New Mint KDE logo

We have a new logo for the KDE edition of Linux Mint:

The SVG source is available on the Linux Mint Artwork Portal.

Congratulations to the artist, Henrique Perticarati, for the fantastic work he’s done on this logo.


  1. With KDE looking good in the logo maybe this is a good place to show you yet another positive review of KDE.

    The old KDE logo was also very nice, the added touches and the blue making it very strong. This new design cleans it up nicely and keeps it in-style with the rest of Mint.

    Well done all.

  2. I almost like it. I not a big fan of the promgs sticking out but the rest of it I like. The lettering is great and the “LM” part is ok but the KDE prongs I do not care for.

  3. Love the new logo! Awesome job Henrique!!! The only thing I wish is that it was still green or had some green in the logo to make it more MINTY. Everyone uses blue…

  4. Thank you for Mint KDE, too bad my other 64-bit computer can’t try it, but it can wait for when you make a 64-Bit available. I had long thought my speakers or sound card were dead as Ubuntu didn’t use them.

    I have left Ubuntu for Mint since it can boot after installing on SATA. I wish you had left Janitor in MintInstall, since a few of the programs locked up the computer, but I still have lots to learn, like some updates or upgrades wouldn’t install as I broke something. Luckily not so bad as I’m still able to type this from it. Was I suppose to have checked the compatibility box?

    I rebuild computers and didn’t feel right passing this P4 tower on to someone else when one of its IDE ports were bad, so I first tried SCSI and then SATA with Ubuntu, but no joy from either 9.04 or 9.10. In fact, I may have damaged 3 or more hard drives trying to make it work.

    Good job on MintInstall, I haven’t seen anything as good since the early days of Linspire.

  5. This log is really cool. Earlier Logo was so gaudy & flashy with KDE tones. This looks very very decent. Excellent work Henrique.

  6. Excellent work Henrique!!!

    Your Artwork shows just how I wanted the KDE LM logo to look throughout the KDE distribution on my desktop! Great job, well done.


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