Monthly News – May 2021

Hello everyone!

Before we start covering the news I’d like to thank our sponsors, partners and donors. Many thanks for your contributions and for your support. Many thanks also to all the people who help us in other ways with their ideas, their support and to all those who help our community with side projects or by spending time to help other users.

Linux Mint 20.2 “Uma”

The biggest piece of news this month is the upcoming release of Linux Mint 20.2 “Uma”.  We’re hoping to have the BETA ready by mid-June.


A new XApp was implemented to add the ability to bulk rename files in Cinnamon and MATE. The new application is called Bulky and it will ship in Linux Mint 20.2.

In Xfce, Thunar already comes with its own embedded bulk renamer, so Bulky won’t be needed there.

Nemo Content Search

Nemo will feature content search. Until now you could only search for files. In Nemo 5.0 you’ll be able to combine file search and content search, i.e. files which are named a certain way and/or which contain particular words.

Regular expressions and recursive folder searches will be supported.

AMD support in NVIDIA Prime applet

Nvidia-prime-applet 1.2.7 was backported recently. It contains a fix for a regression in ubuntu-drivers-common which made the applet disappear.

It also contains support for computers with AMD/NVIDIA hybrids (i.e. systems with an integrated AMD GPU and a discrete NVIDIA GPU).


The upcoming version of Warpinator will feature the ability to select which network interface you want to use. If you are connected to multiple interfaces (Wireless + ethernet for instance) this allows you to select which network you want to share files on.

A new optional compression setting will also be available. Once enabled on both machines, compression can make transfers up to 3 times faster.


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    1. The best one out there is rename, it’s a CLI. Bulky should integrate very well in the DE though and provide enough functionality for most use cases.

    2. `gprename` will still be available – but its not a properly integrated feature.

  1. great news..thank you for your work.. : i like the support of nvidia & amd gfx .. i use both .. mostly for the mp4 compression or physx in game..
    the nemo search in files is also a good new thing….i made several askings at 7zip forum [ source forge ] for a tool capable of searching in zip or 7z or rar files… may be you add that in your file browser…
    i would like to make a donation but my $61 are gone in youtube : Naughty by Nature fund for covid19…
    have a nice time : living in a box with Masks..

  2. Good news, Clem & Team!

    Can’t wait for Mint 20.2.

    I’ll take this chance to drop a suggestion based on a real world necessity I’m having: Mint needs a good multimedia center program or a good practical and flexible integration of multimedia in Nemo.
    This is my scenario: For ages I’ve been piling up backups of photos and videos from my phone.
    Every once in a while I made a quick backup by copying the DCIM folder from my Android phone’s card to a backup hard drive. Not organizing it, just stuffing it there, meaning I have several duplicates of the same files.
    Now I’m organizing everything and it’s being painful.
    Regarding duplicate files, I managed to install fslint on Mint 20.1 and it takes care of them very well.
    But there are some files that I need to open to check their content and Pix is not very ergonomic. It does not open videos (at least .mp4) and navigation for a few hundred photos is not practical, I can’t increase the size of the thumbnails, or select several files and delete them all at once (in the viewing mode with the thumbnails on the left). Changing viewing modes does not seem practical to me.
    I ended up installing an old version of Adobe Bridge CS6 on WINE, it’s practical for images but does not open videos (but at least shows a thumbnail of them, Pix doesn’t).
    Some love in Pix or a new piece of software would be very handy as I’m sure I’m not the only clumsy one with personal photos. This is the kind of everyday software that make “normie” users at home being happy and productive, and I believe Mint is the OS and software stack for all, including me.
    If I can help with some brainstorming and testing, I’m here!

    1. try use Czkawka. ALthough still cumbersome but it detects duplicate files very well.

    2. Dear wongKC , Excellent tool, thank you, I had been missing FS LInt which is no longer in the software manager and which disappeared on upgrading from 19.3

    3. in download …linux-video-tools
      this site has very good softwares…some are made for java…& linux…
      windows has a lot fans [ mostly because of DirectDraw that has no “vulkain” like Direct3D…
      these days i dream more of boosting my receiver ATMOS in a 2 X 7.1 “way” by using the 7.1 of the pci-e x16 vga..& the 7.1 realtek of the mainboard….lol mort2rires : mint team so i can cheaply have a 9.5.2 or 11.3.2 audio system IN DA HOME
      mint team moderator…your checking “post tool” is buggy… use Avira Antivirus…please

  3. Thank you a lot for your work :):):) I hoped Nemo would have a native bulk rename feature and today my dream has been fulfilled. I’m really excited, I often need to bulk rename files and now there is a direct, elegant way to do it in Mint Cinnamon. The Nemo content search is another splendid improvement. Since now it won’t be necessary to depend on external utilities to have two important features. I feel free and independent, thank you!

  4. First of all, thank the effort and dedication of the LM team !
    It’s great to hear news about what’s new in Mint. Regarding the Nemo update, please consider adding the option “Open containing folder in a new tab” for searches that result in files. Currently, this feature is only available if the search result is a folder.

    Btw ..a couple of doubts/ideas: Is it possible that Xreader will support tabs in the future?. It is possible to generate the integration of a launcher for System Monitor from the panel [something like W10] ?.

  5. Thanks, looking forward to the release. 20.1 is excellent (already). I am still using 19.3, because of my inability to connect my 2010 Samsung printer with its 32 bit drivers running on XP to a modern Mint box via Samba. Starting with Mint 20.0, that ability was lost, ditto for many other versions of Linux. Question: When does 19.3 become unsupported— upon arrival at that date, I will be obliged to purchase a new printer, even though, current one works great. Thanks for a great OS.

    1. I have never had a reason to find one, but there must be programs that allow transfer of files between linux and WinXP without using Samba.

  6. The Linux Mint team continues to impress me! You create things that I didn’t know I needed. This distro is by far the best one for me. I have tried to distro hop, but it doesn’t take long before I go back to my friend: Linux Mint

    1. Same thing happened to me several years ago… from time to time I want to try other distros and some days later I end up again using Linux Mint.

      And the same thing happens about DE… I have tried a lot… but I always end up using XFCE.

