Linux Mint in Launchpad?

Whether you’re familiar with it or not you probably heard of Launchpad, a web application which provides bug-tracking, translation, code hosting, and a lot of other cool features to many open-source projects. Among other projects, Launchpad is heavily used by the Ubuntu distribution.

Linux Mint is growing and it doesn’t have any defined infrastructure to keep track of bugs and to coordinates translations. So a request was made to add it as a distribution in Launchpad:

And as an experiment, the youngest Mint project (mintUpdate) was added in Launchpad:

You can go to the launchpad page for mintUpdate and follow progress or report new bugs. You can also help in translating it into new languages or see what is planned for future releases.

Hopefully this experiment will be a success and we’ll be happily using Launchpad for various aspects of our distribution.