Many thanks for your support and your donations. You make this project thrive and it’s a real pleasure to work on it.

We’ve had to overcome a few issues and this development cycle hasn’t been the smoothest, but we’re really happy right now. We’re excited to get close to the BETA release and to show everybody what we’ve been working on. We’re proud of our achievements and some of the features and improvements which were implemented. We’re delighted to be together and to have fun within the team, working on all of this.

Nemo: Pinning items

The Cinnamon file manager features some cool new features. If you find yourself always looking for the same files over and over again… just pin them.

Pin folders and files to make them go to the top

It’s that easy. Pinned items show up on top and are easy to reach.

Nemo: Conditional actions

When you right-click a file, you see the actions you can perform on it. Until now these actions could only be generic. Starting with Nemo 4.2, actions can implement their own external condition. In other words, actions can use scripts or external commands to target specific files in specific conditions. This will allow us to ship actions which are much smarter than before.

Let’s take an example. When you right-click a picture, you can choose the “Set as Wallpaper” action. This action targets all pictures files. No matter what file you select, if it’s a picture file, you’ll see this action.

Going forward we can have actions for specific use cases, which won’t get in the way of your daily use, but which will be there for you when you need them.

Say you right-click an .mkv which is larger than 4GB, just choose to “Split it”. Say you select a video which audio is encoded as DTS.. just right-click it and choose “Convert DTS audio to AC3”. Say the picture you’re right-clicking has geolocation in its metadata, just right-click “Show me where it was taken” to open up the map.

The sky is the limit, these are just examples. In future releases we’ll need to assess the performance costs of shipping a multitude of actions. With Nemo 4.2, we now have the technology to do it (and so do you if you want to make your own actions). Actions can predict whether they’re needed or not way better than they could ever do in the past, and that will allow us to make your right-click menu in your file manager one of the handiest tools there is.

Cinnamon menu

Cinnamon is faster and snappier than before. It uses less RAM and it loads faster. Some of these improvements come from the DocInfo and Appsys reviews, some come from the Muffin window manager, and some come from the work done on the application menu.

Beside the performance improvements the application menu now identifies and distinguishes duplicates. If two applications have the same name, the menu will show more information about them.

In your application menu, Xed is the “Text Editor”. If you install Gedit, you no longer end up with two “Text Editor” entries. Instead, you’ll see “Text Editor (Xed)” and “Text Editor (Gedit)”.

Gedit and Xed in the app menu

The same goes for Flatpaks, if you install the Flatpak of an application you already have, the menu will distinguish between the two to let you know which one is the one from the repositories and which one is the Flatpak.

The repository version of Glade alongside its Flatpak cousin

Scrollbar settings

This is not for everybody but it’s been requested many times in the past. People who don’t like overlay scrollbars or who want to override the theme settings will be able to so graphically.

Scrollbars are now configurable


Pix, along with the text editor, the document reader, the video player and the image viewer were reviewed and support was added to ensure users could use the traditional Ctrl+Q and Ctrl+W keyboard shortcuts.

In the document reader preferences, a zoom selector can now be added to the toolbar.

MintBox 3

We’re working with Compulab on the most powerful MintBox ever.

MintBox3 is the most powerful MintBox ever made

MintBox 3 will be based on the Airtop 3:

I’ve been using an Airtop1 as my main computer for a while now and it’s a beautiful machine.

The specifications and prices below aren’t final:

1. Basic configuration: $1543 with a Core i5 (6 cores), 16 GB RAM, 256 GB EVO 970, Wi-Fi and FM-AT3 FACE Module.

2. High end: $2698 with Core i9, GTX 1660 Ti, 32 GB RAM, 1TB EVO 970, WiFi and FM-AT3 FACE Module.


When snap was announced it was supposed to be a solution, not a problem. It was supposed to make it possible to run newer apps on top of older libraries and to let 3rd party editors publish their software easily towards multiple distributions, just like Flatpak and AppImage. What we didn’t want it to be was for Canonical to control the distribution of software between distributions and 3rd party editors, to prevent direct distribution from editors, to make it so software worked better in Ubuntu than anywhere else and to make its store a requirement.