    2. @Steve ; I have considered potentially playing around with others distro’s, but in the end I typically avoid it since Mint has been stable/reliable for me as things just tend to work (I have been on it since Jan 2019 as my primary, and pretty much only, OS on my main PC etc). it’s possible I may eventually play around with another distro on one of my backup computers, but I doubt my main PC will be shifting away from Mint anytime into the foreseeable future.

      plus, another big plus for Mint… I like Mint’s 5 years of support for each major release as, off the top of my head, it seems many other distros are 3 years tops and 3 years simply passes a bit too quickly where as 5 years, it takes a while for that to pass and you can count on ones PC being good for at least that 5 year time span with Mint. hell, even on Windows 10 things seem to be on a 18 month cycle is the longest you can use your current version.

      @Juan Villegas ; I have not played around with many DE’s all that much. but Cinnamon/Xfce seem like the safest all-around choices. Cinnamon is a bit better imho (if you got the resources like decent CPU with GPU acceleration as the GPU acceleration helps ensure Cinnamon is nice and snappy), but Xfce is probably safer for a wider range of PC’s, and especailly older computers with less resources. I never cared for MATE and I have not ventured too much outside of those as I don’t really see much need to unless want wants to venture towards interfaces that are noticeably different looking/feeling (but at this point you start to venture a bit too far away from more of the Windows interface standards that people are most familiar with). but Cinnamon/Xfce are simple/straight to the point. some more call these ‘boring’, since Mint in general has keep the same basic look/function for quite a while now, but I am never going to fault simple/straight to the point interfaces that are easy to use and look good enough.

  7. don’t throw tomatoes at me, but a cross platform for Warpinator would be so awesome and useful. Being able to transfer from Windows to LM and viceversa, fast simple and without Samba

  8. This is excellent news, I was going to use that BULKY sw anyways. That was the one thing I missed on windows, when I would transfer files that were completely different but had same names, it would just add additional parts to each one so not to over write the original file.

    Always enjoy LM over all other distro’s. So thank you all

  9. Lol.. now the deletion of my announcement of a bulk rename app from the forums makes sense- unfortunate timing I guess. A little comment as to why would have been appreciated, but no hard feelings.
    Good move to include something like this out of the box. Another nice feature that puts Nemo a step ahead of the pack.

    1. Hi,

      Please ask the forums moderation team directly (the blog and the forums are moderated separately).

  10. Hi Clem:
    That’s great news.
    Do you plan to make any changes to the graphics? I mean the themes, icons and the cinnamon desktop in general.
    Congratulations to the Linux Mint group for their excellent work.

  11. Very anxious here, my friends. In terms of kernel, which versions will be available on 20.2?

  12. Thank you soooo much for Bulky. Its a feature I miss the most in Cinnamon DE. I always had to install Thunar to bulk rename. Can’t wait to get it.

    1. Hi Logan,

      They’re quite similar. The initial goal was to bring back pyrenamer from the dead, move it to python3 (somebody did that in github actually) and give it a nice UI revamp, but as we looked at your feedback and people talking on the forums we looked at the tools people were using as workarounds (gprename, metamorphose and thunar). Thunar’s UI was very intuitive and very simple so we used it as a starting point. We also added some of pyrenamer’s ideas. For instance you get to use enumerations in Bulky using special variables in the text entry (%n for instance).

    2. Hi Clem,
      That’s exactly what I am looking for. pyRenamer is way too complex and overwhelming for quick renaming. I find Thunar bulk renamer as well as Bulky simple and intuitive. +1 for the idea of %n. Sometime I need this enumeration ends up with a script to do it. I am gonna try Bulky in my Mint 20.1 if possible.

      Every time I install Mint with Cinnamon for my friends, I also install Thunar and setup the bulk command in Nemo. No need for Thunar anymore. Thanks again!

    3. Currently running XFCE with Thunar, the main thing I miss from pyrenamer is ability to create and save a simple string to define presets for future use – specifically was able to name a folder (usually of photos) and by activating the preset, pyrenamer would automatically rename and number all the included files with that folder name. (It was easy enough to define other presets for other situations – there was a pop-up providing the syntax for those settings.) As is I’m using third-party software to rename photos, and still can’t do it as easily as with pyrenamer..

    4. Although you can’t save presets in bulky, you can use enumerations.

      Replacing with file_%00n.png for instance will rename files as file_001.png, file_002.png, file_003.png etc.. We’ll add more variables such as this one in the future.

  13. Great quality work, as always! Wish there could be 1:1 gestures in Cinnamon like the new Gnome 40, they improve laptop user experience by a whole lot! But it surely is a big change, maybe in LM 21? Wish you all the best!

  14. I have a Windows 10 workstation as well as a Linux MINT system. But comparing the two Linux MINT is by far the superior OS IMO & its my favorite system. With Microsoft windows its constantly demanding attention before you can get something done, i.e. its demanding. By contrast MINT just doesn’t get in the users way, its so well created that it just allows the user to get things done i.e. doesn’t get in the way of the user.

    Linux MINT has become such a great system to use, its almost like having a good friend to rely on, its just there when you need it.

    It really does knock the spots of W10 in my opinion & Microsoft users don’t know what there missing. Linux MINT is total quality. Thank You once again to the MINT team.

  15. Hi Linux Mint team,

    Very looking forward to this new version 20.2 Uma!

    I would like if possible to have the option to hide the menu in xapp xed, as in the image I made:

    I would also like it if it had this option to hide the menu in the xapp Xreader, as well as adding a search icon and an add note icon to the toolbar!

    And you could update the Scilab and GNU Octave packages to the latest versions!

  16. I hope that we can have Bulky soon with us, that way, it means another app that is able to be ported out of Linux Mint and to other distros (in case it doesn’t have Ubuntu-specific dependencies), other than that I hope that things can go well on the development of the distro for the next cycle

  17. Also, a little out-of-topic question if I may: Where can I see the code and the changes that you do to the package gnome-calendar for Linux Mint? I would like to know how things have changed by adding the Cinnamon desktop from your end, since at least on my side, when doing changes I have manage to keep the package going on Archlinux, but right now my particular patch only allows it to be used on Cinnamon only (consider it like a “soft fork”) but you manage to use it no matter if the user has Gnome or Cinnamon installed

  18. Hopefully you have some things fixed, ie BT disconnect, LVM name bug and many others…. PLUS the system is more clean with less necessary code and security holes from sloppy, unskilled programmers …hence less updates and crashes….

    1. BT disconnect is very likely upstream from us, either in the BT stack (GNOME) or in your driver/kernel. Find the cause and make sure to report it to the right sloppy unskilled programmer. Although he’ll still be likely unable to make a difference (being sloppy and all), it has more chances of success to lead to a bug fix than simply hoping. If the bug is in blueberry, it’s for us.

