Linux Mint 20.1 “Ulyssa” Xfce released!

The team is proud to announce the release of Linux Mint 20.1 “Ulyssa” Xfce Edition.

Linux Mint 20.1 Ulyssa Xfce Edition

Linux Mint 20.1 is a long term support release which will be supported until 2025. It comes with updated software and brings refinements and many new features to make your desktop even more comfortable to use.

New features:

This new version of Linux Mint contains many improvements.

For an overview of the new features please visit:

What’s new in Linux Mint 20.1 Xfce“.

Important info:

The release notes provide important information about known issues, as well as explanations, workarounds and solutions.

To read the release notes, please visit:

Release Notes for Linux Mint 20.1 Xfce

System requirements:

  • 2GB RAM (4GB recommended for a comfortable usage).
  • 20GB of disk space (100GB recommended).
  • 1024×768 resolution (on lower resolutions, press ALT to drag windows with the mouse if they don’t fit in the screen).

Upgrade instructions:

  • Announcements will be made shortly with instructions on how to upgrade from Linux Mint 20.
  • If you are running the BETA use the Update Manager to apply available updates.

Download links:

Here are the download links:

Integrity and authenticity checks:

Once you have downloaded an image, please verify its integrity and authenticity.

Anyone can produce fake ISO images, it is your responsibility to check you are downloading the official ones.


We look forward to receiving your feedback. Thank you for using Linux Mint and have a lot of fun with this new release!


  1. Yeah, separate Chromium package with Mint as s homepage (ok) but the search engine set to Yahoo!
    Yahoo is _much_ worse than Google when it comes to collecting data and using it.

    1. Pretty sure Carlos knows how to change the default search provider … Carlos was just making a point about the defaults being used.

    1. I also really want the Wine program. It seems that it used to be in Mint, but it was deleted now you have to download it separately

  2. Thanks a lot for this upgrade, esp. the 5.8 kernel option. Since there are a lot of AMD Ryzen processors are on their way the drivers in the newer Kernel are the only way to get things up and running.

  3. Again, politics in linux world,
    this time linux mint politicians decide that “snap” is evil,
    and disable it.
    It is much harder to enable it in linux mint than in other distros…
    It would be much nicer if linux mint would have a custom package for snap,
    which will gonna delete /etc/apt/preferences.d/nosnap.pref
    instead of user to do in manually.
    It would be fair.

    1. Is it harder to enable it in Mint than it is to disable it in Ubuntu? Not at all.
      Is how to enable it better documented in Mint than how to disable it in Ubuntu? Absolutely:

      We took a stance on an issue. We informed and documented. We made it easy for you to understand the problem and also to take action if you disagreed. I hope you didn’t read I can’t understand how it could be simpler.

      I’ll also comment on your vocabulary. We don’t do politics, and we certainly don’t do religion. You’re bringing these here by using terms such as “politicians” or “evil”. We can certainly explain the issues snap cause without using political or religious arguments. We did so in the documentation I linked to above.

    2. It’s Linux, your free to start your own distro based on mint but with snap as default. If you made a slimed-down snappified mint, you could even use the tag line snap into a slim mint. Lol. I won’t be downloading it any time soon…. but, your free to make it.

    3. I’m glad it has no snap by default. I dont have too much ram and storage space, so having no snaps is perfect for my use case. I think choice is always positive.

    4. Just wanted to chime in and say that I support entirely Clem’s arguments here. Absolutely all of them. If you want snap feel free to install it or to use a native Ubuntu distro. As for your language and your choice of words, I understand that you might be frustrated, but that’s not a reason to exaggerate.

    5. snap is essentially closed source bundles that only Ubuntu provides. So, I move to Linux Mint BECAUSE of snaps. I won’t install another Ubuntu distro. Not to mention that Mint actually installs correctly. Linux is political by nature, I mean seriously. Thank you Clem!

  4. Clem, I’m sorry that you need to put up with this stuff. You do great work! If people dont like what is in Mint, they can change the channel to something else. This is not the place for petty complaints.

