The apt command in Celena

A new command line tool is coming in Celena BETA 018 called “apt”. It’s a very simple addition which merges commands from apt-get, aptitude and apt-cache. It also doesn’t require the user to type “sudo” in front of the command.

This tool will make life easier for command line afficionados who used to type a lot of APT commands.

For instance instead of typing:

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get upgrade

sudo aptitude reinstall gnome-utils

sudo aptitude show gnome-utils

You’ll be able to type:

apt update

apt upgrade

apt reinstall gnome-utils

apt show gnome-utils

Supported commands include:

  •  update
  • upgrade
  • dist-upgrade
  • dselect-upgrade
  • build-dep
  • check
  • install
  • remove
  • source
  • clean
  • autoremove
  • autoclean
  • search
  • show
  • changelog
  • reinstall
  • stats
  • depends
  • rdepends

As you can see there’s nothing new but it’s all about comfort. Of course if you prefer to use apt-get, aptitude and apt-cache they still will be there for you.


  1. Hi Clem!

    Very interesting, but it is not dangerous for mint users who share their machine whit others?

    I means, SUDO is a super user, and It require a password for run specific APT Commands.

    What will happen if SUDO is eliminated?

    The ROOT security will be disable.


    PS: Why the Mint Blog is so dark.
    I can’t see it well, please check by your-self

  2. It still uses sudo, underneath, and it still asks you for your password. The only difference is that you don’t need to type sudo, as the apt command does it for you. Nothing is changed to the security system.


  3. Couldn’t you find another name for the tool ? I think naming your tool “apt” is a bit confusing. Debian users talk about the apt tool. “man apt” refers to the debian apt tool manual.

    I think you should name your tool something like “mint” or “aptmint” to make it clearer that it is your own tool. It would also avoid confusion for people looking for documentation with google with the keyword “apt”.

  4. hi this is sarang.. i am using linux mint over the vm player.. i wanted to installl a software called open foam. am new to linux. can anyone pls tel me how its done?

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