Mint tools updates for Linux Mint 5 Elyssa LTS

The following updates were pushed towards the stable branch of the Linux Mint 5 repositories:

  • mintUpload: 1.4 –> 2.0.2 (adds FTP support)
  • mintUpdate: 2.7 –> 3.2.2 (adds proxy support, history of updates and new GUI)
  • mintInstall: 3.9 –> 5.3.6 (featuring the new “Software Manager” frontend)
  • mintMenu: 4.0 –> 4.1.2 (many under-the-hood fixes, adapted to the new software manager)
  • mintSystem: 1.3 –> 5.5 (new terminal commands: search, apt contains, apt content)

mintNanny was also added to the repositories. Install mintnanny-gnome or mintnanny-kde depending on your edition of Linux Mint.

Note 1: Linux Mint 5 Elyssa is an LTS (Long Term Support) release. It is used by 43% of Mint users (46% use Linux Mint 6 Felicia and 12% use Linux Mint 4.0 Daryna). With these updates the mint tools now provide a similar level of functionality between the latest release (Mint 6) and the latest LTS release (Mint 5).

Note 2: You should restart X after performing these updates.


  1. This is great! I wasn’t able to use Felicia due to some hardware/driver issues but I had grown to love the new versions of the mint tools in the short time that I used it. Now that I’m back in Elyssa I’ve been missing some of these features (mintUpload’s FTP support is key…).

  2. Traceback (most recent call last):

    File “/usr/lib/linuxmint/mintMenu/”, line 229, in PopulatePlugins
    MyPlugin = X.pluginclass( self, self.toggle )

    File “/usr/lib/linuxmint/mintMenu/plugins/”, line 33, in __init__
    # Set ‘window’ property for the plugin (Must be the root widget)

    AttributeError: ‘NoneType’ object has no attribute ‘set_text’

    do u know why that happen?

  3. Alex: Is that after restarting X and running it in command line via “/usr/lib/linuxmint/mintMenu/ run-in-window”?

  4. Hi!
    Great, will these upgrades be available through Mint Update for Mint 5?
    Super OS
    Thanks Clem
    Mike in Alaska

  5. The live CD works very well, but when I try to install with Ubiquity, No partitions show up in the box making it impossible to continue. This happens with that package in most distros. I hope to have a fresh fragrant desktop again some day.

  6. Geert: Check your repositories, you should have “main” activated (it’s activated by default). Then refresh mintUpdate. If it still doesn’t work, open a terminal and type “apt update; apt install mintupdate” then rerun mintUpdate from the menu.. that should give you mintUpdate 3.x and it might solve the problem.

  7. I notice that in mintUpdate, I’m told that these particular updates can’t be authenticated, and get the usual warning that allowing them may allow malicious software to be installed. Is there some problem with authentication of these packages that I’m missing?

  8. @ Michael W
    Mint does not authenticate packages – that’s the whole story
    We will in the future, but there are lots of more important work to be done first

  9. Was using Linux Mint 5 with complete satisfaction. Installed Mint 6 but sound didn’t work. Switched back to Mint 5. Everything O.K. for awhile. Then my floppy stopped working. Now what? George

  10. Hey George, when you changed to Mint 6 did you do any hardware upgrades/variations that might account for the sound/floppy problems?. It might be a flaky motherboard, bad ram, etc. If it was OK in your last install of Mint 5 (which I run, and its gorgeous) then maybe its hardware related. I run on a last century model p3 with 320 megs o ram and she runs like a scalded dog matey….. I have noticed that sometimes flash stops working in Firefox, tho rebooting usually fixes her up nice n tidy. I like runnin her in KDE mode too myself. Redundant I know, so sue me. Wait, I’m already in litigation, scratch that…

  11. Horselover Thanks for your interest. No, I did not make any hardware changes. I suspect that floppy drives are supported in Mint 5, but not in Mint 6.My floppy drive was recognized by Mint 5 when I first installed Mint 5. After I downloaded updates a week ago, Mint 5 no longer recognized my floppy. I went on the internet to see if I could find a solution. On a website called “Linux Mint Forums” someone reported not being able to access his floppy drive under Mint 6. He received a response which I didn’t understand, but it seemed to solve his problem. The response was to open a terminal, type sudo modprobe floppy, then sudo mount /dev/fd0 /media/floppy0, etc., etc. I am new to linux, and terminals scare me. When I followed the above instructions, my computer told me “permission denied.” That’s where I stopped. Can anyone confirm that floppy support is not loaded as default under Mint 6, but is loaded as default under Mint 5? George P.S. Horselover You sound Australian. I am Canadian. George

  12. Hello Clem!

    Im sorry to write this late, but i reinstalled Mint 5, made all the updates, but now Im not able to open the new software manager. Would you help me out on this?
    Thanks pal 🙂

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