Monthly News – January 2024

Hi everyone,

First of all, many many thanks to all of you for your donations. As I mentioned in the previous blog post, we received a huge amount of support last month. 751 people donated to us in December for a total of $24,146. It’s pretty amazing!

January is strong too with 633 donors already. We don’t have statistics on downloads or installations but these donations speak volumes. Thank you!

Linux Mint 20.3

The latest version of the upgrade tool, which features improved detection and handling of orphan/foreign packages, was backported to Linux Mint 20.3.

This makes the upgrade path from 20.3 to 21 much easier than before.

Linux Mint 21.3

The stable release for Linux Mint 21.3 was announced early this month.

The upgrade path from 21, 21.1 and 21.2 was opened shortly after.

Bug fixes

We fixed a few regressions which had gone through the BETA phase unnoticed:

  • mintstick couldn’t handle space characters in the file path
  • Cinnamon screensaver showed a black screen in HiDPI when all windows were minimized or no windows were open
  • When multiple users were logged in, Cinnamon session only showed a dialog window on quit/logout for the first user


It came to our attention that Wayland sessions in Linux Mint 21.3 could potentially affect Xorg sessions and triggered specific issues.

Until these issues are fixed, we’d like to raise awareness on this and remind you that Wayland support in 21.3 is experimental. Although it is possible to switch from Wayland to Xorg with a simple logout, we recommend a reboot.


The EDGE ISO for Linux Mint 21.3 was released with a 6.5 kernel.

The following regressions were also fixed in this ISO:

  • Support for loopback.cfg
  • Invalid /EFI/boot/bootx64.efi file (which broke Rufus support)

Note that Rufus 4.4 also added a workaround, so it now works with LMDE 6 and Linux Mint 21.3.

For more info:


All the new features from Linux Mint 21.3 were backported to LMDE 6.

Linux Mint 22

The codename for Linux Mint 22 was chosen. It will be “Wilma”.

Here’s a sneak peek at one of its features..

Its Cinnamon edition will include a new Nemo Actions Organizer:

You’ll be able to organize your Nemo actions in menus and submenus.

This tool will support nested submenus, menu icons, separators and drag-and-drop.

You’ll also be able to rename actions and override their icon.


Linux Mint is proudly sponsored by:

Gold Sponsors:
Linux VPS Hosting
Silver Sponsors:
ThinkPenguin: For Everything Freedom
Bronze Sponsors:
Vault Networks *
AYKsolutions Server & Cloud Hosting
BGASoft Inc
DeepTide, LLC

Donations in December:

A total of $24,146 were raised thanks to the generous contributions of 751 donors:

