Critical bug in stable release!

A bug was introduced between BETA013 and STABLE within the Cassandra KDE Community Edition.

The installer crashes when the user chooses to manually partition his drive.

Fortunately, the bug is in the KDE frontend and not in the installer itself, so it is possible to use the Gnome frontend instead by typing these commands in a konsole:

  • sudo apt-get install ubiquity-frontend-gtk
  • sudo apt-get remove ubiquity-frontend-kde
  • sudo ubiquity

As a result of this incident a series of measures will be taken for this kind of problems not to happen again:

  • A freeze will take place before the release of the last beta. Maintainers will not be able to upgrade packages before a stable release.
  • Feature tests will be formalized and releases will have to comply and satisfy every test before going public.
  • The Ubuntu Backports repository will be commented out in future versions of Linux Mint and disabled by default. In Cassandra it broke the wine package, in Bianca it brought hardware support problems.

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