Linux Mint signs a partnership with HELLOTUX

Written by Clem on Tuesday, April 26th, 2011 @ 7:05 am | Main Topics

Linux Mint signed a new partnership with HELLOTUX. The Linux clothes specialist produces the official Linux Mint T-Shirt and Pique Polo Shirt. The company ships Worldwide and gives $5 to our distribution for each shirt sold.

Both shirts are of very good quality and feature a simple yet elegant design, with the Linux Mint logo embroidered on the front:

Embroidered Linux Mint logo

Linux Mint Polo Shirt

Linux Mint T-Shirt

Ongoing promotion : For the purchase of 2 or more products you can avail to a 5% discount by using the following promotion code: J4KB2KVN8X. This promotion lasts until Sat, 21 May 2011 23:59:59.

66 Responses to “Linux Mint signs a partnership with HELLOTUX”

  1. Joseph Barr says:

    Please advise ,cost of shirts.

  2. olligod says:

    Hey Salesman – where is the quick direct link that makes shopping easy and pulls the money right out of my pocket ??

    (I know, you (the Mint team) ‘d rather be geeks than salespeople,
    but please do go ahead and push and make this work – and bring in money!)

    — Seriously, this is absolutely good stuff that will support Mint, and I hope a somewhat steady flow of revenue will start from this.

    Good luck.

  3. Kevin says:

    Man, if I had the money…

  4. Dirk Deimeke says:

    Try ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. Roberto Fanti says:

    Yeah! I love it.

  6. Doughbury says:

    Awesome! You know what would look good with those shirts? A matching ball cap.

  7. Hyunchul says:

  8. killinjoe says:


    I love it when people want to sell me stuff I was actually waiting for…

  9. DynamicMan says:

    What he said!

    Some quick google-fu makes me believe that the mentioned T-shirts can be bought at which is great of course.

    However – the original post should REALLY be updated with this link.

    Never underestimate how lazy people can be, especially if you are trying to sell something to them. ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. DynamicMan says:

    Oh, wait. IS linked in the post, but only in the images, it seems?

    Oh well, never underestimate people’s lack of websurfing skills either… ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. tektoys says:

    SWEET, i dub thee MINTMERCH lol

  12. WB7ODY Fred says:

    I found from a mouse over that if you just click on the Polo Shirt image or Tee Shirt image above will take you to the website. Cool! The Link was already there hidden in plain view and easy to use.

    Direct URL Link to buy below. Select your country, then you will arrive, to purchase your T-Shirt with worldwide shipping. Buy Linux Mint Polo Shirt. Wear Linux Mint proudly! Want to help advertise/sell Mint T-Shirts on your website? Main webpage entry. I enjoyed looking at all HelloTux products. Buy an LinuxTux labeled cooking apron for your summer barbeque.

  13. Ollie says:

    This is good to see, I’ve been wanting some Mint stuff to wear. The Mint shirts are on the page:

    The T-shirt and polo shirt are 22/25 EUR, which is ยฃ19.50/22.20 or $32.20/36.60, shipping to UK is free at the moment but I’m not sure about other countries. Postage usually 16 EUR.

  14. Chris says:

    I’ll be buying a couple of these up as soon as payday gets here.

  15. craig clugston says:

    where’s the link to order?

  16. craig clugston says:

    found it on

  17. Kazmirzak says:

    Neat – cool design, as always!

    @Craig and @olligod: there is a quick direct link – the T-Shirts are linked to the shop ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. Paul says:

    I thought that the Linux Mint logo was going to be redesigned in the near future, so what is the point in a shirt with a logo that is soon to be obsolete?

  19. OneDragon says:

    Well thank you very much I have been waiting for this for so long!

    I will go ahead and buy at least the polo.

    However I got some wishes:

    Why black? why? Mint isn’t that dark at all. I would prefer white. And I would prefer a white T-shirt with a BIG Mint logo(in the middle).

    Anyway I don’t want to appear like a huge bitch, just some request for improving this. Thank you very much once again.

