mintCast – Episode 7

Charles Olsen and the mintCast team published another episode of their podcast. Happy listening everyone!

In this episode:

  • The News (Linux Mint 6 x64 Edition, KDE 4.2.0, Wine 1.1.15, Microsoft updates forcing an extension into Firefox, Debian 5.0, Linux Genuine Advantage)
  • Main Story: Linux in your pocket (USB stick, Unetbootin)
  • Review: Sony PRS505 digital book reader
  • Tip: KVM switches and unplugged monitors during installation
  • Website of the Week:

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  1. – I really enjoyed the website of this week 🙂

    – I use KVM switches too, one annoying thing for me (I have one screen per box, I only switch away the mouse and keyboard) is that most BIOS won’t let the computer boot without an attached keyboard.

    – Linux in your pocket. I thought I would just mention that now offers persistent Linux Mint flash drives.

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  3. @Clem – what BIOS is that? Most that I know allow setting the option “halt on errors” to “none” and thus you can boot without keyboard.

  4. Charles,

    Should “gnome” be pronounced with a silent “g” as in the mythical characters of fairy tales? Or, I read somewhere that it might be “gee-nome”. Since I knew no different I have always gone with the fairytale version. Just sounds funny “g-nome”.

    BTW, I love the podcasts.


  5. John: I think the proper pronunciation of Gnome is Gah-nome, or something like that. The G is supposed to be spoken. But I — like some of the other podcasters I listen to — think it sounds dumb, so I just use the classic pronunciation with a silent G.

    I love Gnome (even more so after trying KDE again), but I don’t like the official pronunication of the term.



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