$500 (6th donation), Gerald L.
$500 (4th donation), Morten K. A.
$500, Kenneth S.
$500, Lee B.
$431 (6th donation), Tanev, T.
$377 (4th donation), Soldev sàrl
$200 (4th donation), Brittany Taylor F.
$200 (3rd donation), Meherdil I.
$150 (9th donation), Robert D. aka “MacDhai
$150, German Genaro R.
$135 (4th donation), Kristoff S.
$108 (23rd donation), Hans J.
$108 (11th donation), Laurent P.
$108 (8th donation), aka “Phantasus
$108 (7th donation), Karl H.
$108 (7th donation), Walter K.
$108 (2nd donation), Kevin S.
$108 (2nd donation), Udo J.
$108, Holger K.
$108, Lucas A.
$107 (6th donation), J aka “look but don’t touch. Thank you”
$100 (6th donation), Michael H.
$100 (3rd donation), James J. Q.
$100 (3rd donation), Matt S.
$100 (3rd donation), Michel R.
$100 (3rd donation), Patrick L.
$100 (3rd donation), Stephanie S.
$100 (2nd donation), Charles H.
$100 (2nd donation), Lawrence W S.
$100 (2nd donation), Vance West
$100, Anthony H.
$100, Automated webpage schema aka “schemawriter
$100, Bernard K.
$100, Dan B.
$100, Faisal Yousuf
$100, John A.
$100, Michael D.
$100, Patrick M.
$100, Richard C L.
$100, Thomas M.
$99, Jeff K. aka “Pupalei”
$86 (5th donation), Rhydwen V.
$81 (5th donation), Jean-baptiste P.
$81 (4th donation), Klaus B.
$75 (2nd donation), Dragan M.
$75, Mark A.
$69 (2nd donation), Guillaume
$67, Neil P.
$65 (3rd donation), Ludo W.
$65 (2nd donation), Manuel K.
$65, Cameron S.
$63, Thomas Y.
$59 (4th donation), John Mc
$55 (2nd donation), Tom K.
$55, Francisco G.
$54 (15th donation), Paul S. E. aka “Paul”
$54 (10th donation), More Linux
$54 (9th donation), Ian H White.
$54 (9th donation), Martin R.
$54 (9th donation), Wolfgang N.
$54 (7th donation), Jose L. D.
$54 (6th donation), Armin F.
$54 (6th donation), Brian S.
$54 (6th donation), Christian G. aka “Chrissy”
$54 (6th donation), Ronald Severin
$54 (6th donation), Stefan L.
$54 (5th donation), Christian T.
$54 (5th donation), erwn16 aka “erwn”
$54 (5th donation), Luis R.
$54 (4th donation), Anton M.
$54 (4th donation), Jörg G.
$54 (4th donation), Julian N.
$54 (4th donation), Marco L. aka “mar9000
$54 (4th donation), Patrick R.
$54 (4th donation), Sébastien B.
$54 (4th donation), Stefan G.
$54 (3rd donation), Awrjpm V.
$54 (3rd donation), Bastian H.
$54 (3rd donation), Birgit B.
$54 (3rd donation), Frank L.
$54 (3rd donation), Isabell C.
$54 (3rd donation), Jean-loup P.
$54 (3rd donation), Jens A.
$54 (3rd donation), Malte K.
$54 (2nd donation), Christian W.
$54 (2nd donation), Jyrki A.
$54 (2nd donation), Olaf S.
$54 (2nd donation), Sylvain L.
$54 (2nd donation), Willem L.
$54 (2nd donation), Wolfgang W.
$54, Adrian K.
$54, Andreas K.
$54, Benoît H.
$54, Bernhard S.
$54, Christina B.
$54, Daniel L.
$54, Dimitri S.
$54, Dirk T.
$54, Eckart H.
$54, Estelle P.
$54, Eugen A.
$54, Fernando G.
$54, Georg B.
$54, Gertraud P.
$54, Giacomino aka “pengiacomo”
$54, Hans D.
$54, Hubert S.
$54, Jeremia A.
$54, Katharina G.
$54, Lennart S.
$54, Ludovic M.
$54, Martin M.
$54, MBAdept
$54, Michael K.
$54, Michael M.
$54, Peter T.
$54, Rafael M.
$54, Reinhard B.
$54, Rene K.
$54, Richard F.
$54, Ronny N.
$54, Stefan B.
$54, Stefan G.
$54, Stefan L.
$54, Stefan R.
$54, Stefan S.
$54, Stephen T.
$54, Vincent V.
$52 (7th donation), Chris M.
$50 (79th donation), Anthony C. aka “ciak”
$50 (58th donation), Michael R.
$50 (14th donation), Donna B.