  5. Hi Clem, great work! A question, would be available xfce 4.16 in 20.1 or maybe later even on rolling 20? 20.2,3,4 etc? I’d like to have in 20.1

    1. They said in the comments of the beta release post that xfce 4.16 is on the roadmap for Linux Mint 20.2.

  6. System Reports said a new version of Mint was available. So, I ran the upgrade directly from there. It took about 1/2 hour and it worked just fine. I’m running Mint Xfce on an older Dell laptop with a Core i3-4005U processor, Onboard Intel HD Graphics, 8gb DDR3L RAM and a 256gb Samsung 860 SSD. I don’t remember which version of Mint I had before the upgrade, but it was a fresh install about 5 months ago. It was a very smooth and painless upgrade. Thanks!

  7. Another great release, appreciate your tremendous efforts to keep this project running and improving!
    Just wondering if there are plans to introduce Librepay as an option for making donations?

  8. the error report is a joke, 50 minutes I read the linked help I didn’t get anywhere. the problem with the installation itself is problematic to install a lot of programs to register the project… I can install clean windows on this disk (sda) and it works. And clean Linux? -“ubi- partman falied….” …… I know i have 1 (sdb) no available drive (bios password) , but windows dont have problem.

    1. For some reason Ubuntu based Linux versions , including Mint, have install problems to ssd if the computer is connected to the internet or the download programs in the background is checked as part of the install process.
      It is in the known issues section. This has been an issue since 2012.
      I just put 20.1 on a ssd, but I had to disconnect the internet and uncheck that download stuff in the background box to do it.
      I like it. It runs what I need. And WINE actually runs in this version.

  9. I have updated to Linux Mint 20.1, the system works perfectly.
    I have found a new Web App Manager application.
    I have tried to convert my website: into a web application, the result is very fast and useful

  10. Linux Mint 20.1 “Ulyssa”
    failed to retrieve share list from server.

    If you are all dipping into the same server and you can no longer do so with Linux Mint 20.1

    I will explain what to do in a GUI fashion click click as best I can.

    1 Open a terminal one click.

    2 Now just type
    sudo xed /etc/samba/smb.conf

    The xed editor will open you will see lots of writing. You will see the word search on the menu on the editor next to tools search for the word
    workgroup = WORKGROUP.

    3 Now just beneath that type this or copy and paste this.

    client min protocol = NT1
    client max protocol = SMB3

    Now you will find you can share again.

  11. The Mint 20.1 Xfce installer is as slow as the previous Mint 20.0 Xfce installer, because of libreoffice language packs. This is Xfce installation issue, Cinnamon installer is free from it. Please fix it in Mint 20.2 Xfce installer.
    I remember that Mint 19.3 Xfce installer was good, so the issue was introduced in version 20.0.

  12. I’ve been using Mint for about a year now. I upgraded to Ulyana a few months ago and really enjoy the ease of use. I cut my teeth on Slackware in ’94 so Mint is a blessing. I never imagined Linux would still be around today, but the community and need is still here. One of the things I liked about Slakware was the website would provide a list of updated packages and software. Is there a list of available default installed software as well as available software packages for the latest 20.1 Mint?

  13. Hi Clem,
    I posted this on the cinnamon page already but it was a mistake.
    I’m trying to install ATOM RPG on a fresh install of LM 20.1 Xfce and I get this message (Failed to load module “xapp-gtk3-module”). You said on the Cinnamon article that a fix was on the way, for now the only libxapp1 installed is version 2.0.5+ulyssa, when will version 2.0.6 be available for Xfce?
    Thank you for the great job anyway! You can dismiss the comment I posted on the Cinnamon article; sorry for that. 🙂

    1. Ah, thank you for the fast answer. I think I set my mirror to the “world” one; it’s the fastest. I’ll take a look next time I boot Ulyssa. 🙂

    2. Well, that’s embarrassing; it happens that my problem with installing ATOM RPG had nothing to do with that error message; it popped up when I launched the installer but that was it, it didn’t interfere with the installation at all.
      Sorry for the bother…

  14. While upgrading from 20 to 20.1 XFCE the Nvidia driver are upgraded to 460. After that my computer is booting to a black screen. I can hear that the desktop is running from a mail sound but i can see nothing. On another computer the Nvidia-update results in an desktop without automatically logged in (what worked before). In the driver manager I am not able to choose another nvidia driver so i have to go back with timeshift. What can i do to solve nvidia problems?

