Linux Mint 2 released!

The team is proud to announce the immediate release of Linux Mint 2!

Linux Mint 2 is a giant step forward. Based and compatible with Windows Vista, with full DirectX support it comes with all the tools you need to start being productive: a text editor, a disk defragmenter, a command prompt, the demo of an antivirus and some 3rd party software to play the first 10 minutes of your favorite DVDs!

For as little as $299 you can get your copy of Linux Mint 2 shipped to your door step. Each copy sold comes with a certificate of “guaranteed sense of security” which protects you against our own software patents Worlwide!

Happy April fools day everyone and thanks to Shade Vortex for the idea and the artwork.


  1. For $299, it sounds like a steal! How soon can I get my copy! LOL, thanks for perking me up this morning. Great job on the graphics and text.

  2. Whats REAL funny is that im not woried about the cocker(what ever its called) worm.
    Shouts out to the linux mint team

  3. Not to mention that the all other mint releases now have been discontinued, and forced to upgrade to mint 2 to continue function beyond 5 th of april.

  4. Crap! now I need to re-record my podcast segment to include this. Thanks a lot for not giving the mintcast team a heads up!

    In other news, I am buying a Mac and ditching this whole Linux thing.

  5. Wait isn’t linux mint supposed to be elegant? This is my worst nightmare! well I had an acronym for VISTA Is STupid Alright… heres one for MINT Is Not Thinking πŸ˜›

    ((and yes I know what day it is))

  6. “it comes with all the tools you need to start being productive” should read: it comes for all the fools who need to start being productive…

    A good poisson d’avril.

  7. Damn! That was scary…(hay un dicho: “de broma en broma…la verdad se asoma ¬¬”)

  8. you also forgot:
    …For security purposes, it won’t let you do anything and will ask you “Are you sure?” every time you will copy/paste…


  9. Can we be assured that Mint 2 will reduce a quad core processor to equal an AMD K6?

    I can relate with Marcos, I woke up expecting the new normal global chaos to see this Mint 2. I was sure the end was near.

  10. Good one. Especially the β€œguaranteed sense of security”. Nice
    My copy is in the post then . . . . .lol

  11. This did give me a what the…..? moment. Fortunately, I remembered the date before something exploded. Here’s a bit of history, in response to the immigration problems of a certain person:


    We announce the birth of a conceptual country, NUTOPIA.

    Citizenship of the country can be obtained by declaration of your awareness of NUTOPIA.

    NUTOPIA has no land, no boundaries, no passports, only people.

    NUTOPIA has no laws other than cosmic.

    All people of NUTOPIA are ambassadors of the country.

    As two ambassadors of NUTOPIA, we ask for diplomatic immunity and recognition in the United Nations of our country and our people.


    Nutopian Embassy
    One White Street
    New York, New York 10012
    April 1, 1973

  12. All together now… all together now… all together now… in no man’s land… together… hmmm… hmmm… hmmm… ta ta ta taaaa!!!

  13. Sweet. I was thinking there *might* somehow be a Linux Mint 2 developed in secret, but then I saw “Based and compatible with Windows Vista” and the chuckles began.

    Mint rules.

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  15. OH MY GOD!!!!!!! I just about fell outta my chair LMAO! That was too funny Clem and Shade! πŸ˜€

  16. I was a bit confused by what i read coz my mind was like.. what?!..
    until i saw the april fools thing.. grrr.. hahaha.. that was funny..

  17. LOL. My mind went from “whaaaa…?” to “DUH!” in a whirlwind fashion after seeing the headline! Great one guys! Oh and I loved the green windows logo!

  18. I am new to the Linux World.
    Thank you “LinuxMint” for restoring the Internet.
    Joke was “too cool” – thank you

  19. Between this great one from MINT and Google coming e up with CADIE, their Cognitive Autoheuristic Distributed-Intelligence Entity, yesterday was a very good day!!

  20. I dunno…hmmmmm……I’d like to buy it, but I’m not sure it can quench my windoze addictions. Will it include such niceties as only running for one month before I register, and crashing with evil warnings if I try to install it on too many PCs? Is it fully “call-home” capable, plus 100% spyware and virus capable? Does it come with a Swiss Browser (a browser with more security holes than Swiss cheese – sorry CH :O) ? How about my beloved BSOD from the “old days”, and my personal favorite… the “lease not-to-own” plan? There’s also the problem of what to do with all that left over money unless I can buy separate high-priced apps for every imaginable need.
    If you can guarantee all the above won’t be a problem then I might chance it. Otherwise, it’s not worth the possibility of my suffering from WDTs (AKA: Windoze Withdrawal Tremors).

  21. Where’s the download. I can’t find it.

    Jokes. That was a good one guys… πŸ™‚ Made me laugh kinda.

