What’s coming for Christmas?

The XFCE and the E17 Community editions won’t make it for Christmas. The Fedora-based ISO won’t make it either and the 64bit ISO planned for Daryna will be cancelled.

The KDE Community Edition is almost stable though and it’s looking great. If it wasn’t for a few tiny little things it would be released already.

The miniCD and Fluxbox Community Editions are almost ready and should be released as BETA.

The Debian-based ISO is almost ready and will be released as an ALPHA.

Finally, Firefox should be updated to version very soon.


  1. I’m looking forward to seeing the mint XFCE community editions out of beta. I’m currently using the Daryna XFCE beta, and its quite buggy. Also I’m planning to install the XFCE edition for my friends’ computers when it’s out. Unfortunately I have to cut off my internet connection by the end of this year. I guess the GNOME edition will do for them. Keep up the good work.

  2. Can’t wait for the new KDE mint. Everyone I work with thinks that Macs are the only alternative to MS and far superior in every aspect. Nothing against Macs but the Linux mint line presents a real alternative!

  3. Clem,

    Throughout the year you have done an amazing job!

    Merry Christmas to every one there @ the Mint.

    I look forward to 2008!

  4. I really love Mint and you are doing a great job guys

    But honestly WTF do you make 5+ Editions of the same Release????

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