    2. Ofc it s mint…… why do other distros do NOT have BT issue?

      Still NOT fixed:
      a) random MATE crashes when filemanager is on overlord due to various reasons
      b) Sticky Notes does NOT highlight marked text in yellow
      c) nVidia screwUps when upgrading ie NO tray Icon
      d) NO wireguard auto implentation,,, YET still pptp ….looool (SECURITY )
      e) LVM LUKS name scheme bug (SECURITY )
      f) system load indicator falsy
      g) MINT installer bug … NO swap MEANS no SWAP, yet there is ….
      h) MOUNT bug …. during install ..2nd internal disk not auto mounted
      i) SLOW file transfer rates on SSD’s and to USB 3 externals
      j) NO dislocker incorporated for encrypted NTFS disks (SECURITY )
      k) and many others

    3. The BT stack is from GNOME, it’s used in many distributions. Blueberry is just a frontend to it, but if you actually do identify a bug in it, then chase it down and give us the info we need to be able to fix it. If it’s in GNOME then tell GNOME. If it’s upstream even then report it upstream. Find out what’s going on exactly anyway and why/how it’s happening.

      Focus on one issue at a time. Don’t get distracted and try not to sound so negative. Developers won’t interact with you if you insult them or if you prevent them from having fun. Belittling them or their work might touch their ego and work a little bit on the short term but not for very long. They’re here because they enjoy what they do. Fun is the biggest motivation.

      I personally fixed point c) on your list this week. I enjoyed doing it. People enjoyed it too. I was glad to see very good info and relevant feedback. I was empowered by that feedback and motivated and it was a positive experience for everybody involved. If instead all I got was a sloppy observation (“nVidia screwUps when upgrading ie NO tray Icon”) and the promise of a negative interaction, I’d just have ignored it.

      There are tons of things to improve and to work on. You have a list of things you find important, so does everybody. Why work on vague negative observations when we can make a difference and work with people who troubleshoot properly and are a pleasure to interact with.

  19. What can you tell us about performance and memory consumption?
    Performance and being thin is the best features a good OS can have.

    1. @Royi ; you said, “What can you tell us about performance and memory consumption?”

      I would assume like usual (as I can’t see much changing in this regard besides maybe a little tweak here and there. but in terms of RAM usage I would imagine things are pretty much the same as they have been for a while now)… Mint ain’t the lightest Linux OS but it’s far from heavy just given the fact one can ‘get by’ with 2GB of RAM, especially if they are a light user (and as you already know 2GB is bare minimum these days where I would imagine most computers still in use probably have at least 4GB of RAM and anything lower than 4GB of RAM I would assume 2GB is probably a bare minimum someone is using at this point in time as any lower than that (say 1GB or less) is ancient level RAM standards to where computers on 1GB or RAM or less probably have really slow CPU’s already so the computer is running on fumes at this point to where as 1GB of RAM might be better than the CPU 😉 ).

      so as I am sure you already know when it comes to Mint releases that Cinnamon is the heaviest, MATE in the middle, with Xfce being the lightest. but with that said, it’s not like Cinnamon is anywhere near heavy as it’s still low enough resource use in the big picture. but those using older, maybe semi-ancient, types of PC’s (call it roughly mid-2000’s or so (maybe late 2000’s or so) (as I figure much before about the mid-2000’s ones CPU is going to start to get TOO slow)) are probably best off with Xfce overall. if your PC is decent (like any fast dual core or decent quad core CPU over the last 10 years or so and has a decent GPU), Cinnamon is probably best as one area I like Cinnamon over Xfce that’s the most obvious with general usage/interface is you can get a preview of the open windows by hovering mouse point over them (functions similar to Windows 10 etc) where as that’s not there in Xfce which is why if one has the CPU power etc, I tend to prefer Cinnamon over Xfce a bit more even though I am sure people can argue Xfce is probably a safer choice in terms of stability over a wider range of computers (not to say Cinnamon is not stable but it’s probably safe to say this is more likely to act up vs Xfce).

      just on a personal note… I never cared for MATE as Cinnamon/Xfce are superior as the interface/basic menu is simpler (I never cared for that online search stuff MATE’s menu where as Cinnamon/Xfce stay local to just search among the installed programs which is what it should be in my mind as the general menu navigation is faster that way to).

      with all of that said… I tend to agree with you Royi as that’s why I like Mint as I feel it’s got a good balance of things (kind of like your ‘performance/thin’ comment (I am assuming your ‘thin’ comment means a bit more stripped down/fast)) like it’s interface is simple enough and straight to the point and it’s fast enough and does not have too much pre-installed programs but has just about enough either way (sure. we all might cut out some of the pre-installed stuff, but I get that they are trying to factor in average people on what they might use). so those always looking for newer/fancier interfaces (or just want change more for the sake of change then legitimate benefit) may opt for another Linux OS. but that’s why I like Mint is things look good enough and most importantly is just doing what you need to do and it’s quick enough and to the point as I like how Mint’s interface has been pretty much the same for a long time now with minor tweaks here and there. because one just can’t really beat the tried-and-true standard menu to load stuff that pretty much everyone is familiar with that we have had on Windows since pretty much Windows 95 as everyone is familiar with that kind of start menu as if someone ventures too far outside of that standard, it will probably push people away from it and in this regard I think it’s a ‘safe bet’ for someone coming over from Windows to Linux for the first time etc.

    2. It’s an ongoing effort… I didn’t mean to talk about this specifically. I did note the following points in preparation for the release notes though:

      – 4 memory leaks were fixed in cinnamon/nemo
      – CSR (the cinnamon screensaver) no longer runs its server in the background, leading to a gain in resource usage between 20MB and a few 100MB depending on the computer.
      – Cinnamon has a built-in memory limiter

    3. @ThaChrip, I meant what was the progress on those aspects in this release and not the general answer.

      The idea is to see the efficiency is getting better by each release.
      Since each release also adds features I’d appreciate a modular design to disable some features.
      For instance if TimeShift / Warpinator / Etc… have background services which are always active, I’d be happy to be able to remove them (I for one doesn’t use them, yet I know others might).

      Clem’s answer says there was some progress on that.
      I hope in one of the coming releases there will be a greater effort on this department.

