Linux Mint 7 “Gloria” RC1 released!

The team is proud to announce the release of Linux Mint 7 Gloria RC1.

Introduction to Linux Mint 7:

The 7th release of Linux Mint comes with numerous bug fixes and a lot of improvements. In particular the menu system, the application manager and the upload manager now provide new features such as “Suggestions”, “Featured applications”, “SCP and SFTP support”. The underlying base of the operating system was also strengthened with a new adjustment mechanism which makes Linux Mint more robust and less vulnerable to Ubuntu package upgrades, and the introduction of virtual and meta packages which simplify upgrade paths and the installation of multiple desktop environments.

For a detailed overview of the new features and improvements included in Linux Mint 7, please read What’s new in Gloria.

System requirements:

A minimum of 512MB of RAM is recommended. Once installed the system works fine with as low as 256MB RAM. The installation process deals with 2.5GB of data compressed on a 700MB CD and it can hang or fail on systems with less than 512MB RAM. If you have between 256MB and 512MB RAM you may have to try to install several times.

Important information and known issues:

As an RC (Release Candidate) this release is targeted at developers and beta-testers who want to help Linux Mint find and correct bugs before the stable release. Please do not use this release as your main desktop. For a complete list of known issues read the Release Notes.

The upgrade path from Linux Mint 6, the User Guide and the translation of the Mint tools will be finalized for the stable release.

The root password is now set as the same as the one chosen during the installation. A blog post will follow to explain why and how this was implemented.

If you’re using Mint tools in other distributions, make sure to turn off the adjustment system by editing /etc/linuxmint/mintSystem.conf.

The artwork coming with this release will be there in the stable release but won’t be set as default. We’d like to gather as much feedback as possible about this, so please tell us what you think of it.

Feedback and bug reports:

Please report any bug you may find via the Linux Mint 7 RC1 Bug Thread and give us your feedback on this release by posting a comment right here on the blog.

Download Linux Mint 7 RC1:

You can download Linux Mint 7 RC1 via torrent or via HTTP:

Size: 686MB LiveCD
MD5Sum: 652fd4aa2122bd94a8b9aa0aa668f692

Torrent download:
HTTP download:


Northern America:

Rest of the World:


Have a lot of fun testing this release candidate and let’s all hope it will help us make a great stable release.


  1. Woot! First comment XD.
    I’m downloading now, but I have to say the theme looks very nice, and polished :D, and it’s GREEN!

  2. I look forward to using Mint-7.

    Concerning the art work, it’s so good as it is that I don’t want to change for a few years yet – please keep the green logo & ‘from freedom came elegance’ and if possible: bring the distro version name back to the taskbar, or at least give the option to put it there, LinuxMint-6 looked mechanical without it. Many of us would like to see (the name) Gloria in all her glory.

    The new menu form and design is something to look forward to.

    Always excellent art work, taking the user to a better world, many thanks

    Best wishes

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  4. Hello, I’m Mauro, I’m 19 and live in Argentina. First of all I want to thank you for all the hard work you’ve been doing to make the PERFECT OS.
    I want you to know that Linux Mint is what I recommend to every one, I’m replacing Vista and even the very stable XP for this great piece of software in every machine I can, and my friends fall in love with this great and complete distro. I’m sorry if my english is not the best, and if this is not the place to this unnecesary kind of comments, but I think it would make you happy to know that Mint is very popular in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
    I’m gonna download it and do my best to contribute with useful advices.
    Thanks for all, keep on this way!

  5. just can’t wait for the final release. Thanks to Clem end the whole team for their work on my favorite distribution and the best wishes from switzerland.

  6. Works fine, installed it with unetbootin on my usb stick. Looks great Gloria, well done Clem and his team.

  7. Thanks to all you people who worked so hard on this!
    The CD is nearly finished writing, it’s going straight on to two different laptops for “real conditions” testing.
    Your RCs are usually better than most distro’s final versions. 😀

  8. I prefer this artwork, much better


    You can change the name in the taskbar… Right Click and the Preferences.