  20. manny says:

    I already ordered mine. I’m the first one?

    To order, just click at the polo’s or t-shirt pictures above, nothing is easy in the Linux world, right?

  21. I_like_LinuxMint says:

    Even though i think it is a good idea merchandising a product, I feel everything gets overpriced. Sorry 22 Euros is too much, maybe for ppl with 2 much monies – just remember NOT everybody is rich in rich Europe ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. sean says:

    Nice! But, um, a $33 t-shirt that doesn’t even say “linux” on it anywhere, just a logo (albeit a nice one) no one is likely to ask about? $33?

    I like it, and I’ll probably pick up a couple eventually (especially if they come in colors other than black), but not just yet. I think I figured out how this company can afford to pass along $5 to the Linux Mint project. (Hint, $33 for a t-shirt!)

  23. Tim says:

    I love that you guys have a T-Shirt for sale, but I much prefer the huge logo centered on shirt look. If that’s what you were offering, then I would make a purchase.

  24. teasytuxter says:

    Great! – need some new shirts.

    Any chance of the Blue/White MintKDE at some time?

    LM is the best!

  25. Boo says:


  26. Clem says:

    @All: I added links to the Shirts names. Sorry, I thought people would be clicking on the pictures. It wasn’t obvious, I agree ๐Ÿ™‚

    @All: The price is high but it includes a $5 donation to Mint and free shipping to most countries (as far as I can tell… I checked the USA, UK, Ireland.. all were free).

    @Paul: There was a reflection done on changing the logo. We made the acquisition of two new logos and gathered community feedback on them. We like to keep our options open, though at this stage there’s no decision made to change the current logo. It might happen in the future, but if it does, it’s not for now anyway. We’re getting ready to release Linux Mint 11, the reflection and feedback were valuable, but we won’t be looking at this for another while now.

  27. BrittanyD says:

    I agree that the price is too high. $33 for a shirt? It may be made of high quality materials but where’s the stuff for do poor folks? I can’t afford that! And they don’t even carry my (larger) size… Oh well. Maybe next year. I should open a shop that creates good quality screened Mint shirts and caps for fat people! Say up to 5x! I bet there are plenty of fatties (myself included) that would appreciate that. Hey, we all need shirts, right?

  28. Clem says:

    @Sean: I have quite a few Mint t-shirts as you can imagine. This one is the only one that doesn’t say “Linux Mint” on it. It’s got nothing on the back, and only the logo on the front. Though it’s embroidered and looks much more pro than the others (the polo shirt especially). I agree that most people who see it don’t recognize the logo, and as such it’s probably less effective from a marketing point of view, though I find it much more elegant and class to wear and that’s what really matters the most.

  29. manny says:

    Clem, why not put a counter on sales? This may encourage people to buy. Lets have a target.

  30. Kelley Green says:

    Due to the shirts being a wee bit expensive I thought I would take a look at Cafe Press and found this:

    Does the Linux Mint team get a cut of these or did someone jump on your parade?


  31. Clem says:

    @Manny: We received $220 from Hellotux this morning (44 shirts sold). It’s not much but it’s significant nonetheless. The primary purpose isn’t to raise money, it’s to bring quality shirts to people looking for them (myself included) ๐Ÿ™‚

    @Kelley: Here’s the link to our Cafepress shop: We only sell a mousepad and a mug (We tried selling clothes via Cafepress, but we weren’t happy with the quality of the products there).

  32. Jack Halem says:

    I purchased a shirt. I entered the code. I did not receive the discount.

  33. OneDragon says:

    The discount is just if you order 2 or more t-shirts as far as I know. Free shipping goes to Germany too.

    My order has been shipped just now, I am waiting for it to arrive ๐Ÿ™‚

  34. Lynchmob says:

    I’ll get the shirt for the beginning. But I don’t know my size. Have to ask my mom first. ๐Ÿ™‚

  35. SamS says:

    $33 for a t-shirt? Maybe if half was going to the distro, but only $5; I think not.
    Bummer too; ’cause I’ve been looking forward to getting one.

