The Mint Newsletter – issue 66

* News about Mint

Intrepid has been released and work has started to produce Mint 6 Felicia

We will use another approach than earlier and make the production more scripted  which will make the editions a bit more like each other

Some of the news in Felicia have been presented earlier in the blog. This includes the new features in Intrepid and a bunch of Mint specific news
– MintUpdate 3 (see blog for list of improvements)
– MintInstall 5 (see blog..)
– MintUpload 2 (FTP support)
– MintNanny (see blog..)
– command line improvements (especially the new search command added to mintSystem)
– an upgrade tool (which will be released AFTER Mint 6)
– easy file-sharing within same network via integrated Giver
– upstream: multi-tabs in Nautilus and multiple Gnome 2.24 improvements
And more….
* News about Linux

Ubuntu Intrepid Ibex (8.10) was released Desktop Server

Ubuntu Linux: 8 Million Users and Growing

Dell developer joins Ubuntu Core Development Team

Shuttleworth: Ubuntu developer Canonical may need 3-5 more years of funding

Microsoft invited the Samba Team to it’s home campus for a week of hands on testing with their engineers

Mac, Linux, BSD open for attack according to Kaspersky

Mark Shuttleworth on GNOME usability hackfest

Linux to Ship on More Desktops than Windows

What is PackageKit? It’s gaining support

Linus Thorvalds on GPL and Richard Stallman

Linux Hater’s Blog closed 🙂

The latest news about the kernel is always found here

* News about IT

Internet Watch foundation for reports on Child sexual abuse content hosted worldwide

EuroPriSe -the European Privacy Seal for IT Products and IT-Based Services

Google Book Search comes to an agreement with authors and publishers.

Google Web Server ranks #3 in the Netcraft Web Server Survey, with 5.76% of all domains

Google guarantees 99.9% uptime for Google Apps

Google abandons deal with Yahoo

Yahoo’s Yang says Microsoft deal still best option

The end of an era – Windows 3.x – On 1 November Microsoft stopped issuing licences

Microsoft has introduced Office web applications

Windows Live ID Commits to Support OpenID (and so does Google)

Check Your Passwords Against Brute Force Attacks

Student charged after alerting principal to server hack

6 nabbed for Sarkozy hack

French Senate passes bill to disconnect filesharers

BD+, the Blu-ray copy protection system that was supposed to last 10 years, has now been solidly broken

Click Fraud Increasingly Driven by Botnets

OpenOffice Multiple Vulnerabilties and Security Issue

Microsoft Blue Hat: Researcher Demos No-Hack Attack

Delayed Java update finally ships

Microsoft to open up ‘M’ language

Only hours after Microsoft released an emergency patch the hole in Windows was being abused

Sinowal Trojan May Be One of the Worst Crimeware Ever Created

McCain pulls ahead in pharmaceutical spam

* Hardware news

Scientists build world’s smallest storage device Major breakthrough in quantum computing

A new technique may result in much smaller electronics as well as optical storage using  quantum plasma oscillations

VIA Announces the ‘Global Mobility Bazaar’ Program

More details of AMD 45nm CPU lineup revealed

Intel phases out first 45 nm processors

Asus asks public for notebook designs

PC makers move closer to a post-Windows world

EU concerned by airport full-body scanners

Flash data recovery technology needed

House key copied from photo

* Trivia and other links
Found a really funny signature in the Ubuntu forums used by “ooobuntooo”

The Day Microsoft make something that doesn’t suck…is the day they make Vacuum cleaners.

Intelsat Retires the Oldest Commercial Communications Satellite in Space after 32 Years of Service

* More about Linux Mint

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* Editors comment

As always – if you find something I’ve missed in the newsletter please tell me – you can post a comment.

Enjoy life



  1. great – integrated Giver! I installed this myself but never got it to work – it would be just awesome to have this feature in Felicia! And maybe you could try and avoid some of the already long list of known bugs in Intrepid?

  2. Husse:The link to the Wallpaper of the month doesn’t work.

    Something else:

    I went back to Ubuntu the other day after a long marriage with Mint, and I’ve found that the interface had improved a lot and there are a lot of nifty things in the gui and the notifications.

    I think that Linux Mint still looking like Daryna in the better case, and it’s time to invest more on the polishing of the distro that in other categories. I’m sure many people will disagree with me, but I think that Mint got to a point where is very popular,very usable but it need to look better to catch up with the major distros.

    I also know that in order to do that the distro need resources and capable people to work on it and for the moment it works thru donations and free time from the developer side. I think that the users and sponsors can help in this matter.

    Anyway, the distro still great!

  3. “We will use another approach than earlier and make the production more scripted…”
    Could you explain it please?

  4. @ Shahin and all others
    Sorry for that clumsy phrase
    The intention is to rebase Mint on every new Ubuntu release and make scripts that do the major part of the “conversion work”
    This will also leave the road open for metapackages that let you install mintified versions of all desktops
    The dev team is small….
    And as it is it is only main that is still based on older Mint
    There should be no difference in result between the two methods

  5. “and it’s time to invest more on the polishing of the distro that in other categories” in??

    “but it need to look better to catch up with the major distros.” Which major distributions exactly look better? It’s pretty much a matter of personal choice anyway..

    I mean sure, it has to move forward, it has to get better and everything.. But.. such nonspecific comments and especially about its (her) looks don’t bring much to the table.. Besides the “ubuntu+green theme=linux mint” thing kinda got old long ago..

    Like the idea of automated conversion ..if it is possible to do everything fully automatically, but even if only partially, it will be still very useful for the development team. Wonder how it hasn’t come up so far..

  6. I LOVE the idea of metapackages for Mint. This should make possible a netboot install, by:
    1. installing Ubuntu CLI from netboot
    2. adding Linux Mint repo
    3. Installing the metapackage
    This way, you can get a Mint desktop w/o burning a CD (or on a computer with little RAM.)

  7. I have the metapackage and default settings pretty much complete for Linux Mint 5 XFCE CE.(in the repo)
    You can remove the Xubuntu metapackage and default settings.
    Then install the metapackage and default settings.
    Then remove ~/.config and Ctrl+Alt+Backspace to get the defaults.
    The /etc/gdm/PostLogin/Default just needs to be executable.

  8. Ouch…I think its bad luck to misspell Mr Linux’s name…
    Linus Thorvalds on GPL and Richard Stallman


  9. Well, in Intrepid there are some really annoying bugs, like the “cutting fingers” eject cd, or the dead bluetooth on kde, and so…

    Plus, in some areas i think that Mint can be a bit “smart”, like the use of some nautilus plugins like the “Open as Root” and “Open terminal”, there’s no need of XFE (imho) since in nautilus that’s done.
    I don’t know if it’s legal do the smoothing for the fonts, that would be nice too.

    Maybe i’ll continue later, cheers 🙂

  10. Will 3.0 be included in Mint 6? (I know it just missed the testing deadline for Intrepid). I don’t know how easy it would be to include it when it’s not in Ubuntu, but it does have some significant improvements, and it would be nice not to have to install it manually.

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