Celena and Daryna

So Mint 4.0 might very well be called Daryna 🙂

Anyway… Celena should hit the download mirrors very soon now with only one BETA release preceeding the STABLE one.

With KDE and XFCE editions developped in parallels by Jamie Boo Birse and Merlwiz the team is going to be able to focus on Daryna “before” gutsy gets out! Of course, there is no way Daryna would be released before Gutsy, but the gap separating the two should be greatly reduced.

So far Daryna should simply be a merge of Celena’s and Gutsy’s innovations plus a few goodies such as mintServe and mintSupport.

New features in Celena: mintUpload, mintAssistant, PDF printing, stability and speed improvements, better base, new artwork.

New features in Gutsy: Compiz Fusion, Graphical Configuration Tool for X, Desktop improvements (deskbar, tracker, fast user switching),  2.6.22 kernel, AppArmor, better hardware support (Broadcom wifi chipsets for instance), more up to date package base (Thunderbird 2.0 etc..).

Daryna should compile all of these together.

New mint-tools currently in alpha or beta stage could be added as well or come in later on within  a Mint 4.1 release.


  1. Hi All,

    Correct me if I am wrong, but I thought that compiz-Fusion (CF) would not be included in either the newest Ubuntu or Mint.

    Adler aka JJMacey

  2. A wish of mine for Mint 5.0

    from Wikipedia: (…) The name Erika is Old Norse for “ever powerful” or “ruler of the people.” It is also frequently spelled Erica. (…)

    And she’s my wife. Imagine:-)

    Would be a nice attention!

  3. I imagine the development process doesn’t depend on the final ubuntu release, so when is Daryna scheduled to be released?

    By the way, i like the name ‘Erika’ 😉

  4. I like the name Erika also. May I recommend “Linda” when we get to the L’s? 🙂 Will Mint settle down to 1 release every 6 months (after the Ubuntu releases) once all the special Mint goodies have been added? I assume that’s why the current 2-3 months releases – to further Mint’s uniqueness from Ubuntu.

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