mintCast – Episode 5

Charles Olsen and the mintCast team published another episode of their podcast. Happy listening everyone!

In Episode 5:

  • The News (Wine, Reading on paper vs reading on a screen, Windows 7 to kill Linux)
  • Rothgar’s segment: CES 2009 (Palm Pre, Vaoi P, Asus Eee Keyboard), ext4 filesystem, Gnome-Art NG.
  • Main Story: Templates in
  • Website of the Week:

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  1. Were you reading off of the screen or off paper? lol. On the keyboard, would it be awesome if whole keyboard was touchscreen? Imagine all the custom, application specific, setups you could have for progs and games.

  2. Why would windows 7 try to kill Linux ???? and how would they do that ? by giving Windows 7 for free ? is MS so affraid off open software ? or is this another fake message to stir up things….
    Windows 7 is a little faster than vista but still the same shit as always.
    Linux and Mac OS are winning ground that is for shure !

  3. Hi Clem:

    Do we have an ETA on the stable release of Felicia x64 yet? I’ve been waiting anxiously. I actually gave in and finally installed RC1 last week and everything’s running as I expected. Keep up the good work!

  4. Some sneak news
    You won’t have to update your Felicia 64 bits RC1 to get the stable 🙂
    There will be some minor changes in the stable but that’s easy to fix as an upgrade

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