$50 (9th donation), Christophe Caillé aka “KKY”
$50 (8th donation), David S.
$50 (8th donation), Paul R.
$50 (8th donation), Thomas B.
$50 (8th donation), William G.
$50 (7th donation), Bob Tregilus
$50 (7th donation), Bogdan P.
$50 (7th donation), Ralph P.
$50 (7th donation), Stacey F.
$50 (6th donation), Ed T aka “EdBot”
$50 (6th donation), GELvdH
$50 (6th donation), greerd
$50 (5th donation), James G.
$50 (4th donation), Harrison W.
$50 (4th donation), Jim W.
$50 (4th donation), Kurt T.
$50 (4th donation), Stephen R.
$50 (4th donation), Urban R.
$50 (3rd donation), Doug S.
$50 (3rd donation), Gilles B.
$50 (3rd donation), Jean-francois L.
$50 (3rd donation), John S.
$50 (3rd donation), Kevin R.
$50 (3rd donation), L. I.
$50 (2nd donation), Charles W.
$50 (2nd donation), David Diaz
$50 (2nd donation), Evan S.
$50 (2nd donation), James W.
$50 (2nd donation), Jeffrey E.
$50 (2nd donation), John R.
$50 (2nd donation), Julie A G.
$50 (2nd donation), Kevin C.
$50 (2nd donation), Marc H.
$50 (2nd donation), Michael R.
$50 (2nd donation), Ricardo P.
$50 (2nd donation), Richard F.
$50 (2nd donation), Rodney S.
$50 (2nd donation), Rylen L.
$50 (2nd donation), Stephen C.
$50 (2nd donation), TNMedia aka “MetroManOne”
$50 (2nd donation), Todd P.
$50, Andrew G.
$50, Arthur B.
$50, Beau L.
$50, C. F.
$50, Christopher W.
$50, Daniel S.
$50, David B.
$50, David R.
$50, E R E.
$50, Eugene D.
$50, Geoffrey G.
$50, John H.
$50, John H.
$50, John M.
$50, John W.
$50, Josh G.
$50, Karl G.
$50, Kevin M.
$50, Matthew C.
$50, Michael C.
$50, Michael M.
$50, Nicolas F.
$50, Reynold R.
$50, Robert L.
$50, Rodney B.
$50, Ryan D.
$50, Samuel C.
$50, Satoshi T.
$50, Scott P.
$50, Waymond Y.
$45 (5th donation), David K.
$43 (5th donation), Mathias P.
$43 (2nd donation), Ettore G. aka “Hanamigi”
$43, Hans Peter L.
$40 (7th donation), Oblong Software Products
$40 (2nd donation), Steve K.
$40, Gregory M.
$38 (10th donation), Steve Glyn.
$38 (2nd donation), Greg P.
$35 (3rd donation), Steven H.
$32 (15th donation), Adis H.
$32 (9th donation), Peter Schallmoser-Schlogl
$32 (8th donation), Jürgen F.
$32 (7th donation), Daniel K.
$32 (6th donation), Olaf Bousche aka “Bushman”
$32 (5th donation), Andreas G.
$32 (4th donation), Bobby
$32 (4th donation), Gilles S.
$32 (4th donation), Keith H.
$32 (4th donation), Lutz B.
$32 (3rd donation), Raimund L.
$32 (2nd donation), Jannis S.
$32, Alessio P.
$32, Markus G.
$32, Martin U.
$32, Matthias G.
$32, Matthias S.
$32, Stephen L.
$31 (15th donation), Adam K.
$30 (8th donation), John Eady
$30 (6th donation), Kirk W.
$30 (3rd donation), Paul S.
$30 (2nd donation), Bart L.
$30 (2nd donation), Lubos K.
$30, Earl T.
$30, Garrett F.
$30, Leon K.
$27 (15th donation), Anthony M.
$27 (10th donation), Reidar S.
$27 (9th donation), Alexander M.
$27 (9th donation), Jürgen B.
$27 (8th donation), Juergen S.
$27 (7th donation), Sebastian J.
$27 (6th donation), Alessio B.
$27 (4th donation), Amir Perviz
$27 (3rd donation), Christoph F.
$27 (3rd donation), Sape S.
$27 (2nd donation), Marcus R.
$27 (2nd donation), Marijn V.
$27 (2nd donation), Mark
$27, Jesus F. M.
$26, Michael S.
$25 (34th donation), Linux Mint Sverige
$25 (15th donation), Vaughan Butler
$25 (14th donation), Richard N.
$25 (13th donation), Jon G.
$25 (11th donation), Frances K.
$25 (11th donation), Todd W.
$25 (8th donation), Edmond I.
$25 (8th donation), Robert S.
