This edition seems to run faster than Gnome. Some of the mint tools it contains were customized by Merlwiz to integrate better with the XFCE desktop. The result is quite amazing and after testing it a bit I’m quite confident this release will be a success.

Enjoy the XFCE Community Edition and don’t forget to thank Merlwiz for all the hard work ūüôā

Not sure why the reviewer¬†couldn’t¬†find¬†mintInstall.¬†One¬†of his¬†screenshots¬†actually¬†shows¬†the¬†program¬†in¬†action. Nice¬†review¬†overall:

Dell is already selling computers with Ubuntu pre-loaded on them, Lenovo is getting ready to sell Thinkpad laptops with SLED 10 on them.

We should expect Dell to make its Ubuntu computers available outside the US before Christmas and other manufacturers to start selling Linux as well.

Philippe Lotz is looking at the possibility for Linux Mint to sell its own computers. Nothing is for sure yet. The chosen manufacturer is likely to be MSI/Medion.