    1. Hi Angelika,

      You shouldn’t use autologin with NVIDIA drivers. Bypassing the login can make them fail to properly initialize.

      PS: If 460 is problematic use the driver manager to switch to an earlier version.

  15. will there be a support for fractional scaling(1.5x) in xfce version of linux mint? I have been following the updates, I really would like to switch over to xfce version of linux mint from cinnamon since it works much faster on my old laptop but without proper scaling my computer is unusable so I use cinnamon for now.

  16. Hi there!
    First of all thank u so much for developing such a good distro !!
    I am a linux user from 2004 (so i’ve seen loots of improvements in the past years) but… if i try to see things as a new linux user coming from proprietary OSs.. i will be disoriented (at the first sight) not to find the original icons for really popular free programs (available on other platforms also) such as: Firefox, Libreoffice, Vlc, and so on….
    ..dont’ get me wrong.. the work u’ve did is marvellous! But i think this point can be a little stressful for new users (i am a follower of ux design principle: DON’T LET ME THINK)

  17. Muy buen día he actualizado a la nueva versión de linux mint 20.1 pero al instalar los drivers de amd me arroja error, Alguien que me pudiera guiar a la solución para poder usar mi gráfica en este sistema.

    error al procesar el paquete amdgpu-pro-lib32 (–configure):
    problemas de dependencias – se deja sin configurar
    Se encontraron errores al procesar:
    E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)

  18. Since last week I am starting using Mint XFCE 20.1 (clean install); previously I was using Mint XFCE 19.2, but considered it was time to upgrade and made a fresh install. But I have encountered several problems along the way with Ubuntu 20.04 base, but hoped that maybe in Mint they would tweak some things to the Ubuntu base to make the experience more pleasant, but it has been not the case.


    1) QT Apps load very slow in startup (ex, qpdfview, Audacious), had to look at Ubuntu forums to find a solution installing kvantum and KvYAru theme, so this is solved at the moment; but the theme (SVG based, cannot modify it in a text file) have orange highlights, not consistent with Mint-Y theme, but it is the best option at the moment. This temporary solution I found was here:

    2) GTK2 Apps (Like WinFF) very slow in startup, have to install winff-qt to solve it and using the solution proposed in this link:

    3) GTK3 apps (like Stata for Linux) are very slow to load (about 30 seconds) in my user account, but load almost instanly (about 1 second) when I executed as superuser. I read some solutions on the internet, involving .xinitrc files which I don’t understand very well, tried to change Windows compositing (from xfwm4 alone, or disable compositing) thinking if there was a relation, deleted “/.config/gtk-3.0” folder if there was a difference, uninstalling and reinstalling qt5-gtk2-platformtheme just in case, but I have no idea what I can do. I even created a new user account and test the problem there in order to check that the problem exists with the default settings.

    In the last case (like Stata for Linux), I specially don’t understand why it works perfectly in root account (of course the solution cannot be execute as superuser) And this problem didn’t happened in Mint XFCE 19.2 which is my previous version. I don’t really know if my only option is to delete everything and reinstall 19.2 in my computer again, but these are too many issues to deal with.

    I appreciate any help in order to solve this problem.

    Thanks in advance

    1. I have created this in the forum reporting the issue in case someone can help, but I think is important to Clem to be aware of this problem, because I have tested in two computers, fresh install Mint 20.1 XFCE, without changing anything from the default settings and is happening:

      – QT Apps (ex., qpdfview, smplayer) takes too long to start and the solution I found (installing Kvantum with orange theme KvYaru) is not satisfactory.

