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Written by Clem on Thursday, February 28th, 2008 @ 3:58 am | Main Topics

Linux Mint 5 Elyssa will come with new themes. Here are two of the themes which will be included: WildMint and Lightning.

There are no plans to change the default theme so far so it should look exactly like in Daryna (It was renamed LM4 in the theme manager). If you’re into artwork you probably noticed these two themes are using Aurora (the engine used in the latest Fedora release). We’ll also have a bit of Murrine and a few extra engines available from the customization tab.

27 Responses to “Elyssa Themes”

  1. Gregory says:

    These themes look amazing! I think instead of upgrading from Gutsy to Hardy, I will switch to Mint 5!

  2. Rob Loach says:

    Looks great! One gripe that I have is in the dark version, the file menu doesn’t exactly fit being completely black. It should be the same grey you see in the toolbar below it. The bright blue doesn’t exactly fit either. I’ll ask the designer at work tomorrow what he thinks would work….

  3. ombzzz says:


    when do you plan to release this beauty?

    greetings from Argentina

    Go MINT!

  4. AlsaPhil says:

    looks really great! Good job, guys, I am proud to be a Minty!
    I am born to be wild… but Lighting is my favorite:-))

  5. LostOverThere says:

    Wow! Is there anyway I can get either of these themes here and now?

  6. Clem says:

    LostOverThere: They will be packaged and they should hit the Romeo repositories as soon as the artwork is finished.

  7. JJMacey says:


    I’ve been just lurking for a couple of months now. I’ve been running Daryna since it was released. I’ve got to say Elyssa looks fantastic!

    Clem – and team – Great Job!


    Phoenix, Arizona

  8. Deadguy says:


    looks great!!!

  9. SaigonNezumi (Kevin) says:

    Okay, I will admit it, I chose Linux Mint because of the nice color schemes. Green is my favorite color 🙂

  10. Mortanauta says:

    I love the grey one….but the Boton Linixmint look strange being blue, maybe another color like burdeos ?

  11. David Chiang says:

    Fantastic artwork guys, it seems Elyssa becomes a class of it’s own.

    Clem and team – you made Mint unbeatable!

  12. kosmonaut says:

    Looks good :-D…

    Question to Clem: How did you enable the semi-transparency in the MintMenu?
    Is this done with compiz?

    Little Critique: I think that the black scheme and *blue* windows border don’t work together. Blue…eehm…no.
    And did you think about changing the default icons to let’s say Gion,NouveXT or Dropline Neu!. Take a look at them, I think they are much *cooler* that those standard celena-icons…One of those icons would be cool…What do you think? I mean all of you, not only Clem 😉

  13. BlahBlahX says:

    I like both themes a lot, but each has a problem.

    The first one seems to be sort of an ubuntustudio rip off, and the second one’s wallpaper isn’t too great.

  14. Superdelphinus says:

    Sorry but not sure i like them :o(

    The first one just looks like ubuntu studio to me and the second just seems a little ‘busy’.

    Like the semi transparent menu boxes though. I would like to see one that is very sober, like shades of grey with some greeny mintiness subtly thrown in to remind you what you’re using

  15. proxima_centauri says:

    Wouldn’t it make more sense to have WildMint(Aurora), well both for that matter, with green highlight backgrounds instead of the default blue?
    I love green and I think a lot Mint users associate Mint with green.

  16. Clem says:

    kosmonaut: It’s through compiz, I’m planning on using that configuration as default in Daryna. The transparency level itself should be a bit less than on the screenshot though.. a tiny bit more opaque.

  17. Xanikseo says:

    I’m not sure I like them either *embarrassed*…

    I prefer the top picture, but I like subtlety, and mixing bright blue and bright green together just doesn’t work for me… Maybe if the icons where blue as well I would feel differently.

    The bottom picture/theme is too bright blue for my taste, well at least the title bar… I find the wallpaper also intrudes too much with the text under the icons … and here comes my subtlety again … but I find the blue strings too obvious and contrasting … although the wallpaper would look nice on its own …

    Argh! I can’t believe I’m missing out by not liking the themes as much as everyone else who LOVES them :(. It’s like not liking chocolate.

  18. belovedmonster says:

    When you say the current theme is staying I hope that doesn’t include wallpaper as well. I love the current wallpaper but I think its important that each new release has a new look to it and the wallpaper is the best way to change this.

  19. Pedro Costa Neves says:

    WOOOOW i liked these themes 😀
    they appear so beauty
    I NEED!

  20. agunos says:

    lightning is beautiful

  21. Zwopper says:

    What happened to the Mint-Green color?
    I still vote for these icons to be the new default ones:
    http://gnome-look.org/content/show.php/DeltaGreen+Icon?content=75563 – as discussed here:

  22. mcurran says:

    I love the black (Wild Mint). I agree with Zwopper: I was really looking forward to the Leopard 3D icon bar look, after I saw that DeltaGreen page, even though I don’t like MACs. I’m getting a nice laptop in about a week and thought I was going to have Elyssa slapped right on there, 3D style. Are there any ETA’s yet, I haven’t been able to find any, Clem? A lot of negativity about these samples – I think they’re awesome! Think about the merging the DeltaGreen and Wild Mint, and that’s all you need…

  23. Foomandoonian says:

    I like the dark grey scheme, and I don’t see the problem with similarities to Ubuntu Studio. They hardly have monopoly on it.

    The blue looks pretty horrible to me though. I hate to say it, but it reminded me of Windows XP!

    (I did spot my Wallpaper in your home directory there though 😉

  24. pr says:

    What is the comment to enable transparancy in the Linux Mint start menu? Thx!

  25. pr says:

    Ehr, that should be command, sorry

  26. Zwopper says:

    woh-woh-woh mcurran!
    I Do NOT want the AWN-dock to be standard I was merely after the DeltaGreen icon set and the mint green color in general!

  27. Alexei Vinidiktov says:

    The Lightning theme which comes with Elyssa is fantastic. It’s the first GTK theme I’ve seen which comes close to and maybe even equals the standard themes for Mac OS X and Windows in quality.

    Who designed it? I want to know the heroes. 🙂

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