mintCast – Episode 6

Charles Olsen and the mintCast team published another episode of their podcast. Happy listening everyone!

In Episode 6:

  • The News (64bit plugins in x64 edition, screencast and community repository projects, DRM in Gears of War and in Microsoft’s music store)
  • Main Story: Asus eeePC netbook
  • Rothgar’s segment: Linux Mint on a Sony Vaio VGN-TT190
  • Tip: Printing graphics to PDF
  • Website of the Week:

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  1. Asus eeePC 701 4G SSD:

    I installed an 8Gb SDHC card on it; and put the first ‘ubuntu eeePC OS’ on that card….. It became the first boot option on that machine; and it is doing quite well!! The only ‘drawback’ I find, is that ‘ubuntu wifi’ shows only about one half the ‘signal strength’ of the ‘xandros wifi’…. (This may not be the real numbers of ‘signal strength’: If the speedometer on a car is off, it won’t indicate the real speeds)!!
    Since then, there is a 2nd version of the ‘ubuntu eeePC OS’; however, since the first version has been working so well, I haven’t bothered installing it!!

  2. I had the same effect on my eee with eeeubuntu 2.0. Anyone confirmed if its a speedo effect or if it’s truly less efficient and any fixes?

    Being a Mint fan has anyone tried Mint on an eee?

  3. I also ‘do’ have a Toshiba Laptop, with an Atheros 5007eg ‘wifi’ card on it…. This is the same ‘wireless NIC’, which is also found on the ‘Asus eeePC 701 4G SSD’….. I can’t get neither the Ubuntus, nor the Mints to work with that card; on the Toshiba!! => ‘Ubuntu eeePC’ does work with that card, on the little Asus machine, right out of the box!! But then: ‘Ubuntu eeePC’ is ‘tailor made’ for that Asus machine!!

    Note: Also, as of lately I have found two Linux distros that work with the Toshiba Laptop, right out of the box:

    1) The new ‘Knoppix_V6.0’,(perfectly in every respect), and

    2) ‘pamgic 3.5’, (which has issues with the ATI ‘video’ drivers of this Laptop)

    (These last two distros sport the ’28’ kernel, which may be the reason, that they can do what they do)!!

    Too bad Knoppix doesn’t ‘recommend’ installing this distro!!

  4. Nice work on the mint cast. The details about the ssd drives were quite helpful. I’m more and more curious to see how well Mint will run on an such a drive.
    Same goes for the asus eee comparison. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
    Also, the “linux sux” article. LOL Okay, so not long ago we have a student who buys a dell laptop with ubuntu and has to drop out of school due to her isp cd not working. Now we have people buying the asus eee and returning them because they can’t use linux.
    Who’s buying this stuff and do they not “read”? Apt-get common sense.
    Maybe it would be best to have an etch-a-sketch app for linux, see if the Windows users can get past that after login, then continue?

    Sorry, just my sarcasm etching it’s way in.

    To Charles Olsen and the mintCast team. Keep up the great work. And the laughs. 😛

  5. Thanks for the comments. I loved the “apt-get common sense”, I’m going to have to remember that one. And you’re right, it seems that people are getting out the credit cards without reading about what they’re ordering.

    Just wanted to mention, it wasn’t Asus who said that Linux netbooks are getting returned. It was another company, MSI, who reported these returns. As far as I know, the sales from Asus are going strong.

  6. When are we going to get the 3=06 Firefox Update? I read that this is vital to Mint’s income, but I am concerned at using Firefox with missing security patches.

  7. hey guys

    what do you think of Twitter?? does any mint user here use twitter?

    Clem what do you think of setting up a twitter account so we can all follow you around ;p

    the same goes to Charles and everyone else working in mint 🙂

    just a suggestion 🙂

  8. jungaar: I created a Twitter account called “Linux_Mint”. I’ll give it a try for a week or so and update it via my G1 as soon as I get it. If it proves handy and people see value in me twitting things (or whatever that’s called) then I’ll go on twitting, else I’ll just stop 🙂

  9. jungaar: I’ve created a Twitter account called “mintCast”. I’m not sure if I really understand the purpose of Twitter, but I’ll give it a shot. I’ll tweet when I post new episodes.

    Maybe I’ll also try tweeting about some of the testing that I’m doing. For example, when I install a new distro or new software that I’m thinking about discussing in a future episode. This will give you a preview of what’s coming in future shows.

    IF it seems useful, I’ll continue the practice.

  10. I didn’t know where to send you these two questions:
    -Why aren’t the the menu items in sub-groups so that the average Joe is not intimidated by Mint?
    user interface
    System menu too

    Settings manager and XFCE 4 mintconfig are somehow redundant.. Settings manager can’t be removed because of compatibility?

    Mint Linux is great!

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