Many thanks to all of you, for your patience with the upcoming releases and for your help and donations to this project.

All 3 editions of Linux Mint 19 (Cinnamon, MATE, Xfce) are currently in QA. The various bugs which were found were fixed and we’re expecting them to pass QA tomorrow. We’re planning the BETA release for Monday the 4th.

We hope you’ll enjoy testing these BETAs and we look forward to receiving your feedback.

The BETA phase for Mint 19 will be longer than usual, with a stable release planned for the end of June. A lot of code was ported to python3, gksu was removed and replaced with pkexec, MATE now supports HiDPI automatically, we’re using a brand new package base, the theme engine in GTK 3.22 is very different than in GTK 3.18 and might cause a few issues in Mint-X, and we’ve switched to Mint-Y and its new set of icons so we’re expecting many little bugs and paper cuts.

These are usually very easy to fix, we just hope there won’t be too many 🙂


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$79.25 from 57 smaller donations

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  • Distrowatch (popularity ranking): 2759 (2nd)
  • Alexa (website ranking): 3280

Cinnamon 3.8 is now officially out.

Here are some of the most notable highlights:

  • CJS, the Javascript interpreter, was rebased on GJS 1.50.2 and now depends on mozjs52
  • Support was added for elogind, systemd-timedated1 (which should replace ntp and ntpdate in Linux Mint 19 Cinnamon Edition), and the admin:// protocol
  • Support was improved for GTK 3.22, CSD windows (in particular for their button layout and titlebar click actions) and LibreOffice (in nemo-preview)
  • With the exception of Nemo extensions, all Python components were ported to Python3
  • The network settings were backported from GNOME 3.24 and include fixes from GNOME 3.26
  • The region settings now support the ability to show uncommon/exotic keyboard layouts
  • In the power settings, “Shutdown immediately” can now be chosen for closed lid and critical battery power events
  • Cinnamon now activates the touchpad if no other pointing devices are present
  • The screen is now locked synchronously prior to suspend
  • Suspend, Hibernate and Screen rotation keys are now supported when the screen is locked
  • Cinnamon no longer allows DE-specific or poorly written applications to start the GNOME or MATE screensavers when the Cinnamon screensaver is running
  • Cinnamon no longer sets QT environment variables (distributions are responsible for making QT5 applications look good out of the box)
  • Titlebar themes are now restricted to metacity-3
  • Nemo-rabbitvcs is no longer maintained by Cinnamon but by RabbitVCS
  • Thumbnails can now be rendered for files as large as 32GB
  • Scale/Overview can now be activated via dbus
  • Xlets can now define column options when using lists, settings with dependencies now use a revealer, dependencies can now be inverted and defined on sections (not just widgets). Simple expressions using boolean operators can be used to compare values. The settings example applet was updated to showcase all these new additions.

Performance was also improved:

  • Improvements in muffin and the window list make Cinnamon feel snappier and much faster than before at rendering new windows.
  • Improvements in libnemo-extension and the way views are rendered make Nemo faster at showing the content of directories.
  • Improvements ported from GNOME reduce the occurrence of full stage redraws.

Look and feel was improved:

  • Window animations were refined. They feel smoother and add to the feeling of snappiness.
  • Symbolic icons give Cinnamon a more modern look and better support for dark themes.
  • The coordinates and size of some widgets and components were adjusted to fall on exact pixels (which results in removing a slight blurriness and making them look crisp).
  • The quit dialog no longer skips the taskbar

And also:

  • The nemo search was simplified and is easier to use. It’s also synchronous and much faster than before.
  • Rubber-banding, which was previously only available in icon view, is now also available in list view.
  • You can now press <Super>+Alt (or use the right-click option on the Show Desktop applet) to quickly see your desklets, without minimizing your windows. When doing so, desklets move above your windows, until you click anywhere.
  • Notifications are smarter. They now have a close button (which unlike the notification itself doesn’t send you towards the source application) and no longer fade-out on mouse-over. To avoid notification spam, they’re also limited in number per source and disappear when the application is focused, except for particular applications (Firefox, Chromium..etc) which use multiple tabs and which can send notifications for various internal sources. Notifications can now also show at the bottom of the screen.
  • The maximum sound volume was currently set to 150%, with the sound settings allowing to go all the way to 150% while the sound applet and media keys only allowed a range of 0 to 100%. Cinnamon now lets you define what the maximum sound volume is, between 0 and 150%, and all sound controls (whether it’s the sound settings, the sound applet or the media keys) now range between 0 and the maximum value you defined. This allows you to quickly reach 150% without going into the sound settings, but also to quickly reach any arbitrary value, whatever suits your speakers and your environment, whether that value is higher than 100% for small speakers in loud environments or lower than 100% in quiet environments.
  • In the sound applet, the microphone and the speakers can now be muted separately. An option was added to choose whether or not to force the aspect-ratio of the album art. Tracks can be changed by scrolling left/right (that option is configurable).