If you’re a Fedora user and you want to install Spotify, you’re told to go to Spotify doesn’t distribute RPM packages, appimage, Flatpak or anything useful to a Fedora user who wants to download it, or to a Fedora maintainer who wants to add it to a repository. Fedora users are told to go to what is essentially a commercial store operated by a RedHat competitor where stats tell them their distribution is only 7th best.

We’re in luck, we can still download the .deb. If Spotify stops caring, what do we do? We move to snap because we have to? Will the snap store continue to let people download actual .snap files in the future or will that get locked down ? Will the snap store continue to operate without an Ubuntu One account or will we get vendor-locked ? I think it’s important to appreciate these aspects.

We all have smartphones, and we all know how great the Google Play store is. How often do we see .apk (Android packages) on the web ? How hard are they to install without the Google store ? How free is an editor to publish its .apk itself while being present in the store ? Who controls all that and what does it mean for us ? Who governs what can and cannot go into the store ? Who makes commercial deals ? Who do we rely on ? And why ?

As long as snap is a solution to a problem, it’s great. Just like Flatpak, it can solve some of the real issues we have with frozen package bases. It can provide us with software we couldn’t otherwise run as packages. When it starts replacing packages for no good reason though, when it starts harming our interaction with upstream projects and software vendors and reducing our choice, it becomes a threat.

A Fedora user shouldn’t be told about Ubuntu and Ubuntu One when downloading software. His browser shouldn’t have bookmarks pointing to another distribution. His software shouldn’t be designed and tested primarily with another desktop environment and distribution in mind, and when he looks at screenshots he shouldn’t see Ubuntu everywhere. It’s wrong for Spotify to do that and it’s wrong for any vendor to think that such a store can be the only store for all Linux users. For this to work it would need to be governed by us all, with clear goals, without bias and without conflict of interest.

When Flatpak came out it immediately allowed anyone to create stores. The Flatpak client can talk to multiple stores. Spotify is on Flathub and they can push towards it. If tomorrow they have an argument with Flathub they can create their own store and the very same Flatpak client will still work with it. When Snap came out, it was only a client. The server was behind closed doors and the client couldn’t talk to multiple servers. We’ve been worried about this since then, but it was OK. As long as Snap didn’t become the de-facto standard for all editors to publish to all users of Linux, it was OK. As long as editors didn’t stop distributing packages, it was OK. As long as Snap didn’t remove what we already had, it was perfectly OK. The Ubuntu Store, which is now called the Snap Store (which makes sense since there can only be “one” store, by design), was promising because it could provide software we didn’t have access to, and a payment platform to purchase commercial software. It’s doing much more than that though, it could reduce access to free (as in beer) software and free (as in freedom) software.

There are a lot of things you can do with package managers (apt/dpkg in Linux Mint), that you can’t do with Snap, and there are two reasons for this. First, they’ve been around for a while. They’re mature, they’re integrated fully within the OS in every distributions. Second, they’ve been developed with Free Software in mind. There are no commercial aspects in the design of apt/dpkg, it’s all about empowering users and distributions. You can’t modify, rebuild, pin, patch, mirror a snap, you’re not supposed to.

I’ve been invited to participate by the Snap developers and I’m hoping one day we’ll be able to integrate snap into Linux Mint. Although I’m worried about the impact on the market, I think snap could work both as a client and a file format, if it didn’t lock us into a single store. You might wonder why I’m so outspoken about this all of a sudden. There’s a certain sense of urgency which demands action on our side. Ubuntu is planning to replace the Chromium repository package with an empty package which installs the Chromium snap. In other words, as you install APT updates, Snap becomes a requirement for you to continue to use Chromium and installs itself behind your back. This breaks one of the major worries many people had when Snap was announced and a promise from its developers that it would never replace APT.

The plan isn’t just to delegate part of APT with Snap in the current Ubuntu releases, but also to backport this change towards Ubuntu 18.04 LTS. We don’t want this to affect Linux Mint.

I don’t think the points we’re raising here are well understood by the community. I hope we’ll talk with Ubuntu and the Snap project about this. We’re very interested in your feedback as well. A self-installing Snap Store which overwrites part of our APT package base is a complete NO NO. It’s something we have to stop and it could mean the end of Chromium updates and access to the snap store in Linux Mint.

32-bit support going forward

The announcement from Canonical that 32-bit support was to be dropped in Ubuntu 20.04 means that the future Linux Mint 20 will only be able to be released in 64-bit. Linux Mint 19.x is already available in 32-bit and it can be used until 2023. I think most people are happy with this and dropping 32-bit releases going forward makes sense in 2020.

