mintMenu in Fedora

mintMenu is being ported to Fedora:

There were mentions of a Fedora edition of Linux Mint and after some consideration the project was cancelled. Fedora is a fantastic distribution and it would make a wonderful base to a project like ours, but we need to stay focused and after we focus on our main tasks, the main editions, the community editions, the improvements from one release to another and the maintenance of the distributions, we’ve already got projects to work on, like for instance the Debian edition. So there’s no time for R&D on top of a Fedora base and that’s a pity. We recently put efforts in de-branding our tools and it’s nice to see them ported to other distributions. Although we don’t have the resources to actively participate in the fork of mintMenu, we encourage such initiatives, we support the developer behind it and we’re delighted to see it happen.

We hope to see more of this happening in the future and we’ll try to keep our technology as cross-distribution as possible.


  1. Thank you Clem for these good news and the wonderful work done. Mint is by far, IMHO, the very best desktop OS at the moment and it improves with every new edition.

    By the way where are we and what to expect about the Debian edition?

  2. I’m impressed. 🙂 Fedora had it’s ups and downs as a distro but it still does have a very good reputation. Adopting a tool from a much younger distro means they also want to keep up with the competition but also acknowledge the great functionality. 🙂

    I love MintMenu! 😀

  3. Bravo! Le menu Mint est definitivement ce qui m’a accrochee. Cette interface si conviviale et familiere est parfaite pour les “Refugies Windows”. D’accepter de la partager demontre bien votre engagement envers la communaute du libre. Mint est l’interface debian que je recommande maintenant aux curieux. Merci!

  4. Interesting, perhaps there’ll be a Mint Spin of Fedora in the future, if so I’ll have to check it out. If 10.04 fixes the issues I had with 9.10 I’ll definitely come back to Mint for my main distro. Anyways for now I’ll be sticking with Fedora & Windows 7 (Which actually isn’t that bad to my surprise– as much as I’d hate to admit it Microsoft did a good job– Overall I still prefer linux though.)

    It’s great news that Mints app’s are being recognized.

  5. I’m surprised!

    I’m in the minority, I know but the thing I least like about Mint is the menu. I always change it first thing to Main Menu (mostly). It is far too big and I find it rather ugly. The only things I miss are the search option and the delete capability.

    Sorry, but they can have it…..

  6. Mint is gaining adepts very fast, just see the reviews and forums and every one agrees Linux Mint is the best and getting better. In the future the distro who develops the best tools will be on top and Mint is tacking the lead. Hope I can see the KDE CE been released soon. Thanks to all the devs in Mint.

  7. Where is Debian Mint Edition ? and why is the development of fedora edition stopped it would have been wonderful because I prefer fedora over ubuntu and to mix Mint and Fedora that would be the ultiamte Linux.
    Where and when can I get the Debian edition.Mint has the best and the most talented team ,stay together and never leave the you guys are the best,may God bless you.

  8. ¡Me encanta Linux Mint! Mi sueño es convertirme en diseñador Gráfico e Ilustrador y encargarme de todo el Artwork de Linux Mint en próximas ediciones, pero para eso falta. Luego de convertirme en Diseñador voy a trabajar de ello y estudiar Programador de Videojuegos; tengo un proyecto que comenzar que se divide en varias partes. ¡Quiero que Linux Mint sea el sistema operativo por excelencia! ¡LA MEJOR DISTRO!

  9. Great I dont like Fedora that much but maybe with some of the mint tools ported it would make Fedora more usable to people like myself that have never had a better desktop experience than mint. My first OS on any computer is linux and Mint is just by far the best out of the many distros I have used.

  10. I heartily agree with clem’s view about Fedora, and likewise agree that adding a Fedora-based Mint-version would be more work than the existing Mint project can handle.

    However I really do think Fedora may have been, or actually is a better foundation for building Mint on.
    Fedora seems rather restricted, or rather stripped of what we like due to legal issues stemming from its USA home location. Mint does not.

    In my opinion, a Mint based on Fedora could have an enormous potential, greater than based on Ubuntu…

  11. Exciting. But I wonder a bit about the timing. From what I’ve seen of the Gnome Shell (Gnome 3.0) it seems the the desktop will change radically during this year, and it seems to me that the Mint Menu will be hard to implement in this new system. The Gnome Shell is very connected to the new “Activity” menu, and the Mint Menu may break the basic idea for the Shell. Or am I wrong? In fact I wonder what the Mint people think about the development of the Gnome 3.0…..

  12. Ubuntu & Fedora have their pros and cons, personally I’ve run into more problems on Fedora then Ubuntu so I don’t prefer it.

    I also don’t like the MintMenu, but each to his own…

    If it ain’t broke don’t fix it! Mint works great as a Ubuntu based distro, not sure why this needs to change…

  13. I love love love the sharing of knowledge!! It’s great that Fedorans will have the opportunity to love MintMenu as much as we all do!

    I would love to see a Debian Mint myself. I have a soft spot for Debian since it is the distro that started my love for Linux. Can’t wait for that!

  14. Greeting, all.

    First of all, i’m one of many user who love mint as a cute distro. Using it, become so esiest and freindly like no other distro. With code and plugin installed, make mint is something diffrent.

    Base on Debian gen, it’s become so popular and supported. And next, more update and quick develop to next generation.

    Actually for me, the idea to impliment mint base on fedora is pretty cool. One reson might be. Fedora is distro that so furiously upgrade thier OS. So with this way, mint will absolutely following the furious of Fedora and thier technology. Developer and maintainer also will increase, and yet will suport mint as well. Also user will increase and fedora fan also will try it out the coolest distro on earth(fedora + pulgin and code, become mint2). For some reason also, there is alot of gen from ubuntu today, they republish for thier own distro. Making Fedora as base, it’s would be something diffrent from the others.

    At last, if there is work, improve will come. If there is difficult, easy will come. If there is R&D, supporter will come. If there is distro, fan will come and last (not least), if there is desire, mint will distribute.

    u got aa…..

  15. Yes, it seems many like me would like to have some news about the Mint Debian project. Apart from the rpm deb matter with Fedora, let’s go for stability first and stay with what we know best, no?

  16. I would love to see MintMenu as official Fedora packet, and there is no restriction into making it official. At least try to release it into RPM Fusion repository, it is just lower barrier to entry.

    I also agree that Fedora based LinuxMint would have huge potential, that is why we are thinking about adding MintMenu to next release of Fedora Community Remix:

  17. All I can say it, KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK. I find Linux to be the most awsome OS I have used. Every computer in my house is running some form of Linux Mint. I would like to see find my WIFI. LOL I always have to write it in. Well thank you.

  18. since we all 9some of us) are raving about the menu, can someone tell me what app or package gives mintmenu its ability to install apps when you search from the filter box.

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