$25 (7th donation), George I.
$25 (6th donation), Thomas H.
$25 (5th donation), Harrie K.
$25 (5th donation), Raymond F.
$25 (5th donation), Shaun I.
$25 (4th donation), Edward C.
$25 (4th donation), Keith C.
$25 (3rd donation), Marek M.
$25 (3rd donation), Tulio J S.
$25 (2nd donation), Chris L.
$25 (2nd donation), Corey P.
$25 (2nd donation), Kelechi A.
$25 (2nd donation), Kevin H.
$25 (2nd donation), Kyle N.
$25, C M
$25, Daniel B.
$25, Dennis K.
$25, Paul V.
$25, Shawn S.
$22 (43th donation), Peter E.
$22 (13th donation), Bill Metzenthen
$22 (13th donation), Luca D.
$22 (10th donation), Dirk M.
$22 (10th donation), Frank V.
$22 (9th donation), Alexander Lang
$22 (9th donation), Andreas M.
$22 (9th donation), Chema Cortés
$22 (8th donation), Tom B.
$22 (7th donation), Alfred H.
$22 (7th donation), Marco P.
$22 (7th donation), Mark F.
$22 (7th donation), Richard L. F.
$22 (7th donation), Vidal Santos
$22 (6th donation), Christian K.
$22 (6th donation), Goran L.
$22 (6th donation), Herberth M.
$22 (6th donation), Kai H.
$22 (6th donation), Marek S. [LMDE SUPPORTER]
$22 (5th donation), aka “Max”
$22 (5th donation), Anthony G M.
$22 (5th donation), Cuauhtemoc M.
$22 (5th donation), Derek B.
$22 (5th donation), Iain S.
$22 (5th donation), RobH
$22 (4th donation), akaIDIOT
$22 (4th donation), Andreas F.
$22 (4th donation), Andreas F.
$22 (4th donation), Benjamin W.
$22 (4th donation), Chris F.
$22 (4th donation), Erwin S.
$22 (4th donation), Florian S.
$22 (4th donation), Jens G.
$22 (4th donation), Miss anon aka “Anonymous ”
$22 (4th donation), Pavlos G.
$22 (3rd donation), Axel D.
$22 (3rd donation), Christian H.
$22 (3rd donation), Fais T.
$22 (3rd donation), Jose F.
$22 (3rd donation), Josef K.
$22 (3rd donation), Juan Antonio C.
$22 (3rd donation), Krassen D.
$22 (3rd donation), Nils D.
$22 (3rd donation), Norbert D.
$22 (3rd donation), Paul W.
$22 (3rd donation), Sybren H.
$22 (3rd donation), Thomas K.
$22 (3rd donation), Thomas L.
$22 (2nd donation), Alberto A.
$22 (2nd donation), Albrecht H.
$22 (2nd donation), Christoph F.
$22 (2nd donation), Daniel B.
$22 (2nd donation), Floris V.
$22 (2nd donation), Mario N.
$22 (2nd donation), Michel C.
$22 (2nd donation), Michel T.
$22 (2nd donation), Sönke M.
$22 (2nd donation), Tery H.
$22 (2nd donation), zilfe
$22, Antonio Maria D.
$22, Benito R.
$22, Bernd O.
$22, Bernt Stefan Angelo A.
$22, Bettina S.
$22, Boris B.
$22, Daniel H.
$22, Dimitri P.
$22, Dominic V.
$22, Emmanuel O.
$22, Hans-jürgen L.
$22, Harun-kerim T.
$22, Jean-claude B.
$22, Jean-yves D.
$22, Jens S.
$22, Jochen B.
$22, Josef C.
$22, Kai G.
$22, Kai K.
$22, Kai S.
$22, Manfred K.
$22, Marek Z.
$22, Mario B.
$22, Martin V.
$22, Michael G.
$22, Michael G.
$22, Michael S.
$22, Mike H.
$22, Oliver M.
$22, Osmo L.
$22, Paul L.
$22, Ronald K.
$22, Ronny D.
$22, Sven V.
$22, Thomas L.
$22, Thorsten W.
$22, Tim aka “uvulpos”
$20 (138th donation), Tony C. aka “S. LaRocca”
$20 (63th donation), Bryan F.
$20 (39th donation), John D.
$20 (27th donation), vagrantcow
$20 (18th donation), Dylan B.
$20 (14th donation), Dana S.
$20 (13th donation), Robert S. aka “Bob”
$20 (9th donation), Peter L. aka “Myfathersson”
$20 (7th donation), Graeme M. J.
$20 (6th donation), Paul K.
$20 (5th donation), Carl W.
$20 (5th donation), David B.
$20 (5th donation), James W.
$20 (5th donation), Mario M.