This is just an overview. There’s a lot more than this and this new version of Cinnamon also capitalizes on 6 months of development, and features a ton of fixes and refinements.

We’d like to thank all the developers who worked on or contributed to Cinnamon 3.8:

  • Abdous Kamel
  • Andrew Gunsch
  • Bibal Elmoussaoui
  • Bjorn Esser
  • Caldas Lopes
  • Claudiux
  • Clement Lefebvre
  • Dglava
  • Eli Schwartz
  • Fabio Fantoni
  • Felix Piedallu
  • Filip Ayazi
  • German Franco
  • Ilya Zlobin
  • Isaac Carter
  • James Ross
  • Jason Hicks
  • Joseph Mccullar
  • Jusix
  • Leigh Scott
  • Marcin Mielniczuk
  • Maximilliano Curia
  • Michael Webster
  • Mike Tzou
  • Mikhail Bodrov
  • Mochamad Arifin
  • Naman Kanakiya
  • Niko Krause
  • Odyseus
  • Robert Antoni Buj Gelonch
  • Salamandar
  • Schachmat
  • Simon Brown
  • Stephens Collins
  • Steve M
  • Thomas Anderson
  • Tobias Gobel
  • Vanov

And also credits and a big thank you upstream to GNOME (in particular to Philip Chimento, Florian Mullner, Cosimo Cecchi, Benjamin Berg, Luke Nukem Jones, Chun-wei Fan, Tomas Popela, Claudio Andre, Daniel Boles, Juan Pablo Ugarte, Patrick Griffis, Tom Schoonjans, Olivier Fourdan and rtcm) for their work on GJS, the fixes ported from Mutter and Shell and the stabilization of GTK3.

We hope you’ll enjoy this new version of the Cinnamon desktop.

Before anything else, let’s thank all the people who contribute to this project. Many people do, in very different ways. Special thanks to our donors to our “silent friend” from Germany for the coffee! 🙂

Many thanks also to all the developers who interacted with us on Github lately. We’ve seen a lot of new faces and very cool contributions. A slack team was recently set up to improve communication between new developers and the development team.

We’re currently working on a few different things:

  • A lot of work is dedicated to adapting to the Debian Stretch and Ubuntu Bionic package bases, reviewing, re-applying or letting go of some of the fixes we had on the previous bases, monitoring and fixing new issues and reviewing new software and our default package selection. Other than a few issues we’ve yet to fix, everything looks really good so far. Both systems look smoother by the day as they get more and more stable. We’ve also reviewed and simplified some of our packaging, minimizing differences between LMDE and Mint and reducing the number of packages.
  • A part of the team is working on artwork. HiDPI improvements and GTK 3.22 support were implemented already. We’re improving icons, themes, support for symbolic icons and dark theme variants. As we’re switching to Mint-Y for the default theme, we’re also starting to look into providing color variations for it.
  • Cinnamon 3.8 was finalized. Its official release was slightly delayed because of a build issue in libnemoextension (which is used by xreader and some of the nemo extensions). We’re hoping to get this fixed and officially announce the release this week.
  • New features are still being implemented in the Mint tools. We’re focusing on the Update Manager, the Software Manager and the Welcome Screen in particular.
  • Although documentation efforts have slowed down since we published the Installation and Troubleshooting guides, we’re still planning to finish our Developer and Security guides before releasing Linux Mint 19.

We’re often asked when Linux Mint 19 or LMDE 3 will be released, what editions will be supported, and whether such or such changes affecting Ubuntu will also affect us. Here are a few elements of response:

  • We will release in this order: Cinnamon 3.8, Linux Mint 19, LMDE 3.
  • Linux Mint 19.x releases (19, 19.1, 19.2, 19.3) will be available in 3 editions (Cinnamon, MATE, Xfce), both in 32 and 64-bit.
  • LMDE 3 will be available in a single edition (Cinnamon), both in 32 and 64-bit.
  • Ubuntu ships with “ubuntu-report”, which collects metrics and usage data. This package won’t be present in Linux Mint, no data will be collected or sent.
  • In Ubuntu 18.04, support for home directory encryption was removed in the installer. Although it’s to soon to confirm whether or not this feature will stay, we’re working on it at the moment and we’re hoping to keep it.
  • The LMDE 3 installer will not get support for disk or home directory encryption.

In terms of timing, it’s hard to predict when things will be ready. If any issue is important enough not to release something, we won’t release it. Cinnamon 3.8 is very likely to be out this week though. We’re planning to release the Xfce edition of Linux Mint 19 at the same time as the Cinnamon and MATE editions. If everything goes smoothly, we should see the BETA releases in May, followed by the the stable releases 2 or 3 weeks later.


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A total of $10,291 were raised thanks to the generous contributions of 501 donors:

$305, High time to buy you guys some coffee! aka “A silent friend”
$218 (7th donation),
$200 (3rd donation), Scott G.
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