      – GTK2 apps take too long to start (example, using Synaptic and installed Winff) too. The solution I found in that case (installing appmenu-gtk2-module because someone said so in some Ubuntu forum) works for this app. But it doesn’t work for Stata for Linux which I use in my work.

  19. Min processor ? Upgrade to Linux Mint 20.1 Ulyssa. I have 3 GB RAM and AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 5600+ × 2 .

  20. The Repositories are automatically changed to worse.

    The first download window works with my own choice of repositories and proper download velocity. And then it switches to USA and GB, and goes down to 40-80 kB/s. That’s not an option.

    But where’s the bug?

  21. descargando la version xfce a ver si salvo una pc vieja y le doy una vida nueva con un sistema mas bonito que win 7 y win10 y si me funciona sera mi distro para pc de bajo recursos ya que la de cinnamon no fumciono y dioerrores espero que esta si haga el trabajo

  22. Nicholas Anthony Lyon, please help. I am legally blind low vision so please excuse any typing errors.
    Two years ago my wife gave me a HP Pavilion laptop. Windows 10 gave me so much trouble and was so bloated that out of frustration I loaded Mint 18.3. I loved it!! I have since acquired a tower and have 20.0 running. I am an armature radio operator and need a win 10 machine to load and configure my Anytone radios. I purchased another copy of Win 10 but the machine will not run it. I need to blow away the now mint 19.* that i put on it to get to the point of erasing the drive. Nothing works! Mint is indestructible!!! Help please.
    Kind regards to you and your excellent team!

    1. I think this is a Windows issue and you might want to contact their technical support especially if you paid for their software. I am assuming that you are booting with the Windows 10 install media. You may need to format the drive with NTFS (Windows NT File System) or whatever Windows is using now. Did you have multiple partitions on your main drive?

    2. as i remember, some os installation media did not work, until you set parameters in bios… uefi or acpi or sata parameters… (and, you should not try to run windows installer from inside linux mint, but boot from it, select boot device for that in bios stage).

  23. Hi all, hi Clem!

    There’s one thing that really bugs me in the new releases for Xfce – turning off the monitor is coupled to entering energy saving mode.

    I often go away, leaving my computer to compile something or to do a backup – and it’s great that it automatically turns off the monitor then, so I don’t have to push a button for that. I also like that it locks the screen, so nobody can interfere with my stuff.

    However, it’s now also automatically going into energy saving mode, so when I return, nothing is compiled or backed up.

    There does not seem to be a way in the UI to only have the screen lock automatically come on and the monitor turn off, but to keep the cpu doing its work. This worked in previous versions, where I didn’t have to worry about this.

    Could someone please look into this for 20.2?

  24. I live boot from DVD into XFCE and every time I reload the repository list (without regard to version) I always get an error that the CDRom drive repository can’t be updated. My point is should the system even be checking for this?

  25. would be really nice to have Mint XFCE that has like windows 7, when minimized programs on toolbar
    to show Preview Thumbnails

  26. I don’t disagree with the philosophy of not supporting snap, however I find that I had to compile lxd from source since it was only available as a binary through snap. I then lost the whole effort when a power outage took down my system drive. The compile process was tortuous and I won’t be doing that again. So how about a non-snap version of lxd.

  27. Thanks for the mint 20.1 edition, just bought a new dell g5 and had to use in compatibility mode.
    Mint would boot up but no mouse control was available, a lot of googling about the synaptics driver was tried without success, then i thought maybe try an external usb mouse; SUCCESS.
    Still need to ( dual win10 ) boot in assisted mode ( 3 extra steps ) but once running all seems to be fine.
    just thought to share this process with you for other users with the same issue.
    Thanks; Max

  28. I wonder if, when you do an upcoming release in the future, if the Brave browser might be added as an optional choice during installation? And I’m also wondering if Cinnamon Spices works on XFCE? I’ve been considering trying XFCE out on a much older laptop, and have not yet used it before as yet. Thanks…

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