  9. Woooo Hoooo

    going to get it right now… the ubuntu 9.04 is so much more stable then the 8.10… seems tighter

    great Job


  10. Been looking forward to this. Just wanted to say thanks for doing the good work that you’re doing, we really appreciate it.

  11. If you read up to #10 you will see that Mint is huge in Buenos Aires – ironically an IP from Buenos Aires as I was reading that comment tried to access my remote desktop! Oh the irony. I can’t wait to load up 7 EXT4!!

  12. i like the new theme i hope that this is the standard theme… the 7 version of mint needs to bring a new desktop hehe…

  13. Helz yeah!!

    I am downloading this right now! I like the way the new desktop looks. I recognized the wallpaper and think it looks great in a green skin. I really like the new icons too! They look so much better than the ones in Felicia.

    I can’t wait to install this and start using. Bug reports on the way!

    Very good job and thank you very much. 😉

  14. i’ve been an ubuntu user but after i tried linux mint on a live cd fel in love with this distro…so now i use mint elyssa. could someone tell me if it’s worth upgrading to a newer distro or i could keep elyssa because i think it has all the features i feel i need.
    if anyone would like to answer me pls

    tusen takk!

  15. Thanks a lot, you did a huge work, so many new stuff – wow.
    And thanks for “RTFM” 😀

    @ryan the last Mint 6 RC was so stable I use it today 😉

  16. *squee* Awesome!!!! Not sure if I’ll try the RC just yet but SO excited that it’s one step closer to a final release!! Go Mint!!!!! =)

  17. Thanks you, thank you, thank you sooooooooo…… much!
    Would you please make the artwork as shown the default theme?
    I love it! Very minty fresh look!
    Actually, I prefer to use the 64 bit version, when does it come?
    Sorry for my bad english 🙂

  18. Downloading now. Thanks to the mint team for all their hard work. I could just use Ubuntu but Mint is so much better and user friend, well worth the wait. 🙂

  19. This looks great!! Can’t wait. One question: do you know anything about the supposed regression in U 9.04 regarding Intel graphics drivers? if so, can Mint alleviate this, or does it have to wait for upstream correction? (I don’t have this problem myself, but I put Felicia on my 83-yo father’s desktop, and it has an Intel graphics chip….)

  20. Does anyone have information on how to upgrade to this version from the previous? Please and thanks.

  21. Hi Clem,

    I just try the live CD on my asus laptop. All the hardware was detected and I enjoyed the wonderful default artwork. Please use it as default also on stable release; it’s the best so far seen.
    Thanks for great job.

  22. Wow, what can I say? The easiest install on my HP 2133 ever. Downloaded the RC, bunged it on a USB drive (bootable with 7zip of course) and installed it. Not a single problem and everything seems to work, even the correct screen resolution 🙂 This post written using it, in a word….Awesome!

  23. Congratulations to the whole team on the release. When Microsoft announced their RC, I thought, “ahh who cares?” But I’ve been checking the Mint site everyday anxiously awaiting Gloria. Perfect timing. I can’t wait to try it out. I love Mint!

  24. Love the artwork!! I’ve always reduced the amount of blue when I install LinuxMint (on 4 of my 5 pc’s since Daryna) to look more like this. My newest laptop (running Elyssa 32-bit) will receive a fresh install of Gloria 64-bit when it’s released, and, if this is the default theme shown here, I won’t change a thing. BTW, 64-bit Felicia is the best OS I’ve ever used. (It’s OK if I like to use Crunchbang on my old dinosaur laptop, though, isn’t it? -Please say yes, I’m feeling a bit disloyal.) Anyhow, I can’t wait to upgrade my 64-bit desktop to Gloria. (Yes, I’m another [im]patient 64-bit user –someday 64-bit will be released first, I suppose.).

    Thank you, team!! LinuxMint is so comfortable to use, most of us probably fail to think of all the effort it takes on your part. Keep up the good work.

