Mint 7 Gloria in your language?

All Mint tools are localized. “If” given the proper translations, they can virtually run in any language. Otherwise they just default to English.

We have a week or two before the stable release and whether these tools will support your language or show up in English instead depends entirely on you 🙂

Link to the translations:

How to translate:

How to test a translation:

When replying and posting a new translation:

  • Make sure to indicate which language you’re translating for
  • If possible, take the time to test your translations

Many thanks in advance to all the translators. We’re hoping to use an automated tool to coordinate the translations in the future, but if we all get to it this week on the forums, we’ll quickly get to a stable release with full support for most languages.


  1. So how do you upgrade to Linux 7 from Linux 6? Someone can email me at it would be great. I know in Ubuntu you can upgrade with the upgrade package tool and such. I really do enjoy Linux Mint, it’s the first linux brand that I want to donate money to!

  2. Hello
    Mr. Clem
    I like mint more than ubuntu bcz of its simplicity
    but I like ubuntu menu (i know that i can add it up …..)

    I prefer that you add it by default, and leave mint menu down as it is now.

    Or add choice at installing which menu the user prefer:
    1- ubuntu
    2- mint
    3- both

    I think it will be better .
    thanks in advance

  3. @Abu

    Is this Mint or Ubuntu??? Well i can tell you that is Mint so its logical that have the mint menu and not the ubuntu. If everyone start to ask for having pre-configured option that suits them better, this will be more an “escort girl” then a operating system…

  4. I love Mint – fully replaced Windows with Mint 5, then 6. I installed Ubuntu 9.04, and one thing I like about it is that it has a more complete set of options for adding repositories. I wish these were included in Mint. It almost seems as if they were removed for the sake of simplicity; but in actuality, it’s more confusing, especially for newcomers, to figure out how to add repos and the security codes in Synaptic with Mint (much less, at the command line).

  5. Abu

    You can use the Ubuntu menu in Mint (Both use Gnome as their GUI and both have the normal Ubuntu Menu set). Just right click your panel, choose add to panel, and click “Menu Bar.” Same thing as Ubuntu except with the Mint logo. That simple.

  6. Hello! I am wondering how is the work on Linux Mint 7 LXDE going on. There is no category in forums to ask for it, and it had been said it will become official Community Edition.

  7. hi Clem,
    there is an issue with ubuntu, and i think also with linux mint.

    it is not the fault of linux, but could you somehow fix that problem for people who are affected ?
    in linuxmint 6 i am sure i was affected
    and lm-sensors + my palm both tell me that linuxmint and ubuntu make my computer hotter than xp (may be because of that issue –> my hdd will be hot and also will be my cpu (i just guess))

    since linux mint aims to be the perfect Os, it should also do something with hardware, right ?
    right now i prefer mint rather than ubuntu, but both of them are still not the best os.
    mint = heaven for me
    xp = hell
    but if stay with mint makes my laptop die earlier and feel unsecure (i mean hardware, not even got a damn virus in mint ^^ ) then i think i have to stick with xp and wait till linux is ok with hardware.
    i put a lot of hope in mint 7, that is why i write this reply, so that i might be able to feel the heaven again. (2 weeks to fix this bug, will hero Clem be able to do it ?)

  8. Please, I’m also looking forward for the LXDE-Community Edition.

    How long do I have to wait? 😉

  9. I love the release, but seriously there needs to be an option during the install of what languages get loaded. A minor irritant but one none the less is having to go in remove Bengal and other languages I have neither no use for nor can understand.

  10. Quote: [marcus0263 Says: May 7th, 2009 at 1:09 am
    I love the release, but seriously there needs to be an option during the install of what languages get loaded. A minor irritant but one none the less is having to go in remove Bengal and other languages I have neither no use for nor can understand.] Unquote

    Marcus, it’s so easy to go to Control Centre/System/Language Support/ and add or remove languages.

    I have been astounded and impressed by the quality and quantity of language support in LinuxMint – and have added Japanese, Tagalog and French amongst others. I notice that there is even Klingon there, though I haven’t got into extra-terrestrial communications yet.

    Thank you, Clem and the LinuxMint team for producing a distro which is both professional and a continual delight.

  11. hey is linux going to start having massive requirements or am i ok on my 1.8 512 mb ram system

  12. I wonder about the drivers for ATI-cards will they be the same as in ubuntu 9.04? Im now running linux mint xfce CE and graphics works much better with that than with the new ubuntu 9.04. I believe there are some opensource drivers in ubuntu 9.04 that isnt that good, in my opinion anyway. I think if its better to use the drivers from ATI than the opensource ones. Thanks for a great distro.


  13. @Abu Yehya
    It is already there from Mint 5
    right click gnome panel (I usually add one more at the top by rightclicking the one at the bottom)
    select add to panel
    scroll down
    select ‘main menu’ or ‘menu bar’ or ‘mintmenu’
    and you will find what you like
    dimitri from athens

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  15. This is about translations…..
    Questions about drivers and load cycle count and the like are misplaced here 🙂

  16. hi husse, then where should i write it then ?
    in forum or direct to clem ? or somewhere else ?
    or could you remind clem about that for me ?
    thanks in advance ^^

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  18. I thought is was completely obvious that support questions about drivers and the like had no place in the comments to a blog post about translations
    Please post in the forum or ask in the IRC
    And please do not contact Clem – if you want to go through me

  19. Hello All,

    somehow i understand Abu Yehya observation from the entry 2.
    The mint menu is too big and “complicate”.
    When you open the mint menu ic covering the half of the monitor, and appearing too much thing.
    It would be useful if the mint menu would be reworked, to be smaller, more simple (grouped, so less thing would be shown at the opening in the menu, like in the mandriva 2009.1 KDE menu).
    The other thing what would be very useful, a 100% modifiable menu regarding the content what would work with add/remove things, and with drag and drop system.


  20. How to load sound driver in Linux Gloria which is based on ubuntu 9.04.
    And how to make internet connection(Broadband)in it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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