Linux Mint bugs now on Launchpad

The decision was taken to use Launchpad to track bugs on Linux Mint:

Philip Morrell (emorrp1) now acts as our bug supervisor.


  1. woot! i love how bugs are just tracked down and fixed. and it’s free too! πŸ˜€

    one day, when i get better with linux, i hope i can help out too

  2. Hi just a quickie. Ktorrent seems to be duplicating an icon on the desktop. clicking on the icon has no effect after the second time of using the prog.
    Also mint 7 Gloria will install but returns error as running in low res graphics mode. Although mint 5 Elyssa which I am using at present is fine. Any ideas

  3. Congratulations! Using a bug tracking system is a needed improvement and can only better demonstrate out stand on quality.

  4. There are some issues of latest ATI and Nvidia drivers in realation with xorg 1.6.0. After installing all updates, video drivers and reboot, some systems will become unstable (not related to old or new video cards) and constant slowdowns and lock happen. You should recommed a sollution to solve the xorg 1.6.0 bugs. All systems based on xorg 1.5.3 works smoothlly and after xorg 1.6.0 implementation manny users reported they’ve had constant problems and need to revert to xorg 1.5.3 version manually. It is not ATI or Nvidia drivers fault, the most vehiculated opinion on the net, there is a bug in latest updates of xorg, xorg-server and fglrx.

  5. Very nice! Thank you for taking this to the next level. We needed that. Although Lunchpad was not on the “OK list” in the beginning, I hope it got good enough for our needs. Congratulations! πŸ™‚

  6. Oh man that*s good news
    Probably i’ll give some help to the portuguese PT-PT translation… With launchpad will be much easier to help my favorite distro.

  7. Launchpad is owned/sponsored by Ubuntu. LinuxMint is a kind of very close competitor to Ubuntu. Would that upset someone at Ubuntu to see their resources used by a “competitor”?

  8. Innocent Bystander: I don’t see Mint and Ubuntu as competitors. A lot of people use both distributions, and some use our tools on top of Ubuntu itself. We’re also based on Ubuntu and compatible with it, and in a context where both distributions contribute to improve a Linux desktop which makes about 2% of the total market share against a giant, Microsoft, which gathers more than 90% with what is in my opinion a lesser good product… the competitor here is Windows, eventually Mac OS, not Ubuntu. I’m sure Canonical sees it the same way, the success of Linux Mint is also to some extent the success of the Ubuntu system within the Linux market, and their focus is certainly beyond that, trying to reach Windows and Mac users. Marc Shuttleworth demonstrated at many occasions that his intention was to promote Linux as whole and to get distributions work and elevate themselves together in order to compete against commercial alternatives. I trust him to be sincere and Ubuntu and Mint can be considered many things before being considered competitors.

  9. >>some use our tools on top of Ubuntu itself
    This is interesting Clem. I’m in the position where I have Quad Cores and the Ubuntu kernel is having problems with them. However, Karmic Koala Alpha 2 is chugging along just fine. I do miss the Mint tools… Can I add them to sources.lst and install them? Is there an FAQ? Can’t wait for the next Mint update;) Coming from Sid, this is much more stable. Great job!!!

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