Linux Mint 5 x64 released!

Linux Mint is proud to announce that Linux Mint 5 Elyssa is now available on AMD64 for 64 bit processors.

In the future the x64 edition will be released at the same time as the Main and Light editions.

The purpose of the x64 edition is to offer the same desktop features as the Main edition but in a 64 bit environment. It aims to be as similar to the Main edition as possible. Due to the nature of its architecture, its package base and its origins it defers in the following ways:

  • Linux Mint x64 Edition was forked from Ubuntu Hardy as opposed to Ubuntu Edgy for the Main Edition,
  • Linux Mint x64 Edition comes with a java plugin implemented by OpenJDK, as opposed to Sun for the Main Edition.
  • Linux Mint x64 Edition comes with Xchat instead of Xchat-Gnome
  • Linux Mint x64 Edition comes with Flash 9 instead of Flash 10

More packages are available for i386 than they are for amd64 and the Main edition is also slightly more stable than its 64 bit equivalent. The Main edition only recognizes a maximum of 4GB RAM though and even on computers with less than 4GB RAM the performance gain provided by x64 over the Main edition can significantly enhance the user’s experience.

Introduction to the x64 edition:

We published a mini-benchmark and an introduction to the x64 edition within the release notes. To have a better idea of what x64 can do for you, please read

System requirements:

A minimum of 512MB of RAM is recommended. Once installed the system works fine with as low as 256MB RAM. The installation process deals with 2.5GB of data compressed on a 700MB CD and it can hang or fail on systems with less than 512MB RAM. If you have between 256MB and 512MB RAM you may have to try to install several times.

Download Linux Mint 5 x64:


Northern America:

Rest of the World:

Order Linux Mint 5 x64 on CD:

You can order Linux Mint 5 x64 on CD from our partner

Tell us what you think:

  • Depending on your hardware x64 Edition could potentially be faster and show better performance than the Main edition. We’re interested to know how both editions compare so don’t hesitate to measure your boot time, and common scenarios and compare them on the same computer with the Main edition. Contact us by email and send us your benchmarks and your conclusions.
  • Tell us what you think and give us feedback on this release by commenting here on this blog.

Changes since x64 RC1:

If you’re currently running Linux Mint 5 x64 RC1 you do not need to upgrade to the stable release. Compared to RC1, the stable release fixes two minor bugs:

  • The medibuntu repositories were defined in both /etc/apt/sources.list and /etc/apt/sources.list.d
  • The default Samba workgroup name in /etc/samba/smb.conf was “WORKGROUP” instead of “MSHOME”


  1. thanks for that release, but why flash10 is replaced by flash9 (now that flash10 final is released)?
    it’s the only think i don’t like on the 64bit edition, for the rest i love it to have full support for my 8gb-ram.

  2. Congrats for Clem and team! I am keeping my rc-installation. How to fix the minor bug with medibuntu repositories for noobie like me?? Also please keep the current artwork and color-scheme…but keep improving by developing better icons and better consistency through the whole artwork. I love Mint after coming back and back again…

  3. Midas: To fix the medibuntu bug, simply remove its file in /etc/apt/sources.list.d/

    Jungar: Yes and it should be released at the same time as the Main edition.

  4. Good job !

    I am back to using Mint these days (multibooting Mint Xfce with Ubuntu & GoblinX…)

    So far, I have been sticking to 32 bit distros, despite my AMD64 Sempron cpu…

    Being curious, I am downloading right now, and plan to install Mint64 alongside those 32 bit distros I have…

    My only problem is the lack of a native 64 bit Skype…

    -Clem. is this Mint64 release a LTS as well ?

  5. Hi Caraibes,

    Yes but it won’t always be on par with the Main edition, especially when it comes to the availability of some proprietary packages. You mentioned Skype there… Adobe, Sun and many others tend to release their binaries only compiled for i386. It will get LTS updates from Ubuntu and we’ll give x64 and Main the same focus from now on and release them together. We’re talking about a separate edition to stress out the fact that this isn’t 100% on par with the Main edition yet but what we’re really aiming at here is another architecture for the same desktop. When amd64 is fully supported by upstream developers and 3pp vendors, when it’s fully on par with i386 we won’t be talking about a separate edition, we’ll be talking about separate ISOs of the same desktop. We don’t want to call it like that yet, because we still want most people (especially novice users) to choose the i386 version whether or not they have a 64bit CPU.