  20. Hi Clem.
    The Linux Mint is a very nice system. Thanks for you and the your team.
    The Rename a long-awaited feature. Many thanks.
    The Nemo file manager contain a very old fault, which causes many problems, the source of this: drag and drop function.
    — Press F3 button (two panel mode — Panel-A; Panel-B)
    — Chose a file on “Panel-A”
    — Use the drag and drop function and drag the file to Panel-B
    Whats happen?
    If file system of Panel-B target same Panel-A: the source file is moved
    If file system of Panel-B different the file system of Panel-A: the source file is copied
    Same operation, but different behavior!
    Nemo includes the general solution, but not default (why?): Press ALT button before drag and drop. In this case the Nemo displays a context menu, and the user can choose what happens. This is a safety solution to avoid unexpected behavior.

    1. The Caja file manager in Mint Mate works the same way. Personally, I consider this a feature rather than a fault. I want it to work that way.

    2. This is not an issue but how things are done everywhere – all file managers, all operating systems (not sure about macOS, though). The unexpected behavior would be to do it differently, which would annoy quite a lot of people.

      Also, if you want to copy something on the same partition, press Ctrl before releasing the dragged selection. That’s explicitly the copy operation – also the same in every file manager and OS.

    3. This is how I would want it to work, and I believe it is the same in Windows. The way it works is perfectly normal and there is no fault in my opinion.

    4. If the user is inattentive, the file move may cause data loss, if the user expects to copy (drag-and-drop such an operation).
      Drag-and-drop operation must be consistent! Copy or move, but this should be consistent regardless of the file system. The drag-and-drop operation must always be a copy! Copying is secure.

    5. If you mean by ‘same filesystem’ the same partition, then I believe the file content stays in exactly the same place on the disk/storage, it’s just the directory pointers to it that get changed. As others have said, this is normal operation.
      If your ‘drag-n-drop’ is to another partition, even if that other partition is on the same storage device, the operation should be a copy because you cannot just fiddle the directory pointers to point to a different device.

  21. Hello Clem!

    When can we expect the 5.11 kernel from Ubuntu 21.04 for Linux Mint 20.X?

    Will you please create an edge ISO with the kernel 5.11 again !?
    The edge ISO with the 5.8 kernel was SUPER !!!

    Greetings from Austria!

    1. Hi tommix,

      We’ll update the EDGE ISO but it doesn’t need to follow the release of 20.2 (I mean it doesn’t need to happen at the same time).

  22. Oh God, being able to search contents is GREAT. I won’t need to open up a terminal to use grep for this now if I’m not already in a terminal 😀

    And the Bulky will similarly be a fantastic tool, thank you so much.

  23. The bulk files renamer and content search are a welcome new features. I have, in fact, been waiting for both of them to arrive in LM. Thank you very much to the LM team.

    A question about the file content search feature. What type of files will it include? Text only, or will it also include others life pdf, doc, odt?

    1. Ah, I forgot to mention this. Michael won’t be happy, he spent time adding this in 🙂

      So yes, it can search inside PDF and MS Office documents, not just text files.

    2. Out of the box it will support: open office, pdf, plain-text, open xml (docx, xlsx, pptx), ps, id3 (mpeg metadata), exif (image metadeta). All but text and ms office formats need a third party utility to enable them.(they’ll be installed by default in Mint 20.2). We’ve made it trivial to add more support (or even improve or replace what we have). Check out

    3. Question to Michael.
      The list of file types does not include .odt and other Libreoffice file types. Or, are Open-Office file types the same as Libreoffice ?? Obviously as the default Office software is Libreoffice in Mint, support for Libreoffice would be useful.

    4. @PeterG

      Sorry I should have said OpenDocument – it’s what both open office and libreoffice use, and yes there’s support for these formats.

  24. Wonderful! Content search is something I really welcome, plus I have a NVIDIA/AMD hybrid myself… You folks are amazing!

  25. For now, a copy from USB to a windows disk destroys a file date, replaced by transfer date.
    That does not happen when copying files from a USB (FAT32 ot NTFS) to EXT4.
    This is a dangerous inconsistency, waiting to be corrected.
    (( We supposed it was a MATE edition problem, it’s not. to be
    (( …It goes deeper, only an USB EXT4 being safe.
    (( On the equivocation, solving this was overlooked.
    (( We had to inform, on a flaw kept by equivocation.

    1. The ‘dangerous inconsistency’ you refer to is on Windows, NOT in Linux.
      IMHO, the original file creation date should be preserved in all circumstances, and if any record of the copy date is preserved (why bother?) it should be in the modified date field (unless yet another more appropriate field exists that I don’t know about!)

    1. “Um” means 1 unit (in male), for example:
      “um” man, “um” boy
      “Uma” is the feminine of “um”, for example:
      “uma” woman, “uma” girl

      Very strange, but after Linux Mint 19 (Tara) we didn’t find it strange anymore.

    2. “Strange” from estrange, extraneus, what’s outside our country/culture. Foreign names you don’t use are strange by definition.

      Look, tare is a flaw in French as well but it’s only a problem if we restrict our interpretation to our local Latin context. In Ireland Tara is a very common and very popular name, with no such connotation.

      In the U series, uma might be your feminine indefinite article, una might be the one in Spanish and other Latin languages, ursula might refer to a mean Disney character in Western countries, ulla might be inappropriate in France.. my point here is that there often are local interpretations. We need to take them into account but their presence doesn’t change the fact that these are given names elsewhere. Pointing at somebody’s name and saying it’s locally strange is equally as strange for people who aren’t from there.

      I would understand your point if we targeted the Portuguese market specifically, as a local product for instance, but it’s not the case here. You need to see beyond your local context and accept it for what it is, a foreign given name.

      Note: There’s something really exotic in store for 20.3.

    3. Brazilians have a good mood, play (relax) with everything. If we take things very seriously, it will be very difficult to live life, at least around here.

      The term “strange” (which was translated into English by Google translator) was used in the sense of “exotic”, “amusing”, without any offensive, discriminatory, prejudiced or contemptuous connotations.

      You can bet, with absolute certainty, that the more exotic the Linux Mint, its codename, or anything it contains, the more successful it will be, at least here.

      Could the “something really exotic reserved for 20.3” be the “shadows” of Linux Mint?
      Look, I haven’t mentioned this idea to anyone, not even you.
      Did the thing leak?

      Note: Tara, in addition to the other meaning that can provoke laughter here, means (in the Brazilian Traffic Code) the weight of a vehicle without the load, without the passengers, that is, the weight of the vehicle only.

    4. Hi Ricardo,

      I didn’t lookup the etymology but it’s probably the same as the TARE button we see in English on cooking scales.

