Mint forums travel to Canada

Thanks to SevenL Networks Inc, our forums are now hosted in Canada, on a brand new dedicated server. This will ease the load on both the forums and the main website which until now were hosted together in Germany and were using the same database.

If you experience login problems make sure to clear your browser cache (as this could be linked to a clash between the old and new cookies). Let us know of course if anything else goes wrong.

We’re also using a subdomain from now on, you might have noticed the redirections between the old and the new

Enjoy the forums and don’t hesitate to tell us how things go.


  1. Login problems.

    1) Can’t log in even when I use the “forgot my password ” option.
    I cleared all cache and cookies as suggested.
    I get a message that a new (reactivation) password was sent to me.
    But looking in my Inbox, there is no re-activation mail or any message from Husse at linuxmint dot com.

    2) There has always been a login problem since the last time the forums changed.
    Though the login Username and Password appear to be remembered by the login process, you are asked to re-activate your account;
    getting at the same time a warning that you have exceeded the maximum number of tries, and you must resend your login information again by using the “forgot my password” option.


  2. Forums work fine as always.
    And just like toddmb Says: “The Mint forums are closer to home than ever”
    About 90 km 🙂

  3. I did not even notice he change till I read Mintblog.
    I’ll be sure to give them any business I can. Thanks SevenL Networks

  4. @ npap
    There seems to be some problem – hopefully just temporary with site registration
    I’ll log in to the forum shortly and hopefully fix this
    (I can manually reactivate your account)
    If anyone experiences such problems please send a mail about it to
    husse -at-

  5. I’m not being notified of responses to threads I’m watching. I’ve missed several in a row and only found them by manually looking for what’s new.

  6. @ locutus (and others)
    Use the option to search for your own posts
    There is a problem with the mail in the forum now – it does not send any mail it seems. This may be because the mail server (sendmail or whatever) is not configured right.
    Right now I can’t do anything about it – can’t log in to the forum – have to wait for Clem to let me in 🙂

  7. Hi,

    I tried to register to the forums, but I never got the activation email.

    I verified in my spam folder and it is not there either.


  8. It works now.:)

    My account was manually activated by Husse.
    (Contacted using his email in comment #9)


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