  6. Hello,

    Been using mint for about 5 months, and i love it.. love it.. love it..!! I Installe the i386 on my EEEPC and have 64bit on my desktop. I find it to be a bit more peppy than the i386 version gnome and even peppier than kde, which i switched to a few weeks ago then went to 64bit. Have ben converting %ista users to mint with a smile =) Thanks clem and keep up the good work.

  7. Clem,

    I tend to agree with your above analysis. I once screwed up an upgrade from Debian Etch64 to Lenny64, only because of Skype, and some libs that ended up blocking everything !

    Since then, I always kept on using 32bit distros… I told myself I would switch whenever Skype would issue either a native 64bit version, or a good workaround… Then again, I have one stick of 1 gig of DDR2 ram, so no need to panic !

    But (deep inside 😉 ) I am frustrated not to use the proper arch for my cpu… Hence my satisfaction to see Mint64 released, and my willingness to experiment alongside other distros in my multiboot.

  8. The note that “Linux Mint x64 Edition was forked from Ubuntu Hardy as opposed to Ubuntu Edgy for the Main Edition” is misleading for many users. They will understand that Linux Mint 5 (i386) is based on Ubuntu Edgy, instead of knowing that it’s based on Ubuntu Hardy, whose repos is using! The history is less relevant (how was the first fork made), what matters is the compatibility of the respective version.

    It’s still sad that the guys at didn’t bother to offer all the released flavors of Mint 5 — that is, the KDE and XFCE community editions too. What’s worse, they didn’t have the courtesy to answer to my mail.

    Also lacking any civility and common sense are the guys from the Linux Mint Shop (you can’t ask 12 EUR for shipping a 20 grams envelope with 2 decals!), and the guys from (18.99 EUR to ship to Hungary, 13.44 EUR to ship to Romania: are they idiots, or what?).

    Some of the online shops meant to support Linux Mint are actually doing a disservice to it, IMNSHO.

  9. Beranger: Thanks for bringing that up, I’ll ask to offer the CEs as well. I’m surprised they didn’t answer, Karlie especially (she’s running it) is very nice. There isn’t much we can do about or (note the .de here, and the disclaimer on their website that although we let them use our name they’re an independent initiative), they define their own price and their own service. I understand your point about the fork and the package base, I agree with you although I still want to make that distinction, how would you rephrase it?

  10. How would I rephrased it? English is not native for me either, hélas !

    Maybe: “Linux Mint x64 Edition was forked for the first time from Ubuntu Hardy, as opposed to the Main Edition, which was initially forked from Ubuntu Edgy as Linux Mint 2.0 ‘Barbara’.”

  11. I’d go for this – a small addition
    “Linux Mint x64 Edition was forked for the first time from Ubuntu Hardy, as opposed to the Main Edition, which was initially forked from Ubuntu Edgy as Linux Mint 2.0 ‘Barbara’ and constantly updated”

  12. From my KTorrent, USA, Canada, Italy, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Brazil, UK, Bangladesh, Australia.

    Mint_5_64 goes round the world.

    I let it open for a week again.


  13. I agree with Daniel. My question is if it is not possible to compile 32bit kernel to provide support for more than 4GB ofRAM?? Whats the problem?? We would have more packages and everyone would be happy and plus there would be one editon less to maintain??

  14. Clem, can you please give a hint for DHT about the torrent, and why it is important? 20 to 25 % of the peers have it not.

  15. I am so impressed with Mint. This is my most stable and useful platform, and the one I use to introduce others to Linux. Now to decide whether Mint x64 or Ubuntu x64, running VMware or just getting wine to run a few proprietary programs. How do you determine consult fees when its all by e-mail or remote?

  16. Just wanted to add my two cents to the discussion about Linux Mint case decals. Wouldn’t it be great if offered a free case sticker or decal with every cd/dvd ordered. Couldn’t weigh more than a postage stamp, and talk about incentive to buy Mint 6 from them instead of downloading!
    Thanks Clem for the x64 edition. You are smart to look toward the future with a 64 release.

  17. Great news … however, is this simply optimized for AMD 64-bit, or is it happy on Intel 64-bit (ie, the new core2 stuff?)

  18. Is there a way I can install this version from the current LinuxMint version I got installed. Because I assume it isn’t in the MintUpdate.

  19. As a linux user since 1996 (slack), I MUST say that its a pleasure to use this distro. LINUX MINT ROCKS !!!!!!!!!!!! Welcome mint 64 !!!!

  20. Installed on a 4GB flash drive, booted to desktop in 20 seconds! It is exceptionally faster than 32-bit version (was 47 seconds). This is in an OC’d system- 3.4GHz, Q6600, with 8GB memory. Keep up the good work.

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