      No problem at all anyway. Tell me more about the shadows? 🙂

    5. Uma is name of a Hindu goddess. It is a Sanskrit word as well. It can mean “tranquillity”, “splendour”, “fame” and “night”.
      Tara is also a Sanskrit word. It means “star”.
      Both Uma and Tara are Given names for many Indian women.

    6. Hi Clem,

      Thanks for your curiosity and interest in the “shadows”.

      I would not like to post the subject here on the blog, even if you authorized it, since:
      1- I am not a computer professional, I am a simple user.
      I don’t know about scripts, programming and even less about software engineering. Without technical conditions to develop something.
      The only thing I know how to do is know who to ask.
      2- Posting this here could generate an expectation in users about something that I don’t have the slightest draft or sketch.

      If you wish, I’ll send you the idea by email (tell which one).
      Please laugh your heart out, but don’t make fun of it.

  26. With the updated Warpinator, will any man page or info page be included? Otherwise, some of the more technical information on it only seems available with the monthly blog posting that talks about it. When it works, it works fine. When it doesn’t work, my short memory fails and I have go back to months past for details.

  27. La possibilité de renommer en série et la possibilité de faire une recherche sur le contenu des fichiers ! Mais c’est Noël ! Que manquera-t-il encore à Mint ?

  28. Hi LM-Team,
    I hope the search itself is improved, too. I complaint some time ago, that the behaviour of the search is not very useful for me. E.g. looking for filenames “the dog” it finds files like “the big dog” or “the boondoggle”. Dolphin in KDE does a better in this case.
    Another thing I ‘m actually missing in Nemos search is, that I have to close the searchbar and open it again to delete the primary used search without the using the keyboard. Dolphin has a button for this function, too.
    But not everything is bad in Nemos search. I like the possibility to save old inputs.

  29. Just a small feature request: I’d like to ask if maybe it would be possible to give Cinnamon’s default clock applet an option to change its display’s font size. For my preferred date format, I type it in a text editor, put a new line in the middle, then paste it in the applet’s configure screen as shown in the image:

    The first taskbar uses the Mint Y theme where the text fits, but just barely. The middle taskbar uses the Eleganse theme from cinnamon-spices; there’s more real estate for stuff on the taskbar, but now the clock’s text doesn’t fit anymore. The bottom taskbar also uses the Eleganse theme, but I edited something there manually to make the font size smaller. It was more than a year ago when I made that edit and since I only did it once, I basically don’t know how to do it anymore. Having an option to change the clock’s font size would save the trouble of any manual editing and allow the change to work across any theme.

  30. Clem and Team – Awesome work as always. Thank you! One quick question though… would it be possible to double-click on a date on the calendar and have it open up in order to set appointments/meetings for the date you clicked on? I’m not sure of the code to do this but I know that the Ubuntu Deepin DE is doing it.

    1. Unfortunately, Ubuntu no longer makes 32-bit releases, so the Mint team can’t realistically recompile, maintain and rigorously test the whole Ubuntu code base. Mint 19.3 is still great and it will be updated until 2023.

      The big question is: do you need a 32-bit release for less RAM usage or because you have a 32-bit only CPU? If it’s about RAM, you can use Xfce or even switch to LXDE from Xfce, which saves you hundreds of MB of RAM.

  31. Thanks for providing us the best distro + best DE!

    One question though: why is there no “find all files bigger than n kb/mb/gb/etc” in Nemo? Or a “search by file type” feature?

    1. Hello Mehmet, You are starting to ask for extensive search options. What about zero length files? Would the file type search allow variations like rw*? It would be better as a discussion in forums so that all the similar related requests could be grouped together. There are also applications like Czkawka to cover specific items, including big files.

      In the file manager, I just search on something else and sort the results by file size in descending order.

  32. Ow noooo, Firefox just turned tabs into buttons, how ugly and how more than extremely disfunctional! Doesn’t Mozilla know about GUI rules!? I know the Linux Mint team is not to blame, but where else can I submit my disgrace? I tried the Firefox “Feedback” function, but it only takes me to some page where I can’t submit feedback. I’m going to look for and spam an appropriate place, perhaps Mozilla or something… (very angry)

    1. Indeed this is great news! This was one of my favorite features in Windows, until they managed to make it unusable.

  33. There is an issue with large CSD headerbar with apps using libhandy.

    Please have a look at this PR. (remove the space between . and com)

    github. com/linuxmint/mint-themes/pull/316

  34. Hi Team,
    hi Clem,

    great news, as usual.
    One question about Nemo:
    is it in Nemo already possible to browse directly to the “last visited folder”?
    This feature would be extremely useful in the dialog window “save as”, since often I have to browse a few seconds back to find the same folder(s) where I have already saved files in the last minutes/hours/days.

    Is this feature already implemented / wil be soon?
    Please do not confuse with “Favorites”. This is different.

    Thanks a lot!

    1. Save as dialogs are not part of nemo, although they look extremely similar, they’re part of GTK3 (GNOME project). In Mint we make these default to the current folder with “org.gtk.Settings.FileChooser” startup-mode set to “cwd”. You can revert that if you want and make them default to recents with the following command:

      gsettings set org.gtk.Settings.FileChooser startup-mode ‘recent’

      Now with that said, that only changes the default path, it doesn’t affect what’s visible in the sidebar and afaik it doesn’t affect the default path for save-as dialogs.

      As a workaround, if you often use the same path to save files I would suggest to bookmark it.
      For a proper solution please address your query to GNOME directly to see if they’re interested in implementing it.

      Note: Recents (and the fact that they’re only file paths, not directories) is also part of GTK.

  35. Hello, I am using Mint since V9. 11 Years. I stick always with Mate. I was used to Install all Machines on Raid1. And now theres the problem with EFI only Systems. I have not yet succeeded in Install Raid1 on EFI-only System (Fujitsu D538). I’ve gone back to stick with 19.3 Mate 32Bit. Runs very fine. (64Bit: Zoom don’t work properly Audio problems). For now i have a MSI 310 which has an EFI and an compatibility Mode. Raid1 with non EFI = no problem. On EFi-only (Fuitsu) the 20.1 Installer crashes at the point: –>grub-install. So no 64-Bit for me. greetings Michael

  36. Hi Clem,
    Any chance we might see a version of Mint for the raspberry pi? Maybe running the xfce desktop.
    “Mint Berry Pi” hmm tasty.

