XFCE Edition.. not XFCEish enough? :)

After a lot of great feedback on the forums the XFCE Community Edition got its first review… and the verdict was quite surprising.

“Linux Mint is a good distribution but I was really disappointed by the Xfce edition. There are a lot other Xfce based distributions which are far more superior to Mint. I would like to just wait and see Linux Mint Xfce edition getting polished. “

Full review: http://simplyjat.blogspot.com/2007/08/linux-mint-30-xfce-review.html

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  1. Not polished enough??? It does the job and looks damn good to boot. The installation was a breeze and when I logged in XFce looked and worked as it is supposed to, great! I have a Toshiba laptop and Mint XFce works flawlessly on it, what more could a person ask for? The “out of the box” experience is as good as any other XFce distro, and I’ve tried them all. The big advantage Mint has is the Ubuntu repo. Kick-ass! In my humble opinion, you’re being a bit difficult, but then again, it’s your right to call it as you see it. Thanks for the review. 🙂

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