It is now possible to upgrade LMDE 4 to version 5.

First, refresh your cache and install the Upgrade Tool by typing the following commands in a terminal:

apt update
apt install mintupgrade

Then type the following command to launch the Upgrade Tool:

sudo mintupgrade

Follow the instructions on the screen.

When the tool is done and the upgrade is successful uninstall it and reboot your computer.

apt remove mintupgrade
sudo reboot

This is a major upgrade. It can take several hours.

You will be asked to be up to date and to prepare system snapshots. Do not rush, do not take shortcuts.

Don’t hesitate to seek help if you have questions or if you face problems with the upgrade.

Many thanks to you all for your support and your generous donations.

The mutter rebase for Cinnamon 5.4 is now well on its way and is getting more and more stable.

Work started on the Linux Mint 21 base. The repositories are ready and so are the docker images. A first pre-ALPHA ISO was built to identify potential issues and we’re now patching software and looking for and fixing regressions. We usually work on new features first, and then work on the base and bugs near the end of the development cycle when we put it all together on the new base. But this time, we did the opposite. I wanted us to be confronted to some of the new libraries and upstream changes so we could have a clear view of any challenges ahead and plan accordingly when it comes to prioritizing or postponing work on some of the new features.

The new upgrade tool took some time to develop but it was worth the wait. Our major upgrades weren’t flexible enough and they were too complicated. This is a fantastic addition for us, I’m really happy we worked on this. The tool is passing a final test today and should be officially announced in LMDE tomorrow.

It was designed with both distributions in mind so we’ll also use it this Summer to provide a smooth upgrade towards Linux Mint 21 after its official release.


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