$20 (5th donation), Wiilliam N. H.
$20 (5th donation), youme
$20 (4th donation), R. C. F.
$20 (4th donation), Charles N.
$20 (4th donation), Charles P.
$20 (4th donation), Digvijay C.
$20 (4th donation), Dismas S. aka “Dismas”
$20 (4th donation), Jim W.
$20 (4th donation), John L.
$20 (4th donation), Robert C.
$20 (4th donation), Timothy S.
$20 (4th donation), Trevor H.
$20 (3rd donation), Allen G.
$20 (3rd donation), Claude G.
$20 (3rd donation), Donald O.
$20 (3rd donation), Frederick D.
$20 (3rd donation), Geoff A.
$20 (3rd donation), Ian M.
$20 (3rd donation), Joel M.
$20 (3rd donation), Michael M.
$20 (3rd donation), Nathaniel A.
$20 (3rd donation), Robert W.
$20 (3rd donation), Vincent A.
$20 (2nd donation), Andrew D.
$20 (2nd donation), Bede W.
$20 (2nd donation), Brian S.
$20 (2nd donation), Daniel L.
$20 (2nd donation), David B.
$20 (2nd donation), David M.
$20 (2nd donation), David S.
$20 (2nd donation), David W.
$20 (2nd donation), Jack W.
$20 (2nd donation), John
$20 (2nd donation), Kálmán V.
$20 (2nd donation), Mayra M.
$20 (2nd donation), Michael S.
$20 (2nd donation), Mike W.
$20 (2nd donation), Stephen T.
$20 (2nd donation), Steven M.
$20 (2nd donation), Wolfgang R.
$20, Aaron P.
$20, Alexander M.
$20, Amar M.
$20, Art H.
$20, Bart B.
$20, Charles B.
$20, Christopher W.
$20, Darren W.
$20, David W.
$20, David W.
$20, Don V.
$20, Donald B.
$20, Donald D.
$20, G R.
$20, Geoffrey L.
$20, Geraldo F.
$20, James C.
$20, Jamie J.
$20, John F.
$20, John S.
$20, Johnny Riber L.
$20, Joshua D.
$20, Keith T.
$20, Kevin W.
$20, Lawrence W.
$20, Michael B.
$20, Nick M.
$20, Nikolay R.
$20, Patrick W.
$20, Richard S.
$20, Robert L.
$20, Susam H.
$20, Thomas L.
$16 (90th donation), Johann J.
$16 (4th donation), Gorazd B.
$16 (4th donation), Peter C.
$16 (3rd donation), Philippe F.
$16 (2nd donation), Manfred T.
$16 (2nd donation), Patrick H.
$16, Mihovil S.
$16, Sandro I.
$15 (71th donation), Andreas S.
$15 (6th donation), Marcin A.
$15 (6th donation), Terry R.
$15 (4th donation), Pavlo Pyshkin aka “hydrodynamic electron flow
$15 (3rd donation), Georges A.
$15, Aleksandar J.
$15, Paul S.
$15, Robert B.
$14, Attila C.
$14, Tony L.
$13 (7th donation), Brian H.
$13 (4th donation), David Fletcher
$13 (2nd donation), Brian H.
$13, Pierre Willfried B.
$12 (5th donation), Alfredo O.
$12 (4th donation), Andre J.
$12, BV
$12, Michal E.
$11 (44th donation), Daniel S.
$11 (21st donation),
$11 (20th donation), aka “AsciiWolf”
$11 (19th donation), Denys G.
$11 (12th donation), Tomi P.
$11 (10th donation), Pierre G.
$11 (10th donation), Robert W.
$11 (9th donation), Francois B. aka “Makoto
$11 (9th donation), Stefan W.
$11 (7th donation), Andrei Z.
$11 (7th donation), Augusto B.
$11 (7th donation), Florian J.
$11 (7th donation), Guillaume O. aka “Gandalf81”
$11 (7th donation), Helmut S.
$11 (7th donation), Marco V.
$11 (6th donation), Bengt Falke aka “Falke”
$11 (6th donation), Goran V.
$11 (6th donation), Heiko W.
$11 (6th donation), Lukas N.
$11 (6th donation), Michael Z.
$11 (6th donation), Philippe A. aka “Phreezoo”
$11 (5th donation), Dino G.
$11 (5th donation), Ulrich P.
$11 (4th donation), Amazias O.
$11 (4th donation), Daniel A.
$11 (4th donation), Francisco F.
$11 (4th donation), John B.
$11 (4th donation), Sandu I.
$11 (4th donation), Thomas B.
$11 (3rd donation), Aleksi L.
$11 (3rd donation), Benjamin L. aka “indivisual