Many questions were raised about multiarch support though. Steam, Wine and other popular applications used in Linux Mint 64-bit cannot work properly without 32-bit libraries.

Canonical addressed these questions and announced this wouldn’t be an issue. This is very important to us also. There’s no reason to think Ubuntu 20.04 will lack the proper support. If it did, or if the chosen solutions made Snap a requirement, we’re committed to solving them as well.

Talking with the Media

A new Slack team was started for journalists, bloggers, youtubers and podcasters to get in touch with us directly and more easily.

The idea behind this team is for the media to be able to quickly ask us questions, for us to give scoops and for this blog to not be the only source of information about Linux Mint.

We also encourage authors to let us know about their videos, articles and podcasts. That allows us to talk with them privately, to react to their content, to answer questions it might raise and to explain design decisions. Sometimes the content leads to improvements within Linux Mint and it’s also nice to be able to follow up.

If you’re a journalist, a blogger, a youtuber or a podcaster and you’re interested in getting in touch with us, let us know by email. If your media is serious, doesn’t show bias or promote controversies, we’ll be delighted to work with you and share more information about us and the projects we work on.


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Last month I mentioned the amazing amount of support we received from you, the many emails you sent us to tell us you enjoyed our work and how great it felt. We need to move on from this and not feel overly confident over it, but as you may know there is a month between what happens and the moment we can report on the donations we received, and, well… we received many  🙂

In fact, we have never received that many donations in the past, or from that many people within the same month. 868 people donated a total of $24,149. This is huge, it’s even bigger than what we see after a release. So before we put this behind us, thank you, many thanks to you all for supporting us. We love what we do, you love what we do, and we love the fact that you love it too. I don’t really know what to say other than thank you.

Wine 4

One of the ongoing issues associated with the new 18.04 package base in Linux Mint 19.x was the fact that Wine was tedious to install and that it didn’t work well out of the box.

We looked into it and identified the following problems:

  • Both wine-stable and wine-development were obsolete
  • On a 64-bit machine, installing wine led to an incomplete set of packages, with no support for 32-bit Windows binaries
  • Windows binaries (.exe, .msi..etc) could only be run from the command line
  • Regedit, Wine Setup, C:\ Drive and the various shortcuts usually found in the menu after installing Wine were missing

It turned out the first three issues were specific to the package base and weren’t present upstream in the packages provided by WineHQ.

To tackle these, the stable version of Wine from WineHQ, version 4, was backported into the Linux Mint repositories. On top of addressing these problems, it also introduces support for Vulkan, game controllers and Direct3D 12.

The last issue is unfortunately global and it affects all modern versions of Wine. To address it, a new package called wine-desktop-files was created and added to our repositories.

Last but not least, a new metapackage called wine-installer was created to make the installation of Wine in Linux Mint 19.x easier (there are unfortunately name conflicts between Ubuntu and WineHQ which led to WineHQ conflicting with the “wine” meta name).

The release notes were updated to document how to install Wine 4 and how to upgrade to it if you’re already running version 3.

Community Website

The community website was given a fresh new look.

You can visit it at

The Community Website

If you visited it in the past, press Ctrl+Shift+R in your browser to force a refresh of your local cache.

The new design is based on Bootstrap. Pages are responsive and should adapt more easily to lower resolution screens and mobile devices.

Under the hood, the site is easier to maintain thanks to a bigger separation between content and presentation.

Optimizations, the deletion of 63,000 empty (i.e. with no associated content, votes or comments) inactive (with no login in 2019) accounts and the removal of costly unnecessary features (friends, user scores..) also significantly boosted performance.

Going forward, the hardware database will need to be cleaned up and we’ll need to automate the addition of flatpaks into the Software section, as new applications land in Flathub. The Linux Mint logo used in the website isn’t final. As you may know, we’re currently working on redesigning the main website and looking at our distribution logo, so this might change in the near future.

We hope you’ll enjoy the new look of the community site. If you spot issues, let us know.


The next version of Xed, the default text editor, will support toggling comments and comment blocks.

This is a feature better known by developers. You select a few lines, you press “Ctrl+/” and your selection is turned into a comment. You can quickly comment out code blocks this way while troubleshooting or turn back commented code into active code.

