mintCast – Episode 10

Charles Olsen and Rothgar published another episode of the mintCast podcast. Happy listening everyone!

In this episode:

  • The News (Linux Mint 4 Daryna reaches end of life, Red Hat CEO questions relevance of desktop Linux, Spam in Twitter, DRM, user restrictions and content protection in Windows, Windows upgrade gone bad)
  • Rothgar: User interview Part 1
  • Website of the week:

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  1. Sorry for the delay in reporting this on the blog. We’ve been pretty silent lately as we’re fully focused on the development and the integration of the new features in Mint 7.

    Rothgar: I really enjoyed the interview, I’m now listening to Episode 11 (which isn’t reported on this blog yet.. shame on me) to hear the second part of it. We get feedback in various different ways, but to have a user interviewed this way, that’s a real gem.. tons of precious information. No offense to the interviewee, but there’s nothing like novice feedback for us to identify problems and areas of improvement.

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