the release NOT the name. Come on you guys lets get things in perspective. As if you are going to be looking for the name each time you boot up I THINK NOT !

    ’nuff said

  38. As for the spelling of Isadora – isn’t it immaterial if using a romanised alphabet to spell something where that isn’t native? When I buy curry I’ve seen nan or naan bread, and sag aloo and saag aloo, and oddly Bombay Potato but not Mumbai Potato! Same sorta thing…

    More pertinently I hope the green overkill is much toned down – 7 & 8 have been absolutely sickening to look at, and the ‘from freedom came elegance’ blurb is unnecessary and immodest. If it’s elegant that will speak for itself. Apple and Microsoft don’t do this.

    It would be great if someone would finish off the gtk controls so they look pro – some of these have been unfinished for half a decade or more.

    Because, it all works great, so why not sort the presentation out a bit.


  39. It’s not just a name. It’s the name of our favorite OS, that’s why people care so much I think.
    As a Greek I prefer Isidora by the way.

  40. im catholic and i love goddess especially venus commercials so by saying that you offend me just name it goddess learn the language alexis make your own

  41. This sounds like an excellent release, but I’m rather concerned about support for my old Pentium IV desktop w/ an Nvidia MX400 graphics card. It doesn’t work well on anything past Elyssa, and when that’ll reach its end of life I wouldn’t know what to do. Can I decent support on my old graphics card or will I have to look into some alternatives right away?


  43. I’m always a big fan of Linux Mint. Waiting eagerly for the next release, and loved the name also. The name resembles much with Fedora.Do you have any details of the cloud based services in Isadora?

  44. I’m with Guy ^. It’s a friggin’ name folks. Get over it. It’s not like we’re naming the next Pope or the next President or something. Sheesh! Get a life!

  45. I’m waiting for new release of LinuxMint in may!I hope this release will be a very good one.but I don’t like the name,”Isadora”,why is it used a goddes’ name?very,very disapointed because of this.

  46. I must say Linux Mint is the best distro ever! I just installed a complete small business (Charity) wireless network, replacing Windows for good! Everything works flawlessly (using Helena). Only hiccup was it need an HP printer. The staff needed only about an hour’s training to make the switch and they now love Mint too! Thanks for an awesome distribution!!

  47. I think improving on Helena 🙂 will be very difficult – that was/is a superb release.

    As for Isadora, one detail to be careful with: the default search engine in Ubuntu 10.04, on which Isadora will be based, is not Google anymore – it is Yahoo! ( So, the Mint team must remember to un-do Canonical’s disastrous choice and set Google back as the default search engine for Firefox (and the other browsers available in the distro).

  48. Problem I have with Mint 8 is that he doesnt recognize my USB wifi so I have to install Mint 7 in order to do so… 🙂 Hope you correct this issiue!

  49. A gift from Isis the mythological something or other how did she know?
    All kiddin aside linux mint has become one of my favorite and is the only KDE version I like of all Linux.

    just how old is Isis?

  50. One thing I would like to see in Mint, is this.
    In firefox, it has the Linux mint google search. WHich is ok..
    But, it does not give the same results. so your not always going to get what your looking for.

    How about putting a Normal Google, And the Mint Google Both in Firefxo.

    Yes , i know it can be added. BUT. When you do that it don’t have suggestions. So it is pointless.

    That is and always has been the ONLY thing I didn’t like about Mint.
    Everything else is absolutly perfect. I Love Mint.

    Please, please, read this and take it into consideration.

  51. Mint8 does not even recognize broadband usb model zte mf627 thankfully there’s a ppa by hughes ( that fixes the problem

  52. The gnome version should be handed off to the community starting with Linux Mint 10. Clem and the gang should work full time on an LXDE version. LXDE would work on newer and older computers. Base it on Lubuntu if you have to get started quickly.

  53. Eagerly awaiting it!!! Anything based on Ubuntu 9.10 has a 3 minute delay during boot. Ubuntgu 10.04a2 boots great (really fast too)!!!!!

    Love Mint!

  54. espero que linux mint 9 no sea tan lenta inestable y pesada como mint 8 helena

    cada dia se parecen mas a los sistemas m$ win (para mal)

    los sistemas mint main son lamentablemente cada dia mas inestables, falta mayor otimizacion entre sus modulos

    no lo copien todo de ubuntu

    y no olviden de las rigurosas pruebas de calidad de software de debian

  55. hello guys,,, i was wondering if i can use mint helena as a server,, cux i like this linux , it is the best , thank you

  56. With all the controversy about the name, perhaps it should have been ‘Lucinda’, thereby hinting at its roots and also avoiding confusion with the Isadora programming environment ?

    Meanwhile, despite it being declared obsolete, simple and elegant GRUB is working better than GRUB2 with 64-bit Helena on my desktops, whilst LiLi 2.2 is and ideal partner for 32-bit Helena ‘Mint on a stick’. However, I regret the loss of image burning Checksum verify in Brasero that makes LiveCD re-distribution safer.

    Lucid looks like being a firmer foundation than Karmic, so I’ve got my fingers crossed for my favourite distribution, LinuxMint.
    (Mind you PCLinux 2010, GNOME version could be worth a look.)

  57. bis jetzt bin ich sehr zufrieden mit Mint-Gloria ! … und werde aber dann doch noch Mint-Helena ausprobieren ! … nach all diesen löblichen Aussagen ! … bevor ich mir dann Mint-Isadora .. zur Brust nehme ! …

    I realy like Linux-Mint .. cause this green color ! … and this stability .. in this program ! … look forward .. to this next release ! … hope it will work out fine ! …

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