Settings widgets

One thing Cinnamon developers immediately miss when they work on other projects is the ability to quickly and easily develop preferences windows. Configuration pages, sections and widgets which automatically sync with gsettings were developed early in Cinnamon and made writing and maintaining Cinnamon Settings a breeze.

These widgets were recently moved to python-xapp (as its name suggests: The Python Xapp module) to become available outside of Cinnamon and to other projects.

Not only will this make writing preferences easier, it will also give Cinnamon and other projects a more consistent look and feel.

Here are the mintmenu preferences rewritten with these widgets:

mintmenu preferences

To illustrate what this means in terms of maintenance for a project such as mintMenu, this particular rewrite added 679 lines and removed 2,267 lines of code. The resulting code is much shorter than before, with the vast majority of settings consisting in a single line of code.

MintMenu itself also received many bug fixes and quite a few improvements:

  • The search bar can now be moved to the top
  • In the recent plugin, the documents now appear first
  • The performance of the menu was greatly improved
  • Preferences were rewritten to use python-xapp and obsolete code was removed


Linux Mint is proudly sponsored by:

Platinum Sponsors:
Private Internet Access
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Linux VPS Hosting
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Bronze Sponsors:
Vault Networks *
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SectNet Pte Ltd

Community Sponsors:

in April:

A total of $24,149 were raised thanks to the generous contributions of 868 donors:

$1000 (3rd donation), Clive M.
$500, Echo Wireless Broadband, Inc.
$300 (2nd donation), Peter I.
$272, Peter A. M.
$250 (3rd donation), David T.
$222, Thomas C.
$218, human aka “pubkey
$200 (2nd donation), Edward R. G.
$200, David W.
$200, Massimo B.
$200, Harry K.
$150, Bryce V. H.
$150, David M.
$125, Alan W.
$109 (4th donation), Uwe P.
$109 (2nd donation), Andrea T. aka “atasc”
$109 (2nd donation), Bert-jan W.
$109 (2nd donation), Willem H.
$109, Helmut S.
$109, Mr. Bee
$109, Christophe Kamphaus
$100 (9th donation), Alfred H. aka “Varmint Al
$100 (7th donation), Robert K. aka “usmc_bob”
$100 (6th donation), Timothy P.
$100 (6th donation), Mountain Computers, Inc
$100 (3rd donation), Jon F.
$100 (2nd donation), Donald A.
$100 (2nd donation), William M.
$100 (2nd donation), Adam G.
$100 (2nd donation), Steve L.
$100 (2nd donation), Phillip M.
$100, Jason J.
$100, Nick L.
$100, James L.
$100, Nathaniel A.
$100, Patrick R.
$100, Droid Tran
$100, Christopher V.
$100, Baumgartner New Media GmbH
$100, Andrew L.
$100, James H.
$100, Kannan P.
$100, David P.
$100, Garrick L.
$100, Luiz A. S. D. C.
$100, Mike H.
$100, Gary K.
$100, Antonia S.
$100, Trevor G.
$100, Jean P. R.
$87, Juan Luis Cano Rodríguez aka “astrojuanlu
$82, Hugues L.
$80, Paul M.
$76.77, Kurt M.
$75 (2nd donation), Roy L.
$75 (2nd donation), Harry M.
$75, Jason C.
$75, Jim R.
$75, Dave M.
$60 (4th donation), Geoff S.
$60 (2nd donation), Gladesoft, Inc.
$60, Matthew J.
$57, Nicolas V.
$55, Tom W.
$54 (12th donation), Goran A.
$54 (6th donation), Heiko P. aka “CyCroN
$54 (4th donation), Stephan U.
$54 (4th donation), I REALLY like Linux Mint ! aka “Klaas Sijtsma”
$54 (3rd donation), Jean-françois H.
$54 (2nd donation), Odd I.
$54 (2nd donation), Johan H.
$54 (2nd donation), Mirko G.
$54 (2nd donation), John B.
$54 (2nd donation), Peter G.
$54 (2nd donation), Sebastian K.
$54 (2nd donation), Julia K.
$54 (2nd donation), Theo S. A.
$54, Janez G.
$54, Gianni T.
$54, Alexander W.
$54, Helmut M.
$54, Franciscus A. G. H.
$54, Jörg W.
$54, Ginés H. Z.
$54, Heinrich F.
$54, Philipp S.
$54, Alejandro M. A.
$53, L. I.
$50 (72th donation), Matthew M.
$50 (14th donation), Thomas T. aka “FullTimer1489”
$50 (10th donation), Hans J.
$50 (6th donation), Basic I. I.
$50 (3rd donation), Rob U.
$50 (3rd donation), Kenneth Z.
$50 (3rd donation), Kamil R.
$50 (3rd donation), Yang C. C.
$50 (3rd donation), Michael T.
$50 (2nd donation), Jeffrey C.
$50 (2nd donation), Terry F.
$50 (2nd donation), Nicholas R.
$50 (2nd donation), Scott M.
$50 (2nd donation), Steve H.
$50 (2nd donation), Kenneth R.
$50 (2nd donation), Jan R.
$50 (2nd donation), Jay S.
$50 (2nd donation), Joseph P.
$50 (2nd donation), Brian Hilmers
$50, Noah M.
$50, Pavel K.
$50, Jory
$50, Stephen D.
$50, Robert C.
$50, Wayne B.
$50, Graham W.
$50, Peter W aka “PeteW@NZ”
$50, Patrick L.
$50, James L.
$50, Raymond Y.
$50, Mark H.
$50, Patrick M.
$50, Rain
$50, Frederic M.
$50, George L.
$50, Lonnie R.
$50, Clark B.
$50, Brian A.
$50, Mark G.
$50, Charles K.
$50, Guy R.
$50, Dave H.
$50, George R.
$50, Robert M.
$50, Miguel R.
$50, Mark S.
$50, Robert N. G.
$50, Leons K.
$50, So C. F.
$50, Tom A.
$50, Stony L.
$50, John F.
$50, Jon H.
$50, Donald D.
$50, Qiang L.
$50, Fredrik N.
$50, Trevor H.
$50, Md N. A.
$50, Margaret B.
$50, Vang P.
$50, Bryan E.
$50, Lee R.
$50, Robert S.
$50, William M.
$50, Alan M. aka “Phydoux “
$50, Robert J.
$50, Terry P.
$50, Sabine P.
$50, John B.
$50, William D.
$50, Edward B.
$50, Chester L.
$45, Mircea N.
$44, Colin C.
$44, Matthias H.
$44, Gilles P.
$44, MarcelloCicirello
$40 (4th donation), William E.
$40, Donald S.
$40, Helena K.
$40, David E.
$40, Gregory G.
$40, Guy L.
$40, Wayne B.
$35 (9th donation), Real F.
$35, Peter W.
$35, Ian N.
$35, Lee’s Computer Repair
$35, Simon P. M.
$35, Andrew J. M. G.
$33 (109th donation), Olli K.
$33 (5th donation), Richard C.
$33 (3rd donation), Dan
$33 (2nd donation), Dominique D.
$33 (2nd donation), Brian M.
$33 (2nd donation), Juha M.
$33, Horst-rüdiger L.
$33, Harald R.
$33, Glynn G.
$33, Alain B.
$33, Ralf B.
$33, Egidio M.
$33, Produkttester Portal
$33, Holger B.
$30 (4th donation), Grady V. aka “Donate!
$30 (4th donation), Philippe A.
$30 (3rd donation), Dominic B.
$30 (3rd donation), Kevin Humphreys
$30 (2nd donation), Denis G.
$30 (2nd donation), Michael Schröter aka “mia
$30 (2nd donation), Christian B.
$30 (2nd donation), Daniel M.
$30 (2nd donation), Declan K.
$30, Joseph L.
$30, Nathan S.
$30, Kenneth C.
$30, David K.
$30, Jesus A.
$30, Steve D. aka “CoachSteve
$30, James A.
$30, TweakHound
$27 (7th donation), Jon Marks aka “ESL Materials Writer
$27 (4th donation), Gerhard A.
$27, Miguel A. L. L.
$27, Piersandro G. aka “PaRRoT
$27, Juergen G.
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$25 (92th donation), Ronald W.
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$25 (3rd donation), Troels M.
$25 (3rd donation), Chris G.
$25 (3rd donation), TJ Nelson
$25 (3rd donation), Roderick N.
$25 (3rd donation), Robert S.
$25 (3rd donation), Eugene H.
$25 (2nd donation), Wesley A. S.
$25 (2nd donation), Randall D.
$25 (2nd donation), Michael W.
$25 (2nd donation), Keith.A.
$25 (2nd donation), Stu B.
$25 (2nd donation), David C.
$25 (2nd donation), Peter N.
$25 (2nd donation), George A.
$25 (2nd donation), Arun B.
$25 (2nd donation), Guy L.
$25 (2nd donation), George T.
$25 (2nd donation), Brian D.
$25 (2nd donation), Nigel J.
$25, Ken L.
$25, Mark F.
$25, Carl B.
$25, James Mudd
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$25, Richard W.
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$25, Mary M.
$25, Gunter V. D. H.
$25, Encryptomatic LLC
$25, Raghava K.
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$25, Marc S.
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$25, Ray D.
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$25, Marc C.
$25, T H.
$25, Duncan G. aka “DigitalDunc”
$25, Jaime F.
$25, Jsports Inc/Blackgunstuff
$25, Joseph C.
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$25, Michael M.
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$25, Oz A.
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$23.1 (10th donation), Douglas T.
$23, Alexandru I. M.
$23, Roland N.
$22 (26th donation), Derek R.
$22 (16th donation), Doriano G. M.
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$22 (4th donation), Philipp H.
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$20 (25th donation), Jim A.
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$20 (12th donation), Michel S.
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$20 (6th donation), Mike W aka “bajan52”
$20 (6th donation), Michele L.
$20 (6th donation), CW P.
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$20 (3rd donation), John T.
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$20 (3rd donation), David B.
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$20 (2nd donation), The Silence
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$18.59 (2nd donation), Robert M.
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  • Distrowatch (popularity ranking): 2186
  • Alexa (website ranking): 4196

