A very important bug has been found in mintAssistant 2.4 which was released as part of Linux Mint 5 Elyssa.


When the root password is not set the root account is still active, and rather than this consequently preventing any root login, it actually means you can login as root without any password at all.


This regression is due to a change in behavior in passwd from Gutsy to Hardy and a request from the community after RC1 was released not to lock the root account (so that “sudo su -” is still possible).


– A fix has been released in mintAssistant 2.5. When you select not to use the root password, the root account is now given a randomly generated password.
– The ISO images for both the Main and Light Editions will be rebuilt to include this fix.

What you need to do

– Upgrade mintAssistant to version 2.5.
– Launch mintAssistant and choose whether you want to set a root password or not. If you choose not to, a random password will be assigned for you.

It is with great pleasure that I officially announce the release of Linux Mint 5 Elyssa.

Please find all relevant information (list of new features, known issues, download mirrors & torrents, upgrade instructions, user guide, software portal) about the Main Edition at this address: http://www.linuxmint.com/rel_elyssa.php

For the Light Edition, please visit: http://www.linuxmint.com/rel_elyssa_light.php

I hope you’ll enjoy our latest release and don’t hesitate to give us feedback.

Have fun and thanks for choosing Linux Mint.

1. How do I upgrade to Elyssa?

The RC (Public BETA) releases are not meant to be “used”, they’re meant to be “tested”. Of course, people have been waiting for Elyssa for a long time and I can understand why they can’t wait for the Stable release and why they replace their main OS with these RCs. This is OK, it’s possible but it’s not “recommended”. The reason we publish these RC releases is for people to test them and for us to fix as many bugs as possible before the release becomes stable. The proper way to test an RC is to install it, this way you test the liveCD, the installer and the system is fresh. By upgrading to it instead of installing it, you’re not helping us test it.. you might in fact report problems that are related not to the release itself but to the way you performed the upgrade… Also, until the branch is actually stable, we are not in a position to publish upgrade instructions since these might still change.

So we’re hoping you keep Daryna as your main OS and test these RCs for us, to report bugs and help us out, on a separate partition or a virtual machine.

When Elyssa is stable we will publish upgrade instructions and you will be able to upgrade to it from Daryna stable, Elyssa RC1 (beta 032) and Elyssa RC2 (beta 048). Again, if you’re running RC1 or RC2 we strongly recommend you perform a fresh install when Stable comes out.

2. When are the other editions coming?

The KDE CE is being tested by the team. Boo has given Exploder 2 ISOs already. QT frontends for all the mint tools are planned but still missing.

Work on the X86_64 edition will begin as soon as Elyssa stable is out.

3. What happens if Elyssa doesn’t work for me?

Ubuntu is a great base but it’s also an innovative and adventurous distribution… like us actually, so the problem with this is.. where do we get stability and consistency between releases? How do we ensure there are no regressions? To be honest, we don’t. So there might be a few people for whom Daryna worked great and who won’t be as lucky with Elyssa. Don’t despair.. we’re planning on backporting all the mint tools to Daryna. So whether you run Elyssa or keep Daryna in the future you will be able to enjoy all the fixes and improvements we’ve made within the Mint tools.

I’ll talk about this more in details later as we start backporting applications into Daryna.

4. Where is the User Guide for Elyssa?

It will be made available as we’re getting close to the stable release.

5. I can’t find application X in the Elyssa Software Portal, where is it?

We’re still adding applications to it. For instance Skype and Google Earth were added yesterday along with 109 other applications… as we’re getting close to the stable release the portal will be containing more and more software. If it’s missing something after the Stable release is out, please let us know by posting about it in the forums.

6. I found a bug in Elyssa RC2, where can I report it?

Here: http://www.linuxmint.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=0&t=12853

Make sure you also read the release notes, because:

– They might answer some of your questions
– They might show you features you didn’t know about (check the section called “What’s new in Elyssa?”)
– They might mention limitations/issues we already know about.

The release notes are available here: http://www.linuxmint.com/rel_elyssa.php

7. Where is the torrent for Elyssa?

Here: http://www.linuxmint.de/downloads.html

8. Other questions?