  25. Terima kasih banyak saya haturkan kepada Tim Linux Mint, atas konstribusi Anda sekalian terhadap perkembangan dan kemajuan Dunia, terutama di bidang Teknologi dan Informasi.

    Linux Mint adalah jawaban dari semua orang akan OS yang ramah, segar, elegan dan ringan, tentu saja bebas lisensi yang mahal.

    Sekali lagi saya ucapkan terima kasih.

    Salam dari Linux Users Indonesia

  26. With all the Windows 7 RC download kerfuffle I almost missed this splendid release. With so much already installed, it’s proving easier to customise than its AT LAST stable Ubuntu foundation.
    For example with LAME already present, adding Sound Juicer and editing Preferences to Higher Quality VBR MP3 creation was a breeze.
    Printing was a bit trickier and added Inkblot doesn’t work at all (it’s starting to work in Jaunty) I’m still adding other favourite packages, but I’m glad to see unique-to-Mint Google Earth is still on offer via the Software Manager, as is shared CUPS PDF creation.
    I’m having fun, thank you very much for the hard work.

  27. Is it just me or is mintWelcome missing?
    I wasn’t asked about root password or terminal quotes (can’t get rid of the donkey now!)

    Love it guys, thanks.

  28. Mint 7 looks great! I’m still using Felicia KDE on my laptop and don’t plan to become a Gnome user, but I may give it a whirl in our beloved VirtualBox.

    Great job!

  29. I’m from Poland and I,m using Mint too (Felicia GNOME),i have legal XP and Mint,i’m waiting for final release

  30. A minimum of 512MB of RAM ,
    it can hang or fail on systems with less than 512MB RAM 🙁

    i only have 512 MB on my laptop, may i ugrade from mint 4?

  31. Dear Clem,

    Gloria really looks great!

    There are some points, which would be nice to see in the end-release:

    The TOR-Repo in the /etc/apt/sources.list

    ## +++ TOR +++
    deb intrepid main

    A change in the dependencies of mint-meta-main, so that everybody has the choice between flashplugin-nonfree, gnash and swf, still you can set the flashplugin-nonfree as the standard for installation.

    Thank you,


  32. While I have not tested it deeply but my first inpresion was, Gloria looks fantastic!!!, i hope that shiki stay as the default theme, a great job with mintMenu, I love this distro, has all the potential of Linux with a great usability.
    Thanks to all the Linux Mint Team.

  33. Mind you I DID have the mint menu retaining focus after selecting and starting a programme issue. I changed, as suggested, to Gnome menu for the time being.
    No other problems anywhere so far.

  34. Amazing , cute , fast and reliable….

    Thanks for the great works ..

    Is it a final build ? it seems to be finished ..

    All things that will be fixed could be done by the updates ?

  35. When Gloria stable will be released??

    I’m quite anxious to use it, although Mint RC’s are mostly nice…

  36. The best Mint yet, you are clearly dedicated to continous improvement. The look, feel, and stability of LM, is unmatched. Keep it going!!

  37. HI,

    Pretty wonderful!
    At least for me this RC1 seems to be ready as my main desktop.
    No bugs found yet playing with this RC1 for a few hours.

    Indeed, i will reinstall Mint 7 ‘Gloria’ because i have installed
    it in a small spare (testing) partition. Ahead, with the upcoming
    of the Stable Version in a good partition size.

    Too Much Green but i like it. Just one more thing:

    I love the default theme Mint Dew but i have missed the Mint’s
    slogan “From Freedom Came Elegance”. How about Zwopper add the
    Mint’s slogan to the wallpaper (i assume in full, strong white
    letters) or whatever.

    Congratulations Clem, Husse, Exploder and the Linux Mint Team.

    Great Job – Linux Mint 7

    “G L O R I A”

  38. I love the new look and all the updates, but my firefox awesome bar doesn’t seem to work, I have to type each url fully instead of scrolling down the list. I doubt this is a bug with the RC though, just thought I’d let you guys know

  39. SWEET!!!
    cant wait. been using 9.04 ubuntu since r/c and been waiting for this

    cant wait to install it, downloading now!!