$11 (3rd donation), Davide M.
$11 (3rd donation), Elmar V.
$11 (3rd donation), Hans-peter M.
$11 (3rd donation), Jan V.
$11 (3rd donation), Maurizio C. aka “bluoltremauri”
$11 (3rd donation), Nick M. aka “manikos
$11 (3rd donation), Ticià Sala
$11 (2nd donation), Anders C.
$11 (2nd donation), Andreas Z.
$11 (2nd donation), Davide F.
$11 (2nd donation), Derek S.
$11 (2nd donation), Elena S.
$11 (2nd donation), Frank S.
$11 (2nd donation), Gezinus V.
$11 (2nd donation), Ioannis B.
$11 (2nd donation), J.C.Navarrete
$11 (2nd donation), Jean, Jacques G.
$11 (2nd donation), Jens B.
$11 (2nd donation), Jibi
$11 (2nd donation), Joel E.
$11 (2nd donation), Jürgen B.
$11 (2nd donation), Martin S.
$11 (2nd donation), Philip B.
$11 (2nd donation), Sébastien F.
$11 (2nd donation), Senad K.
$11 (2nd donation), Ulrich D.
$11 (2nd donation), Z. Lambov
$11, Aaron D.
$11, Albert P.
$11, Algirdas L.
$11, Andrea K.
$11, Andreas H.
$11, Andreas R.
$11, Antonio G.
$11, Attila K.
$11, Bertrand S.
$11, Björn H.
$11, CCS S.A
$11, Christian B.
$11, Christoph G.
$11, Denis Š.
$11, Elliot N.
$11, Francisco J A.
$11, Francisco Rafael H.
$11, G. L.
$11, Hansueli A.
$11, Holger M.
$11, Hugo M.
$11, Jean-jacques T.
$11, Joachim D.
$11, Johannes K.
$11, John M aka “Sparky51”
$11, Jorge G.
$11, Kamil P.
$11, Karsten B.
$11, Ken M.
$11, Kevin V.
$11, Mario G.
$11, Marko A.
$11, Michael H.
$11, Michal A.
$11, Mika P.
$11, Ralf P.
$11, Ronald K.
$11, Ruben L.
$11, Ruskin H.
$11, Samuel C.
$11, Sebastian H.
$11, Sebastian U.
$11, Shane B.
$11, Sven V.
$11, Thomas F.
$11, Vinicius P.
$11, Willi B.
$11, Zoltan L.
$10 (93th donation), Thomas C.
$10 (87th donation), Frank K.
$10 (40th donation), Philip Woodward
$10 (32nd donation), Carpet Cleaning Winnipeg
$10 (24th donation), Wilson G.
$10 (19th donation), Bruce M.
$10 (18th donation), Harold R.
$10 (14th donation), Troy T.
$10 (12th donation), Antonio Carlos L. Sampaio aka “tnsampa
$10 (12th donation), William M.
$10 (10th donation), Dave S.
$10 (9th donation), Ian C.
$10 (9th donation), Organic CBD Gummies
$10 (8th donation), Joseph G.
$10 (7th donation), Eric L.
$10 (6th donation), Hans M.
$10 (6th donation), Thevirtua
$10 (5th donation), Kurt W.
$10 (5th donation), Patryk H.
$10 (4th donation), moon musiq aka “Netlabel for Industrial, Dark Ambient, and Noise
$10 (4th donation), Timothy D.
$10 (3rd donation), Emmanuel T.
$10 (3rd donation), jfoxwoosh
$10 (3rd donation), Vincent L.
$10 (2nd donation), Alan H.
$10 (2nd donation), Axel Z.
$10 (2nd donation), Ernest B.
$10 (2nd donation), Geoffrey P.
$10 (2nd donation), Jeremy B.
$10 (2nd donation), Matheus E.
$10 (2nd donation), Michael H.
$10 (2nd donation), Michael W.
$10 (2nd donation), Musa U.
$10 (2nd donation), PF
$10, Adam S.
$10, Andrija O.
$10, Anthony L.
$10, Arenas R.
$10, Christopher F.
$10, Daniel R.
$10, Evan H.
$10, Gabriel R.
$10, Gerald F.
$10, Go SEO
$10, Guillaume M.
$10, Ian M.
$10, Johan D.
$10, Joshua B.
$10, Josue L.
$10, Kenneth B.
$10, Liliana N.
$10, Lonnie J.
$10, Lotem Sakira aka “Vision_74532”
$10, Marshall W.
$10, Matthew Gracie aka “Nethound
$10, Matthew R.
$10, Max
$10, Michael E.
$10, Mike P.
$10, Morgan C.
$10, Murray S.
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    1. Now let’s all request a single Spices manager app while they’re looking the other way 😀 This team is amazing!