  22. My, this scared me for a moment– did LM get hacked?
    I will send a link to this to all my Windoze friends.

  23. If you really wanted to get ppl going you should have wrote. ” Linux Mint has officially been purchased by Microsoft today”

  24. I had a friend asking me to barrow the money to buy release 2. “Are you nuts?” Tell me what version you have. Read it to me. “Mint 6 Felicia”
    You want to pay $300 bucks for Release 2? Can you count? Did you pay for Mint 6 beside the donation? I could not believe it. There is a jackass born everyday. You know there were more like Jack. Great job Guys.

  25. This was GREAT! ANd I’m reading it a few days late. But really, awesome. I laughed so hard. Thanks. Great artwork πŸ˜‰

  26. lol [quote]I think Linux is free, please don’t commercial it. Linux is Free for every one.[quote] are you serious! haha nice joke guys!! i think this guy (Seven Sea) took it serously πŸ™‚

  27. a few days late, vista compatible, does LM2 os run in a vista window only using very little resources? heheh.

  28. Lol…. only lack of a button of paypal…
    lol…linux mint 2… antivirus replacement for windows xD

  29. You had me going fo a minute. Vista and Linux mixed? No way! I like the “guaranteed sense of security” haha!

  30. Does it come in a 16/32-bit edition? Can someone post the Forums and WIKI sites for this OS as well as a download site. I gotta get me a copy of this. πŸ™‚

    Any help will be appreciated. Pleez hurry ’cause I have issues. Oops! I mean questions.

  31. Will this new version resolve the multitasking problems I have on my Core2Duo Toshiba laptop running Mint6? Because when I try to play internet radio in the browser that comes with it, and switch to another tab, it stops playing. 64bit version resolved this, but was unstable, and crashed a few times until it eventually stopped booting altogether. Everything is fine under XP Pro or Vista. Just when I thought you’d addressed these issues I find out it’s only an April Fool’s joke!

  32. I don’t understand what all the fuss above is about. I think it is a good thing that Mint 2 is going to be sold…it’s about time the Linux community started to realise that the developers need to get paid….especially with this recession.

    I think it is a good thing too that it will work with Vista, which as we all know is probably the best OS on the planet. I like the anti virus application too. I have have so much trouble trying to get a virus I now feel a lot happier that when I can catch one I have got the tool to remove it

    Sometimes I think Linux misses out, because nobody can be bothered to sit down and write one especially for the community, which is a shame and shows that Linux is being neglected by Mr Hacker, who is too busy with MS products.

    The disc defragmenter is a good idea, especially if I do not have to buy so many hard drives. I find I need new hard drive about once every 5 weeks or so. The man in the PC shop where I buy them told me you have to take a hard drive out of the case and tap it gently on all four sides with a rubber mallet. He says this helps to re-align the little magnets stuck onto the drive gears inside.

    The shop person says it will probably take a good 7 or 8 months for me to learn how to get it right, but it has to be done. The man said I was lucky because he just happened to have a few hard drives left at only $300 for a 10GB unit. This is very cheap apparently and i felt a bit guilty not paying the full price of $450.

    He very kindly told me where I could buy this special rubber mallet. Amazingly his brother in law runs a hardware shop and was able to order me one specially, and a spare one, because apparently the rubberness wears out unless you keep it in an airtight box. Luckily he had one airtight box left. The mallets and box were a real bargain at only $600, each.

    I admit tho’ I cannot find how to d/l the files or where to pay my $299. I would like to buy 3 copies just in case.

    can anyone help please? I am willing to help with any expenses you might incur, Thanks in advance. This is a wonderful community.

  33. Oh! Jolly good to hear about Mint2! I was beginning to miss that blue-screen of death and an inability to make the software do what I want, and not what some spy at MS thinks I need! If anyone even so much as considered making a change to Vista, it would not need to be 1st April for them to be seen as a complete fools!

  34. Man i just purchased & received my own copy of linux mint. I have a problem it says my mint needs activation wtf? another prob that i have, my linux mint menu expired already.. wtf? i thought it was included in the price.. also when i do lspci i get a GSOD for gods shake! you suck!

    (i L-O-V-E mint, i just wish i had enough money to donate v6 instead)

  35. It’s so awesome, the new green screens of exceptions, dumping, and flushing. In Windows Vista they were blue. They look so awesome!
    It’s so nice. I get them every 30 seconds.

  36. I thought it was seriuos… and BANG!!!, maybe for american or somebody out there celebrating foooool’s day will quickly understood… but me?? it took me 1 day to figure out that I’d fooled!!! and I almost deleting my v6 torrent download! oh mama…

  37. Etanoir…I think you and I should hook up…I’ll be under the big clock at the station at 1pm. Look for the really, really unbelievably handsome bloke carrying a copy of the Times and a pink carnation in his buttonhole…don’t forget your wallet.

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