Questions about Elyssa?

1. How do I upgrade to Elyssa?

The RC (Public BETA) releases are not meant to be “used”, they’re meant to be “tested”. Of course, people have been waiting for Elyssa for a long time and I can understand why they can’t wait for the Stable release and why they replace their main OS with these RCs. This is OK, it’s possible but it’s not “recommended”. The reason we publish these RC releases is for people to test them and for us to fix as many bugs as possible before the release becomes stable. The proper way to test an RC is to install it, this way you test the liveCD, the installer and the system is fresh. By upgrading to it instead of installing it, you’re not helping us test it.. you might in fact report problems that are related not to the release itself but to the way you performed the upgrade… Also, until the branch is actually stable, we are not in a position to publish upgrade instructions since these might still change.

So we’re hoping you keep Daryna as your main OS and test these RCs for us, to report bugs and help us out, on a separate partition or a virtual machine.

When Elyssa is stable we will publish upgrade instructions and you will be able to upgrade to it from Daryna stable, Elyssa RC1 (beta 032) and Elyssa RC2 (beta 048). Again, if you’re running RC1 or RC2 we strongly recommend you perform a fresh install when Stable comes out.

2. When are the other editions coming?

The KDE CE is being tested by the team. Boo has given Exploder 2 ISOs already. QT frontends for all the mint tools are planned but still missing.

Work on the X86_64 edition will begin as soon as Elyssa stable is out.

3. What happens if Elyssa doesn’t work for me?

Ubuntu is a great base but it’s also an innovative and adventurous distribution… like us actually, so the problem with this is.. where do we get stability and consistency between releases? How do we ensure there are no regressions? To be honest, we don’t. So there might be a few people for whom Daryna worked great and who won’t be as lucky with Elyssa. Don’t despair.. we’re planning on backporting all the mint tools to Daryna. So whether you run Elyssa or keep Daryna in the future you will be able to enjoy all the fixes and improvements we’ve made within the Mint tools.

I’ll talk about this more in details later as we start backporting applications into Daryna.

4. Where is the User Guide for Elyssa?

It will be made available as we’re getting close to the stable release.

5. I can’t find application X in the Elyssa Software Portal, where is it?

We’re still adding applications to it. For instance Skype and Google Earth were added yesterday along with 109 other applications… as we’re getting close to the stable release the portal will be containing more and more software. If it’s missing something after the Stable release is out, please let us know by posting about it in the forums.

6. I found a bug in Elyssa RC2, where can I report it?


Make sure you also read the release notes, because:

– They might answer some of your questions
– They might show you features you didn’t know about (check the section called “What’s new in Elyssa?”)
– They might mention limitations/issues we already know about.

The release notes are available here:

7. Where is the torrent for Elyssa?


8. Other questions?



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  2. Thanks for clearing things up on this.

    Wouldn’t it be better to use something like Bugzilla for bug reporting?
    When is the User Guide for Elyssa going to be released?

  3. “When is the User Guide for Elyssa going to be released?”

    –> I’m working on it as we speak 🙂

    “No QT developer has stepped up to help Boo yet?”

    –> I have but I’ll start working on this when Elyssa stable is out. This is my first priority.

  4. Thanks Clem, but I am surprised that no one has stepped up to help. You would think there is at least one QT developer around here.

  5. “8. Other questions?”

    do you plan an enlightenment linux mint version?

    thanks you

  6. “do you plan an enlightenment linux mint version?”


    “Thanks Clem, but I am surprised that no one has stepped up to help. You would think there is at least one QT developer around here.”

    We’re growing fast but we’re still quite a small and also new distribution. Our community is intense and passionate about what we do, we do get a lot of financial help and a lot of feedback but I think our profile and image (as an easy to use desktop) has attracted a lot of people previously running Windows rather than attracting developers or Linux veterans experienced with contributing code, patches and packages. This is not a bad thing in itself and it’s up to us to show that we can also be an interesting solution for experienced Linux users. We could also invest time in making our users more aware of what we need and actively teach people on the wiki, on the forums or even here on the blog how to make packages or even how to contribute in general. I take note and the same way I posted about these questions, I will explain the various ways people can help and contribute to Linux Mint. There might be other QT developers, the problem could simply be that they don’t know what we’re planning for KDE CE Elyssa…

  7. GOT TO SAY I LIKED MINT 4 BUT 5 RUNS MUCH SMOOTHER. The one thing that is needed thou is the kppp program especially if you only have a sprint evdo card to connect to the internet, but you dont have to compile the driver for the card because its already installed. The airprime driver already exists and is setup on the system. Mint so far has been one of the easiest operating systems as a newbie to linux +++ one other thing that i like are the graphics work better than on 4 with the ati driver good to go thks mint 5 ellisa works great so far

  8. Clem said:
    “We could also invest time in making our users more aware of what we need and actively teach people on the wiki, on the forums or even here on the blog how to make packages or even how to contribute in general.”

    That is a very good idea… I’m not so new to Linux, but I just don’t know what I could do to help a bit… and how! We’d need complete and yet clear and concise tutorials maybe…

  9. Is there anyway to get project entertainer added to the software portal.
    I’m a ultra newbie and have been pulling my hair out trying to install it.

  10. Just installed today and must say that I’m very happy and impressed! This is definitely a step up, and it’s my new full-time desktop. Thank you!

  11. Hey Clem
    I’v been using daryna for about 3 months on a duel boot xp/mint laptop, I love the ease and power of mint and plan on installing it on all of Our machines I am new to linux and not a programer but I volantier to help in any way I can to help the mint /linux movement.
    Richard Johnson

  12. vau!
    waiting for stable release. mint is best linux i have used, easiest to get things to work, and absolutely best for newbies/people who are not so interested about computers.

    one question: is it possible to upgrade from 32bit mint to 64bit whet it has been released?? i mean no livecd burning and such..

    one more thing, its awesome if you are adding downgrade option.. it might save some nerves 🙂

  13. Whew I can’t really wait for the final release. While waiting, I’ve tried other distro’s but there’s something in mint that I can’t find to others…(maybe the minty green :-)) I think it is the simplicity and elegance. Impressive work guys.. sorry though I didn’t DL the 2nd beta cause I will take 4 hours for me to Dl 🙁 so I’ll just wait for the stable version and surely, I will not sleep as soon as upgrade or stable is released 🙂 🙂

  14. woo hoo! this is the ONLY linux distro i’ve tried so far whose ndiswrapper allowed my belking wifi key to work!

    i am sold. any news when the final version of elyssa is coming out?

  15. Clem you have me in trouble at home. My wife won’t believe that the Elyssa that I talk about being in love with is a Mint distribution. What a great distribution. I’m now anxious for the release so I can get busy upgrading computers in the LUG.

    I have Elyssa up on one laptop and one desktop for testing. What can I tell you that you don’t already know – its wonderful.


  16. For those who have already installed an Elyssa RC as their main OS (as I have on my laptop 0:) ), will there be a way to upgrade to the final release without losing data? (ex. Using mintUpdate to update the changed files.)


  17. everytime i start up 6.o i keep getting the commandline..I don’t want the commandline i want the desktop?! how do i bring up the desktop so i can get all my settings in properly.

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