Last month we talked about what it was like to develop free software and I shared some thoughts about the team, our work and our relationship with the community. I want to thank you all for your amazing response and the support you gave us. I don’t think we’ve ever received that many emails, comments and messages and that many encouragements. I didn’t expect it to be that big but here it is, it’s huge, right in front of us and we’ll always be able to look back at it whenever, if ever, we’re in doubt, you’re here for us, and you love our work. I’ve seen many people come here and post their very first comment after years of just reading the blog just to say they enjoyed what we were doing. That means a lot to me, I’m sure it means a lot to other users and developers too and all the people who contribute to Linux Mint. I wasn’t exactly looking for TLC when making this post last month, and we’re not “depressed” (as we could read in some blogs on the Internet), I wanted to address some points and spread the word a little more on what it was like for us as well… but I’m glad it was interpreted as it was, I’m glad the news was covered outside of our community and I’m really touched by your response to it. Thank you so much for this.

Last month I think I also talked a tiny bit too much about what was going on within the team. On the one hand it is part of my role to report on the progress being done, on the other hand we’re dealing with individuals, there are people involved, efforts being made, feelings which can be hurt and it’s part of my role also to protect that. If something won’t work out, we part ways, if something can’t make it in, we postpone it or reject it but when that happens I’m not sure we should necessarily talk publicly about it. There isn’t anyone involved who doesn’t want the best for Linux Mint and we all share the same goal, we all want more features, less bugs and an amazing new release. How we get to that isn’t always smooth and we can’t always agree on everything, but we’re a team and so I might mention individual names when things are great, but I hope you’ll understand I don’t when things don’t work out. We’ll face these issues together as a team and I don’t want anyone to feel bad or get the feeling that it’s their fault. Trying to help, no matter what the outcome is, is a great thing. You can’t be blamed for trying, especially not in public and I don’t want anyone to feel like they need to justify themselves one way or another.

Looking ahead I feel very comfortable again. Some issues are still on the horizon, there is uncertainty about some of the large things we’ve been working on (for me personally this includes the website and logo redesign), but we’ve reaffirmed what was important to us. We will get a great 19.2 release, no matter what, and we’ll enjoy working on it.

Server issues

The server issues we experienced at the beginning of April should hopefully be over. They were caused by power and capacity issues in one of the datacenters we’re using.

Developer Guide

The Developer Guide is ready. It describes the projects we work on, the technologies we use, and explains how to get set up, how to build packages and how to alpha-test. If you’re interested in development and you want to get involved this is a must read.