  40. The problem with Intel in (not only) Jaunty will be there
    When Clem tested on a laptop with Intel he discovered that the solutions in the Ubuntu forums did not help, on the contrary to an extent
    So the situation is something like 2/3 of Intel works OK and the rest have to find out if the solutions help.
    Maybe I should make an entry in the wiki about it

  41. Great new look Clem and Team, loving the new theme, should be the default!

    Looking forward to final release.

  42. Looks outstanding. This release looks to be the finest yet. The new artwork should be the default, as well as the new theme.

  43. Installed ‘Gloria’ on my 2nd pc and I love it!…..want upgrade my main pc to Gloria asap – I ditched Windoze completely a month ago and now feel free of the chains that bound me! Mint IS top banana!

  44. One more thing for those of us with older radeon-based cards (perhaps should be in release notes even though it’s an upstream thing) :-

    If you have a radeon card, xorg defaults to “vesa” driver – giving glx direct rendering by some amazing feat but not xv. envyng doesn’t help me as my card is now considered “too old” to be supported, so the following commands had to be run at a (root/sudo) terminal – real VT not within X :

    # /etc/init.d/gdm stop
    # X -configure && mv /etc/X11/xorg.conf
    # /etc/init.d/gdm start

    This gets X to auto-detect the graphics card, which I /thought/ was how X should start without a config file anyway… Perhaps this could be looked at before full release, happy to do some testing 🙂

  45. @ Martyn Ranyard
    ATI has stopped supporting anything but the newest cards in their normal “fglrx” driver, not much the Linux community can do about
    However I thought Envy had implemented support for ATI legacy drivers…
    They are now found at the ATI site

  46. thank you Clem and all the team for this fantastic distro..this the only distro that i’m proud to share with my friends

    i want to ask …is there a way to install linux mint directly without trying live cd?

  47. Let me tell you guys, this is the most awesome looking gnome distro I’ve ever used.

    Not to mention, it runs flawlessly on an old celeron laptop.

    I can’t wait for the stable release 😀

    Any idea about how well it runs on a 1000HE EeePC? I’d love to install it in my netbook 😀

  48. A few things would turn Linux Mint into a very highly quoted operating system. These ideas are not unheard of but the addition in the “Mint Tools” pack of a new set of “toys” would sweeten up everything.

    First, a Mint Migration tool would be great. Many users have installed this version or that version and it’s not nice to download the immediate superior version to upgrade then do the same to go up another version. Gathering data from the user’s home and maybe some settings is the most important thing needed here. I noticed we already have a Daryna user who wants to migrate and he doesn’t know if he can. To make an upgrade utility with backward Mint compatibility would probably be a larger effort than making a simple tool to backup everything on a CD/DVD or to an external/network storage to prepare the system for the latest version.

    Second, it’s quite weird to be able to use Mint on a 256 MB RAM system but only (safely) install it with 512 MB temporarily stuck in. In order to install it in lower configuration systems I recommend integrating LXDE as a GUI for the installation environment and add a new boot option on the live cd, so we can boot “Install Linux Mint”.

    Third, *if* the Mint maintainers can afford writing scripts to install and test the latest popular software a user might need, we could enjoy the latest or other software choices. Even with a disclaimer, these scripts should allow brave-hearts to easily add software they really need for some purpose, without having to get the packages manually.

    Fourth, although this would required an additional effort it would prove to be very, very useful to many people. It’s been done by others in a more or less different way but the thing is a hardware compatibility database would allow many people to contribute their specs and ratings so other know if it’s worth to buy some mainboard or some video card. The ratings shouldn’t present the people a five star rating gizmo but a check-box that allows them to tick the most commonly known issues with hardware and the result would be calculated on a formula you can control. This is something for the future but it can also serve later as an online checker and notifier of the hardware compatibility:

    “Your system is using a motherboard known to have issues (1, 2, 3) with this version of Linux Mint. You can find details and workarounds on this forum thread.”