  1. I’m so grateful to FOSS devs in general and the Linux Mint team in particular for the work, energy, and time they contribute. Thank you!

  2. About the new “Nemo Actions Organizer”, you wrote that “organize your Nemo actions in menus and submenus”:

    1) Does that mean that only user added Actions can be organized, not the default ones? It would be great to be able to organize all Actions in the context menu.

    2) Is the user still able to add new Actions to the “root” context menu (where default Actions are), or only to submenus? Please keep the ability to add to the “root” menu.

    3) With the new user Actions system, is it still possible to create own Actions the old way, with “.nemo_action” files in the “~/.local/share/nemo/actions” folder?

    Feature request for Actions: Please create an Action option (used in the “.nemo_action” files) that would limit the Action to a certain folder in the system. E.g. I would like to have an Action that is ONLY shown if the file/folder is located under e.g. “~/test/” folder (that folder or in any of its subfolders). For example, I have my movie collection in a certain folder and I have an Action that does something specific to a movie file, but I only would like it to appear in the context menu for movies under certain folder, not everywhere in the system. This kind of feature is missing from the Action system.

    Many thanks!

    1. 1) All actions, no matter their source, are treated the same
      2) You’re not forced to put them in submenus, by default everything should look the same as it always has.
      3) Nothing is changed here. Downloaded actions are also placed in ~/.local/share but anything already there works the same as it always has.

      Restricting visibility to specific locations will be supported in the next release also

  3. After upgrading to Linux Mint Cinnamon 21.3, I can’t open anymore my .gpg files in Nemo. Unencrypt menu doesn’t appear anymore after a right click on the .gpg files. I still have Encrypt menu in Nemo when I do a rigth clic on a file but I no longer have the Unencrypt menu when I do a right click on a .gpg file.

  4. Good Day for all.
    Thanks Mint Team for the wonderfull work.
    When I updated to cinnamon 6.0, all added languages were removed (only us english stayed).
    Please take care of this point when developing new releases of cinnamon.

  5. To Clem & The MINT developers you do an amazing job. I upgraded to MINT 21.3 without any issues and mint works beautifully & smoothly as ever. THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!! OUTSTANDING.