  37. I see a number of complaints about Mate or the Mate menu, but I wonder if these people realize that Linuxmint uses a customized desktop for Mate. I used Ubuntu till they changed the Gnome 2 desktop to the u***-whatever desktop. I do remember Gnome 2 very well, and Mate is a continuation of the Gnome 2 desktop. Mate’s default look is in fact very different from Linuxmint’s customized version. As a result I use the dconf editor and reset it back to the default panels. You can see the default layout at (go to screenshots). That with the BlackMate theme and the Mint-X-Dark icon set make a very nice desktop. The thing about any Linux based desktop is you can customize it to suit your taste. My advice is if you don’t like it tweak it till you do. As to Windows 10, I give it a 10 thumbs down. It is all but unusable, ugly, And loaded with spyware that you can’t get rid of no matter how hard you try, ( ). So finally, Keep up the great work Clem, LinuxMint is solid, stable, and awesome! Thanks a million times over.

    1. Yes. Linux Mint and GMOME 2 go back a long way. That look/layout is Mint’s since the very start almost in 2006 or so. It’s a traditional windows-like layout. The filtered menu (mintmenu) is also one of the first things we worked on (if I remember well this is an idea which came from KDE at the time, it wasn’t present in Windows). MATE (upstream) uses the same default layout as GNOME 2 default if that makes sense. Later on, Cinnamon continued and recreated that Mint layout and pushed it further. In Xfce we brought Whisker to get the filtered menu and also adopted that layout.

  38. An “assistant” during installation would be helpful regarding -network- connection. My installation may be fouled due to the trial-and-error, giving up and going back to trial-and-error. Audio doesn’t work after install.
    Advice or, “assistant” would be good to get installation right. -My platform is a a simple, “sky-Lake” clone from China. The parts are intel or realtech..
    I would like to run “DeadBeef”, ALSA and such for the familiarity I have with the audio so far. But, no audio with a youtube instruction is simply “pain”..
    (I don’t like “playlists”. MUZAK is detestable.)

    1. They do the same things but there are a few differences. Caja-rename:

      – only works in MATE, it’s a caja plugin.
      – has an outdated UI
      – comes with limited functionality (it has the basic features of thunar/bulky, no regex, no case-sensitive option..)
      – doesn’t properly integrate with caja, creates a second rename option in your context menu (neither does bulky, it’s a caja issue really, but we’ll patch that)

  39. The new Firefox scrollbar-width is too narrow and does’t follow the system adjustments. I tried the gtk.css, or about:config without luck…

    Also the NVIDIA graphics drivers are still problematic. I updated yesterday and after the reboot the resolution was very low, I tried to select the old driver, but it wasn’t anymore in the list in the Driver Manager… I went back with Timeshift and the resolution is ok now, but when I start the Driver Manager, I get the message: “Your computer does not need any additional drivers”. When I try nvidia-smi in the terminal, it shows me, that the old driver (450) is in use. The Update-Manager tells me though, I can update to 460… Nope 🙂

    1. You may have already found this solution, but I used about:config to change the entry for widget.non-native-theme.scrollbar.size to a larger number. (I have it set to 30, which works well for me.) HTH. 🙂

  40. Hi,
    lately I notice that the Bluetooth start automatically at system boot.
    How can I disable this feature? I’d like to start it only when needed.


  41. These are nice changes! Two suggestions for Nemo:

    Could you implement a way to reset the “compare later” feature, i.e. clear the file or folder that was selected for later comparison? Right now, the only way to do that is going to plugins, disable compare, restart Nemo, going to plugins, enable compare again, restart Nemo.

    What also would be nice: bulk setting for file ownership. Right now, that is only per file, and I have to use chown in the terminal for bulk changing ownerships.

    1. You don’t need to reset it, you can select a new set and override with it by selecting “Compare later” again.

  42. Hello Devs, great job, Linux Mint is an amazing distro! I can’t wait to try Uma.
    I want to offer the following for your consideration:
    – Gimp is a useful application. I understand why you removed it from the default apps shipping with Mint, but Drawing has some problems (like filling shapes with color) and Gimp could help. It can be downloaded as Flatpak but its size can be problematic for users with limited bandwith. Could it be installed from Software Manager in the normal way, that is not as Flatpak?
    – Could you consider adding a new feature in Xreader: sepia background with black font (or custom colors) for documents? When reading longer texts, both white and black background tire eyes. Serif fonts are particularly difficult when shown against the black background. Xed and Gnome terminal offer colorful backgrounds, Xreader could as well. Firefox cannot do it, so it is necessary to download Okular or some other application, but doing so just to change the background color makes little sense…

  43. Content search YES! It’s funny how Linux is such a powerful, stable, fast OS compared to all the reasons Windows gave me to switch, but Linux didn’t have a built in “search within files” feature. It was like being transported to the Star Trek future but finding out chamber pots were the Enterprise’s most advanced toilet technology.

    Now we have Star Trek with a fully functioning modern bathroom! Yes!

    BTW, does it have parameters to narrow the search by folder, modified date, etc? The image is *displaying* folders and mod dates, but that is a separate and distinct thing.

  44. Clem, you’ve made a lot of improvements with LM over the years that makes it a lot easier to use than Ubuntu. Keep up the innovations.

    I’ve been using “Rename” from the repository to rename files. it integrates into Caja and works fairly well, but it does have a few short comings. Hopefully “Bulky” will improve upon “Rename”.

    The rename app I’d like to see cloned (or ported) for Linux is “Bulk Rename Utility” which, unfortunately, runs on Windows. It’s and excellent rename app. It runs in Wine , but I’m not too hip on the idea of installing Wine on my work machine because of having to contend with the possibility of Windows virus infections. And a few of the Linux clones I tried didn’t work all the well.

    What I’d really like to see is an option in Caja to allow customizing how, “Copy – Paste”, renames copied files. i.e “… (copy)…” to something like “…Copy-Date-1…” and without the spaces. If I want to do a checksum on the copied files I have to either rename them to remove the spaces, put quotes around each filename or use a wildcard. It’s a bit annoying.

    I’ve tried running several different Linux distributions including Fedora, but Linux Mint Mate is the one I keep coming back too. It runs well, and is easy to work with, especially so for us old guys who cut our teeth on DOS.

    1. What I like a lot in Nemo is the possibility to have permanently two panels.

  45. Please update the Mutter package in the repositories. I would like to try Wyland more stable in Cinnamon but the current package lacks certain fundamental updates [for me]. Thanks in advance!!!