  36. Scott says:


  37. killinjoe says:


    Clem, I’m with you on class thing, but would it hurt to have additional colors available (blue, for example)? moreover, I think a tiny, footnote-sized “linux mint” under the logo would not be so crass…

    and shipping is free for France as well, which explains the high prices.

  38. tux-sven says:

    Thanks Clem, this was something I suggested once, if you remember?
    Now I have ordered one so I can have a real hands-on look.
    I will of course be the hottest man in town with this equipment on! ๐Ÿ™‚

  39. Mizzle says:

    Too expensive, sorry.

  40. Rob Brill says:


    If i would buy one these shirts (polo) what could happen?

    Ok free shipping to Brazil but known people would ask me:
    What means LM?
    The logo does not contain the words below it – Linux Mint
    Elegant shirt i agree but useless in terms of promotion.
    The t-shirt price is a bit high but plus + rate charged by
    customs here in Brazil – rated by (buy) importing a product.

    Personally i don’t dress myself in black and no other color is
    available – white – blue – green – brown – etc.

    Anyway i admit it’s a great partnership with HELLOOXโ€ because
    it goes generate money to support the Linux MInt Project.

    It’s worth!


  41. Cireshka says:

    Oh, wonderful! I’m waiting for a more diverse range of products though – make the t-shirts in girl sizes as well and bring on the pillows, coffee mugs, pens, lighters, artwork, socks, dog clothes, baby clothes, gadget and gizmos!
    โ™ฅ Mint!

  42. VRP says:


  43. Jaime Frontero says:

    Awesome shirts! Do you take Bitcoin?

  44. David says:

    Tried to use but the SSL certificate belongs to Can someone verify is it safe to do the shopping?

  45. French says:

    Polo shirt ordered done through a SEPA banking transfer., therefore you need an IBAN and BIC / SWIFT code.
    After an request send by email,IBAN and BIC/SWIFT code received from Kum Gabor.
    Thanks Kum.

    Team LinuxMintUsersBelgium

  46. daemox says:

    Happy for this addition, but what I’m still really looking for are actual patches for Linux Mint (and other FOSS projects). Lots of buttons, stickers, and shirts, but I’ve been unable to find a simple sew-on patch of all things! ๐Ÿ™‚

    This would be a fantastic addition for adding a touch of LM to clothing/bags/gear that we already have (and to a wider range of clothing/bags/gear that any one project can reasonably provide).


  47. vesa says:


    I’m interested about the materials used in these t-shirts and polo shirts – where are they coming from? And how can I know there’s no children/slaves/under paid workers included to the production?

    Good looking shirts by the way!

  48. Sean Best says:

    Wow, finally some LM gear. But WAY overpriced. $33 a shirt is way too much. For a basic little logo like that should be $15, $5 still being donated.

  49. thartist says:

    And i’m sure behind the logo there is some chip awaiting for world domination!

    Can we know something else about Mint 11? I’m drooling all over my desktop every day!

  50. The Old Frog Dude says:

    I also would def buy it, IF we could get a huge logo centered on the back and under that have it say:

    Linux Mint 4 Ever!!!

    Then on the front have the logo. I would def pay $30+ for that.

  51. Someone says:

    Now that Ubuntu 11.04 already released, don’t you Mint guys have any news for us about Mint 11?

    I came here expecting to read any updates on Katya, instead you serve us with shirts.


  52. Mike Freeman says:

    I’d probably not buy a shirt (not so much into logo’d shirts), but I’d love a baseball cap with the Mint Logo on the front, and “Linux Mint” written on the back right above the back edge. That’d be worth every penny!

  53. Gazduire web says:

    Partnerships are allways for the best
    Good luck with this …

  54. henry dubb says:

    @clem I recently bought clothing at CafePress. I would caution being too strict about quality. Love my cheap 4x Mint shirts but would rather have you getting a kick back than someone else. If you broaden your store I will make an effort to patronize it. My problem with Hellotux is they only come in European sizes (2x and below).