  6. Thank you a lot for your ongoing effort to make LM more refined and polished, though it is unbelievably good at present. As for Nemo, could you provide an action to see more information about the selected file and allow the user to modify all its metadata in the app? BTW, for months I’ve been having problems with quick display of file content in Nemo via the spacebar key. It’s much more convenient to use external applications.

  7. Tried Cinnamon on Wayland. Black screen, though the panel and menu worked. Attempting to return to xorg by both GUI logout and reboot took me back to Wayland. Encountered the “only first user can logout, reboot or shut down” bug when I tried switching users. Finally had to force reboot via Terminal to get back to login and return to xorg.

    Now have an issue with Nemo taking a minute or more to launch. It was much faster before I tried Wayland. I made no config changes while trying to get back to xorg.

  8. I love Linux Mint! Thank you Mint Team!

    In LM22, PLEASE consider adding two important backup related features……….

    1) Add backup compression. Frequent backups are more difficult and expensive with huge backup files especially when you have multiple partitions, disks and computers.

    2) Add support for complete image backups (compressed) for partitions and disks. Simply providing a list of installed apps is not sufficient because re-installing and re-configuring all your apps is a huge hassle.

  9. Hello, since Linux Mint 21.2 the problem persists that when unzipping compressed folders from my one Drive educational account, the icons are not displayed correctly, which is why I have had to install Thunar in Cinnamon to be able to work

    1. I don’t know if it’s related, but I also have problems unzipping files. The solution was to install the most popular decompression formats:
      sudo apt install p7zip-full p7zip-rar rar unrar zip unzip unace bzip2 arj lzip lzma gzip unar

      I hope the LM team can solve the problem in the next version

  10. The problem of not being able to display the icons correctly (you can see a clock in the icons) when unzipping a folder downloaded from my One Drive educational account is when I use Nemo, which is why I mentioned that I install Thunar because there everything can be displayed correctly, which Curious is that after an hour of unzipping the folders with Nemo you can now view the files correctly. I also wanted to add that this problem does not occur when I use my personal one derive account.

    1. The problem of not being able to display the icons correctly (you can see a clock in the icons) when unzipping a folder downloaded from my One Drive educational account is when I use Nemo, which is why I mentioned that I install Thunar because there everything can be displayed correctly, which Curious is that after an hour of unzipping the folders with Nemo you can now view the files correctly. I also wanted to add that this problem does not occur when I use my personal one drive account.

  11. When testing Wayland on LM21.3 , I found that the VPN application “Private Internet Access” does not display windows menus and sub menus correctly and even disconnect abruptly.

    1. Flatpak is there because some developers don’t want to, or are not able to build a proper Debian/Ubuntu package which could undergo proper system testing.
      Personally, I would never install a flatpak thing into a stable distro like LMDE or even into Mint.
      So, for me, flatpak isn’t wanted, still less any flat extras.

    1. Watched the video, I purged sudo and installed and use doas. Thanks for the link. Hope the Mint devs really consider adding does to the iso’s.

    2. I watched the video. In my opinion, it seems like they’re making a bigger deal out of sudo’s size and complexity than there really is. For the average desktop user, on average hardware, there’s little to no difference between the two, beyond which 4 letters you have to type. And if you’re not the average, you’re more likely to need the full features of sudo. The usage is pretty much the same for the usual tasks, the size difference between the two is pretty negligible unless you’re counting your remaining megabytes on your fingers (if you are, you have a problem that doas won’t solve), and on Mint, you just about never have to configure and maintain sudo (configuration and maintenance seems to be the video’s biggest complaint about sudo). It’s set up the way the average user needs it to be out of the box. I fail to see the need for doas, to be honest. Just my opinion. You’re of course welcome to use doas if you prefer it. I don’t see the need to include it on the Mint ISO, though.

  12. I will try to upgrade from 21.2 to 21.3 soon. I am using the Mate desktop though so it seems like upgrading is very marginal to me. What are your thoughts on this?

    -Greatest Wishes

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