  46. Thank you again for all the hard work put into Mint. It always stays fresh, leading edge. Warpinator is the best thing since sliced bread! We use it to interconnect within the home – no more sneakernet and walking about with USB sticks for one file. The other X-apps are awesome and ever useful. Keep it up. I would send more $ but things are tight – several home maintenance projects are on hold, and those must get priority.
    Hope Uma will again feature some nice wallpapers. 😉

    1. Was this reported to Ubuntu? It’s an easy fix but since it affects them as well it might be better for them to fix it.

  47. There is trinity of God in hindu religion. Brahma-The Creator, Vishnu- The maintainer, Shiv- The destroyer.
    One name of wife of Shiv is Uma.

    1. I thought Uma was programmed to Kill Bill (Gates).
      I’m speaking of OS of course, not of real persons.

  48. My comment probably won’t be read as im too late to comment.
    But I sorely miss the PopShell tiling feature in Cinnamon, it’s a game changer for me. Not having to endlessly reposition and resize windows is a god send.

    However, for everything else i really dislike gnome and MUCH prefer the real desktop experience Cinnamon / xfce provide. It would be !amazing! if somehow that gnome extension could make it into a Cinnamon release as a default app feature. I see quite a few distros add this when releasing with Gnome.
    Seing as Mint does not have a tiling WM release this is better than the next best thing, as you also get the GUI controls.

    Many thanks keep up the excellent work 🙂

    1. It’s probably quite easy to port to Cinnamon as an extension or as an applet. I’m not against the idea of adding tiling features and keyboard shortcuts to Cinnamon core itself. Obviously it’s too late for Cinnamon 5.0 and Mint 20.2 but we can look into this for the next release.

  49. Clem, thank you so much for all your awesome work! Your team is so responsive to the community! It’s so awesome to be able to make a feature request and see it appear in the next release just a couple months down the line (AMD/NVIDIA support in nvidia-prime-applet, in my case)

  50. Great work!

    Since LMDE hasn’t been mentioned yet, can we expect Bulky and Nemo 5.0, possibly even Cinnamon 5.0 in the summer?

  51. Great job from the Linux Mint team, as usual.Clem, you have mentioned, in a former post, the possibility of a adding a compatibility between the Android Apps and Linux Mint. It would be great, for instance to resolve compatibility problems with printers, using their Android App utility form the Mint system. Have you planed this yet ? Thanks for your excellent work.

  52. I’m using LM since version 5, you always do a great work. The best linux os from the beginning with users in mind. I would like to ask one thing that bothers me since.. forever… is there a chance that firefox will be without window frame ever like in other os-s? I would really like to see this frame disappear. Is there any chance??

  53. As well as running Linux Mint, I also have an Arch installation – with Cinnamon Desktop.
    I just got a nice update for Cinnamon on my Arch install with new features mentioned here. Thanks.

  54. Better and better like always.

    I think you should make Pinta a standard included app or X-app. It’s a lot more user friendly and intuitive/looks like paint in comparison to Gimp.

  55. Nemo is the best file manager. All improvements are welcome. It’s great to see the improvements on the find tool on nemo.
    I also checked the nemo changelog and it’s even more welcome the fixes on nemo 5.
    Such a great app really needed those stability fixes.
    I will be even happier when I see the back button to open not only the previous base folder but also the previous selected folder.
    And after creating a new folder, and press enter, would no longer refresh the tree.

  56. Greetings to all Mint development teams!

    Thank you all for yet another great release of Mint. Just upgraded to 20.1 from 19.3 with no major or new complaints, by installing from the ISO fresh into my 19.3 partition while the /home folders remain safe on a separate partition. After installation I copy basically everything, from my old user account, to my new 20.1 home folder, thereby (usually) saving much work of reconfiguring applications, exporting/importing settings etc., and: Success!

    I see a few issues here and there (caja can be crashy, that hasn’t changed) but nothing directly Mint-upgrade-related went sideways; a smooth upgrade.

    Perhaps worth noting before I continue, that I’m using a 10+ year old MSI dual-video-card motherboard with Intel Core2 CPU, and 4 Gigs of ram, with about 11 TB of storage attached, and two low-end nVidia video cards driving two DVI monitors plus a HDMI television…

    The nVidia + multiple monitors situation is still as screwy as ever! No way on earth can I get a fully ‘normal’ desktop for at least 8 years now… I don’t think it’s 100% the software’s fault, but have come to believe there’s maybe (among other things) something wrong with my TV’s reporting of its capabilities via HDMI. The TV will go into its native mode of 1080p, but the image then is bigger than the viewport so it pans; the TV will NOT go into 1680×1050 to match the other two monitors, yet several years ago, it would with Nouveau; now that gets all skewed and unusable with Nouveau or nVidia binary. The only resolution that works 100% correct on the TV is 1024×768 but that resolution is so low, I want it higher. I tried 1080p + underscan but that left gaps around the display, not evenly on each side, and I couldn’t get underscan + viewport-scaling to produce a useful image. Currently I have the nVidia binary driver engaged, TV @ 1080p, and the TV output viewport scaled to a VERY weird trial-and-error resolution, in order to get a nice display that fits on the TV screen. Applications don’t seem to care about the weird resolution, and aspect ratio is correct; but applications open up on monitors I don’t want them to, the login window doesn’t follow the mouse to where I want it, nor will it go onto the TV; there’s no display on the TV during boot (only the monitors) but there is during shutdown; and right now, (using the TV as my main display) all right-click context menus from within any application, or from a taskbar item, pop up on a different monitor to the left of my TV (annoying!).
    I love nVidia stuff but this situation has been going on for ever 🙂

    To close: THANK YOU all again, for the excellent upgrade instructions, and for offering the ISO via bit-torrent, and for your ongoing dedication to Linux Mint! Looking forward to continuing to enjoy Mint for the foreseeable future 🙂

  57. I’m still on LM 20, where Warpinator is having some issues. At startup there a brief error message flashes by, something like: “Ooops, something went wrong”. When I then start Warpiniator on Android, the one on Linux complains about not being able to establish a 2-way communication.
    I already completely removed and then reinstalled W. – no change. Any ideas?

    Syslog shows this, while W. is running:
    – org.mate.panel.applet.MintMenuAppletFactory[23350]: E0607 05:35:10.720356819 23365] Handshake failed with fatal error SSL_ERROR_SSL: error:14094416:SSL routines:ssl3_read_bytes:sslv3 alert certificate unknown.
    – mate-xapp-statu[2239]: Error setting property ‘IconSize’ on interface org.x.StatusIcon: GDBus.Error:org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.ServiceUnknown: The name org.x.StatusIcon.PID-23350-0 was not provided by any .service files (g-dbus-error-quark, 2)

    1. I am very happy to report, that thanks to the latest recent Updates for Linux and Android, Warpinator now for the first time ever, also works for me here (Android 7.1 → 8.1, LM20 Mate).
      That’s really a very nifty bit of software 🙂
      Thank’s a lot for it.