    Now that would make any user happy because they wouldn’t need to think about how to ask for a solution or even where. Even better, for certain (well known) cases, MintUpdate could automatically download the necessary patch to fix the compatibility issues right through the update system, completely transparent.

    Fifth, it would be very nice if the user would have easier control over the firewall. That could be done, in theory, in two manners. Either integrate it in a NetworkManager tab so people can access it from there or make a new tray icon that allows better control of this tool.

    Gloria’s new design is very nice except for the dark gray shades – but that’s just me. I just don’t know what got into people “getting dark” lately but I like slightly brighter colors and Mint already had nice themes until now. I would like to have a lit-up alternative to that dark-gray theme.

    Thank you for the wonderful news! 🙂 I am also expecting Mint LXDE CE so I can give it a try on an old notebook I got. Debian has already made a separate ISO for XFCE+LXDE and it works quite well compared to Xubuntu so I’m curious how you guys will be able to pull it off.

  49. Good news!
    I love Mint. It’s charming (I use its grub as my “OS portal”). Fast and agile too, as it’s one of the few OSes to boot when you switch your SATA drive from IDE to AHCI mode (while the others fall in panic and bounce you back to the BIOS).

    I, too, am looking forward to the 64-bit version.

    Anyway, your work is quality work!

    [ASUS P6T6 WS Revolution – Intel Core i7 920 @ 2.67GHz – 6GB Transcend Triple channel DDR3 1333 – 2x(640Gb SATA HDD – WD6400AAKS) – ASUS VW246H HDMI – ASUS ENG9800GTX+] // Unbuntu 9.04, Linux Mint 6.x64, FreeBSD 7.2, PCBSD 7.1, PCLinuxOS 2009, OpenSuze 11.1, Windows 7 beta build 7077, Windows XP Professional SP3, OpenSolaris 2008.11, iDeneb_v1.3_(Mac_OS_X_Leopard_10.5.5)

  50. @kneekoo Great ideas, especially the migration tool. That could be the most impressive advance in Mint.

  51. Clem and the Mint Dev Team:

    This new artwork is a great step in distinguishing Mint from the parent Ubuntu. Mint has always worked well for behind the scenes, so to dress it up in Sunday’s finest was an added bonus.

    Please consider leaving this artwork as the default install or an easy option.

    Many thanks –

  52. Many thanks for providing the Linux Mint distributions which have worked very much more successfully on my Desktop PC than most other versions.
    Unfortunately I have found a couple of problems with ‘Gloria’ which have caused me to revert back to ‘Felicia’.
    On previous versions of Linux Mint, the Opera browser worked very well, but so far I have not had any success in using Opera under ‘Gloria’. In the past I had exactly the same problem with Opera under Ubuntu.
    I have also experienced a lack of suitable ATI drivers for my ancient x1300 agp card which were available on previous Linux Mint distributions.
    This response is intended purely as feedback and not in anyway a criticism of a fine Linux distribution

  53. This is the best Linux distribution!
    Although the RC version is a little unstable, as some KDE’s distros.
    Anyway, hope that will be fixed up soon.
    Thanks to the Team.

  54. I use mint since version 2.2 and I must admit that Gloria is simply THE BEST DISTRO I’ve ever tried (ubuntu, debian fedora, mandriva and so on), it’s fast and stable, I love it (and love the new artwork so I hope it will be the standard one in the final release)
    Excellent job Clem!!!!

  55. This is just a beta???
    Wow…it’s rock solid so far!
    Both Nvidia drivers AND wireless worked straight out the box (first time ever for Linux for me).

    Love the artwork (yes, the green).

    One small thing…I’d love to ditch the quote of the day from terminal, but no idea how. Don’t remember any option on install.