  55. John Abbott says:

    If, and I do, want to help Mint, I will (as I have) make a contribution. But to spend that much money for a golf shirt is ridiculous. I can buy the same quality shirt for $15 on-line. I would rather donate $25 to Mint and know that they got it all.

  56. Steve Pethel says:

    This is great news. I want a shirt, now.

  57. DerFuzzy says:

    First, EXCELLENT IDEA! ! !

    Embroidered shirts! ! Far better than the cafepress imprinted stuff!

    Second.. MORE! Hats, courier bags, laptop bags, scarves…. more more more!

    I would love to be a walking Mint billboard…

    Third, I would like to see “Linux Mint” on it. Like the one post said with the ball caps, logo front, “Linux Mint” on the back. I want people to know I live with the Penguins.

    Fourth, BLUE options for KDE, and RED for Debian? Maybe possibly incorporation of the Debian and KDE logos as well? ?

    Fifth, I love the idea that LM is getting $$$$ from this… but where is this $$ going? Meaning WHICH projects are getting $$$ from this and the other donations? Specifically WHAT AMOUNT IS GOING TO KDE and Boo ? ? Or is this getting dumped into a general fund that 99.99% that ends up supporting just the one version. I don’t use the one edition and I want to see Boo and KDE get support, financial support.

    Lastly, RE: cost.

    Lets break this down.

    At the current special “free shipping to select countries:”

    $38 – Cost
    $ 5 – Donation
    $24 – Shipping from Hungary to US
    $ 9 Shirt


    $38 – Shirt
    $24 – Shipping
    $62 – Cost
    $ 5 – Donation
    $57 – Shirt

    My Hungarian is not up to it so checking the rates for postage from HU to US or EU locations is a little difficult. (HU Posta doesn’t offer it in english)

    These are being made probably in small batches, and even with the newer less expensive embroidery machines (ala Brother etc.) there is a higher cost for these small custom batches v. 1K, 2k, 3K at a whack…

    Not cheap, no, but LM is getting some $$$, and if its going on to the other parts of the LM projects GREAT. Plus it helps to get LM out there…

    If the KDE Project and Boo are getting some of the $$$ love out of this.. I am in….

  58. Jedi says:

    The partnership is great for what it is, but reading this thread it becomes very obvious that many people would support a greater variety of products and quality.The demand is their, we just need supply!

  59. KARRAR says:

    would they make @ a professional shirts with the logo ? cuz I really want to go to college dressing mint logo

    but its not allowed to dress to dress t-shirt in my college


  60. James says:

    awesome! my wife & I are SO getting some shirts… any plans for a beenie?

    also, I agree the quality at Cafe Press is kinda crappy – has anyone looked into

  61. cypherb0g says:

    Very nice T-shirts!

  62. bozz says:

    How about getting them to make a fleece jacket (that’s what we call them in the uk. They may be called something else in mainland europe and the usa) I would definitely buy that, or failing that, could the mint logo patches be sold so we could sew the patches onto existing clothing? I would definitely be into buying Mint memorabilia and accessories.

  63. Vlad The Impatient says:

    @John Abbott +1

    Price of 20+ โ‚ฌ (+ P&P) for a t/polo shirt is ridiculously expensive.

    I’ll follow John’s lead an just donate to Linux Mint – again. And it’ll probably be a bigger wad of cash, too. As a matter of fact just did ๐Ÿ˜€

    If I can avoid it I try not to patronise indefensibly expensive merchants.

    Like the design, though. But I also echo people’s requests for “Linux Mint” being spelled out somewhere, too. Maybe a small label on the lower edge of the sleeve?

  64. Kev says:

    sorry, but I think those t-shirts are pretty boaring :-/

  65. Scott Keeth says:

    Happy to support Linux Mint, but would like more colors to choose from. I’m not a big fan of black clothing.

  66. Ski Chile says:

    Creo que serรญa bueno tener una representaciรณn en latinoamerica para poder distruibir tus poleras,

    Saludos ๐Ÿ™‚

    I think it would be nice to have a representation in Latin America to distruibir your t-shirts,


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