  58. I know this isn’t really a Mint issue, but the latest version of Firefox, with the animated tabs…what a performance sapper. Every time Mozilla plays with the tabs, is causes an issue. ./rant

  59. Hi Mint

    Just wondered if image viewers can be able to read webp docs. Workaround possible but very time consuming.

    Distro continues best in multiverse. Great stuff guys, thanks.


  60. When are you going to fix the SAMBA issue in Nemo. Been broken since 20.0. You can connect once but once you disconnect/reconnect it gives an error ‘location is not a folder’ while smbclient works fine and if you install Thunar it has no issues connecting to Samba shares while Nemo throws errors. Please seriously look into this and fix. It is a Linux Mint problem not Ubuntu and not Debian.

    1. Try to reproduce with Nautilus and Caja to make sure it’s specific to Nemo. If it is please create an issue on

  61. Clem et all … I was watching the Linux God Linus Torvalds on YouTube. A very intereting person. I saw a video titled “Why Linus refuses to Use Debian” and it was a must watch.

    A couple of years ago I wrote a comment here (LMDE3) regarding my attempt at using LMDE. I mentioned that I had a devil of a time trying to load it and when I asked the group I was told that “it was expected that any Debian user knew something about Debian”. I was offended and refused to be involved from that point on.

    In the Torvalds video (2014) Lord Linus was asked if he ever used Debian and if not, why. He thought for a second and then it rolled out … “I tried installing it on 2 different machines and I could not get it to load.” Asked if he had tried it since, he quickly and firmly said NO!!

    Not that I can compare myself in any way to the great Linus Torvalds BUT I have been laughing for the past hour just thinking about what I had heard! With the release of LMDE4, I tried it and was pleasantly surprised. It was as easy as Mint to install. I wish I could pass on my experience to him!! But you were a good #2 !! :o)

    A big thanks Clem and to your Mint group too. I am waiting to see 20.2 .. checking the Reflectors every 2 hours!

  62. Thank you Mint team for the the great job. I hope you work in the future releases on optimizing the power consumption especially on laptop battery which I believe can be better.

  63. Lately, when I’m running my weekly update check, the screen with the progress bars after clicking refresh on Update Manager has been showing “Failed” only on the mirror for Ulyssa packages. I’ve switched to different mirrors including the default one that just says Linux Mint, but Update Manager still shows the “Failed” progress bar. The rest of the progress bars are fine, and Update Manager does show me available updates on the next screen, but only for the Focal packages. Is there something wrong on my end that causes the Ulyssa packages to fail? Is it safe to click Install Updates with only the Focal packages available, or is it better to wait until the Ulyssa mirrors also load properly?

  64. An interesting fix or implementation is that mint’s notification balloon could be more compact and blaming less screen space, it would give it more charm.

  65. Hello, I expect the next debian stable bullseye issue coming soon, probably this summer… So I hope extremly strongly a LMDE-5 will follow, is not it ! Why ? becaus LMDE-4 is from far the best distro I have ever used. It is reliable, stable, fast, easy to use and install and allow me to do every things I need. LMDE-4 with LUKS home encrypted is running on my DELL laptop at work, I ,also have two old computer at home with LMDE-4. I have the latest version of thunderbird/chrome/virtualbox running on LMDE. This OS is PERFECT, you should definitivly switch to LMDE as the default MINT OS. Thanks a lot to MINT team for this wonderful project !

  66. hello linux mint developers, i have a complaint about the software source, why when i want to change the base focal mirrors there are not reachable, what is the solution. thank you

  67. Testing Content Search in Linux Mint 20.2 Beta , in a real world environment. I have a directory tree with more than 13000 text files (odt, doc, htm, shtml, txt and pdf). Searching words in those directories, Nemo only retreives htm, shtml and pdf results. Every odt or doc result is ignored. As an example, when Windows File Explorer gives 587 results, Nemo gives only 154.

    1. Hi, do you have odt2txt installed? If not try installing it. Is the doc format the old ms word format? I’ll work on a parser for that.

  68. I downloaded the “beta” iso yesterday, and I tested the Content Search in a LiveUSB session. I don’t know if odt2txt was installed or not. Thank you for your work, and keep pushing forward !!!…

  69. I installed odt2txt in the live session (it didn’t came with the beta iso) and Nemo search included odt results. Now, instead of 154, I have 408 results. Still quite away from 587 I got with Windows File Manager. I didn’t see any doc result… there should be some… I think that the doc files I have, must be from the Word 2003, but I’m not 100% sure.

  70. Linux Mint 20.2 Cinnamon Edition Beta Issue:
    Horizontal gray line at the top of the desktop one pixel in height with Mint-X controls.

    This has been tested on several machines with native Intel 620 and NVIDIA graphics. It is not a graphics driver issue. Please read on.

    Issue is solid repeatable using the following method. You do not need to install to see this issue occur.

    1. Boot into a live USB session on a device with a native 1920 x 1080 display resolution.
    2. Change desktop background to Linux Mint Sele (solid black).
    3. Bring up Welcome Screen.
    4. Go to First Steps, ‘Panel Layout’ and choose ‘Traditional’
    5. Go to ‘System Settings’ and ‘Appearance – Themes’
    6. Select ‘Window borders’ ‘Mint-X’
    7. Select ‘Controls’ ‘Mint-X’

    At this point you can now see the issue at the top of the desktop.
    It is a gray line (one pixel high) drawn horizontal across the screen (one pixel down) from the top of the screen.

  71. Can Bulky please also change character encoding? Bulky would be a great GUI for iconv. What do you think? Thank you

    1. It’s an interesting idea. I suppose why not, but it’s a bit niche. We’ll introduce a Nemo actions ecosystem in 20.3, I think that’ll be a better place for it.

  72. In Linux Mint 20.2 Cinnamon beta, when using the Software Manager, the program names of flatpak versions show up as “com.github.tchx84.Flatseal” instead of “Flatseal”. Linux Mint 20.1 Cinnamon shows “Flatseal”.

    Thank you

  73. Re Mint Mate 20.2 Beta, I tried to uncheck all functions in Compiz. It was like playing “wack a mole” in that unchecking some items kept causing other items to be checked. I finally had to give up! I could, of course, just uninstall Compiz.

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