    Seriously brilliant job…best o/s I’ve ever used


  56. A wonderful release candidate!
    PLEASE keep the gorgeous Mint Dew as default,it will surely attract a LOT of potential users.
    The Live CD works fast on my system, and the installed version is as expected like a bolt of lighning.
    I can’t wait for the KDE release myself, will it be green as well, or will the typical “KDE-blue” be dominating?

  57. I don’t know if it possible, but I’ve always wanted an installation that allows the user to easily choose which exact suite of applications he wants and which shouldn’t be installed.

    Mint is my favorite distro. I hope the final version is released soon. Thanks. 😀

  58. i am linux mint user (Indonesia) since C (celestia), and love it. little bit disapointed with E (elysa). thanks to the F (felicia) it is very good OS and rich of features. the new baby G (gloria) just released…..Excellent job Clem n Team….i will follow the track of linux mint ever, ever and ever…..

  59. Linux Mint 6, Linksys 300N wireless N card works, as long as I don’t use the Windows Wireless wrapper. Broadcom driver works.

    Linux Mint 7, the card does not power up, even with Broadcom driver.

    I do have to say though, after using Linux on and off for serveral years, Linux Mint is my favorite Destro… Keep up the awsome work. A lot of the stuff is easier to use then Windows. I think the rest will get there.

  60. Gloria runs like a Swiss Watch on my Acer Aspire One netbook. All the hardware is supported out of the box (webcam, SD card slots, even suspend and hibernate all work without any command line work or tweaks). I installed it to a USB drive using Unetbootin and the installation was flawless.

    Great job 🙂

  61. Mint 7 looks and works great on my big box system!
    however on my older laptop, the lack of support for the sis video is sad. But being built on Ubuntu, I can understand the lack of video support. ( they don’t support it either and I had to switch to Mandriva to make it work properly). I understand that a new video driver must be written so that all video systems are in better compliance and I am hoping to see it soon.
    I am also hoping for better printer support in the finished product. Mint6 saw my printers and gave great printout! I am hoping for even better in 7!
    Keep up the good work!

  62. I successfully installed Gloria on my Acer Aspire One along side Felicia and WinXP via usb and everything looks and works great including wifi which I had to set up through the ‘connect to hidden wireless network’ option. This was the first time getting the wifi under linux to work on my AAO. Made me really happy.

    The theme and artwork are going in a nice direction although I think the icon set could use a bit of attention to modernize it a bit more like the folder icons etc. I really like the wallpaper. I think you should keep this theme as default.

    I was unable to load the live cd on my HP Pavillian desktop though.
    I’ll try again later.

    I did have an issue with the cups pdf printing blank sheets but it was easily resolved by un-installing and re-installing via package manager. The new install process was very lovely and sleek I really liked it.
    I agree with KneeKoo’s #3 suggestion:
    Third, *if* the Mint maintainers can afford writing scripts to install and test the latest popular software a user might need, we could enjoy the latest or other software choices. Even with a disclaimer, these scripts should allow brave-hearts to easily add software they really need for some purpose, without having to get the packages manually.

    I’m one large step closer to completely replacing Windows. To make the transition easier this year I’ve installed all open source software on my WinXP installation to match the software on my Mint installation (where possible) and I find that I rarely use windows at all the only thing I use it for is WOW (I think it’s to difficult to set up in Wine) But, that’s WOW’s problem and hope they think about the Linux Community in the future.

    Anyway I just wanted to say you guys out did yourselves. And I’ll continue to spread the word about Linux Mint to everyone I know.

  63. At work I use to run winxp (well use to), due to the fact that I couldnt get Myob(accounts program) to run correctly through virtual box, anyway there is a new virtual box out, that runs USB as well. I purchased a brother MFC990-CW Wireless printer and after setting up Mint, and Winxp in Virtual box, the MYOB programs now prints out and runs perfectly. so all those that runs MYOB for your business on a winxp machine. you now dont have an excuse to switch over to Mint.

