The Planet keeps getting bigger

The Mint Community has its celibrities and one of them is just after creating a blog. If you’ve been spending some time on the forums or in youtube you probably know Adler and the videos he produces of his desktop. Expect to see a lot of 3D effects and videos from his new blog which was added to the English section of the Planet.

Another blog was also added to the Planet. Written by John, The “Mint Connection” is a blog dedicated to polls and reflexion on how to improve Linux Mint. The first poll is already active and ask people for their favorite tool among mintInstall, mintUpdate, mintDesktop, mintAssistant, mintUpload, mintWifi and mintMenu. If this blog was to become popular it would gather a lot of interesting data and help the dev team to know more about the community’s needs.

Enjoy these 2 new blogs. The Planet keeps getting bigger, providing us with more frequent and interesting articles.|