The guide is available in English, in HTML, PDF and ePub at

Let us know if you think anything isn’t clear or if you feel something is missing. We’ll add more content within the guide as we go along, not only as an introduction to newcomers but also as a reference for best practices.

Mint 17.x reached EOL

After 5 good years of service, Linux Mint 17.x (i.e. 17, 17.1, 17.2 and 17.3) reached “End Of Life”. Although the repositories will continue to work they will no longer receive security updates.

If you are running Mint 17.x, you can install Timeshift from the repositories, prepare system snapshots and plan to upgrade to Mint 18 using this tutorial:

Don’t hesitate to ask for help or to report issues so we can get you to version 18 safely.


With every new package base we experience regressions. This was key in our decision to stick to LTS and it helped us focus on development while underneath, the base we were using for 5 years could continue to mature. This decision boosted our development pace and increased the quality of our distribution. When with Linux Mint 19 we jumped to Ubuntu 18.04, along with the many improvements and new software versions, we also inherited regressions, some of them quite frustrating to users: Wine, scanner and printer, and Samba to name a few.

These kind of issues are common on new package bases and they happen often in rolling distributions or in non-LTS releases. They eventually get fixed, in these rolling distributions and non-LTS releases first and then the fix usually gets backported to the LTS base.

This hasn’t happened with Samba yet. When something important we don’t maintain doesn’t work properly, and it’s been a while, we usually consider pinning it. In other words we look at whether or not we can backport a newer version which fixes the issue, or bring back an earlier version which didn’t suffer the issue. In the case of Samba this is not possible, not only because of Samba’s complexity and large number of dependencies (it just doesn’t easily compile like that across bases) but also because pinning this package in Mint would be a maintenance issue due to the number of vulnerabilities found in Samba and how often it receives security updates.

Samba supports different communication protocol versions. In Mint 18.x Samba 4.3 was mostly using a protocol version called NT1 which worked well and continues to work well. After Windows was badly affected by ransomware attacks, Microsoft decided to retire NT1 and the Samba team worked on switching more towards some of the newer protocol versions such as SMB2 and SMB3. These changes created regressions and Ubuntu is currently in the process of trying to tackle them.

Two of the most important issues are reported on Launchpad at:

Additional information was put in the release notes and the fact that Samba worked better in Mint 18.x was clearly stated. It is my opinion that users relying on Samba a lot should be recommended to stick to Mint 18.x until these issues are fully resolved.

While looking through all of this, we also identified areas of improvements within Linux Mint. In particular, although samba itself still shouldn’t part of the default installation, smbclient should. It will be there by default again in Linux Mint 19.2 and future releases.

In Cinnamon, nemo-share is responsible for integrating samba with the desktop and making it easy for users to share directories. Although nemo-share itself doesn’t do all that much, it is key in how easy sharing feels to the user. Here is what it does for you in Mint 19.1:

  • It installs samba
  • It adds you to the sambashare group for samba to work properly
  • It creates the share and checks/fixes its permissions if appropriate

Thanks to nemo-share, you don’t need to use the command line or install samba manually. You right-click a directory, share it, reboot, and you’re done. It just works! Well… most of the time it does.

While troubleshooting Samba and working on this I saw many people on the forums experience the same issues and receive help from other users. I saw a really cool checklist on the forums (I want to thank the few people in our forums who documented these issues by the way and helped so many users already) and I though.. wait.. some of these issues shouldn’t happen at all, we can identify them before they happen and make the user aware of them. So that’s what we did, in Mint 19.2 nemo-share will do a little more than before:

  • After it installs Samba it will add firewall rules to let it work with UFW
  • When setting up a share, it will check the permissions not only on the directory itself but on its entire path, to make sure other users can access it.
  • When sharing a directory within an encrypted home directory, it will mention to the user that the share won’t be accessible without using “force user” in the Samba configuration.
nemo-share detecting a potential issue

In essence, it still doesn’t do much more than before, but by reporting these issues earlier we go from a situation where the user doesn’t understand why Samba isn’t working, to a situation where an explicit warning and a clue are given the minute an issue might require the user’s attention.

Last but not least, we thought it was a little tedious that you couldn’t go back “up” (i.e. with the toolbar button in Nemo) towards “network:///” when at the root of share, so we fixed that as well.

Some of these changes might make their way into caja and caja-share as well.

On Github this is documented at


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