  64. I absolutely love the default artwork/theme in Gloria – please do not change it, it’s refreshingly unique amongst Linux (and for that matter all other OSes I’ve ever used), and more importantly, not *boring*

  65. I think everyone should switch to Mint! It becomes better and better… I’m really looking forward to the final release! Big Up! 😉

  66. Great release, I’ve installed 7 Rc1 it work perfectly, as stable, better than for example Jaunty Jackalope. Sure. Good work.

  67. Installed as Virtual Machine under Vista and running fine using Virtual Box. (Handy Hint — always switch to full screen mode during installs!)

  68. Hi, I have a question about the mintInsatall aplication: It is possible removing installed programs, and not just installing them?
    Because I haven’t seen any option for programs removal in mintInstall.
    I am a beginner I don’t know about programing but even so I was very curious to try a few Linux distributions, like:
    Ubuntu Studio,
    Kde 3.5,Kde 4.0, Kde 4.2.
    Open Suse,
    Dream Linux,
    Ubuntu (Hardy, Intrepid, Jaunty),

    So I experienced many practical things about each distribution.
    And like a user I think in Linux Mint would be very handful an option to be able to remove programs from mint install, and not to close mint install, than open Synaptic and so removing the program.

    I had always a problem which I have even now at any linux distribution, and that is that simple avi files are choppy (playing with Totem Player, it stops in every 1-2 second) the only player which can play a video on my Acer 5520 laptop, is MPlayer. Could anyone give me a help about this?
    I have nvidia 8600 GS videocard, and I have tried Nvidia Accelerated Graphics Card Driver 173, 177, and 180.

  69. kibarashi:

    Support in the forums, also try the user manual – but… to uninstall simply right click the program in the Mint Menu.

  70. Dear Mint, you are now the number one OS on my computers, because you work where other systems have fallen down.I can at last watch DVDs!

  71. Was soll amn sagen … ausser wow.
    Alles was jetzt noch fehlt ist eine unterstützung der beiden SD slots beim acer aspire one 110l am liebsten sogar den linken als “richtige” storage expansion mit hotplug funktion. Ist hoffentlich im final release drin? Ansonsten habt ihr euch einfach übertroffen.

  72. i love the login screen of LinuxMint 7 (Gloria)
    also the desktop-themes are cool.
    i hope it just keeps getting better in future releases.

  73. Love everything about Mint (exception below), especially the fact both my wireless and mobile broadband connections work out of the box. Never seen that before in Linux and it finally prompted me to get Windows off my laptop, at last.

    The artwork is great, IMO, but I am not convinced by the “From Freedom Came Elegance” motto. For one, it’s not true, at least insofar as there is no strict causal relationship between these two huge sweeping things. From Freedom came KDE, and that’s not always been what one would call “elegant”. And proprietary manufacturers of both software and hardware do push out elegant solutions. Isn’t that the whole point of Apple and why we’re always hearing about it, ad nauseum, from their userbase?

    Second, it’s a big risk to come out with such statements. The minute something goes wrong, which it will eventually, no matter how good the distro is (and it is), it goes from point of honour to point of ridicule in an instant. The default scanning application, for example, immediately locked up all my computer’s resources and wouldn’t let them go for anything except unplugging my machine, whilst it probed for hardware. Hardly elegant, especially since it gives the user no apparent choice but to probe for hardware on launch (and therefore hang the machine). I ended up fixing the problem by uninstalling the software (very convenient to do through the menu) and putting xsane (again, very convenient through Synaptic) in its place, but elegant the experience was definitely not.

    I’m sure there’ll be lots of replies to the effect of “no, keep the motto”, but I’m against it for these reasons. It’s not particularly harmful, mind, it’s just unnecessary, a bit risky and somehow just rubs me up the wrong way. I’d drop it for something less grandiose, more realistic. Not sure what, mind you, suggestions on a postcard. Sorry to whinge. Great distro, look forward to using it and hopefully contributing in any way I can.

  74. Hey there. Installed fine, but when it came to boot my resolutions were all messed… fixed the desktop but the boot screen is horrible but it doesnt matter because it runs like a DREAM! thanks guys.

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